Grandmother Sentenced for 'Parading' in the US Capitol on January 6

By Cassandra Fairbanks

The first person has been sentenced over the protest at the US Capitol on January 6 — a grandmother who pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, a 49-year-old from Bloomfield, Indiana, was sentenced to three years of probation, 120 hours of community service, and ordered to pay $500 in restitution.

Prosecutors say that she did not engage in any violence or vandalism, and had no premeditated plan to enter the Capitol that day. She did post a photo with friends inside the Capitol and wrote on Facebook that it was the “best day ever.”

“Legally, I could give you the six months,” Judge Royce Lamberth told Lloyd. “But is that what really we want our judiciary to do?”

Approximately 500 people have been charged in relation to the protest.

NBC News reports that “in a letter to the court, Morgan-Lloyd apologized for going to the Capitol. She denied participating in any of the destruction at the Capitol and said she was ‘shocked’ when she later learned things had turned violent.”

“I felt ashamed that something meant to show support for the President had turned violent. This is not the way to prove any point,” she wrote. “At first it didn’t dawn on me, but later I realized that if every person like me, who wasn’t violent, was removed from that crowd, the ones who were violent may have lost the nerve to do what they did. For that I am sorry and take responsibility. It was never my intent to help empower people to act violently.”

Lloyd also wrote that she lived “a sheltered life” and that her lawyer gave her a list of book and movie suggestions to help her “see what life is like for others in our country.”

The recommendations included “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson, “Schindler’s List” and “Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre” on the History Channel. All of which she said she watched.

“I’ve learned that even though we live in a wonderful country things still need to improve,” she wrote. “People of all colors should feel as safe as I do to walk down the street.”

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24 responses to “Grandmother Sentenced for ‘Parading’ in the US Capitol on January 6”

  1. Krakos says:

    Please stop. If you were a real investor, you would know exactly what is going on with that situation. You apparently don’t understand what can easily be googled, (you don’t even have to use duck duck go). Also, you should only invest money you wont miss if the project fails or succumbs to other issues. Sounds to me like you are trying to discredit someone who is at the mercy of others. Smile and take it like a whatever you identify as.

  2. Last paragraph sounds like a little CYA nothing more. As a 60+ old broad, I think I might’ve have choked before saying anything like that, but at least she isn’t going to jail for no effing reason. Assinine dog and pony show.

  3. Squidfaic says:

    Ew, that last part.

    Im born and raised in dfw, and recently a gay new Yorker told me he’s never seen so much diversity and mixed race couples, except for here.

    Im confused, because its always been normal to me around here. When i learned about red lining and block busting, i thought that eas all from the past. But lately ive been learning that the north and liberal cities all seem to still be living under that. And it blows my mind.

  4. MIRROR says:


  5. Jman0404 says:

    Dang she got brain washed. Read the last part. She bought the left cult narrative. Feels like a forced confession or something.

  6. RSVP6 says:

    What kind of lawyer does she have ? A court appointed lawyer from DC who has publicly stated he believes the insurrection vs FBI insider narrative.
    This poor woman has been in jail for months being brain washed and re educated. This is a disgusting display of government tyranny. Talk about 1984 for heavens sake she walked in and committed trespass at most and the judge threatens her with 6 mos in jail while people who firebombed police cars and courthouses around the country have their charges dropped and they are released to do it again?
    Disgusting! Wait and see what the government CYOP team pulls this Jan 6th to commemorate the attempted overthrow of the government by white nationalist/ supremacist. The joint chief of staff for the military said as much recently.

  7. mrcardio33x says:

    I minority of woke lunatics with the biggest mouths have hijacked our country and are now gaslighting the rest of us whom respresent the vast majority of the country. Now we must fight back in order to dismiss the woke lunatics and NEVER let this happen again. It’s really that simply in my opinion. These people are just nasty, bitter, resentful, mediocre lunatics whom are impossible to “reason” with and hence must be dismissed ASAP. This is the ONLY way to deal with what is going on.

  8. 51773 says:

    Tim has abandoned the more than 2500 investors he made promises to at Subverse / SCNR to make timcast into what he promised them at Subverse / SCNR

  9. BxIrish says:

    When dealing with the left today, it’s always racism.
    Police , education, elections = racist, speed limits = racist, PB&J = racist

  10. WestIsBest says:

    Very strong… very good hit.. Frankly, the best hit so far.

  11. Devilsgun says:

    Sure, she kissed the ring to try and get out of the Hell that they put her into, but it won’t matter in the end. Dems have marked all transgressors for ‘cancelation’ in the end whether they kneel to them or not.

    That’s how shit with communism played out in the 20th century too

  12. Chinook says:

    I was thinking the same makes no sense.

  13. i agree
    i can only imagine what they may put her through to get her to write the letter
    any of these folks could have easily been my aunt, mom or or older sister
    just not right what the current administration are allowing
    they truly don’t care for the American people

  14. WillisWayside says:

    Terrifying that she parroted the narrative they demand.

  15. loopygrl says:

    Seems kind of like maybe the Dems are using the judiciary to move forward with their truth and reconciliation commission to me.

  16. Ban_Hammer says:

    It makes no sense that she needed to watch movies to see how others live to lessen her sentencing. Wtf?

  17. Anakin_Skywalker says:

    Great work!

  18. Another Beer says:

    Wonder if she could complete her 120 hrs of community service by volunteering at an election audit…perhaps in Michigan or Wisconsin, which aren’t too far from Indiana.

  19. Hangca42 says:

    Take your passive aggressive bullshit back to Twitter you pussy.

  20. 51773 says:

    Tim has abandoned the more than 2500 investors he made promises to at Subverse / SCNR to make timcast into what he promised them at Subverse / SCNR

  21. Stephen Menard says:

    Nobody is forcing you to be here bud

  22. 51773 says:

    This is really good reporting, it would be great if Tim pool kept the promises he made in the launch video of the record breaking SCNR / Subverse wefunder and delivered this kind of reporting there as well. Maybe then all those investors wouldn’t feel like they were lied to.

  23. BFairfax123 says:

    What exactly does racism have to do with the belief that the results of an election aren’t legitimate ? I can’t remember anyone who said any particular minority group was responsible for the election results that where being questioned . So in order to rehabilitate these people they need to not just be punished but indoctrinated . Interesting sounds like a kinder gentler version of the gulag for now .

  24. SpartanSpear says:

    What do stories from 100 years ago have to do with being safe to walk down the street today? What does learning those things have to do with protesting a potentially fraudulent election by attending a Trump rally and ‘parading in the capitol’? Sounds like many lawyers are critical race theory cultists. It’s insane that this what HER lawyer. They were clearly not acting in their client’s bet interest. Our judicial system is falling apart.