BREAKING: John McAfee Found Dead In Prison Cell Following Court Approving US Extradition

By Cassandra Fairbanks

John McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison cell on Wednesday.

The death of the 76-year-old outspoken political activist and anti-virus software pioneer is currently believed to have been a suicide.

Earlier in the day, Spain’s National Court approved a request for his extradition back to the US.

McAfee frequently tweeted that he would not commit suicide, and that if he was ever found dead, he was killed. He even got a tattoo reading “$WHACKD,” which he tweeted a photo of in 2019.

A year before that tweet he claimed that “if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.”

The eccentric figure was arrested by Spanish authorities on October 3, 2020 at the El Prat Airport at the behest of the US government. He was wanted for evading paying millions of dollars in taxes.

McAfee was facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Zero Hedge reports that earlier this month, McAfee argued in a videolink hearing that charges against him are politically motivated, and that he would die in prison if he was returned to the US.

On June 16, McAfee tweeted, “I have nothing. Yet, I regret nothing.”

The final tweet sent from his account warned of how power corrupts people.

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26 responses to “BREAKING: John McAfee Found Dead In Prison Cell Following Court Approving US Extradition”

  1. What if his software had a backdoor, allowing him to access everyone’s computer files remotely? We all know he liked that backdoor action…

  2. MontyLalado says:

    Finish the wall… so we can put them up against it

  3. SenorSenpai says:

    Total Bruh Momento…..

  4. StevenV says:

    Can’t believe they got John.

  5. meinking22 says:

    As soon as the DOJ got a solid hold of him, they took McAfee out. People want to abolish something? Now is the time to abolish the modern day gestapo that is the FBI.

  6. Joshespinoza says:

    The called is own “suicide” … creepy.

  7. magg0t82 says:


  8. Devilsgun says:

    Remember –

    John was “Epsteined”, NOT “McCaffinated”

  9. Chinook says:

    Michael Knowles was right, the worst thing about these killings is nothing happens and there is nothing we can do about it. I’m Speechless..

  10. Hats says:

    Wild that the dude got Epstein’d

  11. Another Beer says:

    They posted Q on his Instagram after his death. If Qanon was a false narrative lead by the deep state, perhaps they posted his killer…the deep state.

  12. Freshestpatriot says:

    Keeps posting that everywhere i think it’s someone trying to dis credit tim

  13. 51773 says:

    There is literally a 2019 investors report signed by “ ceo and founder, Tim pool” June 2020. Any change since then has yet to be reported…

  14. 51773 says:

    The wefunder website faq page really makes it seem like you’re investing in a startup. Is wefunder and SCNR / Subverse a scam?

  15. MisterRepublic says:

    RIP John..

  16. Randemir says:

    Greetings from Bulgaria, they used to do that here before 1991 … well Welcome to our Nightmare

  17. Worm says:

    That’s not fair. SCNR was put into the hands of other individuals and if it still belonged to Tim do you not think that he would have brought it into his own website. SCNR belongs to someone else now, complain to them.

  18. Worm says:

    Cassandra, You have officially surpassed Tim as the bravest person I know of in this world. I strive everyday to meet yall’s level of courage. Mad respect.

  19. riien87 says:

    Did they disable video cameras before he suicided?

  20. Jenniferyoungblood says:

    Great work your killin it!!! No pun intended

  21. phatigued says:

    I hope he faked his death but if he didn’t the timing is very suspicious.

  22. Wong says:

    Investors? I wouldn’t go that far, buddy. Yeah, glad to be a part of it, but there is no contract here.

  23. 51773 says:

    This is really good reporting, it would be great if Tim pool kept the promises he made in the launch video of the record breaking SCNR / Subverse wefunder and delivered this kind of reporting there as well. Maybe then all those investors wouldn’t feel like they were lied to.

  24. mrfaust says:

    I smell an Epstein

  25. USBurning says:

    When the populist revolution devours the deep state, I hope we have round 2 of the Nuremberg trials for these sadistic fucks.

  26. Harker says:

    At loss for words…