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Four States Will Share Gun Data in an Effort to Prevent Crimes

Critics say the collaboration does not do enough to prevent gun violence and could target legal gun owners

The governors of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have agreed to share gun-related data in an effort to prevent crime.

With the e-tracing system, law enforcement agencies from the states will be able to share data across state lines in order to detect, deter, and investigate gun crime. The governor said most guns in their region come from Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. The aim of the data-sharing program is to help law enforcement trace the origin of weaponry.

The governors announced the five-year agreement at a virtual press conference.

“The reality is that guns don’t understand the concept of state lines, but those who purchase them do,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who led the announcement. “Working together we can as a region put in place the safeguards we need to combat the trade [of] illicit guns as we continue imploring Congress to enact strong national gun safety measures.”

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont compared the agreement to the war on drugs:

”You don’t want to just go after the kid with the nickel bag, that kid with a pistol. I want to go after the kingpins. I want to go after those pushers. I want to go after those big drug and gun wholesalers. Those ‘big guns’ so to speak. And that’s what this e-trace system allows us to do. We can track that gun back, see where it originates from, see what commonality there is and find the big guns that are pushing this out on the street.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said she wants the system to be adopted on a larger scale.

“If Congress would simply allow us to share this nationally, what a better place we would be [in]. But in the meantime, this is where the states are the incubators, so they are the ones that are the innovators that come up with policies — working collaboratively among ourselves we can do so much more together,” Hochul said.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut all regulate the private sale of firearms while Pennsylvania does not.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said increased efforts to track guns were necessary as “gun violence and gun homicide rates have risen over the past year.”

Wold said, “The isolation that many experienced — at least this has been our experience in Pennsylvania — also stripped away support networks and safety nets. At the same time, it caused increasing stress, anxiety, fear, and clearly anger.”

He said gun homicides statewide increased 48%, citing statistics from the state police. The governor added that 67.5% of gun homicide victims in Pennsylvania were black, even though black Pennsylvanians make up just 12% of the total population.

“Gun violence cuts right to the heart of our communities, tearing families apart,” he said.

Kim Stolfer, state president of Firearms Owners Against Crime, expressed concern that the tracking system would lead to unwarranted negative treatment of those who legally own firearms. 

“I have a great deal of concern considering the track record of other states’ way of harassing people they perceive as gun owners and having a gun,” he said, per Penn Live. “They interlink the license plate with the database and the names and people are harassed who are simply exercising their constitutional right.”

He argued that cracking down harder on illegal gun trafficking and people who commit crimes with illegal guns would be a better solution for stopping gun violence.

Jeremy Stein, executive director of CT Against Gun Violence, voiced similar concerns.

“Tracing firearms from one state to another is great, but that occurs only after the shooting happens,” Stein said to CT Post. “We would like money spent on gun violence prevention and intervention rather than concentrating on law and order. The governor’s actions seem to go back to law enforcement time and time again. Prevention, intervention and aftercare are needed to solve this problem.”

During the 12-minute video news conference, the governors jointly urged other states to set up similar data-sharing programs.

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12 responses to “Four States Will Share Gun Data in an Effort to Prevent Crimes”

  1. ApecoreBreakdown says:

    Oh sorry lost it while hunting and that printers just for making knick knacks

  2. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    Lets approach and analyze this from a police detectives perspective.

    1. A gun crime occurs that involves a firearm.
    A. That firearm is already serialized to a name and address of a purchaser
    Mabe that person reported the weapon stolen (which is the case 9
    times out of ten times the case).

    That police detective/investigator inputs the serialized weapon into
    the system and locates the last owner-was it reported stolen or not.

    With the owners information the police can locate the owner/last owner new address via other data bases stolen or not. Easy Peasy. Get a statement. Today in most states; a firearm transaction, private party or at a gun store, the transaction is documented. It’s easy to find the last owner.

    People sell cars that are involved in vehicular homicides but we aren’t creating new data bases to track the vehicles. Killing with a car or gun is the same.

    Then in court you get some lawyer FUCK arguing that “DIPSHIT” didn’t have the capacity to know what he/she/it was doing during the crime because he/she/it was on drugs or mentally incapable.

    Bottom line.

    I have served in the military (18 years old to 21 years old and 34 years old to 37 years old) because I think the constitution is rational. I was a police officer for 29+ years and during that period I investigated police officers. A few of those investigations led to corruption in our political system and the legal justice system/district attorney’s office.

    The communist democrats have been eroding our second amendment for years. Once again we are shown the communists in our government are harassing legal gun owners who are becoming “circus poodles” that have to show cause to own a fire arm.

    Governments are made up of people. People can , and are corrupted power, money, and sex drugs.

    Prosecute the crimes on the books.

    It has been proven to produce results. If you want to get politically correct; then build non violent drug and alcohol offender jails with rehabilitation as 80% of heroin users return to drug use. But digest this. During my patrol experience I spoke to numerous heroin users. They stated that while in methadone programs, the methadone dosage was reduced in half increments and no less. Because the dosage was not reduced incrementally, the addicted still maintained a mental and physical addiction. These methadone/addicts stated the methadone program was a “racket” to make money.

    What can I say about rock cocaine and methamphetamine?
    It can be both sniffed and smoked. Factors are mental and physical addiction. Then, throw in what the manufacturer cuts the product with-sometimes it is a drain cleaning powder. It kills brain cells and makes for violent offenders.

    So tired of the communist democrat gun grab. I served in a city of over 3.5 million.

    Once again the communist democrat shows his/her inability to analyze, reason and problem solve.

    It’s all about TYRANY.

  3. Devilsgun says:

    More guns.

    Abolish the ATF.


    Fuck Gun Control and Fuck Gun Control Proponents

  4. pandusa says:

    Guns don’t kill people CRIMINALS do…a gun is an inanimate object. A knife is a useful, everyday utensil, but in the hands of Jack The Ripper became an entirely different concept.

  5. Crkrjak21 says:

    I mean there’s a reason the elevation knob goes to 600 and the Army weapons qual goes to 300

  6. Crkrjak21 says:

    As someone who trains the use of that style rifle to the Army, I’m curious where you get the data that they’re only accurate to 250?

  7. MassSkeptic says:

    I’m still here because my elderly mom lives in Massachusetts, but believe me I am planning my exit strategy. This blue state is extremely toxic and falling right in line with other big city politics. It’s a shame, it’s a pretty state. It’s just hampered by a corrupt democratic government.

  8. TRose says:

    PA is still a state that can be red. Only our governor is blue for the most part.

  9. som1alive says:

    Man if y’all still live in these states… I dunno what to tell you. We need you here in Red states! Just cut your losses and join the fight in TX.

  10. nrol34 says:

    Tell Tim that I highly recommend the Chinese Amish AR guy at the Oaks Gun Show. My son bought a sniper AR accurate to 500 yds. Normally an AR has an accuracy of 250 yds. This guy sells to a lot of shooters that shoot at Camp Perry.

  11. nrol34 says:

    In PA, most of the guns in Philly came from eagle arms gun shows. At the shows in Oaks and, another location, some “Glock clone gun kit.” They said none of the guns had serial numbers, ghost guns. A particular person would buy duffle bags full of these guns.

    The eagle arms gun show agreed to stop selling gun kits

  12. davesnothere says:

    Rittenhouse for Congress!!!