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Essential Workers Like Athletes and ‘Staffers Who Accompany Singers’ Exempt from NYC Vax Mandate

New York City clarified its new COVID vaccine mandate program hours after implementing the passport, saying the new rules will not apply to athletes and “staffers who accompany singers.”

“So average New Yorkers are not exempted from @NYCMayor vaccine mandate, but fancy singers, their entourages, and production staff can perform in crowded live venues. Makes total sense you guys, Covid rules,” NYC councilmember Joe Borelli posted on Twitter.

The Big Apple’s Key to NYC vaccine passport program began Tuesday.

“Get your proof of vaccination ready to go because that’s your Key to NYC! Beginning tomorrow, August 17, you’ll need proof of vaccination to unlock everything NYC has to offer,” posted the City of New York’s official Twitter account Monday afternoon.

“New Yorkers continue to come out in strong numbers to get the vaccine. We have a real challenge here, but we know what we can do to fight back,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Key to NYC is an approach that makes clear the power of vaccination. It is the ultimate encouragement.”

“There are so many amazing things in this city that you can participate in if you’re vaccinated,” he added.

A major question surrounding the rules are those who are unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons, including New Yorkers who are immunocompromised or receiving other treatments for illnesses like cancer.

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3 responses to “Essential Workers Like Athletes and ‘Staffers Who Accompany Singers’ Exempt from NYC Vax Mandate”

  1. Plaguen says:

    My wife asked for a medical excuse for not getting the vax, she had pericarditis one of the symptoms of the vax. Our doctor said no one is getting a medical excuse and everyone should get the shot. Talk about listening to the science. We are looking for a new primary care, this isn’t the only reason but the last straw.

  2. JohnNelson says:

    Ah yes, Elite’s are above us lowly peasants. We are disease ridden pests in the way of the Elite’s goals. They best way to get Americans to not want to get the vax is to mandate it. We are stubborn mf’s. People may get one shot, maybe the second, but I doubt many will continue to get the boosters. I don’t know anyone that gets their flu shots consistently. In any case I am okay with being fired if they mandate the vax, but I can’t see my company firing me – my boss saw me the day I was born. I live in California and my girlfriend is an anti trump (has no reasons) liberal and she doesn’t trust the vax and wont get it. Neither will some of her friends and a lot of girls at her work. She even said her boss told her that the delta variant is fake news. I live in a city, everyone is liberal where I live so normal people are noticing. I don’t know the state of college right now since I’m a dropout but my girlfriend is in college and so are her friends. I would assume a majority are ultra pro vax though since she said some of her more political friends are pressuring her and others to get the vax. Since when was health political. Odd times.

  3. CNN_sucks says:

    what? the virus can discriminate who are sophisticated? WTF New Yorker majority of you are fckg morons!