Enthusiasm Curbed: Larry David Screams at Dershowitz in Public Over Trump Connection

"You're disgusting!" the Seinfeld co-creator reportedly yelled at Dershowitz

When Larry David recently crossed paths with Alan Dershowitz in Martha’s Vineyard, the TV star reportedly lit into the attorney for his connections to Trump. 

In a scene that could have appeared verbatim in David’s HBO hit show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, the celebrity ignored Dershowitz’s greeting on the porch of Chilmark General Store. 

“We can still talk, Larry,” Dershowitz said, according to the New York Post. 

“No. No. We really can’t. I saw you. I saw you with your arm around [former Trump Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo! It’s disgusting!” David replied. 

At that point, Dershowitz told David that Pompeo was one of his former students at Harvard Law School: “I greet all of my former students that way. I can’t greet my former students?” he asked.

“It’s disgusting,” David repeated. “Your whole enclave — it’s disgusting. You’re disgusting!”

An eyewitness of the exchange reported that after David walked away, Dershowitz removed his T-shirt, revealing another T-shirt that read, “It’s The Constitution Stupid!”

The lawyer confirmed to the Post that the contentious dialogue took place, adding that he and David had been friends until Dershowitz began working with Trump’s team during the 2020 impeachment trial. 

“It wasn’t funny at all,” Dershowitz said later on. “I was worried that he was going to have a stroke … Larry is a knee-jerk radical. He takes his politics from Hollywood. He doesn’t read a lot. He doesn’t think a lot.”

He added: “It’s typical of what happens now on the Vineyard. People won’t talk to each other if they don’t agree with their politics.”

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11 responses to “Enthusiasm Curbed: Larry David Screams at Dershowitz in Public Over Trump Connection”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    No, you are wrong. Whatever his politics are, Larry David is insanely funny.

  2. thndrbrd says:

    I got to say I’m impressed by Alan, there have been quite a few cases through the years where I was unsure of his ethics. However, it could mean that he is still what in my generation was far left and now the far left has went so far over a cliff that he is now a centrist.

  3. Element says:

    Larry David will cut off someone for connections to Trump but not for connections to Epstein.

  4. Deutscher says:

    #ClownWorld keeps expanding…

  5. Wolv256 says:

    Well, that’s how I treat Biden voters now. Woke leftists don’t have a monopoly on chastising people they think are wrong. I’m going to scream at you and blame you for Afghanistan, the border, CRT, unemployment, the riots, racism, the failing justice system, loss of property and gun rights, inflation, higher taxes, destruction of the public school system, faking global warming, the upcoming war with China, destruction of the economy, asian hate, white hate, mask mandates, loss of freedom, loss of faith in institutions, the attack on our history, kneeling for the national anthem, Covid…. I blame you Biden voters for all of it. And yet you have the audacity to think you have the moral high ground. I hate you. YOU are the bad guy. Leave my country.

  6. coldwater says:

    I spent 20 yrs in labor unions…felt the “cold shoulder” of the DNC loyalists many times and gave it right back to them. They were almost always humorless fucks anyway.

  7. coldwater says:

    Larry has a one tracked schtick….it got old a long time ago.

  8. UppityG says:

    David is a communist and he’ll deny it forever. He’ll vote that way, but he’ll never face it or admit it to himself. Dershowitz, though a true lefty (I watched the video he did on his channel where he went into a trance describing how good and qualified Xiden, his friend, is and how he believed he’d be a good president; I later tried to re-watch it to see if maybe I was being unfair but it had been taken down, don’t know if it might be back up), has an even stronger loyalty to the COTUS. For that I salute him.

  9. cschertz says:

    Someone should transport Larry David back to Germany in 1943 then maybe he would understand the importance of the Constitution

  10. TheDarkworld says:

    This is an every day occurrence for me. A coworker of mine treats me differently now because he heard me listening to commentators over lunch. If you aren’t involved quit acting like you have a right to an opinion and fuck off me.

  11. Anni says:

    My 15 year old granddaughter hasn’t talked to me since I told her I don’t respect the Kardashians.