Dating Website 'Match' Releases Vaccination Data on US Singles

Popular dating website has released the vaccination data that they have collected on the US single population.

The information is part of initial findings of the website’s 11th annual Singles in America study.

“The newest data reveals that vaccination status– an issue that wasn’t even on the table a year ago– has become of paramount importance to a vast majority of singles today, with 58% reporting it’s the most important issue when it comes to dating a potential partner, more so even than traditional deal breakers like political affiliation (53%) or religion (43%),” Match said in a press release obtained by Timcast. “73% of singles report they are vaccinated (compared to 64% of the general U.S. population) and 2 in 3 singles say they want their dating partners to be vaxxed, sending a clear message that being unvaxxed in the dating pool is a major turn-off to the majority of today’s singles.”

Match noted that “Hot Vax Summer” did not materialize, as all singles — men and women, young and old, straight, gay and lesbian, reported low rates of intimacy or having sex and averaged only one makeout partner in the last 12 months.

Only eight percent of the singles that they surveyed reported having a one night stand during the pandemic. A whopping 85 percent of respondents said that sex is less important to them since the start of COVID.

“Want love? Get vaxxed,” said Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor at Match. “Today’s singles have dramatically changed their dating priorities: 52% of singles won’t even meet up with an unvaccinated person; 48% regard anti-vaxxers as selfish; and almost 60% won’t have sex with an unvaccinated person– ever. Cupid’s got a new arrow in his quiver: your vaccination card. It’s today’s passport to romance.”

According to their data, 73 percent of singles reported being vaccinated, compared to 64 percent of the U.S. population overall. They also found that “65% of singles want their dating partners to be vaccinated, including 72% of Boomers, while 41% of vaccinated singles don’t want to spend any time with someone who isn’t vaccinated.”

Other key findings include:

  • 80% of vaccinated singles want their partner to be vaccinated too; 51% of unvaccinated singles don’t care either way.
  • 58% of singles are unlikely to have sex with an unvaccinated partner (33% of young singles; 57% Gen X, 85% of Boomers).
  • 54% of singles are unlikely to consider an unvaccinated person for a romantic relationship (24% of young singles, 52% Gen X, 84% Boomers).
  • 52% of singles will not go on a first date with someone who is unvaccinated (24% young singles; 49% Gen X, 82% Boomers) and 53% of singles will not go on a second date with someone who is unvaccinated (25% young singles, 50% Gen X, 82% Boomers).
  • Nearly half of singles (48%) think those who are unvaccinated are selfish, with 44% of Gen X and 60% of Boomers believing this.

The website will be releasing the full findings of the 11th annual Singles In America study later this Fall.

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15 responses to “Dating Website ‘Match’ Releases Vaccination Data on US Singles”

  1. SandWyrm says:

    It would be a HIPPA violation if MatchDotCom collected outside medical data and doxxed its users without permission. But if it’s a voluntary check-box on your list of match criteria, or something you post in your bio then there is no violation (Nor anything to keep people from lying).

    So “Users Reported…” is probably voluntary.

  2. SandWyrm says:

    Sigh… GenX is 1965 to 1980.

    Oldest Gen-Xer’s you’re going to find are 56 in 2021. Anyone older is officially a Boomer.

  3. Corpsman09355 says:

    Thousands of years of history of sexual attraction, lust, and hormones just called bullshit that these paragons of non-regressive lefties, well known for emotional restraint, have sworn off sex because of vaccines. Hell. Human nature called BS too. However, they all thank you for allowing them to virtual signal their allegiance in their dating app to feel better about theirselves right before they DM the hottie they got a crush on.

  4. PseudoSwede says:

    A “passport to romance.” How on earth does anybody find that authoritarian or Orwellian?

  5. DanaMarie says:

    I had moved to a new city several years back and–not knowing anyone there–I decided to try out the various dating apps. My experience was that most of the dudes were just looking for one-night stands and the rest were pretty crazy; the whole thing just seemed so superficial. After a few months I gave up and decided to go back to meeting people the old-fashioned way. I also deleted my Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts at the beginning of the year; it’s been nice paying more attention to my kids, real life, and socializing with my friends, family, and neighbors face-to-face.

  6. Wolv256 says:

    Can’t they just make a checkbox that says “No Commies”?

  7. CrispyBacon says:

    These girls will bang multiple partners raw and literally eat the ass of a stranger but being in the presence of the unvaxxed is where they draw the line?

  8. VannicWolf says:

    its mostly dems using these apps. Conservative men and women want to go out to meet someone or be introduced through friends. Id only have children with a pureblood, non-GMO female. No mutants!

  9. maxmaxed says:

    Seriously, it’s a great way to see if a person is a degenerate idiot to avoid them like fire. It used to be a bit more concealed with liberal/nonliberal, you still had to figure it out. Now degenerates outright claim they are jabbed and don’t want to meet you. Sounds like great news, buh bye.

  10. Devilsgun says:

    Sooo, yeah the girl that will let you do her raw on the first date insists that you’re vaxxed against the Coofies… So sensible. Just lie about it, get what you want, and get thee to a clinic ASAP

  11. notabottoday says:

    If the vax makes u feel better get it.
    Just shut up after that

  12. belugamonkey says:

    Sounds like propaganda, I would want to know the demographics of the sampling pool. Plus I feel like there is a stereotype of ppl that use match

  13. prcntm says:

    I swear there’s a law preventing this. I mean probably gave themselves an out in their Terms of Service and all that, but I swear this breaks a law.

  14. Daren says:

    This is the strangest data … what is the age/usage of dating websites?

    Maybe match(dot)com skews towards an older crowd — but in general:

    younger singles — don’t care about vax status (24% don’t care)
    gen-x (like 45 to 70 years old)– iffy about vax (50%)
    boomers (70+) — vaccines are very important (84%)

    All this makes total logical sense — the older you are the more troubling covid is, so the vaccine status is more significant

    But in finer data analysis — listing vaccine status is voluntary. The only people who list it are likely those for who it matters. So how many users simply ignore the question? So to say that 73% are vaccinated is to say that “of those who answered the question, 73% answered vaccinated”

    How many users ignored the question? My guess is most of them are unvaccinated and that vaccination status doesn’t matter.

  15. Phantomcode says:

    You can tell who’s on the dating sites. Alot of single dems, who would have guessed?