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COVID-19 Vaccine Incorrectly Administered to 112 Children in Virginia

A parent caught the error upon recognizing the color of a vial's top

A pharmacy in Loudon County incorrectly administered the COVID-19 vaccine to 112 children.

The mistaken doses were distributed on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, according to the Virginia Department of Health. 

The pharmacy in Aldie, Virginia gave vials with doses of the vaccine intended for people over the age of 12 to more than 100 children between the ages of 5 and 11. 

“The pharmacy attempted to provide a proper dose,” Loudoun County Health Department director Dr. David Goodfriend told CNBC on Thursday. “Because they did not have the children’s formulation they used the adult formulation but only gave a third of the amount to the children. Our understanding from Ted Pharmacy is they were trying to do a workaround, which is not authorized.”

The pharmacy’s strategy is unreliable, the director said, because it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the dosage.

Children ages 5 to 11 are now eligible to receive a smaller dose of the Pfizer vaccine following an Emergency Use Authorization from the CDC, making 28 million children eligible to get vaccinated. 

The pharmaceutical company produced specially color-coded vials to distinguish between doses. 

In a statement, a Virginia health department spokesperson said the pharmacy has been instructed to stop distributing shots altogether on Friday by state officials.

Ted Pharmacy relinquished the rest of its COVID-19 vaccines to the Loudoun County Health Department,” reports KOB15. “Officials later released an alert about the pharmacy’s error, encouraging parents to consult with their child’s pediatrician.”

Parents have to wait 21 days to restart the vaccine process for their affected children with the correct dosage, according to CDC.

The county offered a different solution. Its health department said parents could get their kids the second dose as scheduled with correctly labeled tops.

The young children’s dosage comes in a vial with an orange cap, while doses for those 12 and older come in vials with purple caps or purple bordered labels,” per The Washington Post.

A parent caught the mistake and reported it to the state’s health department.

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4 responses to “COVID-19 Vaccine Incorrectly Administered to 112 Children in Virginia”

  1. terrispots says:

    I am glad you changed the title of the article. Calling this Loudoun County giving the vaccine is disingenuous. The pharmacy just happens to be in Loudoun, and I hope the parents sue them into non-existence. I also hope parents start paying attention and stop doing this to their kids!!

  2. prcntm says:

    “Officials later released an alert about the pharmacy’s error, encouraging parents to consult with their child’s pediatrician.”

    Oh, NOW it’s cool to consult with your doctor. Here I thought the Biden Administration was telling schools to short circuit doctor/patient discussions by setting up vaccination hubs inside the schools and pressuring parents to allow their children to be vaccinated in them.

    I realize they are not exactly the same thing, but this really does irk me because it falls right inside the behavior I’ve come to expect from left leaning actors: They are against something until it is useful to them. Most rioters hated the police presence while they rioted until one of them got injured and suddenly they’re screaming for them. Most pro-mandate individuals are trying to pressure people to ignore their doctor’s advice until incorrect dosages are given and they need to know the medical fallout.

    I’m glad there haven’t been any recorded negative side-effects from this incident and I hope that all of the children continue to be healthy. And I do stand by the decision to take away that facility’s ability to administer vaccines until this situation is sorted out. I’m just angry because I doubt I’ll see this anywhere besides right here because if MSM significantly picks it up it will cast doubt on the mandates, however incidentally, and they can’t allow that anymore.

  3. preyingmathis says:

    I can’t believe people are so stupid…… Maybe it is time for depopulation. Everyone should go get their vaccines immediately.

  4. Viewtifuljoe says:

    Here is hoping nothing adverse happens to these children but if so here is hoping their parents made a risk assessment and will take responsibility for any adverse reactions. Hopefully.