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CNN Labels Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema as a Republican in Their Chyron

CNN falsely labeled Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema a “Republican” while airing her floor speech about opposing getting rid of the filibuster.

The erroneous chyron came as Sen. Sinema is taking massive heat from the left for refusing to budge on getting rid of the filibuster, thus destroying her party’s chances of passing their voting rights agenda.

Sinema has previously faced fire from her party over not supporting the “Build Back Better” spending package.

The false label took place during Anderson Cooper 360.

While speaking on the floor about voting rights efforts, Sinema said, “while I continue to support these bills, I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”

“There’s no need for me to restate my longstanding support for the 60-threshold to pass legislation. And there’s no need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals in federal policy,” Sinema continued.

It is currently unclear if the chryon was a mistake or a political protest from someone at CNN. Given the nature of discussion about the senator on the network, it does appear most likely that it was the latter.

The network had not apologized or commented on the mistake by time of publishing.

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