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Chuck Grassley Will Seek His Eighth Re-election to the Senate

Grassley is the president pro tempore of the Senate and one of two active farmers

Senator Chuck Grassley announced he would be seeking re-election for the eighth time Friday morning, ending rumors of his possible retirement.

Before I start the day I want you to know what Barbara and I have decided,” the Iowa native posted on Twitter.

He also shared an image of himself giving a thumbs-up with the slogan “the senator we need is the senator we’ve got.”

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley has played a key role in helping confirm conservative federal judges as well as Supreme Court justices. Polls taken before his announcement show him with a comfortable lead over Democratic challenger Abby Finkenauer,” per Yahoo! News.

The 88-year-old currently serves as the president pro tempore of the Senate. He has previously dismissed the idea that his age could be a challenge.

“What’s more of a factor is my ability to do the job,” he told The Gazette in December of 2020. “I’m working just as hard now as I did when I was 40 years younger.” 

While Grassley is the oldest Republican in the Senate, he is not the oldest lawmaker. He is three months younger than Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) who turned 88 on June 9 and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), who turned 88 on June 22. 

Finkenauer, Grassley’s Democrat challenger, argued that the Iowa politician has been in office for too long.

“I’m Abby Finkenauer, and I’m running for U.S. Senate because Iowa — and our Democracy — are worth fighting for,” she wrote in her campaign announcement on Twitter. ”After 46 years in DC, @ChuckGrassley has lost touch with both.”

Grassley’s decision not to retire “avoids an additional roadblock for Republicans hoping to reestablish a party majority in the Senate during the 2022 midterms,” according to NPR.

One of only two active farmers currently serving in the Senate, Grassley began his political career in 1958 when he was elected to the Iowa state legislature. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974 until he became a Senator in 1980. He is known as a staunch conservative with a track record of bipartisan collaboration.

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5 responses to “Chuck Grassley Will Seek His Eighth Re-election to the Senate”

  1. Will_Was_Here says:

    I can deal with Grasley. He’s old but I seems to have some morals. That said I’m not intimately familiar with his record.

    Lindsey Graham is a swamp creature that needs to be excised.

  2. Boomer624 says:

    This guy as been in politics for 62 years State and Fed. Enough…He has been in US Senate as for 40 years. Sad part is the is at least one Senator serving longer than Grassley. Please get all the these fossils out of Government. Look at Biden and this guy is older than him! BTW I am not some kid bitching about the older Generation, I retired two years ago at 63.

  3. UppityG says:

    I happen to like Grassley as a good ol’ boy in the best use of that term. But the era of congress critters who simply refuse to leave has me worn smooth out. Because America desperately needs to have true conservatives in the majority in every govt and other institutions as soon as possible, I’m prepared to see Grassley stay. But we really must amend COTUS to set TERM LIMITS for ALL govt jobs, from POTUS allllll the way down to the local school custodian. This is a peaceful method for ending the Deep State. We need to make it an amendment because successions of electeds will write new laws to instate it, repeal it, and re-instate it.

    Everyone except Supreme Court judges: Three 4-year terms, lifetime maximum of 12 years as a govt employee.
    SCOTUS justices: One 20-year term.
    State Supreme judges: One 22-year term.

    Military contractor? 12 years max. bidding govt contracts.
    CIA Agent? 12 years max.
    State Dept attache? 12 years max.
    Army soldier of any rank? 12 years max.
    Capitol Hill Police Officer? 12 years max.
    Speaker of the House? 12 years max.
    Majority Leader of the Senate? 12 years max.
    President of the US? 12 years max.
    Congressional Representative? 12 years max.
    Congressional Senator? 12 years max.
    City Mayor? 12 years max.
    County Commissioner? 12 years max.
    Public School Teacher? 12 years max.
    White House Groundskeeper? 12 years max.
    IRS Auditor? 12 years max.
    CDC Director? 12 years max.
    HHS Dept Regional Manager? 12 years max.
    DOD Field Inspector? 12 years max.
    FBI Director? 12 years max.
    EPA Deputy Director Admin. Asst.? 12 years max.
    Circuit Court Trial Stenographer? 12 years max.
    Court Bailiff? 12 years max.
    Prison Guard? 12 years max.
    Police Chief? 12 years max.
    Election Administrator? 12 years max.
    Secretary of State? 12 years max.
    Street Sweeper? 12 years max.

    And we must make public employee unions un-Constitutional. Because clearly, thanks to the teachers union, which has gone full bore communist, they start bossing around the People rather than following our orders.

    So, if you’ve been a Forestry Agent for 10 years and then you leave and decide to run for your local ISD Board of Supervisors, you can serve as a supervisor for just two years.

    The Govt has become the largest employer in America, and that is proving to be very bad for us. All those people make up the “Deep State” which remains stubbornly welded to its chair no matter who gets elected. We the People have no influence over them and that has to stop. The Permanent Administrative State is not afraid of us. Instead, they’ve made us afraid of them.

    That sound healthy to you?

  4. Rohanhub says:

    Someone please primary this man. Want to know why ethanol is destroying vehicles? It’s this guy! Want to know why the small farmer is dead? It’s this guy! Hasn’t found a war he hasn’t liked! Enough is enough with this Neocon.

  5. KMerckCPA says:

    Grassley is awesome. Love that guy

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