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Penn State University Suspends 117 Students for Missing Mandatory COVID Tests

Officials at Penn State University suspended at least 117 students this week after the co-eds missed their mandatory weekly COVID tests.

The University posted a press release on the subject Tuesday afternoon.

“Students at University Park who are subject to required weekly COVID-19 testing and who have missed at least three weeks of testing have been notified by Penn State that they are out of compliance with the University’s health and safety policies and have been placed on interim suspension through the Office of Student Conduct. To date, 117 students at University Park have been placed on interim suspension for their failure to properly comply with Penn State’s weekly COVID-19 testing requirement,” reads the statement.

“Students who have not shared with the University that they are fully vaccinated have received weekly emails instructing them to complete the required testing. In addition, students who missed two weeks of tests had a registration hold placed on their records, which prohibits them from registering for future courses,” adds the press release.

The university staff called every student who missed three tests, an effort that “brought several hundred students into compliance,”

“It’s important that both students and employees comply with our testing requirement, and we have done everything we reasonably can to ensure that these students are aware of their obligation and do what they must to honor it,” said Damon Sims, vice president for Student Affairs. “The last thing we want is to suspend them. I’m sorry these students did not follow our repeated admonitions and warnings, and I hope they will make the correction necessary. Others should not repeat their mistake.”

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8 responses to “Penn State University Suspends 117 Students for Missing Mandatory COVID Tests”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    It will end in 2026.

  2. jgarza262 says:

    This is illegal. The closest covid test for me is a Walgreens 130 miles away rn and I’m not in a small city. We have over 20 Walgreens and multiple Rite Aids but they are all backed up right now. I literally can’t find one.

    Imagine if they required women to get pregnancy tests to make sure they weren’t pregnant if they so chose. I mean, pregnant women are high risk and we don’t want to overfill our hospitals. This is the case they make for the unvaccinated. When does it end?

  3. Kap83 says:

    If only they could photo shop Justin Trudeau in while he was dressed as black face….just to be more diverse..

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Well at least if they don’t have to go to school they’ll be less likely to be raped by the faculty. Because that’s what Penn St. is known for, faculty raping students.

  5. UppityG says:

    Sure hope the the school’s endowment is big. They’re gonna need it for the coming lawsuits. Esp after enough vaccines have been dispensed such that the new world order overlords are sufficiently pleased that their Plan is going as it should and here comes some new students who never got vaccinated because their natural immunity conquered covid just fine. Those who were forced to take a shot, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, are going to have excellent support for their legal complaints.

    That, and fewer and fewer paying students choosing to not matriculate, the future of colleges as a profitable business model is looking sketchy at best. Good. Just desserts.

  6. NutsandSeeds says:

    Get a lawyer and sue. Everyone faced with this stuff needs to start pushing back.

  7. Deutscher says:

    It’s Not about making sense.
    It’s bydesign:
    recognize it, then everything males sense again.

  8. Turk_Longwell says:

    Great Twitter insert here. lol.
    Student must test weekly, also let’s have a stadium full of people from around the state who can attend without a negative test or vacc. passport.
    Seriously, these people make zero sense.