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Chris Wallace Leaving Fox News for CNN's New Streaming Platform

After nearly two decades, Chris Wallace has announced that he is leaving his position at Fox News to host a show on CNN’s new streaming platform.

CNN+, the network’s streaming service, is scheduled to launch in 2022.

“After 18 years – this is my final ‘Fox News Sunday,'” Wallace said at the end of his show over the weekend. “It is the last time – and I say this with real sadness – we will meet like this.”

“I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure. And I hope you’ll check it out,” Wallace continued.

According to a statement from CNN, Wallace’s new show will focus on interviewing “newsmakers across politics, business, sports and culture.”

In a statement about his departure, Fox News said that they are proud of Wallace’s journalism at the network over the years.

“We are extremely proud of our journalism and the stellar team that Chris Wallace was a part of for 18 years,” Fox News Media said in a statement. “The legacy of ‘Fox News Sunday’ will continue with our star journalists, many of whom will rotate in the position until a permanent host is named.”

Wallace has worked in broadcasting for over 50 years and has a long list of accolades and awards for his work — including three Emmys. In 2016, he became the first Fox News host to moderate a presidential debate.

“I am thrilled to join CNN+. After decades in broadcasting and cable news, I am excited to explore the world of streaming. I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords in interviewing new ways to tell stories,” Wallace said in CNN’s statement.

“As I embark on this adventure, I am honored and delighted to join Jeff Zucker and his great team. I can’t wait to get started,” Wallace added.

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6 responses to “Chris Wallace Leaving Fox News for CNN’s New Streaming Platform”

  1. pandusa says:

    Should be a good fit. It ain’t like he is a REAL journalist.

  2. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    Wallace is a scumbag. Degenerate closet DemonRAT. A Partisan hack who should have been sacked for what he did to Donald Trump during his debate with that lying traitor POS Josef Stalin, I mean Biden.
    As we have now learned, Biden is definitely the SHIT Sandwich as discussed by the group. Now, if God will only strike him dead before he can destroy America or start a fucking World WAR!

  3. Wolv256 says:

    Chris Wallace is a globalist Commie scumbag. I wish him all the worst in his
    Future endeavors. You will NOT have your Great Reset!!!

  4. Bhdavis2011 says:

    I might actually check out Fox news Sunday every once in a while now… On second thought, nah

  5. thndrbrd says:

    To bad they didn’t fire him.

  6. exactly34 says:

    Good. Let the door hit you on the way out.