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Child Trans Star Tearfully Regrets Gender Transition

Having completed a mastectomy and hysterectomy, the young woman calls attempting to become a man 'a big mistake'

A famous young woman who identifies as transgender and underwent female-to-male gender transition surgery now regrets completing the procedures, adding to a growing list of individuals who regret transitioning.

Milo, who appeared in the 2016 MTV documentary Transformation, says her gender transition “turned out to be a big mistake,” after being left with facial hair, scars, and most likely being infertile, according to a report from Dailymail, which reviewed a YouTube video not linked to the article.

A YouTube search does not pull up the video, and news outlets are now reporting that the video is no longer available on the platform.

“It turned out to be a big mistake. My legal name is Milo. My legal sex is male. That was changed when I was 15 or 16 years old; legally it changed me, they even changed my birth certificate, my Social Security, everything. Everything changed to ‘Milo’ and ‘male’,” Milo said in the video.

Milo became an icon within the transgender movement, following the appearance on MTV.

She began taking testosterone shots at age 16, while reorienting her life to live as a male. Now, she says she is ashamed of the documentary appearance and “can’t bear to watch it.”

Within months after the project aired, Milo had her breasts surgically removed, and last year, at age 21, underwent a hysterectomy. She said that over the years, after doctors increased the dosage of testosterone, her vagina atrophied, which is common among women taking testosterone in an attempt to become men.

In the documentary, Milo’s mother said that she agreed to the transition after being told that trans kids will kill themselves if they aren’t supported by parents. While more than half of trans and non-binary youth consider suicide, the suicide rate for individuals who completed sex reassignment surgery increased by 20 percent.

Milo’s account is one of many young people beginning to speak out about their experiences as a warning to others, as many join the ranks of the detransition movement.

Despite assertions by transgender activists that one one percent of trans people detranstition away from that identity, studies have emerged showing detransition rates nearing 30 percent.

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