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Fenix Ammunition Responds To Critics Of Twitter Post Calling For Dr. Peter Hotez To Be Treated As Criminal, Tried For Crimes

Justin Nazaroff: 'People Were Lied To ... Experimented On. To Me, That Is A Crime Against Humanity'

Fenix Ammunition’s owner and CEO Justin Nazaroff addressed criticism of his Tuesday post suggesting Dr. Peter Hotez should be treated like a criminal.

The original post drew criticism after Nazaroff shared an image featuring a bag of 9mm full metal jacket ammunition with a Fenix Ammunition label.

“That’s what we do,” Nazaroff told Timcast News in response to pushback against the image accompanying Fenix Ammunition’s original post. “Every day we print different things on our packaging.”

Nazaroff said he understands Fenix Ammunition’s product may make people uncomfortable

“I think they’re just angry that a business owner is able to speak his mind, [and] isn’t afraid of being cancelled by anybody,” he continued. “I happen to make a product in an industry that, for me, is all about being able to say ‘no.'”

He continued:

People don’t like to hear the word “no,” especially not people in government. That’s why they don’t like the Second Amendment, and that’s why the Second Amendment is there to protect the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects your ability to say, “No, I’m not gonna do that,” and the Second Amendment provides you the ability to actually back it up if you have to. They’re intertwined. I have found a way with this business to combine the two in a way that seems to make some people uncomfortable, and that’s great.

“When people are uncomfortable you know that you’re having conversations that are worth having,” he said.

Nazaroff continued by addressing criticism of his comparison to the Holocaust with other historical instances of medical professionals violating informed consent, including the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Operation Big Buzz.

“All of these are examples of the government and the medical industry doing things without informed patient consent,” Nazaroff said.

He added:

People were lied to. I think people were experimented on. I think they … continued to be lied to and experimented on as we found out the efficacy of the vaccines was not what they said it was. That the side effects were not what they said there were. There were in fact side effects. I think anybody involved with that … anybody who continued to push vaccination and claim that it was safe and effective, for sure after we knew that there were signs that it wasn’t, should be absolutely tried for those crimes.

“That, to me, is a crime against humanity — the same as any other,” he said.

“I’m not gloating with anything having gone wrong with the vaccine,” Nazaroff said, adding that he wished the COVID-19 vaccine would have worked the way it was originally advertised. “The fact of the matter is it just didn’t. People have to be held accountable for that in some fashion.”

The Fenix Ammunition CEO said he, his family members, and one employee had chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and eventually regretted their decision.

“Maybe nothing bad will happen, but I do think in a few years down the road we’re probably gonna have a situation just like with the thalidomide babies back in the day,” he continued. “They’re gonna try to brush if off and make it seem like it’s some other kind of environmental condition just like the government always does.”

“I’ve watched every leftist documentary that possibly exists about evil corporations and Big Pharma and toxic waste … the leftists are always in a hurry to demonize these multinational conglomerates, except in this case,” Nazaroff said. “It seems so obvious, I don’t know how anyone else can’t see it.”

Nazaroff said the United States criminal justice system was “absolutely broken,” noting inconsistent standards with how law is applied to criminals.

“Nobody who made any of these medical decisions during the pandemic will ever face any kind of consequences for these actions,” Nazaroff said.

There have been people who lost their jobs, lost their husbands and wives, didn’t get to say goodbye to their parents as they died in a hospital … committed suicide after having their life destroyed because they didn’t take the vaccine … got fired, got ruined financially. None of those repercussions will ever fall on the heads of the people who are responsible for doing those things.

“It makes me f—ing sick,” he concluded.

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