Chicago Gun Violence Claims New Victims Including a Three Children

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

July 1st was the latest day of heightened violence in Chicago after 32 people in total were shot resulting in four fatalities.

Among the victims was a one-year-old infant who was shot in the head and is in critical condition. The child and six other people were attacked by a mass shooter on the South Side.

In two other shooting incidents, an 8-year-old girl was shot in the head, and a 9-year-old girl was shot and wounded,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Halfway through 2021 and already more children under the age of 15 have been shot in Chicago than last year – 52 compared to last year’s 43 victims.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times “children in Chicago are dying from gun violence at a rate three times higher than last year.”

“We have to do better,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at a press conference. “The status quo, obviously, is not working. We all have to dig down deeper.”

Lightfoot rejected an offer from President Donald Trump in July of 2020 to send federal assistance to end rampant violence in the city following the death of George Floyd. The month before Trump’s offer 89 people were killed in Chicago and 424 shootings took place.

This year, however, the mayor urgently requested assistance from the Biden administration after four continuous days of gun violence. 

“Cities individually cannot tackle this problem. We just cannot. In Chicago, we’ve done absolutely everything possible and we need help from the federal government,” Lightfoot said. “When guns are so porous that they can come across our borders as we see every single day in Chicago, we know that we have to have a multi-jurisdictional, national solution to this horrible plague of gun violence.”

If the current rate of violence continues, it is estimated that Chicago will have 800 murders by the end of the year.

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*For corrections please email [email protected]*

62 responses to “Chicago Gun Violence Claims New Victims Including a Three Children”

  1. VernonRedmon says:

    All these shootings yet the control law are hyper strict in that city, you would think that it could not happen. Just shows that strict control dose not work.

  2. t0suj4 says:

    Multi-jurisdictional? Like… Soviet Union?

  3. cutter says:

    Maybe the headline is like an homage to Harry Caray doing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley back in the day. “Alright, lemme hear you! A-one, a-two, a-three! Take me out to the crime scene…”

    Nah, can’t be. Tim’s from the south side, definitely a Sox fan.

  4. axegarden says:

    there’s no excuse for a headline typo if you consider yourself a professional

  5. EnjoyCoke says:

    Yo Tim!
    When can I move in within that compound of yours? I can’t bring guns, but I can bring gun-knowledge and -affinity.

  6. Ambrossia188 says:

    Even if Mayor BeatleJuice somehow managed to get her way and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY made guns illegal in Chicago, there would still be Gun Violence because CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE FUCKING LAW!
    If she or any of these Traitorous Politicians actually cared about their citizens, they might consider arming the entire adult population and giving them free training.
    But alas these duplicitous scumbags care for nothing but their own power.

  7. thndrbrd says:

    Man I think if someone wants to make a mint get with Tom Ballard and write a story on the trafficking in the US and the ties to Democrats, they HAVE to be complicit. I seen his story on Candace and man, chilling what is going on in America.

  8. Ambrossia188 says:


  9. Ambrossia188 says:

    Copy Editor PLEASE.


  10. Devilsgun says:

    Gang Violence, not “gun violence”

  11. Tygame says:

    Get a grip.

  12. MontyLalado says:

    Your body language tells everyone that you’re a huge asshole who’s immensely unhappy with his station in life, asshole

  13. thndrbrd says:

    Just allow guns, a notice 3 days later that everyone defend yourself and no charges. I bet it’s a bloody month but after a bit it will be peace.

  14. thndrbrd says:

    While I agree, in this instance though they are quoting Mayor Beetlejuice and it should stay there. After all, the reason we are here is because the mainstream media alters the news all the time.

  15. arakitai says:

    For the love of god, please take the ‘a’ out of “…a three children.” It’s making my eyes bleed. Every time I click on the members page, it’s there. Just staring at me. An abomination of grammar. A crime against literacy. A sad, sad little epithet of modernity. ‘O the horror…

  16. cutter says:

    Mike Madigan is the real cancer in Illinois.

  17. Groundhoggie says:

    Really really sad my wife and I live in the suburbs of Chicago so luckily we aren’t so close to this. We’re moving to TX though bc of people like Lori Lightfoot and Pritzker running Illinois for too long.

  18. Groundhoggie says:


  19. SpoopSkeletal says:

    Chiraq is just chicago.
    It’s such a violent and crime ridden area that most officers relate it to time in deployment overseas (those that have crossover experience)

  20. SpoopSkeletal says:

    >a three children
    Hey Tim, I cant spell for shit either but are y’all looking for a proofreader? I’ll do it for free membership

  21. cutter says:

    You’re doing just great.

  22. cutter says:

    Ooops, that was intended for the post above this one. I retract my sarcasm.

  23. cutter says:

    You’re doing just great.

  24. cutter says:

    “You retarded fuck.”

  25. Rwright85 says:

    And for the record, this is me addressing your comments. Don’t like them? Oh well. It was addressed.

  26. Rwright85 says:

    So for the sake of Journalism you alter the words to shorten a phrase and if you say Homicide involving a Hammer, people are going to understand what you’re talking about. Got it, very difficult to understand… Also you have to pull back on what you say in general, most people don’t want to turn on the 9 oclock news and hear a man was getting his head smashed in with a hammer and guts were all over…. so Yes I understand why it’s done.

    In my honest opinion, the worst people to talk to are those who believe they know more than others, simply due to a title. LIVED Experience, which I keep hearing from the left, is a real thing. Just because no one else has studied “Journalism” doesn’t make them any less competent than you. Matter of fact, prove it.

    Hammers are deadly however, not nearly as effective as weapons which is why gun violence is not a term to shape opinion, but a stark reality of our current country.

  27. Rwright85 says:

    That’s your opinion. I don’t have to answer hypotheticals and conjecture. Where is your evidence? Also I could careless if your a Journalist or a Carpenter. ANYONE born in the 80s and 90s today is a Journalist by defacto birth. We have immense knowledge at our finger tips and using a title to assert authority specifically to negate another persons opinion/facts is a form of self narssassism and a destructive personality disorder.

    I don’t go around telling everyone I talk to that I’m a study body language expert every time I see someone cross their legs.. so STOP using what you believe qualifies you above everyone else, when what you’re doing as a journalist is funadmentally the same as just googling search results and talking about your opinion on them.

    It’s not hard to write, call people, search the internet and ask for information. Stop acting like you know more than anyone here.

    Gun violence is on the rise, and that’s a fact of the matter. I do not support any restrictions AT ALL on weapons. If you’re in society and not in jail, the system should be setup in away where if you’re out of jail we trust you. If we can’t trust you with a weapon your ass stays in jail.

    Chicago… I don’t have to say anymore.

  28. cutter says:

    “You retarded fuck.” Okay, I concede your point — as I said, I did study journalism, so guilty as charged. But you still failed to address *my* point, which is that “gun violence” is a loaded phrase that is intended to shape a reader’s opinion, rather than convey a simple facts in a non-biased manner, which is what Tim has said he aspires to do.

    The phrase “gun violence” is what those of us who learned critical thinking skills call “editorializing,” and it has no place in straight journalism. When someone is beaten to death with a hammer, we don’t call it “hammer violence.” We call it “homocide.” Because hammers are not violent, they are inanimate objects. Just like guns. This is the sort of thing they used to teach retarded fucks like me in 101-level journalism classes. And if a retarded fuck like me can grasp such a simple concept — and you can’t — well, bless your heart.

  29. RichieRich3 says:

    so she politicized it when Trump made the offer, bc she didnt want to give him a “win” and people have died bc of it…??? Democrats are evil to the core.

  30. Patrick1984 says:

    I lived in Chicago for decades and not just on the north side which was bad enough then. I rode those buses and trains all over town night and day. I with these people I played with these people. Some I liked some I hated,. I can tell you for a fact that no one was looking out for the klan at night on those buses and trains. The only people who believe that shit are Socialists in The Suburbs with manicured lawns and Virtue signaling , fantasy signs.

  31. Patrick1984 says:

    Ole Potato Joe better get after all those White Supremacist’s pretending to be Gang Bangers and Narco Terrorists. The biggest threat facing our country today says Grampa Sniffy.

  32. Alysandir says:

    What’s this now? Judging someone by their character instead of their skin color? What strange, arcane ideas you propose!

  33. Alysandir says:

    I agree with Lightfoot; if only we took everyone’s guns away, the people killing each other would instead form drum circles to dance & sing in perfect harmony. Because there is literally no other way to kill a human being except via guns.

  34. jijawm says:

    If Lightfoot paid more attention to the content of the character of the shooter(s) instead of their ability to obtain guns, she might get somewhere…

  35. Rwright85 says:

    Um… Gun Violence is where a Gun is used to commit violence… it’s not a myth. You retarded fuck.

  36. MaineWolf says:

    It’s hard to understand what it’s like while I live somewhere with relatively zero gun violence. Shjraq?

  37. metatron206 says:

    A Three Children, get a copy editor tim! geez

  38. DorseyWoods says:

    While I’m happy with most of the content here… I agree 100% with this comment. Words and allowing definitions of them to be rewritten to fit the left’s narrative are a major downfall of conservatives. Our footing is compromised from the start of the battle when we fight on the field they’ve constructed and with ammunition they’ve already compromised.

  39. cutter says:

    If is really striving to play it straight when it comes to writing news, y’all shouldn’t be parroting the left’s language about guns in your headlines. “Gun violence” is a phrase designed to fuel anti-gun sentiment and shift blame away from the humans who perpetrate the crimes. Guns are not any more violent than hammers are, but both can — and often are — used for violent purposes. A more accurate headline would be “Shootings in Chicago claim four lives, including a 3-year-old child.” Yes, I studied journalism, to my everlasting shame…

  40. cutter says:

    Huge typo. There is no such thing as “gun violence.” Guns are not violent, they’re inanimate objects. It’s the scumbag gang bangers who are violent.

  41. carvking says:

    This is very informative and a great addition
    “If the current rate of violence continues, it is estimated that Chicago will have 800 murders by the end of the year.”

    Better yet would be to get some infographs – how much is the current above the murders same time last year f.x.

  42. PolishPierogi says:

    Hire me to help with the typos and stuff, I have a knack for pattern recognition or errors. I help my wife all the time and she has a masters in communication science. Nothing but love, team.

  43. Starlord says:

    I saw the chief say they are getting guns off the street. I want to see the stats on this. I believe him, but want to know how they are doing or just recovering the guns used in a crime.

  44. neilinda says:

    Oh, this is a great idea!!! Community editing… I like:)

  45. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is the definition of ignorance is bliss and stupidity is divine. That sole less person is the definition of what is wrong with our current mental state of these power mongering people. I mean I bet she is of the opinion that if these parents just had an abortion then the crime rate and gun violence would be lower. How has no one removed her from office yet? I mean hell is this person trying to compete with South Africa for shear amount of crime. Dam lady this is not a competition to see who can out do the other.

  46. DavesTrippin says:

    I love how Loghtfoot says that the guns are coming across their border from states that have legal gun ownership. As if legal gun owners are the ones causing the violence. This woman is the worst. Bro Chicago is full of burner guns with the serial scraped off. Fuck out of here with that bs

  47. arakitai says:

    I want to see a huge billboard advertisement campaign throughout the city. It should say, “Stop the murder of minorities. Give us back our right to defend ourselves.” Put a bunch of children in the background with a mother in the foreground, her hands up, as a gang member holds a gun to her head.

    They’ll be like cockroaches scurrying on the kitchen floor when you flip the lights on. They’ll be apoplectic with outrage but incapable of forming coherent objections.

  48. SoundwaveSurfer says:

    Remove the word “a” from title

  49. Wescancom says:

    Sounds to me like Lori lightfoot needs to be tossed out of office.

  50. JRizzo says:

    Lightfoot is the worst thing to happen to Chicago in a long time. She looked so promising at first, then quickly morphed into a caricature of the typical far left out of touch progressive that blames inanimate objects for violence instead of the people and culture that create it.

  51. GN_GUY says:

    Tim I live in NYC and I got mugged 2 days ago. I have lived here for over 16 years and I take that route often and this has never happened before.

  52. Pappy64 says:

    It breaks my heart every time I hear
    about another innocent child being injured or killed in any kind of way.
    I believe many of these shootings are targeted. If there is a greater cowardice than using a lethal weapon against a child for retaliation or any other reason,I don’t know what it is.

  53. Painted_Horse says:

    What if we created a fight circuit in major cities like Chicago? Violence isn’t going anywhere so if we embrace it shifting the culture from tough guys shoot people to only chicken shit cowards shoot people & real men battle it out in the cage. Shame the shit out of people who shoot someone on social media ect.
    Gonna need swat teams in the parking lot & tracking brackets for the audience & a financial incentive. I grew up in a all black gang infested neighborhood, it was normal to have 15 to 50 piru bloods at my house at any given time. I remember the culture shit in the early 90s that went from knuckle up to shooter. Bring back fist throwing but control it with social recognition, money & fame ect! Thoughts? Dumb idea or something to it?

  54. MadManTV says:

    Right now
    Submit your article in this thread. I wanna see what you can do. Criticism is not a skill

  55. MadManTV says:

    I like that these articles are short and to the point. I understand that Journalist many times feel compelled to write lengthy pieces and sometimes that is necessary , Glenn Greenwald is an example of a journalist that doesn’t make waste of the ink so to say but writes lengthy pieces.
    I’m 41 years old and maybe it’s my age or that I’m finally done with partying but good journalism is actually very exciting for me and I’m very excited to see what Timcast News will become.

  56. KDiddy says:

    You are so right my friend. Nice logo

  57. Richard9 says:

    I live in chicago, and no they certainly haven’t considered that. I just recently purchased my first firearm after toiling through the crazy restrictions they have here. Took about a year, though im sure much of that was from the surge we saw with covid riots etc. This place is fucked in more ways than one. It’s as though the politicians here that come on board are immediately inundated and eventually drowned with shit no one system can handle and they inevitably grasp for breath by spouting off nonsense about guns and what have you. Truth is, the condition of this city is so complicated that it requires a complex solution. This is something that is well beyond the ability and duty of government, but something not outside of possibility. Shit takes time and genuine effort and this city is full of it. We just have to learn to stop suckling at the teet. Guns are just one aspect of this fuckery.

  58. TCappo3 says:

    Oh snap is this Peter Brimelow’s daughter? Nvm you’re alright in my book.

  59. TCappo3 says:

    This chick can’t write for shit.

  60. Kshthymyla says:

    Have they considered letting law-abiding citizens have guns, and making training available? Absolutely they should accept help with law enforcement, and should have ages ago. But, “absolutely everything possible”? Bit hyperbolic.

  61. Blout says:

    Headline Typo?