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Chaya Raichik Visits Eric Swalwell's Office To Question Prior Endorsement of Lawmaker Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

Former New Hampshire State Representative Stacie Laughton, Formerly Known As Bruce, Was Arrested In June For Sexual Exploitation Of Minors

Libs Of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik attempted to confront California representative Eric Swalwell over his previous endorsement of a former New Hampshire State representative who was arrested for child sexual exploitation in June.

In a video shared to X, previously known as Twitter, Raichik detailed a former New Hampshire state representative’s criminal history and sexual exploitation of children.

Stacie Laughton, who formerly went by Bruce, was the first openly transgender-identifying representative in New Hampshire.

Laughton was arrested on June 22 for soliciting child pornography. The former representative is currently facing one count of of sexual exploitation of minors and aiding and abetting by the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts.

Raichik detailed a text exchange between Laughton and former intimate partner Lindsay Groves in which the former New Hampshire state representative discussed sexually abusing a two-year old. Groves, who reportedly assisted Laughton in procuring child porn, was also arrested on June 22 for one count of sexual exploitation of children and one count of distribution of child pornography

“How did this criminal Stacie, this pedophile, get elected as a lawmaker in New Hampshire?” Raichik asked, noting Laughton was previously endorsed by California representative Eric Swalwell. “A sitting U.S. [Congressman] campaigned for a pedophile for office.”

The video shows Raichik entering the California congressman’s office at the nation’s Capitol in Washington D.C. as one of Swalwell’s staffers informs Raichik he was not in the office.

One woman named Yerdana, who identified herself as Swalwell’s Chief of Staff, told Raichik the California representative would not be in the office for the remainder of the day.

“I was just wanting to know if he intends to endorse more pedophiles for office,” Raichik told Yerdana, asking if Laughton was the only pedophile Swalwell has endorsed for office. “Is he gonna endorse other types of criminals? Or is he gonna, you know, stick with just endorsing the pedophiles?”

Yerdana informed Raichik to provide her contact information to another staffer as the Libs of TikTok creator questioned if Swalwell would endorse bank robbers next.

“I’d love to know,” Raichik said. “I’m sure his constituents would love to know as well.”

Raichik concluded the video by saying Swalwell had a “very impressive resume.”

The Libs of TikTok creator noted the California congressman’s previous relationship with alleged Chinese spy Christine Fang, also referred to as “Fang Fang,” who reportedly developed relationships with other key political figures including former Fremont, California Mayor Bill Harrison.

Raichik said a new addition to Swalwell’s resume was campaigning for pedophiles for office.

“Great stuff,” she concluded. “Hopefully we’ll get some answers from Eric.”

Editor’s Note: The article’s previous title, “Chaya Raichik Visits Eric Swalwell’s Office To Question Endorsement Of Pedophile,” has been revised to more accurately characterize the details documented in the story

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