H. Pearl Davis Says 16-Year-Olds Are More Attractive Than 26-Year-Old Women

The Now-Deleted Post Appeared To Be An Extension Of A June Post From Davis Suggesting Women In Their 30s Were Less Attractive Than Women In Their 20s

Hannah Pearl Davis, who goes by the social media handle @pearlythingz, said 16-year-old minor girls were more attractive than 26-year-old women in post to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“16 year old chicks are hotter than 26 year old chicks,” wrote Davis in her Wednesday post.

Davis later deleted the post after heavy criticism from users.

“Is this real,” wrote Josie Glabach, who goes by The Redheaded Libertarian.

“Adults shouldn’t be talking about how ‘hot’ kids are,” Glabach continued in another post.

“My god Pearl stop this for f—s sake what a weird thing to say,” wrote one user. “No they are not, if a 26 year old man is finding 16 year olds ‘hot’ then there is an issue with him.”

“Why does Pearl want adults to agree with her that 16 year olds are hot,” wrote another user.

Other users suggested Davis’ post was designed to drive up engagement on X.

“The things people will say for engagement,” wrote one user. “This is a bit much.”

“16-year-olds are still developing,” the user continued. “They are children. Leave them out of this.”

“This is what it’s like to do anything for attention,” wrote another user. “PSA love your kids so much that they don’t grow up to need this kind of validation.”

“Pearl deleting this tweet proves it’s weird and proves that all you weirdos defending ’16 year old chicks are hot’ comments are also weird,” said another user commenting on others agreeing with Davis’ sentiment.

Davis commented on criticisim saying, “ratio is all ego. who cares.”

“I can either say what is true and people will like or not.”

In another post, Davis attempted to clarify her original statement saying “people tend to get uglier the older they get in general.”

“Most Americans are overweight by 26,” she wrote. “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

The now-deleted post appeared to be an extension of a June post from Davis in which she suggested 35-year-old women were less attractive than women in their 20s.

“This used to be common sense 50 years ago,” Davis wrote.

Davis has gained notoriety online for sharing what users deem to be controversial statements regarding relationships between men and women along with criticism of feminism. Some users have compared Davis to former professional kickboxer turned social media influencer Andrew Tate, who similarly gained notoriety for his controversial statements about masculinity and women.

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