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Cenk Uygur Conflates Child Grooming And Pedophilia With LGBT Community

'They're Saying That Everyone Who's Gay Is Grooming Kids To Have Sex With Them; They're All Pedophiles'

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur suggested Libs of TikTok called “all gay people evil” during her Tuesday appearance on Fox News.

Co-host Ana Kasparian pushed back on Libs of TikTok, who publicly revealed her identity as Chaiya Raichik on Tucker Carlson Today, suggesting Raichik was insulting transgender identifying people for suggesting social media activists were “recruiting” and grooming children.

“Does she not understand the kind of torture transgender people go through in this country and around the world, really?” Kasparian asked. “Is she aware of the prevalence of suicide among transgender people?”

The Young Turks co-host mocked Raichik’s argument of activists influencing children saying, “It’s not a freakin’ lifestyle choice!”

Kasparian referred to California Congresswoman Katie Porter’s recent comments suggesting “groomer” and “pedophile” were discriminatory of sexual orientation claiming Raichik took Porter’s comments out of context.

Uygur said he knew what to do.

“Adamantly, forcefully tell the truth,” Uyger said suggesting Raichik called all gay people “evil.”

“That is bigotry defined,” Uygur continued. “She pushes hatred for a living.”


“This is what she does. Twenty-four/seven [she] puts out hate into the world,” Uygur continued. “She said it’s part of an agenda; they’re all groomers.”

The Young Turks host continued questioning what children were being groomed for by suggesting Raichik was unfamiliar with “how evil the right wing” was.

“They’re saying that everyone who’s gay is grooming kids to have sex with them; they’re all pedophiles,” Uygur said, appearing to reframe Raichik’s original comments. “She’s disgusting.

Uygur further suggested the “phenomenon” of non-binary and transgender identifying people was in response to cultural acceptance, claiming transgender identifying people previously existed though were not comfortable disclosing their identity because they lived in an “oppressive culture” which looked down on LGBTQ identifying people.

Raichick, who’s identity was previously exposed by the Washington Posts’s Taylor Lorenz, noted she was apolitical prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID, for me and I think for a lot of people, really woke people up,” she said. “It was like an awakening. Either you can stay sleeping … or you can choose to get involved.”

Raichik further noted she became aware of videos discussing the sexualization of children during the pandemic, saying she felt a need to disseminate the information.

“Specifically teachers … there are also parents, activists, doctors,” she said in regards to videos she reposted from TikTok. “That is the most scary part about it.”

Raichik noted she was able to educate people on social media activists and influence legislation while remaining anonymous.

“I think I’ve done all I can and I’m ready for the next step,” she said, suggesting remaining anonymous was hindering her ability to further “fight” activists. “I think I’ll be a lot more effective when I’m not so anonymous anymore.”

Carlson referred to Raichik’s work as journalism saying she “had an effect” by exposing activists’ content.

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