California State University Paying Faculty to Attend CRT Training Workshop

By Cassandra Fairbanks

California State University at East Bay is paying faculty $1,200 stipends to participate in a five day Critical Race Theory training seminar later this month.

The Anti-Racist Liberatory Pedagogy Academy sessions will take place between July 19-23.

Incredibly, the call for people to sign up, published on CSU letterhead, quotes cop-killer Assata Shakur.

“In her autobiography, Assata Shakur reminds us that the more we get used to our oppression, the more our tolerance for it grows. Critical pedagogue, Paulo Freire, also reminds us that as historical beings, we live our current moment as a time of possibility, not predetermination,” the document, obtained by Campus Reform, reads.

The five themes for the workshop are listed as “Deepening our understanding of Critical Race Theory and Critical Pedagogies,” “Interrupting racism in the University,” “Becoming an anti-racist educator in your classroom,” “Designing an anti-racist course that is values-directed, sociohistorically-grounded, and higher purpose-driven,” and “Developing an equity-minded lens to critically self-reflect on your teaching/courses.”

The intended outcomes of the workshop, according to the document, include enhanced knowledge and understanding of Critical Race Theory to provide a framework for and to inform their anti-racism pedagogy; developing understanding of the four levels of racism: internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and structural, along with the tools and strategies for interrupting racism in the university setting; and a revised set of standardized syllabus elements to incorporate anti-racist and culturally responsive components and approaches and at least one fully revised syllabus for the Fall 2021 semester designed to meet anti-racism objectives and promote inclusive and equitable learning.

The document also explains that a total of $1,200 will be paid to participants “for the knowledge, skills, or abilities derived from participation in the program as it provides additional benefits to the University in the future.” It states that the stipends will be awarded in two parts — the first half upon completion of the summer sessions and the second half upon completion of the post-academy fall and spring semester sessions.

Campus Reform noted that Biological sciences professor Pascale Guiton, one of the workshop’s faculty participants, tweeted out a list of materials that will be used on Day 4. One of the materials listed is titled “Designing an Anti-Racist Syllabus.”

Guiton frequently uses her Twitter feed for political activism.

On July 7, the professor tweeted, “I have one question? Why are we still talking about Orange Face’s rallies? I only want to hear about him when the headline says he has been indicted! I open the news, my TL and his nasty face is all over…. Media really needs to find better subjects to cover! Ughhh.”

Guiton also mocked both Christians and Conservatives in a tweet about CRT last month.

“CRT is to Conservatives what the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is Creationists. They don’t understand it, but still, rail about it! Oh, wait! The two groups overlap!” Guiton wrote.

Timcast has reached out to the university for comment about both the stipend and Guiton’s tweets. We will update this story if one is provided.

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11 responses to “California State University Paying Faculty to Attend CRT Training Workshop”

  1. ShockaZulu1 says:

    Look I may no believe in Darwinism’s evolution but you dont get to compart CRT to evolution HAHA one is an actual Scientific theory with supported evidence the other is propaganda based on reverse racism

  2. Etan-Ra says:

    I too work at a nursing facility with all the same requirements. The key for me and a hand full of others was to just ignore the requirements. They attempted to give written reprimands but I just refused to sign them. Then they pointed out that it was grounds for termination. I reminded them that we are so short staffed I’ve been working everyday for the past 3 weeks because they are unable to get anyone to fill in. So now they just ask me to please try and comply its the company’s rules. I feign compliance and now starting to notice a lot more personnel ignoring policy. I do tell them its playing with fire and that they can be fired. The shortage of nurses here is staggering who knows what the future holds.

  3. TheDarkworld says:

    Every time I see shit like this I’m that much more assured in having chosen the skilled trades route.

  4. ricky_6ixx says:

    Hey, I’d take the $1200 and not believe or implement anything they taught me in that racist course. Of course, I’d probably end up complaining to HR afterward… lol

  5. So I kind of kept going and found a little more. So AmeriCorps also has National Service points and is over seen by Corporation for National and Community Service. Now in 2017 Trump’s Budget at the time would of completely cut funding for the program. So looking at this its kind of a lot of money they throw at colleges. Something like 3.3 billion since the inception of the agency in 1994. So if the funding did get completely cut then there would of been a lot of agency’s that would of lost a boat load of money in the process. I wonder if this is one of the reasons Trump was attacked so more and or so long. He pissed of a lot of people.

  6. They all seem to be very easily manipulated to believe this stuff.
    “Let me spread the word. CRT is not anti-whiteness!— Dr. Pascale Guiton”.
    This group given their education background in science would lead you to believe that they would be more critical of stuff like this. Makes you wonder who has been grooming them this whole time.

    AmeriCorps has had its hands in a lot of stuff. I mean their jurisdiction is the federal government. If you do a little digging they are in so much. Kind of like cancer. They seem to back ABC, TFA, Public Allies and this is just the short list. There is just way to much to list in here. On top of that they have been at this for a very long time. This is kind of scary and creepy. I mean given the time frames of we are talking about here its safe to assume that the very people that are hosting this stuff like at Cal State East Bay would of been exposed to some of the programs that AmeriCorps offers. Makes you wonder..

  7. TCappo3 says:

    It’s not CRT, remember Critical Race Applied Principles!

  8. PseudoSwede says:

    Good on you for sticking with what’s right! Take Jack Murphy’s advice about not popping your head up until you’re in a position to do something to heart.

    Best of luck with everything!

  9. PseudoSwede says:

    This is about as simultaneously deceptive and telling as when the nursing home I was working in paid everyone who got “vaccinated” $50 per jab (Pfizer). My wife and I were the only two in the department to refuse.

    A 30 year veteran employee with special needs had completed paperwork to get it, but had regrets before the day of administration. I told her as best as I could that even though her paperwork said she wanted the vaccine, she could change her mind up until the moment of “vaccination.”

    The “well-meaning” and “expert” folk in management/administration told her otherwise, completely taking advantage of her kind-hearted nature as well as her mental handicap. Complete authoritarian militancy with outbreak protocol and superfluous “rules and procedures.” Interdepartmental communication was an absolute joke. Higher-ups would expect us to follow their perpetually-changing protocols, without even having half-assedly communicating any of said changes to the various department heads!

    Even without a positive test, suspected exposure was an automatic two weeks unpaid vacation, and same for anyone wanting to leave town for a vacation, which forced many to lie about what they do on their own time, myself and wife included. Even if you were okay with that, you had to submit paperwork over a month in advance in order to “get permission” to have two weeks unpaid leave, which only started once you returned to town.

    That’s aside from daily rapid testing, every other day PCR testing, mandatory N95 masking (with replacement masks nearly impossible to get), no A/C in a 95 degree kitchen (120 at the equipment), and no craps given if an employee literally passed out like I did on a handful of occasions.

    Last I heard, they’re short-staffed in all departments and can’t for the life of them figure out why nobody will apply or stay for any length of time.

    Real head scratcher there! Gee, I wonder why…

  10. Skookum says:

    It’s in deep man. People don’t realize CRT is already there and has been for years. I’m a public school teacher. I teach math and don’t use any CRT tactics/methods/ideologies but I see it and it’s everywhere. I’m seriously black pilled. Idk man.

  11. MJ_Aruffo says:

    This is some Jonestown shit. This is PROOF our country has a severe mental illness problem.

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