Fund the Police: 77 Percent of Americans Want More Police Officers, Worry About Rising Crime


As crime continues to surge across the nation 77 percent of American voters say that they want more police officers deployed on the streets.

Unfortunately for the leftists who have been pushing to “Defund the Police,” 70 percent of voters also say that they want more funding for police departments.

The new USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll found that while people want more police and higher budgets for their departments, they also want to see a mandate that an independent authority investigate police-involved shootings.

“In the survey, 7 in 10 supported increasing police department budgets; 77% said they would like additional police officers deployed on street patrols,” USA Today reports. “But 62% also said some of the police budgets should be used to fund community policing and social services. And 81% endorsed a mandate that police-involved shootings be investigated by a separate and independent authority.”

Nearly 2/3 of the people surveyed also expressed concern about the rise in violent crime.

“Strong majorities support increased police funding to combat crime, making it clear that America is still a law and order country,” said Cliff Young, president of Ipsos Public Affairs. “However, this Ipsos/USA TODAY poll shows most Americans recognize racial inequalities in law enforcement, suggesting many Americans want justice in addition to safety.”

As previously reported, opposition to Black Lives Matter is at the highest it has been since 2017.

Opposition to the far-left movement has been on the rise since last June when riots sparked chaos in cities across the nation. Currently, 42 percent of the nation opposes the movement, while 46 percent support it.

The rise in opposition to the movement has been the most dramatic among white people — with 51 percent saying that they not only do not support, but oppose it. Only 34 percent had opposed BLM prior to June 1 of last year, the height of the deadly riots that destroyed a number of cities across the nation.

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