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UPDATE: 3 Students Dead, 6 More Injured During School Shooting in Michigan

Three people were killed and six others injured in a shooting at a Michigan high school on Nov. 30. A 15-year-old suspect is in custody.

Shots were reported just after 1 P.M. at Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan. The school is about 45 miles from Detroit.

Undersheriff Michael McCabe with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office told the media that four to six people had been injured during the incident. He did not confirm if there were any fatalities. 

“We are still doing a secondary search of the school for any further victims,” McCabe said.

He added that a handgun was located at the scene.

The department confirmed a suspected shooter had been taken into custody and they “do not believe there are any others at this time.”

Police, ambulances, and SWAT vehicles were observed at the scene.

Students were evacuated from the school. They were taken to a nearby store where they could be reunited with their families. Parents received a message from the school notifying them it had “activated our emergency protocols” and is still under lockdown.

The scene is still active and residents of the area are being asked to stay away.

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5 responses to “UPDATE: 3 Students Dead, 6 More Injured During School Shooting in Michigan”

  1. Old_Frog says:

    Yes, another “Gun Free Zone” bites us in the ass.

  2. pandusa says:

    Philadelphia-14-year-old shot 18 times waiting on school bus. Why are the mothers in these places not up at the courthouse demanding the resignation of some of these “defund the police “advocates? Especially Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago? Living in a big city USA must cause mother dysfunction. BTW woman in India chases leopard miles to rescue son. Yeah…

  3. pandusa says:

    The violence and lawlessness encouraged/used by those to work their own agenda-Including coronavirus continues. High School and the teenage years are confusing and stressful. But the stress these young people have been subjected to in the last 2 years HAS been criminal. Ya know, I think George Floyd would be appalled at the wreckage from the fallout done in this country…in his name. I wonder…

  4. Rawdog says:


    I notice that the corprat media is pushing the age of the shooter but NOT telling us the ethnicity & sex.


  5. Devilsgun says:

    It’s beyond time to demand that our representatives do what’s necessary to ensure the safety of our children and stop these horrible school shootings. I therefore call on the President Bumbles administration to immediately sign an executive order banning assault lectures and high-capacity public schools for everyone except for military and police, who are obviously in dire need of remedial Constitutional education. We must urge Joe Bumbles to act now to get these brutal weapons of tactical mindwar off of our streets, before more of our precious children are mentally maimed by full mental jackass hollow points or riddled with semiautomatic Woke retardism in our hallowed prison-industrial school system.

    Even If It Saves Just One Brat, ya know?