Biden's White House Staff is Most Expensive in History — May Exceed 200 Million

By Cassandra Fairbanks

President Joe Biden’s White House payroll is the most expensive one in American history.

The projected cost of his staffing may exceed $200 million during his four-year term.

Forbes, who referred to the Biden payroll as “bloated,” reports that the Trump administration spent $164.3 million from 2017-2020 and the Obama administration spent $188.5 million from 2009-2012.

The report explains that “on July 1st, the Biden administration released the annual Report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. President Biden hired czars, expensive ‘fellows,’ ‘assistants,’ and spent on a much larger First Lady (FLOTUS) staff.”

Biden has hired 567 White House employees costing taxpayers $49.6 million for this year alone. This is 190 more employees than the Trump administration had during this point in his administration, and 80 more than former President Barack Obama.

“With nearly 200 extra cooks in the kitchen — for a grand total of 567 — Biden’s White House has managed to drive up the cost of goods and services, sacrifice the country’s energy independence and surrender the southern border,” the Independent Journal Review noted.

At least 22 Biden staffers are receive salaries of $180,000 or more, including Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“In 2017, the Trump White House spent $40 million for 377 employees, while the Biden payroll amounts to $49.6 million for 567 employees. All spending amounts are inflation adjusted,” Forbes reports. “Currently, there are 12 staffers dedicated – at least in part – to Dr. Jill Biden vs. five staffers who served Melania Trump in her first year.”

In June, the Washington Post reported that there are concerns of a “pattern” of nepotism in Biden’s White House.

“At least five children of his top aides have secured coveted jobs in the new administration. They include two sons and a daughter of the White House counselor, the daughter of a deputy White House chief of staff and the daughter of the director of presidential personnel,” The Post reported.

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10 responses to “Biden’s White House Staff is Most Expensive in History — May Exceed 200 Million”

  1. jacob.elliott says:

    He needs more staff to keep track of all his lies and to cover up his dementia.

  2. PolishMP731 says:

    Well, a ‘president’ that requires constant hand-holding is going to need a lot of staff.

  3. PolishMP731 says:


  4. PolishMP731 says:

    Amazing, considering Chiden is out there telling companies to ‘pay them more’…

  5. bighsker250 says:

    DemoRATs response:
    Ahhhh, Orange Man bad !!!!

  6. Tempus says:

    I wonder how much of the 200 million includes compensation for dog bites on White House staff.

  7. LastPlaceProdigy says:

    So if Trump spent $40 million on 377 employees and Biden has spent $49.6 million on 567 employees. That means that no only did Trump spend less money, he also paid his employees better.

  8. Scootouchard says:

    elites have to do their eliting, and of course at all you peon’s expense.

  9. PolishPierogi says:

    Fascists love to do this, it’s not their money after all. The way the left projected the right as fascistic for 4 years was laughable, but it was merely their long-con play all along. Big Tech are the vectors being used to subdue and control society by foreign and local power brokers. Headed toward a real rev, not the bush-league antifa/blm kind. We have to ask ourselves, if it’s by design too. I know I’m not the only one feeling betrayed and played here. The left has gone insane, and will go to whatever lengths their puppeteers tell them to achieve ‘justice’. There is nothing organic about them, they are the establishment, and they work for the big five. Amazon/Google/Facebook/Apple/Twitter + any other corporation slapping cheeks with the cult.

  10. chasetheplayer says:

    The people changing his diapers are probably making bank right now.