Bette Midler and Other Liberal Activists Call for Sex Strike Over Texas Abortion Law

Liberal actress, musician and activist Bette Midler has called for a sex strike over the new Texas abortion law — and she wasn’t the only one.

The law, which goes into effect this month, bans abortions after an ultrasound can detect a fetal heartbeat, which can occur as early as six weeks into pregnancy. There is an exemption only for cases of medical emergencies.

However, instead of the government enforcing the law, it will be enforced by private citizens who can now sue abortion providers or anyone who aids a woman getting an abortion after a fetal heartbeat has been detected. The citizen will not have to have a connection to the person who had the abortion or the provider in order to have standing to sue.

“I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress,” Midler tweeted.

Midler was not the only one calling for a strike in the bedroom.

In 2019, actress and activist Alyssa Milano had called for a similar sex strike over Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signing a “Heartbeat” abortion bill into law.

“Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy,” the actress added. “JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

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58 responses to “Bette Midler and Other Liberal Activists Call for Sex Strike Over Texas Abortion Law”

  1. PolishMP731 says:

    Fair point. I had not considered this.

  2. PolishMP731 says:

    Yes! How dare they suggest that what they were saying is a lie! They keep telling us men can get pregnant, so men are restricting themselves. How dare they?

  3. KMFC says:

    The meaning of words has lost it’s weight in todays world. A liberal is not what a liberal anymore. A conservative is not even a conservative anymore. Hell I can’t even side with the Libertarians anymore because people have lost their mind their as well. Even though I love the ideology on it the people have lost their minds nowadays

  4. chickens.forever says:

    “ugly” is a compliment and “bitches” not harsh enough. Beginning to think leftist wenches are so damn miserable because nobody, not even their own dildoes want to have anything to do with them so they go about pushing abstinence so the rest of the world just as miserable as they are!

  5. Doug1965 says:

    No one would fuck any of these ugly ass bitches anyway, so moot point LOL

  6. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    If it stops the killing of babies, sign me up.

  7. JohnNelson says:

    They acting like conservatives dont promote abstinence.

  8. LeeHarvey says:

    Bravo good sir!

  9. mophorex says:

    Look at all these transphobic celebrities.

    Men can have abortions too.

  10. CNN_sucks says:

    abstinence is good. guys don’t need to put their dick in every hole. ladies have some respect of yourself.

  11. YetAnotherUserID says:

    Wow, just wow. First of all I don’t think too many people are lined up to have sex with BM. Kind of a cheap shot really, but personality and attitude shines through once the radiance of youth fades.

    Secondly, she is saying men and women have different attitudes towards sex and men want the physical act more than women – otherwise why wouldn’t it be equally punishing to themselves?

    Thirdly, I think many in society would agree with her that women should use sex to control men, just not as a force to encourage them to support abortions, but to direct their energy towards building families, communities and civilizations.

    All in all, she tacitly admits the power women have in society, while I’m sure claiming they are oppressed victims and that men and women are different while I’m sure claiming they are the same. And the mind blowing part is that she does so with no self-awareness of what she is acknowledging.

  12. CrispyBacon says:

    But how will the casting agents know who to hire for their movies now?

  13. UppityG says:

    All the comments already here are hilarious and spot on.
    Yeah Midler, finally, she stumbles onto some reality.
    I have no idea how some one so stupid achieved old age.

    Carry on y’all.

  14. asianchris says:

    They’ll do whatever they can to “win” the political debate.

    I’m in Washington and same people pushing vaccine passports are now upset about Texas law…

    They are brainwashed to follow the cult.

    And in the end they don’t care, at all. In fact they usually forget what they were upset about if you give them some TV time.

  15. asianchris says:

    I’m in Washington and people here are freaking out about Texas law.. same people who think it’s OK for my lady to lose her healthcare job by government mandate because shes not vaccinated.

    These people are insane. Nobody cares if some lefties stop putting out… seriously you shouldn’t be with that girl if she’s bribing you so she can abort her baby.

    Move out of the state.. like how we have to move out of Washington so we can work…

  16. Heathenairsoftnj says:

    If you stopped fucking every Tom Dick and Harry that came your way you wouldn’t have to get so many abortions. Maybe bet mittler has a point keep your legs closed. Only have sex with men who are committed to you.

  17. chickens.forever says:

    If all of these leftist clowns quit having sex A. NONE OF THEIR TALENTLESS ARSES would ever land another acting job as 99 out of a 100 times, the ‘ol casting couch is the ONLY WAY any of them ever get any roles. and B. Wouldn’t take long of them not procreating for the world to FINALLY be rid of their mental rot.

  18. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Easy for old ugly Bette. No one wants to stick it in anyway. I say bring it on, sluts.

  19. AdeptDS says:

    As if it’s only the men that want to have sex. Libtards have a really distorted view of the world.

  20. Devilsgun says:

    The only Texan ‘men’ that these leftist chicks will successfully pussy embargo will be the simpering, weak leftie husbands that they dragged with them from California.

    Their current deck of polyamory paramours, random Tinder hookups, and wandering Alpha Chads will continue to bang and baste them as they always have. Only the obedient, supple, soft, unquestioning ‘male buddies’ that cater to these hoes and their retarded woke whims will suffer from this bullshit.

  21. Aprilodeon says:

    They literally make it sound like women only have sex for men. If they could put so much thought and energy into not having sex for reasons than why is it so hard to not get prego. Plan B pills exist, aka an easy button.

  22. sloanmatthews says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  23. alternativejk says:

    Didn’t they try doing this strike for the women’s march a few years back or so? I seem to believe something like this happened before…..and we pretty much have an idea what happened

  24. koruthaiolos says:

    No it usually leads to domestic violence.

  25. safferthepirate says:

    Or natural selection?

  26. Wolv256 says:

    Can I still put it in your butt, Ho?

  27. ThorAsgard says:

    lol…any girl that says that i wouldnt want sex with anyway, especially her. wtf makes her think we would gaf?

  28. Maiafay says:

    Most lefties are fugly anyway, so these men aren’t missing much. Win/Win for everyone.

  29. pandusa says:

    Excellent ! This will give you ladies time to review all the wonderful advances in birth control that were not available to previous generations of women ( including mine). You CAN assume control over your reproductive organs (and with your control issues this should appeal to you). You may also discover you have more to offer than casual sexual encounters. Sex is not an amusement park ride and has serious consequences. The great feminist (and former President) Bill Clinton said ” abortion should be safe, legal and rare”. It might be if Family Planning spent as much time doing its stated mission rather than running abortion mills. But there is not much scientific research material or monetary profit in that, is there? Personal accountability…there is no substitute.

  30. chickens.forever says:

    lmao!!! wife and I may have to just re title our nightly activities to “peaceful protest” in solidarity with ya! these lib folks get more bat shit crazy by the day, but it sure is pretty damn funny.

  31. chickens.forever says:

    spot on and HELL NO!! got enough entitled little twats on this planet as it is!

  32. chickens.forever says:

    spot on. they’ve all utilized the ol casting couch to land their place in that hole called Hollywood and have had to use it to land every roll after it. wasn’t for bj’s and back doors NONE of them talentless hacks would have jobs.

  33. svin83 says:

    Sex strike? Okay. So they see themselves as sex workers…

  34. neilinda says:

    Does ‘liberal’ women not having sex with ‘liberal’ men mean fewer ‘liberal’ kids?

  35. GT69 says:

    Give’er one for me mate

  36. Lilia0088 says:

    Every. Time. Liberal women totally ignoring the uncomfortable fact that a large percentage of pro-lifers don’t actually have penises.

  37. LHS281 says:

    Oh no they’re protesting by practicing abstinence? What a shame.

  38. Kava76 says:

    Easy fix. What about using a condom or the pill? What about just being responsible for your decisions? If you are raped, Call the police and take the emergency pill. If you are victim of incest, do the same. If you had unprotected sex, do the same. But oh no! You have to procrastinate and wait for months until your guy rejects you and/or your baby or you pay attention that you haven’t had your period for months! Freedom comes with responsibility. Grow up and be responsible. It’s very simple. If you want to sleep around, take care of yourself. Very simple.

  39. TheDarkworld says:

    Wow. Such eugenics. Very approve. 🐕

  40. Devon says:


  41. Devon says:

    Lib tears and lots aside …. do we really want more shit kids running around , raised by shit people with shit ideas ?

  42. marblecreekmonarch says:

    Maybe we stop referring to these entities as “Liberals”. It’s so odd that we say liberals and all they want is more and more regulation and authoritarian rule.

  43. Baronhalt8 says:

    inb4 grocery stores stock up on kleenex.

  44. Alramsey says:

    All of those celebrity tweets are acting like men can’t have babies. What’s the deal here.

  45. CJS3 says:

    Who exactly is she striking against? Liberal women are on strike against their liberal partners? Yeah, that’ll work.

  46. Patrick1984 says:

    Hollywood stands alone as a symbol of what our western culture has become. They wave guns around non stop in the most ridiculous manner. While preaching anti-gun hysteria non stop. They are destroying a once great art form with their psychotic woke agenda. Much as the Nazi agenda ruined German Art. Jeffery Epstein , why continue with examples. Art imitates life and life imitates art, Now Both are Fucked and the Celebs played a huge role in that.

  47. TamasNJS says:

    The reason they care so much is because it’s a religion and abortion is their most revered black sacrament: human sacrifice to the god of autonomy.

  48. DCDave says:

    Nice and since you are both technically “birthing people” you now both get a say. Your bodies your choices. Win/Win.

  49. TuckR8 says:

    My wife and I are counter-protesting the strike in our bedroom.

  50. prcntm says:

    This bill is creating win after win for conservatives. It has actually gotten Leftists to start arguing for the very points the conservatives have been trying to get across for years. Ultimately, I really don’t know if this bill will stand, but at least it’s creating waves and actually showing the cracks in the system.

  51. Wolv256 says:

    Hey, Bette, I hate to break it to you, but there ain’t a baby coming out of that thing anymore no what you shove up there. What are you, like 70?

  52. Wolv256 says:

    Worry about yourselves and stop telling other people what to do, you monsters.

  53. DCDave says:

    well because in reality they do not really care

  54. DCDave says:

    Putting aside the inherent flaw in this old bags opinion pointed out so succinctly by Laura Chen – The unmitigated gall of someone that looks like a Nick Nolte telling women not to have a sex as if anyone in their right f*cking mind would f*ck it, is just another in a long line of examples of our current Clown World – Bette do yourself a huge Donald J favor and take long bath and stfu.

  55. Hsims says:

    I don’t understand. Why are women in California mad about a conservative law in an conservative state they don’t live in

  56. Turk_Longwell says:

    That’s a great idea. I love it, Bette. More rational people will be having sex and children, than the looney’s of the country.

  57. Unsung_Lord says:

    As if hoes nowadays can go a day without sex. This is the culture you cultivated, them pushing for abstinence could be a good thing from where I’m standing.

  58. Vashts1985 says: