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Australian Authorities to Ease Melbourne COVID Restrictions This Month

Authorities in the Australian State of Victoria will ease COVID restrictions in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs starting at 6PM on Oct. 29 as the local vaccination rate passes 80%.

Citizens will be allowed to:

  • Travel across the state without permission.
  • Venture outside without a face covering.
  • The fully vaccinated can return to their place of employment.
  • Gyms can open but are subject to capacity limits.
  • Entertainment venues can operate at 75% capacity.
  • According to the Guardian, the state of Victoria will lift nearly all remaining restrictions around Nov. 24.

“Masks must be still worn everywhere except for in your home. This includes both indoor places and outdoor areas – unless you have a medical exemption. It also applies to all workplaces and secondary schools. In regional Victoria, masks may be removed in hairdressing and beauty salons if the service requires it. It is recommended all primary-school-age children wear masks indoors and outside, except when at home or if an exception applies,” writes the newspaper.

“Groups of up to 15 people can gather outside in Melbourne, and this is increased to 20 in regional Victoria,” the outlet added.

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