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Artsakh Loses Internet Connection Following Month-Long Blockade

'Azerbaijan Doesn’t Allow To Carry Out Damage Repair Works In The Section Where The Only High-Voltage Power Line ... Was Damaged'

Artsakh’s government reported the country’s internet connection was lost as the region faces a month-long blockade.

The internet cable was reportedly damaged at one section of the Berdzor Lachin Corridor which has been under blockade since Dec. 12, Massis Post reported.

Artsakh’s only high-voltage electric supply line was also damaged on Monday at the Aghavno-Berdzor area of the Lachin corridor.

Repair crews have been barred from accessing the damaged areas, the outlet reported.

“Azerbaijan doesn’t allow to carry out damage repair works in the section where the only high-voltage power line supplying Artsakh from Armenia was damaged,” said Artsakh’s government’s emergency response headquarters.

“The Azerbaijani side deliberately paralyzes the work of vital infrastructures, taking advantage of the fact that they pass through the territories under Azerbaijani control,” said Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan, alleging Azerbaijan “deliberately” severed communication capability from Armenia.

“This is clearly evidenced by the disruptions of gas supply (March 2022, December 2022), the obstruction of repairs of high-voltage electric wires since January 9, and periodic disruptions of the Internet and mobile communication in the territory of Artsakh.”

“Prolonged blocking of the only road connecting Nagorno-Karabakh to the outside world could lead to dire humanitarian consequences,” said Hugh Williamson, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “Regardless of who is blocking the road, Azerbaijan’s authorities and the Russian peacekeeping force deployed there should ensure that access remains open, to enable freedom of movement and ensure people have access to essential goods and services. The longer the disruption to essential goods and services, the greater the risk to civilians.”

Last Thursday, Karabakh premier Ruben Vardanyan said Armenian authorities were preparing for an elongated blockade vowing Armenian forces would not cede to Azerbaijanis.

Armenia has been been under blockade by Azerbaijani forces since Dec. 12 — preventing Armenia from receiving vital supplies from the sole road connecting the country and Karabakh.

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