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Rep. Massie Introduces Bill to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for International Air Travelers

Rep. Thomas Massie has introduced a bill to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate placed on international air travelers to the United States.

The legislation, HR 185, prevents the enforcement of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order prohibiting international travelers from entering the country unless they show proof of vaccination.

Additionally, the bill bars the subsequent issuance of any successor orders requiring travelers to prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine to gain entrance to the United States.

“If you watched C-SPAN last week, you saw 434 Members of Congress gathered in the Capitol screaming, yelling, cheering, and speaking. Many of these members are unvaccinated, and many haven’t taken boosters,” said Rep. Massie in a statement about the bill. “So, why do we subject visitors who want to see their families to this COVID-19 double standard? The CDC’s unscientific mandate is separating too many people from their families and has been doing so for far too long. It needs to end.”

Co-sponsors of the bill currently include Rep. Mary Miller, Rep. Ralph Norman, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Bill Posey, Rep. Greg Steube, Rep. Brian Mast, and Rep. Michael Cloud — all of whom are Republicans.

Rep. Massie has long been an outspoken critic of mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and the lock downs.

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