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Ana Kasparian Praises Ben Shapiro For Being Respectful Over Disagreements

'Shapiro Never Once Called Me ‘Retarded’ Or A ‘B----’ Over Disagreements'

Co-host of The Young Turks Ana Kasparian praised Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro.

During a recent broadcast of The Young Turks, Kasparian referred to YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ian Kochinski, also known as Vaush, as “trash” and “garbage” over previous remarks about transgender-identifying people.

An X user referenced two conversations between the pundits including a 2021 debate with the Daily Wire host at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, and Kasparian’s February appearance on Shapiro’s sit-down interview show Sunday Special. The user shared screenshots of Kasparian’s two appearances with Shapiro criticizing The Young Turk’s reference to Vaush as “garbage.”

Kasparian responded to the user by lauding Shapiro’s tact and respect in debating with his ideological opponents in response to the user.

“Unlike Vaush, Shapiro never once called me ‘retarded’ or a ‘b—-’ over disagreements,” Kasparian wrote. “That’s how big boys who don’t snort addies during unhinged streams act.”

“I don’t owe anyone a conversation or debate. But I especially have no interest in anti-social creeps like Vaush. Simple.”

“She’s perfectly fine talking to right-wingers who play defense for Ben Shapiro’s misogyny, but she won’t talk to a progressive feminist like Vaush,” the user continued in another post. “Civility politics is a cancer that led her to prefer Ben Shapiro, a far-right misogynist, over an actual progressive like Vaush who didn’t give up on progressivism like Ana did.”

Vaush also responded to Kasparian’s remarks saying The Young Turks co-host was “terrified” of him.

“Ana is now insinuating I’m a drug addict,” Kochinski wrote Thursday afternoon. “I am beginning to take the form of the thing she fears most, a homeless person.”

Kasparian responded to Kochinski with a clip of the Twitch streamer saying the online LGBT community was “cancerous as f—.”

“If you’re not an idiot, you will agree with me on this,” Vaush said. “If you have any f—ing experience with online LGBT or leftist discourse, you know it’s cancerous as f—.”

The streamer said members of the community were “hyper fragile,” adding there was a “ton of mental illness.”

“You can’t convert these people,” he concluded. “They’re not reasonable. They have to be excised from the left.”

“This you, Vaush?” Kasparian asked.

Last month, The Young Turks co-host sparred with SerfsTV host Lance over “mischaracterizing” her reporting on Portugal’s decriminalization of drugs.

“I get that a dishonest and untalented clown like Lance needs to distract from his embarrassing debate with Tim Pool,” Kasparian wrote. “So, he’s going to post a screenshot of a story I covered and mischaracterize what I said.”

“Whole point of the video was how Portugal’s decriminalization policies were a success until the government cut funding for rehab/outsourced work to non-profits,” she continued in another post. “Either U have issues w/ basic comprehension or you’re a liar who’s mischaracterizing things. It’s both for Lance.”

“What does me making a post about you have to do with me debating Tim Pool two months ago?” Lance responded regarding his appearance on Timcast IRL. “I don’t understand how they’re connected. Are you taking credit for coaching him or something?”

Kasparian responded to one critic who suggested she and Lance shared the same opinion on abortion access.

“I do not agree with the notion that a woman should be able to terminate a *healthy* pregnancy at 9 months,” she said, referring to Lance’s assertion during his Timcast IRL appearance that women could abort a child up to the moment of birth. “Almost no one believes that … except for Lance.”

“When Lance goes on Tim Pool’s massive platform to declare that the left wing position is ‘my body my choice’ even at 9 f—ing months, maybe consider who here is really helping the right wing narrative.”

“We’re not winning with this kind of foolishness,” she added in another post.

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