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'I Feel Like Cooking Tonight': Ana Kasparian Spars With SerfsTV For 'Mischaracterizing' Her Reporting

SerfsTV Host Said It Was 'Liberating' For Kasparian To 'Not Have To Pretend Anymore'

On Wednesday night, The Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian sparred with SerfsTV host Lance over “mischaracterizing” her reporting on Portugal’s decriminalization of drugs.

Lance shared a screenshot of Kasparian’s report saying, “Gotta be liberating not to have to pretend anymore.”

“I get that a dishonest and untalented clown like Lance needs to distract from his embarrassing debate with Tim Pool,” Kasparian wrote. “So, he’s going to post a screenshot of a story I covered and mischaracterize what I said.”

The Young Turks co-host provided a link to her full video in the post.

“Whole point of the video was how Portugal’s decriminalization policies were a success until the government cut funding for rehab/outsourced work to non-profits,” she continued in another post. “Either U have issues w/ basic comprehension or you’re a liar who’s mischaracterizing things. It’s both for Lance.”

“What does me making a post about you have to do with me debating Tim Pool two months ago?” Lance responded regarding his appearance on Timcast IRL. “I don’t understand how they’re connected. Are you taking credit for coaching him or something?”

“Isn’t that something Tim could bring up if I had made a post about him?”

“I felt like cooking tonight, Lance. You hungry?” Kasparian shot back.

Kasparian responded to one critic who suggested she and Lance shared the same opinion on abortion access.

“I do not agree with the notion that a woman should be able to terminate a *healthy* pregnancy at 9 months,” she said referring to Lance’s assertion during his Timcast IRL appearance that women could abort a child up to the moment of birth. “Almost no one believes that … except for Lance.”

“When Lance goes on Tim Pool’s massive platform to declare that the left wing position is ‘my body my choice’ even at 9 f—ing months, maybe consider who here is really helping the right wing narrative.”

Lance countered Kasparian by sharing a clip from The Young Turks co-host’s appearance on the Sitch & Adam “Comedy Show” in which Kasparian said she was “firmly in favor of reproductive rights.”

“The vast majority of us do not agree with what Lance said on Tim Pool’s show,” she said, criticizing the framing of Pool’s question. “I don’t know what Lance really thinks, but the only time abortions happen in the third trimester … is when the woman’s life is in danger.”

Kasparian asserted late-term abortions never happen “because the woman was lazy and decided she wanted to do it last minute.”

However, Kasparian said she didn’t believe it “made sense” to completely criminalize late-term abortion due to “rare instances” in which a pregnant mother’s life may be in danger.

One user shared a clip from Lance’s assertion during his appearance on Timcast IRL, to which Kasparian slammed his response.

“Let me help you include the part where you sign on to terminating HEALTHY pregnancies at 9 months,” she responded. “You know, the part you don’t [want] to draw attention to.”

“We’re not winning with this kind of foolishness,” she added in another post.

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