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Amy Schumer, Charlize Theron, Jesse Eisenberg Appear in 'Drag Isn't Dangerous' Telethon to Protest Laws Against Performing for Children

Amy Schumer, Charlize Theron, and Jesse Eisenberg are among the stars set to appear in a “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon protesting laws barring minors from drag shows.

The telethon was streamed online on Sunday night.

Appearing alongside dozens of drag queens were Adam Lambert, Melissa McCarthy, Amber Tamblyn, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, Billy Eichner, Joey McIntyre, Sarah Silverman, Kelly Osbourne, David Cross, Lance Bass, Leslie Jones, Mandy Moore, Whitney Cummings, and many more.

For her part, Theron claimed that watching drag makes you “happier” and a “better person.”

The event was also protesting laws against sex change procedures for minors.

“According to the ACLU, there are currently 467 bills in the United States legislature targeting the LGBTQIA+ community. Many seek to ban drag on public property, as well as in any locations where individuals under the age of 18 could be present,” the event website states. “A significantly more dangerous series of bills are the ones seeking to ban age appropriate, medically necessary care to transgender youth under the age of 18. Several states”

The event promised a “mix of live and pre-taped performances, appearances, and testimonials from drag artists, LGBTQ+ entertainers, and celebrity allies, as well as a live celebrity phone bank accepting callers’ donations.”

Speaking during the event, musician Adam Lambert claimed that the laws regarding children could be used to “target and punish people in our community.”

Eisenberg said, “the recent demonization of drag culture has been greatly upsetting and completely shocking to me.” He added, “‘I have had the pleasure of getting to know many drag performers, including one of my idols, the incomparable Trixie Mattel, over the past several years.”

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Silverman argued that the Second Amendment puts the “drag community in danger.”

“The nerve of these disingenuous politicians is unfathomable,” Silverman said. “The number one killer of children is guns and these NRA pawns deflect it with a completely fabricated problem that puts the drag community in danger. The hypocrisy is astounding.”

The telethon can be viewed below:

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