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Journalist Taylor Hansen Details Year Long Investigation Into 'Family Friendly,' 'All Ages' Drag Shows For Children

'If You Want To Stop The Machine, You Must Break The Gears Allowing It To Run'

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen detailed his experience covering “all ages” drag shows in Texas.

Hansen has reportedly documented over 20 cases of child abuse in his year of reporting.

Common elements and themes surrounding “all ages” drag shows include “single obese mothers,” along with men dressed as women in an overtly sexual manner attempting to engage children in dialogue and performances.

These men are predators taking advantage of their title as a ‘protected class,'” wrote Hansen. “They’re using the ‘discrimination’ they face as a guise to further push their agenda on children.”

“If you are against this type of behavior in front of children you’re ‘trying to genocide trans people’ and are labeled a transphobe and bigot.”

“I knew the ‘civilized society’ Americans take so much pride in was heading down a dark path while reporting on non-stop civil unrest in 2020. But I never expected the culture to take a turn this drastic,” Hansen wrote on his Substack. “I couldn’t fathom that this gay bar with sexual signs and scantily dressed men posing as women were about dance for little children with easily malleable minds.”

Hansen further detailed his experience covering the “DRAG YOUR KIDS TO PRIDE” show at the Mr. Misster gay nightclub in Dallas, Texas with fellow journalist and PragerU personality Aldo Buttazoni.

“Looking around I was in complete disbelief watching parents, who are supposed to protect their children from perversion, were [sic] hooting and hollering in anticipation for men to dance sexually for their children,” Hansen wrote, detailing a bartender asking a young boy if they were gay to which the child said, “No. I’m not gay.”

The boy’s mother reportedly interjected that the child was gay, saying, “Don’t let him lie to you.”

“The Child, visibly uncomfortable by the bartenders comment and his mothers correction, bowed his head towards the ground like a puppy that was just scolded,” Hansen reported.

The independent journalist detailed another “all ages” drag show in Dallas in which a family with two children left after one child began crying. The show’s host reportedly recognized Hansen and requested his removal.

“By the time of me getting kicked out I was beyond thankful that I wouldn’t have to bare anymore of the oversexualized garbage in front of kids,” Hansen said of the altercation. “I felt was pure satisfaction knowing I didn’t have to take one more second inside what could be described best as a Grooming Factory.”

Hansen mentioned “anti-drag” rhetoric invoked by supporters of “all ages” drag shows, noting ANTIFA members became involved providing “security” for events.

“Imagine being a child and hearing ‘Let It Go’ while you watch a scantily dressed man who’s posing as a princess dance for you sexually,” Hansen said. “Connecting a sexual act to something a child likes is what predators do.”

Multiple teachers, who frequently attend “all ages” drag shows, were reportedly in attendance at a Roanoke, Texas event.

Hansen spoke with a middle school teacher who said teachers were engaged in a “culture war” and were trying to implement LGBTQ+ ideology into libraries and the mainstream curriculum at school.

The teacher referred to critics of overly sexualized LGBTQ+ books in school libraries as “fascists who wanted to burn books.”

Hansen further detailed a “family friendly” drag bingo event in Katy, Texas in which pins reading “NOT ALL CHRISTIANS SUCK” were passed out to attendees.

One church worker showed Hansen, who was undercover at the event, a closet in which unsupervised children would be taken to select “gender affirming” clothes including chest binders, underwear, bras, jewelry and other clothing.

“As I was being toured through the grooming closet, the pastor of the church (a gay woman) came in and saw that I was recording. In response she began recording me and had the church workers bring me out to the lobby where the Drag Queen was about to dance and play Bingo with children,” Hansen wrote, noting he was instructed to leave by a uniformed officer.

Hansen continued detailing a series of “all ages” drag shows and other overtly sexualized events that were purportedly deemed “family friendly.”

“The final stage of this ideology is the normalization and acceptance of pedophilia,” Hansen wrote, adding, “gender ideology is founded in the idea that children are inherently sexual after all.”

“Well organized and funded groups have already started advocating for the normalization of MAP’s (minor attracted persons). We are at the tipping point, the Right is trying to apply the brakes while the Left pulls the throttle back as far as it can go,” he continued. “The train is going to derail and we need to accept that.”

“If you want to stop the machine, you must break the gears allowing it to run.”

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