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Alex Jones Says Deep State Will Try To Assassinate Former President Donald Trump

Radio Show host says that corrupt government actors will never allow Trump to make good on a promise to prosecute them for their criminal activity

Infowars host Alex Jones says he believes subversive elements within the U.S. government will attempt to assassinate former President Donald Trump in a bid to stop him from re-claiming the presidency in the 2024 election.

Jones issued the dire warning during a recent podcast interview with Patrick Bet-David, founder of Valuetainment.

“If people don’t get serious and get out of their comfort zones, uh yeah, I think they’re going to demonize him — indict him, indict him, indict him, indict him — and I think they’ll blow his airplane up,” Jones said. “I, really at a gut level, believe they’re gonna kill Trump.”

For decades, people have argued that a nebulous web of federal government actors have operated behind the scenes in an extra-judicial, anti-democratic way, networking with financial and industrial entities and leaders, pulling the levers of power to covertly influence U.S. policy and weaponize government. This group has been called multiple names: The Octopus, The Cabal, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Shadow Government, the Dual State, and the Deep State.

Throughout much of Trump’s first term in office, there were rampant references to a Deep State working to sabotage his administration. During that time, multiple federal officials confirmed there were subversive efforts by individuals buried within America’s federal bureaucracy working against the Trump administration.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said that the Deep State intelligence community was indeed attacking Trump, noting it was the same group of individuals who also sabotaged Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama, overriding his decision to broker a ceasefire in Syria, and launching an attack on a Syrian military base.

In 2018, the New York Times published an anonymous essay by a Trump administration official — later revealed to be Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor — who said that many senior officials within the administration were “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda,” essentially confirming what many believed to be conspiracy theories.

Citing Trump’s recent pledge to “go after” members of the Biden administration and Deep State should Trump win re-election, Jones says the likelihood that the Deep State would allow that to occur is slim.

“I mean, I believe the Deep State establishment will murder him,” Jones explained. “I mean, I believe he’s gonna steadfast go through all this — he’ll be 30 points ahead in the primaries, nothing’s gonna stop him. And then they just, you know, he dies of a heart attack, or they poison him, or they blow his airplane up.”

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