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'I'm Not Part Of The Club': Ice Cube Calls Out 'Gatekeepers' In Twitter Video

'What Makes Them So Mad Is When You Don't Want To Be A Part Of They F---in' Club'

Rapper O’Shea Jackson, who goes by the stage name Ice Cube, posted a video calling out “gatekeepers.”

The Sunday video was posted without caption.

“Some of you may not have realized that I’m not part of the club,” Ice Cube says at the top of the video, adding many listeners weren’t part of “the club” either.

“What I realized with the club is what makes them so mad is when you don’t want to be a part of they f—in’ club,” he continued. “That pisses them off.”

The rapper clarified the club he was referring to was “gatekeepers we all gotta deal with.”

“You know who they are, and they definitely know who they are.”

Ice Cube told viewers questioning who the gatekeepers were to “stop playin.'”

“Ever since I put out the Contract with Black America, you know they been f—in’ with me,” he said of his 2020 proposal. “Here and there, this and that. But it’s cool, you know?”

The rapper said he “expected” pushback for his Contract with Black America, which provided a “patriotic pathway” to promote shared prosperity and achieve racial economic justice.

The rapper referenced his 3-on-3 pro basketball league BIG3, which features many former National Basketball Association (NBA) members, saying, “You know how they been f—in’ with me with that.”

“I’ve done made it plain, simple, and clear what they’ve been doing,” Jackson continued. “I don’t give a f— about working with the NBA.”

“What I want them to do, when I say ‘work with us,’ is to stop working against us,” he continued. “Stop doin’ that bulls— behind the scenes that we know you doin’.”

Ice Cube referenced the corporate press by saying, “They ain’t f—in’ with us.”

“That’s cool, we can do it ourselves,” he said. “We still on the rise without these motherf—ers.”

The rapper said he will embark on a “f— the gatekeepers” podcast tour to get his message out.

“The important thing is for me to go on these platforms … say what I feel about what I think,” he continued. “Some people may get pissed off, cause I’m going to talk to everybody. I’m not playin.'”

Ice Cube concluded the video saying, “It’s gonna be a crazy summer.”

Jackson has not elaborated further on his video as of Monday afternoon.

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