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Active-Duty Army Soldier Suicides Up 46 Percent From Same Period Last Year

Suicides by active-duty Army soldiers are up 46 percent from the same period last year.

More U.S. servicemembers died from suicide in the second quarter of 2021 than have died from the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

During Q2, 60 active-duty U.S. Army personnel members died from suicide compared to 41 during the same time frame in 2020.

A report from Fox News noted that “comparatively, the total number of military personnel who have died from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic stands at 67.”

“This summer, a research paper concluded that a staggering 30,177 American active military personnel and veterans involved in post-9/11 wars are estimated to have died by suicide – a figure at least four times greater than the 7,057 service members who were killed in combat during that time,” their report stated. The figures came from report from the Cost of War Project – a research effort being conducted by Brown University and Boston University.

As Timcast previously reported, more than 35,000 veterans called the VA’s suicide hotline during the final two weeks of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“There was an average of 2,060 calls a day during that time frame, with the most, 2,570, occurring on Monday, Aug. 16, when Kabul fell under Taliban control,” the Washington Examiner reported. 

In a letter to letter to Veteran’s Affairs, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran(R), wrote, “we know that the worsening situation for our Afghan allies will negatively impact many of our military veterans, and it is our duty to provide adequate support for those veterans as our country grapples with the fallout from our withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The Veterans Crisis Line can be reached at 1-800-273-8255.

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10 responses to “Active-Duty Army Soldier Suicides Up 46 Percent From Same Period Last Year”

  1. Tom Collins says:

    The VA has been a failure from the gate. Underfunded and staffed with people more concerned with career enhancement than performing their mission.

  2. Tom Collins says:

    You can. Just do what you see needs to be done. That’s all we did.

  3. Turk_Longwell says:

    I Hear Ya, Friend. Both Folks, Respect to Them and Us All. They Train Warriors.

  4. docbill224 says:

    Yep, Bad habit from being in the Army

  5. Turk_Longwell says:

    Drill Instructors. Army has Drill Sergeants. j/s

  6. docbill224 says:

    The picture is of Marine Drill Sergeants.

  7. UppityG says:

    Hey, where’s Dorsey on this?

    Exactly what I thought.

  8. pandusa says:

    I think it is time America defends the military. Y’all hang on. Nothing can make it right, but there will be an accounting for all this BS. Remember y’all the real deal. No script, no stuntman, no applause and not a very big paycheck. You just do it- for God and country. The military is a hard life. America knows that. I’ve still got a score to settle with Omaha, Nebraska. Jake Gardner USMC, defended his country…country did not defend him (there is a lawsuit in progress). I did not know the man, but I am the daughter of a WWII vet and I ain’t having it. I am only one person, but I have friends. I can be pesky as an infestation of bedbugs when I am of a mind to. A reckoning is coming. Oh, and Thank You.

  9. pandusa says:

    America loves and respects our military and vets. We know your dedication, resolve and can only image your sacrifices for this country. You are our heroes. No stunt man, no script, no applause…everyday , you just DO it. We wish we could be more like you. Know that.

  10. As a Vet I do my best to help other vets around me. I keep checking in on them once or twice a month. Yesterday I received an email from the VA. Looks like waiting lists are back!

    Dear Veteran,

    Starting in October, the Department of Veterans Affairs will hire and train new staff to ensure Veterans’ claims are adjudicated quickly and help reduce an expected increase in the backlog of claims pending more than 125 days. VA is taking the following proactive steps to help in the reduction:

    Hire and train 2,000 new employees to assist in claims processing.
    Leverage authority to transfer CARES funding to VBA and utilize the American Rescue Plan to fund overtime to ensure timely claims processing.
    Deploy requested Fiscal Year 2022 budget resources to support Agent Orange presumptive processing, as well as for general Compensation and Pension claims processing.

    As of October 11, there were more than 204,000 backlog claims in an inventory of 603,000 total claims. VA identified more than 70,000 claims to review for additional entitlement stemming from the presumptive relationship between Agent Orange and Parkinsonism, bladder cancer, and hypothyroidism. Many of these will enter the backlog in October, which is projected to reach 260,000 pending claims.


    Can we add this to the list of Biden’s failures?