Media LIES About Possible COVID Treatments Like Ivermectin And HQC And Spike Protein Vascular Damage

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Media LIES About Possible COVID Treatments Like Ivermectin And HQC And Spike Protein Vascular Damage

154 responses to “Media LIES About Possible COVID Treatments Like Ivermectin And HQC And Spike Protein Vascular Damage”

  1. says:

    I have a female fried who is 59, she got the vaccine and 4 days later had a bad bells paulsey attack on the right side of her face. She is a huge deffender of this vaccine and got super pissed when most of her friends blamed it on the shot. She claims there is no way that caused her BP and said she got it from a COLD SORE LOL. Then about two weeks later, she got a BP attack on the opposite side of her face. That is when I confronted her about the vaccine causing her BP attack. So far from the trial studies there have been 1,000 confirmed cases of BP after being jabbed. My friend REFUSES to consider anything OTHER than a cold sore causing her BP. According to her, her doctor is telling her that she will make a full recovery from her BP. Her case is pretty severe and I highly doubt she will fully recover. But he is the same doctor who gave her the “cold sore” theory lol.

  2. Cyprian says:

    A momash university study in Australia showed that invermectin killed covid in the lab. Dr Borody, an Australian doctor also realised that his treatment for helicobacter/ ulcers treatment that included ivermecton had a great effect on pateints who had covid. He was silenced and mocked when trying to cone out with his findings.

    • Cyprian says:

      Also Dr Hoffe from Canada has something interesting to say about how the vax may be causing tiny clots throughout your blood stream that damage capillaries permanently. These clots don’t get picked up in MRIs or scans. Like Tims friend who has nothing show up in his scan. There’s a zoom meeting Hoffe has with other physicians where he talks about this.

  3. singe22 says:

    I work in Telecommunications in California. I visit locations to gather information to design routes for new construction or extension infrastructure. In May of 2020 there was emergency request to add additional circuits for the State of California Covid command center in Mather CA. This place was crawling with Military and suits. I was health screened before I could enter. Even when I was allowed through the access gate, every car was escorted by CHP and directed to a parking spot. My contact I believe took me through a area I shouldn’t of seen. There was a big room like NASA mission control with the state of California up on the screen. There was data displayed in boxes with labels. One of the ones that stood out for me was the block labeled “Confirmed covid cases” and the data displayed was 27 for the state. Again this was May of 2020 and lockdowns were in effect along with the doom and gloom.

    • EndoLethe says:

      I also work in California for a telecommunications company. My company services and builds physical layer network infrastructure for retail and commercial telecom providers.

      At the start of the 2020 lockdown, one of our major customers implemented a policy that all employees and contractors were required to undergo daily health screenings which we’re comprised of several yes and no questions in front of what I assumed we’re sophisticated infrared cameras. Periodically, I would receive emails from this customer stating that someone tested positive for COVID-19 in one of the buildings I had visited and that if they believed I had been in close proximity to that individual I would be contacted and advised to get tested. Never was I explicitly told that I had been in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

      A few months ago the client decided to close their testing sites and I have not heard of or received any more emails regarding people testing positive in any of their buildings.

      Now there are no testing sites or daily screenings. Signs have been posted indicating that masks are optional for the fully vaccinated and mandatory for the unvaccinated. As far as I am aware, the client does not have any legal means of identifying who is or is not vaccinated. However, earlier this month, the county in which I work demanded that all businesses force their employees to state their COVID-19 vaccination status. There was no mandate for employees to provide proof of vaccination status.

  4. redrumax says:

    Ivermectin has been used for years in curing severe and deadly respiratory conditions in birds. Of course it helps.

  5. AJOborny says:

    I was at a stormchasers baseball game in Omaha Nebraska. Got stopped by employees who asked if my wife and i were vaccinated because if they could give us vaccines. At a fucking baseball game. Wish i would have taken a picture to show you Tim

  6. says:

    Tou guys have no idea how crazy the HCQ and Ivermectin debate got here in Brazil. The mainstream media calls people that take it ‘science deniers’ and there is a HUGE campaign against the so called early treatment. Why? Cause they want us to take the vaccines (wich are mandatory) and also want to impeach the president.

  7. Vashts1985 says:

    too much zinc will cause that nerve damage. just saying.

    • Bobby_C says:

      I do recall a video by chubbyemu regarding the potential dangers of too much zinc. Some guy ate too many zinc vitamin gummies or something. He didn’t ask his doctor for a recommended dosage and almost died, I think.

    • NONCOMPLIANT says:

      But the right amount of Zinc, inhibits the replication of the CCPV™️ in the lungs.

  8. Thecollapseexperiment says:

    I met a woman the other day who is in her 20s and had the covid vaccine. Less than a week later she last mobility in her arms and legs, woke up one morning paralyzed. Now she has to go through physical therapy to learn how to eat and walk again. This appears to be a common side effect that nobody is talking about.

  9. phatigued says:

    Bro, i just got membership and its so refreshing to hear you swear passionately lol..

  10. AsianRice64 says:

    My sister’s roommates sister, healthy and fit in early 20’s, got the vaccine a few months ago. A few days after, she lost feeling in her legs and was excessively tired and she ended up in the hospital. She’s now having to go through physically therapy to try to walk again because she mysteriously developed an autoimmune disease causing nerve damage and more. Who knows what could have caused it.

  11. RichieRich3 says:

    This truly is the crime of the century!! It got politicized to get Trump our of office and to get the EUA for big pharma. If Trump never mentioned HCQ then MAYBE it and Ivermectin would get some legit coverage.

    The shot almost killed my dad. Heart issues a plenty now and fucked him up good. I lived it, I saw it it was the vaccine that did it no doubt in my mind. My pops had the antibodies, but they didn’t test him for it and BLAMO!!

    Doctors won’t admit it, they ignore it and scoff at you if you mention it.

    The reckoning must happen!!

  12. tomvvhite says:

    “I can understand some other bitch ass country accepting it” that made me laugh

  13. NeverTrustaHypocrite says:

    This stainless steel dagger is 100% non-toxic. The physical damage caused as it lances the heart… Also non-toxic.

  14. Puddle says:

    Both my wife and I were prescribed Ivamecton in February by my doctor for covid. It worked.

  15. Puddle says:

    Was prescribed Ivamecton in February by my doctor for covid. It worked.

  16. Oldguyknowscode says:

    Watch darkhorse podcasts on youtube

  17. Yobuyahouse says:

    They want to keep Covid around as long as possible!

  18. Fulcrum says:

    If you have had Covid recently and get the vaccine, you may very well have an immediate strong reaction – happened to me with the pneumonia vaccine.
    If it has been more than 3 months since you recovered from Covid, you may no longer show antibodies. That does not mean you no longer have immunity, but it takes a more complex test involving your T cells to prove it.
    It had been 14 months since I recovered when I got the Moderna vaccine, and I did have a reaction to both shots, but it was not extreme.

  19. says:

    You might want to tell your friend to look up Guillain Barre Syndrome.

  20. Robert says:

    Sounds like Tim’s friend got Giilian-Barre Syndrome. It’s an auto-immune disease that attacks your peripheral nervous system.

  21. Lofty says:

    YA!!! Fuck!!! Hahaha. I love it.

  22. Raymond says:

    our hospitals dispense ivermectin, life is normal in Florida.

  23. MachismoJoe says:

    The sad part for Tim’s friend is he can’t sue the company for irreversible damage, because big pharma isn’t liable for anything in this “global trial”.

  24. BulletMagnetEd says:

    Great to have Luke back! Gee Tim, I hope you aren’t hosted by Amazon Web Services because you’ll get tossed off if you keep this shit up. Way much WrongThink there, you rebels.

  25. Sammie says:

    We sell ivermectin paste at my work. It is used as a horse dewormer. It is is back ordered to hell and back. But we are at least able to get the generic stuff in. I guess if all goes to shit, at least it is apple flavored. I’ll sell that shit on hella markup lol

  26. dsv101 says:

    I think the title should include a comma between the possible treatments and the spike protein clause. ie:
    “Media LIES About Possible COVID Treatments Like Ivermectin And HQC, And Spike Protein Vascular Damage”
    Without the comma, it feels as if the spike protein clause is related to the possible treatments.

  27. DBurleson says:

    Holy shit….I got the vaccine about 4 weeks ago and the last week I’ve had extreme nerve pain in my armpit and can’t get it under control….I need to get with my doctor now

    • Growler says:

      Sounds like your friend got Guillain-Barre syndrome. This is a rare side effect on many vaccines. Luke is wrong about hydroxychloroquine. It is a zinc ionophore meaning it lets zinc into the cell. Zn raises the PH of the cell making it more basic. COvid ikes acidic cells (diabetics have acidic cells. So covid will not be attracted to a cell to infect it. Zn also interferes with the RNA transcription of covid and the basic environment the Zn creates slows down transcription of RNA.. Note the heart also takes in Zn and the Zn interferes with the polarization of the heart. The QT interval seen in an EKG becomes longer so the heart will pump slower and harder. If you have a fever and are struggling for air you will have a fast heartbeat. (tachycardia) . HCQ would be contradicted in doses higher than 400mg per day. HCQ also does some things to mediate the response of the immune system.

      Covid makes clots. More than 50% of the people die of these clots. Kidney failure usually. The clots are thought to be related to PF 4 on platelets. Antibodies attack the platelets and form clots. It is the same response as what is seen in 1% of patients getting Heparin called Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT). That is why hearing does not work to kill clots in COVID patients. Patients are normally given another anticoagulant IV then given Coumadin. I don’t know why they are not given a DOAC direct oral anticoagulant like Elequis. Probably DOACs have no cheap antidote Coumadin’s antidote is vitamin K.

      There are many strange things about COVID that have not been seen.

  28. BigChedd says:

    Wow! I found this channel about a year ago. I just get pissed listening to it. I thought i was psycho for getting mad. I am so glad to see behind the curtain of youtubw you all are just as pissed. THANK GOD for sanity!

  29. MontyLalado says:

    Thank god Luke is back, hopefully show will be next level again and not just Tim coming up with garbage analogies and interrupting his guests, and not taking a solid stance on things even though we will forgive him it he’s wrong later on… buck up Tim, grow some balls

  30. Jaxisf says:

    I am so happy to have Luke back on the IRL!

  31. Jaxisf says:

    It is awesome to see Luke back on the IRL!

  32. RaneyNickel says:

    Notice how all deaths *with* Covid are counted as “Covid deaths”, but all deaths *with Covid vaccine* are NOT being counted as “Covid vaccine deaths”.

    Manipulating data to get results that are preferred is ANTI-SCIENCE

  33. GabrielRobinson says:

    I will go way out on a limb and suggest that MAYBE COVID-19 is all about the vaccine. It is the perfect storm. COVID-19, created in a lab, and possibly released at the behest of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex to get an mRNA vaccine out of animal trials. This has never happened with previous mRNA vaccines, since they were found to be dangerous. Additionally, all effective treatments for COVID-19 have been censored and swept under the rug.

    • GabrielRobinson says:

      Not to mention that Dr. Fauci has spent his entire life researching/advocating for vaccines, and just so happened to indirectly fund a lab that MAY have created the virus.

    • MFnHammer says:

      Even the creator of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ has spoke out against the #CRONYvirus ‘vaccine’! Just check out the DarkHorse podcast which is getting flack from #TOTALITARIANtube HARD right now!

  34. Hampton says:

    This guest was really dumb. Just repeats talking points. His one possibly original opinion, that the libs are wearing masks to throw off face recognition tech, was the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard on here. What an idiot.
    Also, I think Tim was throwing so many F-bombs jere because this idiot guest kept doing it on youtube and got them demonitized like an a-hole who’s either incapable of controlling themselves or too stupid to be aware of the words coming out of his own mouth. He didn’t figure it out though because he’s a c-rate BReal d-bag r-tard! F this guy!

    • DCDave says:

      Who the fuck are you referring to the finance dude (who by the way was pretty informative as well) or Luke because if it is the latter then you are fucking idiot because he takes shits more brains than you.

    • MFnHammer says:

      Just keep giving your money to the ‘idiots’. Your SHILLING is great! It’s working! You sure showed him! 😂🤣😂

      I’d tell you that you’re a CLOWN, but you already know that.

  35. neilkhess says:

    Just joined. First time I have heard Tim curse. It was like in grade school when you hear your teacher curse for the first time. 🙂

    • DCDave says:

      Same. Pretty funny. Tim swears haha. Seamus (nice name) from Freedom toons made note of it the other night as well. On a serious note it does highlight how serious he takes this stuff not that I have a scintilla of concern for anyone that swears but I understand the overlords at YouTube are just waiting to pounce.

  36. Brandel83 says:

    I started tracking our the pandemic in December 2019, following the doctor’s studies on it’s spread, it’s origins and possible treatments. After the lock-down began Facebook deleted all my shares and blooped out any attempt to post a link to CDC articles that included any data in the article.

    The crazy thing to me was pointing out to my friends who told me in December that I was lying about a new virus, and then telling me that I was lying about tested treatments when I said they should talk with their doctors, and later where I was accused of denying the virus even existed when I said that being outside was the best way to boost your immune system because the virus wasn’t ever going away and people need to get prepared for human civilization to go on.

    I’m surprised by which friends of mine have no memories of these events and the way that they acted during the events of a single year. Also surprised by the NUMBER of them. I did a test and all of these same people also no longer remember conversations we laughed and reminisced about in 2018. What’s up with people’s memories?

  37. dancer57 says:

    in the future on your dating apps you will see a questionnaire about you vaccination status…. one of two things will happen.. 1) i only date people who have had the vaccination 2) i only date people who never had the vaccination me, why would i date someone who had the vaccination when i may be looking for wife and am worried about the effects of the vaccination on the other party…. my conspiracy thoughts >>>> how will it effect my future children?<<<<

  38. axegarden says:

    “There were no severe adverse drug events recorded in the study. A 5-day course of ivermectin was found to be safe and effective in treating adult patients with mild COVID-19.”

  39. Kkaye13 says:

    I’ve worked at two separate ER’s over the past two years, were in a “rural” area in Louisiana the ONE doctor who would “under the table” tell farmers to go home and take ivermectin is the only doctor that could say he never had a patient that has to return in worse condition. I’ve had Covid twice, the hospital told me to come to work anyways the second time, and to not tell anyone. Ivermectin and oddly enough sleeping on my stomach to drain the lung fluid made me 100% better. The younger doctors fell to the media play by play and lost a good majority of patients for profit

  40. christycent says:

    Bret and Heather covered this in crazy detail, it’s horrifying. Ivermectins history and existence was quashed to allow the vaccine be approved for emergency use – because you cannot approve a vaccine under emergency use if an alternative exists. It’s like a badly written Bourne movie

  41. Ldyhorse says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… follow the money… The vaccine and deaths are $$$$$$$$$$$

  42. Hthrbeach says:

    If there’s a therapeutic or prophylactic readily available they loose their EUA on the vaccines. If that happens big pharma makes no $$$ because Ivermectin patents have expired and can be made generic at little cost by any company.
    These people should be in jail!!

  43. PolishPierogi says:

    Holy comments batman! Welcome back polack. Clint Russell was a name I didn’t know before last night. Fresh faces are always good, and Dave Smith is awesome.

  44. Gypsyprincess says:

    These side effects are happening A LOT and not being reported on MSM. Check out the interview on Stew Peters with the girl that got Guillain-Barré syndrome due to the jab. Her doctor did finally say it WAS a result of the vaccine.


    The ivermectin case like Bret Weinstein claimed is the crime of the century.

  46. B-52STEVE says:

    I’ve just watched the video where Biden’s wife drags him away. As a Brit I love America and hope to move there one day but man I must say your President is broken. TRUMP 2024!!!

  47. NickP says:

    Hey everyone hears an anecdote from yesterday morning. I went with my lady to our specialist hospital here in canada for an ultrasound on my baby and going to the hospital was fucking ridiculous lax as all get out on masks was in a small room with 5 other people half of who weren’t wearing them and nurses not saying anything and when asked by the doctor if we planned on the job we said no and she asked why and after telling her that we aren’t at risk and will not be getting it the doctor looked at us and said “yeah even with her blood disorder you’re right”…. all for show keep that shit outta your arm

  48. armyvet590 says:

    big pharma paid off youtube

  49. armyvet590 says:

    I thought it was illegal for anyone forcing anyone to take anything medical related ?
    seems like the judge could be in deep shit?

  50. armyvet590 says:

    didn’t trump take Ivermectin? and isn’t the president doctors the best in the world ?

    • Jon_Johnson103 says:

      Trump said back then that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic so the Corporate Press was forced to demonize it even though it has 70 years of history behind it.

  51. Pcharade says:

    Jim Meehan, MD deconstructs the lies of CoVID-19 plandemic

    Watch on rumble.

  52. MOONFUZZ says:

    Luke is right. Tested positive May 5. I asked the DOCTOR what I need to do and was told to go home… no meds and told if it gets bad go to the hospital. I was sick for 4 days and it got bad. I found a doctor that prescribed me Ivermectin and HCQ and in two days I was back on my feet. No way I am getting the Jab now.

  53. Antonette59 says:

    I went to my doctor & talked to him. I won’t take new medications. It turns out he watches The Dark Horse Podcast. He told me I would probably get social pressure but that he would prescribe me Ivermectin. I hope he’s allowed to.

  54. jwschwalb says:

    I had covid symptoms and got tested twice, both came back negative. This was at a time when the tests weren’t accurate and so I was counted in the numbers. For treatment at the time they told me to do what you do when you have the flu.

  55. Dn1984 says:

    Best after hours session yet

  56. Sekur says:

    Thanks team, good to see Luke back. This topic really needs to be discussed more. My employer is mandating vaccines when we return in the fall, and while I understand they want to create a safe environment, people’s fears are not a hold on my freedom and choice to do what I think is best for me. I was already flirting with leaving, but this has solidified it for me.

  57. Benji_Says says:

    Great Job Timcrew! Thanks for a great start to the week. Super excited for the reveal tomorrow.

  58. phojes says:

    The only reason most people know the evils of the Federal Reserve is because of Ron Paul. He made dunking on the Fed mainstream. He’s been right about almost everything – war, debt, inflation, sound money, cronyism, media manipulation,… Too bad not enough people were listening back in 2008. I appreciate your show and the appreciation you guys have for the spirit of the Ron Paul Revolution. Keep up the good work!!!

  59. Crowefans says:

    while not on topic, 200k died in the last 6 months, when we passed 200k in 9 months, it was Trump’s fault, more people have died under Biden than Trump based on % and time period.

  60. ellen3sons says:

    This was a heavy-on-the-f*cks night!

    • Hampton says:

      I think Tim was heavy on the F-bombs to show their idiot guest that they could do that off of YouTube after he did it on the stream multiple times.

  61. julezy_adams says:

    Any kinda of news podcast with cussing in it is honestly how the news should be. This is great. I love it. Glad I signed up for this.

  62. TrueHeart says:


  63. alynnjinn says:

    I’m so freaked out right now, I’ve been so sick the past few days and now I think I know why. I’m a younger woman in birthing age range. Also the ones that were being effected by J&J when it came to periods. Well my dad was in rehab and they talked him into the Vax. The J&J one. I am the one taking care of him and cleaning up after him. About a week after him coming home I started to feel really sick and I’ve been having the worst period of my life right now, and I normally have bad ones but these have made me more sick then normal and I was almost back to a really normal one. Like a real normal. I think its because the fact I need to clean things for my dad who took this vax and now I’m paying for it.

  64. NihonSama says:

    The f-words floweth in this episode

  65. NihonSama says:

    You can buy Ivermectin at animal feed stores. You’d have to work out the dose but I don’t think that would be that hard. Thinking of buying some.

  66. says:

    Given the initial reaction to the vaccine when Trump first announced it and the 180 they did since taking office…. paired with the incentives to get it like the lottery, free donuts and other misc food etc… my spidy senses are all a tingle…

  67. BillH says:

    Best bonus segment yet. I think we can all agree that YouTube is garbage for info, so I’ve been using other sites like rumble and bit chute to find the things they ban. Dr. Ryan Cole did a fantastic segment on Idaho senate’s capitol clarity everyone should see (Vitamin D now!). Also anything with Peter McCullough in it. His recent phone conference with Germany showed how he let his guard down a bit and was actually calling the vaccine a bio weapon. The Bret Weinstein pieces are also good talking about how spike proteins are cytotoxic. Which is why I’m glad you brought up the Salk article. 1.5 years in and they’re like “oh, wait! It’s a vascular disease, not a respiratory one”, Which helps explain with Ivermectin & HCQ are having an effect when a clinician would think they shouldn’t. I’ve read more papers in the last year and a half than I’d care too, but glad I did. Family member is on an anti-fungal, and unless you read an 80 page NIH study you’d never know HCQ has an adverse reaction to anti-fungal medications. (Haven’t heard about that anywhere have you?) Not that they “would” prescribe it, but if they did it could have killed her. But hey I’m no doctor, but I have the same degrees as Bill Gates does so if he’s qualified so am I.

  68. Locke-n-Paine says:

    None of these social media platforms are qualified to curate medical or scientific information. It’s ridiculous.

  69. Cristiano says:

    Great segment! So good to have Luke back!

  70. Henryschu2898 says:

    So refreshing to hear this. So sick of not being able to hear people talking about the truth behind the vaccine. So glad you guys have this outlet now rather than YouTube.

  71. Mbarstow07 says:

    If y’all kept talking for a little while longer you would have leveled the playing field. Great conversation that I wish could be heard more. Keep up the great work team.

  72. Turk_Longwell says:

    Bret Weinstein a Wise man thus he is a Wiseman.
    Scared People are not Strong People.
    The Media is The Enemy of the People.
    TruthcastIRL > CNN News
    They are killing young men with heart inflation and blaming it on Behavioral Issues.
    Science cares to differ.
    Raheem Kassam is Good to Go.
    If Local Leadership is Needed.
    We Need to Look at It, Esp. to Ourselves.
    We need to look upon ourselves to be real about what’s currently going down in the world. a session just needed.
    Leaders are needed.
    America First is the Only way.
    ‘I feel so bad for your friend who is crippled now.’
    (I understand and get it and can empathize.)
    F that ish and the people get way with that.
    This system BS, and only in phase 2, needs to be changed.
    Build back Better is the Goal.
    Fuck you Fauci and Shut your Fucking Mouth.
    More heart inflammation. CNN is some kind of doctor fact station now?
    Luke… F them, bro,.
    Vitamin D and Supplements Help.
    The Vaccine ruined his legs.
    I wish the Gentleman the best and wish him well.
    Blair isn’t American. The Canadian people Gave Up a long time ago.
    This is America!. Let’s get Our Facts Straight, Please.
    I shed. That clarification thank you. I do know people in the fields.
    Ask them all that you know. I will.
    Eye Ball recognitions.
    MF-ing Polio Vaccine!
    Politifact is lying. Banned on Youtube.
    Anger is a real thing.
    We all know who you’re talking about.
    His doctor was all politicial. F that guy.
    This new stuff, high hopes.
    The Newsroom.
    Excitement hopes that you are News Guard Certified.
    Thanks for your 30 seconds, Folks. Reading IS Easy.

  73. Curt says:

    If I remember correctly Bret was talking in certain terms that he believes the virus was engineered on Rogan last summer. It may have been his brother. Maybe he’ll end up on the “Clinton Body count” soon

  74. UppityG says:

    Looking forward to it Pool, keep on keepin’ on. Saludos a todos, paz.

  75. Lewdogg26 says:

    These mfs Tuskegeeing the whole fucking world.

  76. AuntieBarb says:

    search the phrase how to save the world in 3 easy steps on Youtube–the episode still comes up for me

    • saccaed says:

      The missing video was titled “COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century – DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein”. I’m glad that my downloading paranoia kicked in and I managed to download it before deletion. Been sharing it through torrents with people interested.

      • Bree says:

        Same. I downloaded both of those as well as the Darkhorse episode where Brett and Heather opened by saying they are learned and have the proper credentials to have the right to talk about this issue.
        I also downloaded both the Alex Jones on TIMCASTIRL podcasts… just incase. Glad I got the first one.

    • says:

      Brett had done an interview with a Dr before that one… that’s the one that was removed from Youtube

  77. saccaed says:

    Hague trials when?

  78. AuntieBarb says:

    By preventing information to be presented, these social media companies are making medical decisions for people and in fact practicing medicine without a license…and malpractice at that.

    • guatemalan360 says:

      Tim, Brett had 2 Dr’s on last week. Amazing segment.
      Speak of so much COVID related.
      Dark Horse “How to save the world in 3 easy steps”

    • neilinda says:

      AuntieBarb, since we can’t sue government or vaccine manufacturers… perhaps we can sue social media platforms for bad medical advice or practicing medicine without a license… hmmm??

  79. Brianziskie says:

    Tim- make this episode subscription free to share with people

    • BillH says:

      Not a bad idea, show people what can happen with the free exchange of ideas. Might bring more people in, but there could be reasons other than that not to. Youtube can ban you for things you say on other platforms can’t they?

  80. Carmelion says:

    I found the website last year and I have been following it ever since. It keeps track of all of the scientific studies being done on all of the treatments for COVID. It’s been a great resource.

  81. PimTool says:

    LUKEEE!!!!! my slavic brotha

  82. cutter says:

    Whoops, meant to post this as a standalone:

    Possibly garbage internet rumor: The “vaccines” are available only through an emergency use authorization. That authorization is conditional. One of the conditions is that if a drug is found that is proven to be safe and effective against COVID, that would invalidate the EUA for the “vaccines.” So there is huge pressure to prevent the discovery of an effective treatment. Hence, the order has gone out to piss all over Ivermectin and HCQ. That’s the rumor, anyway. That, and Johnny and the Mothers are playing “Stomping at the Savoy” in Vermont tonight. Pass it on.

  83. jasonvreeman says:

    Also, There are a couple of sites that are accumulating all of the non vaccine studies (e.g. HCQ, Invermectin, etc.) that you may want to dig into. This is REAL clinical data as it is happening. Some are peer reviewed (such as what Luke was referring to internationally) while others are in the process of being peer reviewed.

    I am no doctor – but I have learned a lot from reading many of these studies. One of these sites of studies is:

  84. LeeLou says:

    I watch Dr. Kory on C-Span asking for the studies to get pushed for them to review. He told them that no one else would have to die if they would look at the studies. When I told people about it, I was told I was brainwashed and needed to stay off YouTube.

  85. RYesse says:

    I bet it’s Cassandra because Tim has talked about bring her on before. But thats just an educated guess.

  86. smc7 says:

    Tim is such a coward when it comes to serious topics or he’s just very ignorant

  87. Dannyg says:

    Luke! You bad bitch!

  88. mburn12 says:

    Bonus segment did not disappoint.

  89. impediment says:

    I heard a report saying Ivermectin is probably effective against the new variants of covid

  90. ashray says:

    No Dr Pierre Kory did not invent mrna vaccines, That was Robert Malone who was also on Bret’s podcast talking about the risks of the covid vaccine.

  91. ChristopherColumbus says:

    where can you find that pierre kory invented mrna vaccine?

  92. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    These conversations should be going on in all public sectors, but unfortunately they are not , and censored . 2020 was peak propaganda , coup , great reset , take over .

    “Fuck these fucking lunatics ”

    I’m still banned from super chat YouTube and I believe regular chat . 🙁 It sucks not being able to contribute to my favorite dudes . Peace , great shit , always on the money . Luke , Tim , keep up the work .

  93. stevemare says:

    Possible that this is attacking boys as an unintended side affect of something else theyre trying to do to boys? Like lower their testosterone?

  94. jacobmeacham says:


  95. TheComedian says:

    Its insane that they would go so far as to let people die for their cult virtue signaling. These people are fucking monsters. They need to be stopped asap.

  96. McCracken says:

    Just signed up and loving it

  97. says:

    tim is a coward, not standing up and criticize the vaccines. there are many doctors nurses and phds came out and get censored, now he projected that cowardice onto others and convinced himself that everybody are cowards and just dont help people because they afraid they gonna be in trouble. hes in denial because if not that, then he has to accept that hes a coward even now when hes making good money and expanding the operation on hes still want that youtube $

    • Nichole says: these things take time, tim shares what he can prove as to keep integrity in the show. This is why I have been a member and will continue to be a member. I know when I watch a show that I am getting what tim can prove with facts. That makes timcast the most honest news out here.

    • skiman says:

      I would have to argue it like this. We all know the current metrics and algorithms YouTube plays with heavily censor anything against the MSM. That said, I’d still rather see a signpost in the woods suggesting the better path to take. While Tim (on YouTube) cannot express himself as we all know he can and should, the problem lies in the fact that he IS still growing, YouTube wouldn’t think twice about sniffing out yet ANOTHER channel, and personally I’d rather see some light in the darkness than none at all.

  98. jasonvreeman says:

    Tim, this is a bonus episode that you should make public for people to share. It would undoubtedly lead to more sign ups at and is information that a lot of people need to hear but are not thanks to the MSM and social media.

  99. Ilikebigbytes says:

    Fucking aye!

  100. Traveman says:

    Luke! <3

  101. Mob1leN1nja says:

    Hey, I need you to make a clip tomorrow of you talking about gunrights and the lockdown. Just the 20 seconds of you explaining. That was a powerful moment.

  102. Makayla says:

    Ivermectin helps with post vaccine symptoms

  103. Leo_ says:

    Look into Bret Weinstein’s episode called “How to save the world, in three easy steps.”
    It is absolutely jaw dropping and horrifying what is being done in the medical/pharmaceutical space.

  104. Acurley40 says:

    Gee.. I’ve been watching luke for a couple years and have never heard him swear… he gets mad. No luke swearing, I puke not hearing.

  105. Mknight15 says:

    Best thing about being a member is hearing Tim drop the F bomb 😂

  106. Makayla says:

    See for more info on ivermectin. You can take it to prevent or treat COVID-19.

  107. bighsker250 says:

    Great show again . I for one cannot wait to see real journalism. Call it for what it is, no matter if makes the right or left pissed off. I want the truth and decide for myself. Thanks Tim and all of the cast for making this happen.

  108. jeffersMORNING says:

    U of Minn study more recent than this article proves something over 95% efficacy. believe the science youtube overlords.

  109. GoatLadyKibbs says:

    Ivermectin is a wormer. Not sure how/why it would use it for viral infection…but the downside would be low unless you’re a shepherd.

    • cutter says:

      Possibly garbage internet rumor: The “vaccines” are available only through an emergency use authorization. That authorization is conditional. One of the conditions is that if a drug is found that is proven to be safe and effective against COVID, that would invalidate the EUA for the “vaccines.” So there is huge pressure to prevent the discovery of an effective treatment. Hence, the order has gone out to piss all over Ivermectin and HCQ. That’s the rumor, anyway. That, and Johnny and the Mothers are playing “Stomping at the Savoy” in Vermont tonight. Pass it on.

    • Ambrossia188 says:

      The answers you seek are found here at the 33:00 min mark. Hope this helps,


  110. jeffersMORNING says:

    charlie it says wait at the top of the page and explains why

  111. Charlieday1993 says:

    I can’t view???

  112. HankH says:

    Good to have Luke back tonight. Always a great show gentlemen…and also to the gentle lady running the buttons.