Millennials Suffer From "Main Character Syndrome," Tim Reveals his Plan For A New City And Constitutional Corporate Monarchy

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Millennials Suffer From “Main Character Syndrome,” Tim Reveals his Plan For A New City And Constitutional Corporate Monarchy

155 responses to “Millennials Suffer From “Main Character Syndrome,” Tim Reveals his Plan For A New City And Constitutional Corporate Monarchy”

  1. says:

    MY GOD, what did this guest smoke and how much of it before he sat down to do the podcast? Look at that dudes eyes!! I bet Ian gave it to him and smoked it with him!

  2. Gizmoses says:

    This video has made me see Tim in an entirely different light. Holy shit. His ideas for society are bat shit insane.

  3. Sliceyy says:

    I admire Ian’s openness and honesty….his patience too 😋

  4. WingedLion says:

    Ian is actually totally right here. Every time Tim shut him down, all I heard was tyrant, tyrant, tyrant. The lack of self awareness is astounding

  5. WingedLion says:

    Tim flexing in idiocy is no longer surprising to me. His hubris is an asset but it will lead to his downfall

  6. Peregrinvs says:

    Tim…. Ian is right here. Your response to “you have to determine the value of work” is “no you don’t, this isn’t a command economy” doesn’t make sense. JUST time served is just a qualifier then? Because despite your focus on it, it sounds like the council is the real way leaders are appointed. So it’s like a Oligarchy? The free market will determine the value of work… by rewarding it with money, presumably, which would make it more of a plutocracy, but only considering appropriately gained money. So the community (of vested shareholders) decide what is valuable?

    But what money is appropriately gained? If you invent software and sell it, and money is generated (like your opinion generates money), and how is that factored in? The programmer of flappy-bird made millions. Is that considered value added to the community?

    Please advise.

  7. Koko says:

    τύραννος or Turanos, is another word for king in Greek. So Ian was correct.

  8. TimsBeanie says:

    I’m in!

  9. Natemckam13 says:

    Will timtopia have a sports team? If so, what’s the name?

  10. DrHumu says:

    I believe Ian is, in part, correct about tyrants. My Greek history is rusty, but I believe tyrant was a somewhat generic ruler term for certain periods during ancient Greek history. They were “tyrants” because they were not democratic leaders, not because they were always bad leaders. The tyrant moniker was gained because they were unelected, given that there was some form of democracy in the city states of ancient Greece. Tyrant specifically in the context of Greece doesn’t have the context of tyrant in modern English.

  11. Dzikun says:

    We are all main characters to ourselves. Anyone saying otherwise is a big fat liar especially someone as egocentric as Tim lol.

  12. Macatac007 says:

    Isn’t this what the democramedia does, they try to manufacture consent? When they say that the former vice president look into putins eyes & putin flinched, and look away?

  13. says:

    No one calls a benevolent dictator a tyrant; tyrant is without exception used for BAD rulers. Whether the leader is legitimate or not, if they’re actually good and liked, they will not be called or thought to be a tyrant by their citizens.

  14. markjclemmens says:

    Tim’s entire idea of corporate monarchism is basically what Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) talks about + advocates for. Tim, get him on the show.

  15. Vinclum says:

    Ian shut the fuck up with Solar Roadways, Thunderfoot already debunked this trash idea as idiotic scam.

  16. Cthuloide says:

    I think Tim had a lapse in his thinking. Arguing over the entomology over a word is pointless when language is fluid and ever changing. By that logic anyone calling themselves as liberals can’t be authoritarians because liberal is from the Latin “liber” meaning free. How can someone with free in the name be an authoritarian?

  17. Jakob says:

    This is a similar concept to what Tim’s city is describing. Contractual obligations of everyone etc.

  18. ColonelLingus says:

    The electrician job Tim describes is usually split into 3 full time specialities. A HVAC guy, a lineman for high voltage (pole to service and high voltage stuff) and a licensed electrician for everything else.

  19. ColonelLingus says:

    That type of structure is a litigators wet dream.

  20. Dr._Twitch says:

    It reminds me of Timothy… Prideful, boastful, arrogant…

  21. JGtheCoalMiner3 says:

    Tyrant Tim will dig being the monarch until the citizenry decides that they need to water the ol’ liberty tree.

  22. RKeogh22 says:

    Democracy is mob rule.

  23. JKBaxter says:

    Timtok, that’s hilarious!

  24. MeyaCulpa says:

    Main Character Syndrome isn’t born from social media. It’s born in the home. When children are treated like they are the most important person in the room at home. Overindulged. Undisciplined. They become entitled in school and are allowed to run the school with their parents reinforcing it. No humility. No respect for adults. All self importance. And they bring all of that to social media where they receive constant positive reinforcement from peers who are the same way. It’s a lifetime of me me me. And all of their sanctimonious call outs are really just ways for them to continue to feel superior and above others.

    • TheNewEnglandah says:

      It is born from those who impose morality within the dialectic. How can it be beholden on the households when all the households are being fed conflicting narratives? We still are reacting today to actions of past. Many have no idea where ideology comes from. For the argument you propose to be sound there would have to be based on a point of equilibrium. When would that have been? How can one get there? You can’t. One can merely create a new antithesis to meet the current thesis and compromise at the new synthesis. The solutions of today will bring the problems of tomorrow and this is how it has been since man discovered fire.

    • ColonelLingus says:

      They definitely don’t have many true friends.

  25. rhyolite says:

    I think Tim has main character syndrome…

    • ColonelLingus says:

      As anyone would if they had a successful show like his. I mean, how does “The Rhyolite Cast” sound with about one million subs and monetization?


      …that’s what I thought…

  26. Crazylarry says:

    If you do this shit, I have a camper, I want to be a farmer/handyman. I can build. The pigs and chickens gotta rotate. Mfs gotta eat. I had a very similar idea, for acreage. Capitalist commune lol. Im no tech guy, but I watch space stuff to unwind after history stuff. Need a blacksmith, or mule breeder?

  27. BillH says:

    “I don’t want a ruler taking over that doesn’t give a shit!” = Just like Willy Wonka.. lol

  28. Dasva says:

    Not sure how good of a King you would make when you keep saying you want to hire a ton of people and to email you about it but lately a ton of superchats saying you don’t answer any of the emails until they superchat you… unless this monarchy is based on sending you money in order to even be heard lol

  29. SunnyShowers says:

    Tim is the star of his movie…the King of his city…lmao. Your city sounds like Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander. (You should watch Outlander) lol. Ian – a tyrant is BAD. I feel like you’re talking about a benevolent dictator. I’ve never heard of a “tyrant” referring to anyone who was good. ever.

  30. Drrk says:

    There should be more member content like this. More exploring big ideas, less complaining about the woke cult. Good conversation.

  31. Element says:

    Tim is definitely going full commie towards the end there. He thinks the amout of work done is what provides value. This is Marx’s labor theory of value. He thinks if someone does more work then that necessarily means more value. Moving rocks around is not necessarily valuable. Someone can do less work but provide more value. Imagine you have two people mowing lawns. The first person cuts the lawn with a pair of scissors and spends an entire week to do it. The second person using a lawn mower and gets it done in an hour. Tim thinks the first person provided more value because they worked more hours to do the same thing.

  32. AlasterMyst says:

    Movies, and to a lesser degree media, are ways of getting concepts to be part of the Overton window which then makes those concepts more available and easier to talk about for people.

  33. Rokkahorra says:

    Ethan- I believe you’re looking for ‘dictator’, not ‘tyrant’. I’ve never heard of a “benevolent tyrant” but I know of a “benevolent dictator” who was associated with Athens.

  34. TimChandler5150 says:

    Bret Weinstein discusses vaccine risks, the toxic spike protein. Somehow still on Youtube as of 2:00 am EST June 14.

  35. RedmanBad says:

    I don’t want to catch the stupid. I like the conversation then for periods of time I just want to bash my head against the wall saying shut up shut up shut up shut up. I really don’t want to catch the stupid.

  36. Klunk says:


    June 19th is almost here. Celebrate it HARD. Celebrate it like it’s a part of “The Season of Freedom,” which is a month-long countdown to Independence Day. The reward is two-fold. Doing this will assert yourself as an American responsible for acknowledging [the Republican victory known as] Juneteenth and well as dilute June from other forms of political activism.

    If the Left opposes you celebrating Juneteenth for Freedom Season, imply that they don’t support the anniversary of the end of slavery.

  37. TopGundy says:

    Wouldn’t this city be like “you will own nothing and you will be happy”

  38. neilinda says:

    Wondering if you all have ever looked at the intentional communities in the area? In county/world? They deal with similar issues of trying to create the structures that become utopias.

  39. Wildheart903 says:

    I like Tim’s idea about service requirement for right to govern. Why don’t we keep the system we have now, but add a service requirement to the eligibility for office. And you have to have served at a local level before you could qualify for state level and then at state level before federal level. Service includes civil service as well as commercial/industrial and you have to be hands-on involved in at least one program aimed at improving communities. Not just an organizer/agitator, but trying to solve problems and serving the people, not just there for a photo-op.

    • MagisterStiner says:

      Tim you are going to need more than 100 acres, about twice the size of Grand Central Station, to build this new city (even if you build up for food, housing and industry, or down). Having the Great Leader being chosen by merely hours worked and not competence is a big problem. If you have a council of elders
      ( how are they chosen?) to skip over people in the labor chain to find the best one, then you still get to the people who train to be Great Leader and put their work hours towards building it. Creating ideas off the cuff creates a lot of redundancy. Eventually, all human civs require a class-like based system.

  40. BurlyD says:

    The city you are describing is England, the Queen owns all the land, we lease it from her, and she has last word on all laws, but the Magna Carta is our constitution, we had nationalised businesses that were sold off, we have apprenticeships, etc

  41. BurlyD says:

    There’s a name for it? I discussed this with an ex who studied English Literature, I described it as “You are not the main character”, she was really annoyed, lol.

  42. Mundorin says:

    Tim just described your local HOA

  43. MickDoom says:

    Main character syndrome? You mean megalomania? Sociopathy? Narcissism?

    Again, they are creating new words to describe the same things. I have called it busywork for sociopaths. It could just be that they are too lazy to do any original research, and so they just repackage the old and slap a new label on it.

  44. KFendley says:

    Oh Tim.

  45. Masshole says:

    Because planning a government and society is so easy that you just do it casually from the hip. Right. Even if I didn’t spot any flaws in the idea, I would still be skeptical.

  46. Vashts1985 says:

    Tim: I am a generous King…

  47. Viewtifuljoe says:

    I would like to know more.

    Robert Heinlein envisioned a system where the rulers and the voters showed civic virtue before holding power over the community. It’s good to hear more people taking that dream to heart.

  48. Irris30 says:

    There is a Korean Drama called Extraordinary you and the main character doesn’t realize at first that 1. They are not real 2. They are characters in a book. 3. She isn’t the main character but a side character in the story.
    It’s kinda funny 🙂

  49. MrSooop says:

    If anyone is holding pre-2018 bitcoin or ethereum, then you probably also have unclaimed forks. Like you probably have equivalent amounts of bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bsv, ethereum classic etc etc. Just fyi.

  50. BUY_XRP says:

    Love you, Tim, but you definitely suffers from this.

  51. Christopher says:

    Voting… wasn’t racist or sexist….. they gave the authority to a person…. A wise one in your family.

    It got abused, the people were manipulated.

    If the father says no ice cream… you can’t have his five children vote for only ice cream

  52. Downtowngirl says:


  53. Downtowngirl says:


  54. Tristonman12 says:

    You guys should watch the movie unacknowledged; It will captivate your curiosity.

  55. Magster73 says:

    I came into this vid very skeptical. However, by the end of it, I was thinking how on target this vid really is. I’ve seen exactly what Tim is talking about multiple times.

  56. crash55 says:

    So a Home owners association……

  57. Look_fat_ says:

    Gotta say. The more you go into detail about the United States of TP, the less appealing it sounds.

  58. Lando_Wing says:

    I’ve heard something similar to simulation theory that you are some sort of time traveler experiencing the life of an important person of the past. If that’s the case, my only question is why would someone want to experience my boring life?

  59. Tlino says:

    I say post the TimTown part on YT and such. I love the idea. Ian makes good points, but if the children are brought up in that system I would think there would be a less likely chance of corruption as they age. Our education system is a joke, even minus the critical theory.

  60. GalaxyWhoop says:

    I think Tim has Main Character Syndrome. Lol

    He thinks we only want to hear all if his ideas and he never wants Ian to share any ideas. Lol

    “Stop talking longer than ten seconds, Ian, people are watching because they want me to talk for five more minutes.” 🤣

  61. BFairfax123 says:

    OK so the problem with your utopian community is that at some point the person being passed over for leadership will either be the head of your security or will be backed by the head of your security and you’ll then get a truly authoritarian leader . Your first real dictator , those who assumed power as dictators have really never been people who weren’t already leaders in their own rite . So Timtopia will become the People’s Republic of Tim and that will be the end of it . PS I seriously doubt WV would allow you to run a community in this way once you reached the level of a small corporation they would seek to impose jurisdiction on your behavior . Like you can’t have local laws that supersede the State .

  62. fat_cyborg says:

    You should make your city famous for secret tunnels.

  63. TotallyNotACop says:

    I love the idea of a TimTopia.

  64. Porterjohn15 says:

    Mandatory gun ownership in the new CASTle City

  65. paulwhatever says:

    Ian has a good point about video vs text. Studies show that watching a video evokes far more of an emotional reaction than reading something.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Agreed Bro, short, 30 sec or 1 min, videos is the way to go. Get to the point real quick, but make a bunch of them. Kinda like ‘Freedom Seeds’ from Turning Point USA Youtube. I may not love TPUSA, but I love that they do quick segments of information sharing arguments to help fight against certain subjects.

      Be well, Paul …

      We be of the TSGC (Timcast Service Guarantees Citizenship) community.

  66. AArthriticGamer says:

    My only response to this conversation is “I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul”.

  67. Blixarxan says:

    You talked about making a city as a corporate monarchy, we already have those in America on a smaller scale as HOAs. HOAs are horrible for people who like freedom but keeps it’s value, and in some cases HOAs can kick you out of your home for not following the rules.

  68. Plastdunk says:

    we didnt think simulation until we saw the matrix.. a theory. good as anyone.

    If god is the creator (any religion have this more or less)
    humans are creator images of god.
    Humans are creators
    anything that kan be imagined(dreams) kan be realized.
    How can u insert treams and thought in ppls minds?
    Movies, books and such, tv program(ing)

    common concious, if many thinks the same, or feel, it gains mass and perhaps is doable

    after the year 2000 many distpopian movies and series have prepaired us for pandemics, war and zombies. Even Aliens

    This thought got to me the other night when i saw the movie “Man of The Year. (2006)”
    Tom Dobbs gets elected president, based on his poularity and what he says, but then it shows it was computer glitch in the voting system. I thought then, would this be a thing that prepaired the country for DJT, or something more evil?

    there are the movie the manchurian candidate also.. more sinister 🙂

    therar are many movies/books/series that are a ahead of events, or are they just programming of thoughts?
    Dean Koonts wrote a book early about sublimal messages through tv and movies and chemicals inserted in a small towns water .. for testing. This was written in the 80’s..

    if there are subliman messages aswell, and a more insert of a thought as “Aliesn are for real, and they have landed” then you mind probablu are prepaired if that actually happens.. bet depening of the rest of the programin, have u seen like ET or Alien… friendy/ hostile attitude from you..

  69. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    Syracusean kings were literally called Tyrants. And they were very legitimate by any monarchal standard, and no more despotic than their contemporaries. Words can have multiple meanings. They often do.

  70. Turk_Longwell says:

    🎵 Internet killed the rational thinking star,
    In their minds and in their cars,
    We can’t unwind, They’ve gone too far.🎵
    Twitter stole the TimTalks idea.
    “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” – Margaret J. Wheatley
    ‘France’s Solar Road Is a Complete Failure’ – Joel Hruska on August 20, 2019 on
    Tim always talks about Communism working only in a small cluster, but a city is bigger than a small community.
    So a city might be = The TimCast Service Guarantees Citizenship Community (TSGC)? TSGC City?
    Forget Trumpism, I’ll take some of that Trooperiusm.
    To be part of the TSGC please send a 5 minute video resume to
    Billy and Trevor will be our Jesters. lol. Sorry, Trevor.
    No! Don’t let Ian be the Monarch. lol. He’ll totally become a Tyrant. He’s salivating at the prospect. 😁
    Herman is the real hero here, with his cul-de-sac hair cut.
    bahaha.. Ian doesn’t stop with his crazy, once in a million, scenarios. The world is a violent place. Evil does exist, my lefty friend.
    I volunteer!!!! I will help remove Ian from TSGC City. 😂🤣
    I kid. Ian is legit.
    What a fun talk!
    Thanks Crew and Lee.

    All… check out my comment on here in the ‘Watch’ section under the “Democrat Vaccine Segregation” segment. It’s a little story that I wrote on a whim yesterday. I love a good dystopian story.

  71. MZero1294 says:

    This entire conversation is just Ian asking reasonable questions Tim asserting his blinding arrogance in response.

  72. says: MAGA comics here, all free support MAGA movement and culture for the right.

  73. Citizen-of-chaos says:

    People doing jobs they aren’t passionate about need to be paid the most, your not going to find a soul passionate about cleaning the sewer.. your gonna need more incentive.

  74. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    Ian, Solar Roads are wank. Just build a solar farm; it’s way more efficient, lacks the upkeep associated with roads, and isn’t having its input blocked randomly by cars. For every watt you generate with a solar road, you can 100x that with a decent commercial tracking solar array. Another problem with solar roads is power storage and distribution. By the time you take batteries/supercaps into account, you’re only generating a few watts, and it costs thousands per square meter to convert and store that energy. If you just spent that money on a solar farm, you could produce orders of magnitude more energy. There are a lot of engineering hurdles with such an idea, and when you really think about it, questions of “why not just build raised platforms above the roads, and put the solar panels on them instead? Or roadside panels? Or put them on people’s roofs?” provide far more compelling avenues of solar development.

    • JEHOD says:

      Agreed generally to solar distribution assets, but what about energy density, i.e., what about more energy dense resources? Does solar or wind replace energy dense petrochemical fuels at any competitive rate as of now? No. Read Schellenberger’s “Apocalypse Never.” Nuclear is the answer.

  75. JEHOD says:

    Well, that was fun. Tyrannus Tiimsville. I’m not signing up as I’m retired and simply reading and writing, and exercising everyday to maintain, But, you kids keep at it; if politics is downstream of culture keep pushing the ideas out there so we continue to evolve in these changing circumstances. Love the show. Maybe bring on Michael Shellenberger to expose the hypocrisy of the Leftist/Marxist, eco fear mongering for the benefit of certain capitalist elites (Stryer, Brown and Bloomberg as petro-billionaires) extracting resources for their own benefit, but to promulgate pseudo eco=programs to keep developing nations in poverty with programs of ‘sustainability.’ “Apocalypse Never.” A great read. Bring him on. He’ll reveal a lot of the corporate political collusion against nuclear clean energy in CA, not to mention elsewhere, like Vermont. AZ got wise and voted down measures to extirpate their nuclear resources. Does Tyrannas Timsville have 4-5th gen nuclear? Ian, for the meantime forget fusion as I’ve been waiting for 57 years now since reading about it in the Weekly Reader in third grade. It seemingly remains twenty years off. I’m a Piled Higher and Deeper of science and the practical rule remains; most everything you know is wrong until proven otherwise. In the real scientific method as espoused by Bacon, you must individually be able to verify the proof, not on someone else’s authority.. If you can’t do the proof yourself, then you don’t ‘know’ it to be true and it’s quite simply belief. I learned a long time ago not to believe in authorities. At best they’re guides; not truth. Keep up the work guys and gals. You’re doing good work.

  76. Typho says:

    It’s like The Giver. On your 10th birthday, you go before Tim and he gives you your profession. I’m down!

  77. 51ack3r says:

    The thing that is causing all of our issues, with this culture war, is people who have grown up on the internet. Personally, I didn’t have access to the internet until I was 15. I learned how to interact with people in person. These kids have never done that, they have had all their interaction with people on the internet. If you were on the internet when I was, you know that you can’t treat people as if you were on the internet. If you do that, you get conflict. The kids today don’t even see the difference in how you treat someone online and in person.

  78. Bryan_Liem says:

    Lee said, “the China Class,” that’s a good term for all the elites who think they can side with Communist China to overthrow the USA, allowing China #1 superpower status without a real military fight. The China Class want to weaken us mentally to accept our new Communist masters, who will treat us all like Uighurs, the sooner we are all completely hungry and destitute. The China Class think they will rule as elite CCP members, but they are not Chinses. Eventually, the China Class will lose their useful ness and become Uighurs, too.

  79. says:

    I don’t know where Ian’s getting his information on antiquity but he’s terribly misinformed. He really should look into the professors at Hillsdale excellent teachers and very informative.

  80. MotherStraun says:

    Tim been reading some Hoppe? “Democracy: The God That Failed” had a section that argued a monarch has a stronger sense of obligation to do what is right for his land than a publicly elected official.

  81. Bryan_Liem says:

    I think the Mike Tyson quote is, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

  82. Zuni8816 says:

    Anyone here watch the TV show Vikings. Tim’s city is like a modern day Kattegat with the jarl(monarch) over seeing the town

  83. FxTwT says:

    Also the city/business analogy is interesting for sure. Thanks for putting out content👍🏻 Love listening to these segments.

  84. FxTwT says:

    “Originally in Greek the word was not applied to old hereditary sovereignties (basileiai) and despotic kings, but it was used of usurpers, even when popular, moderate, and just (such as Cypselus of Corinth), however it soon became a word of reproach in the usual modern sense. The unetymological spelling with -t arose in Old French by analogy with present-participle endings in -ant. Fem. form tyranness is recorded from 1590 (Spenser); Medieval Latin had tyrannissa (late 14c.).“

    Ya’ll gotta stop shutting Ian down as soon as he starts talking. He is right. 🤷‍♀️

  85. NoOne123 says:

    – “yeah i used to think of myself as a total main character”
    – “no tyrant doesn’t mean bad!”
    – “there’s a lot of great tyrants through out history!”
    – “whoa if tyrant means terrible that’s just so interesting to me”
    – “alright so it says here it means illegitimate ruler! so people would seize control and then do very good things! C; ”

    Ian’s weird psychopathy shows again.

    • Rawdog says:

      NOONE 123:
      I thought I was the only one who considers PopSci (Ian) to be mentally deranged. Thank you.
      Also, have you noticed his government mandated anti-drug message? “Marijuana made me do it”; that is the plot of Reefer Madness.
      It has been my observation/experience that ‘drugs’ (especially cannabis) do NOT make a person DO anything but the do allow the relaxing of inhibitions, which causes one to be “more” of what one really is. Ex: a dumb person will act dumber, PopSci will let his inner psychopath out, etc.

  86. MontyLalado says:

    Tim “I’m Cool With Wearing A Mask Even Though I Live In A Million Dollar Home and Don’t Have to do Backbreaking Labor All Day” Pool

    • willc233 says:

      Take a break, troll. You’re not offending anyone here. But, thanks for your cash! Your efforts at trolling are funding the distribution of factual news, which is something of a frightening withdrawal from the the network and main-print news orgs. Come again!

    • PadreMortalis says:

      Hell yeah. I wish I was like that. Don’t you? Or are you showing jealousy? There’s a bit of salt your comment.

  87. MontyLalado says:

    Tim “I’m Cool With Eating Bugs Even Though The Reason It’s Being Pushed is For Total Subjugation of Society” Pool

  88. Vmanzo says:

    As a 22 year old financial analyst, I gotta say the YouTube/tik tok millionaires are the must frustrating part about coming up in the world today. I work for 60k/year while people like charli dimagio and Addison Rae are worth 5 mil each after posting slutty tik tok vids for less than 1 year. The most successful members of gen z are 22 year old girls who shake their ass for older guys on the internet

    • Glothr says:

      Tell me about it. I work in a machine shop and I’m constantly stressed and working my ass off and these girls on OnlyFans, TikTok, etc make as much in a month as I make in a year. So much for that male privilege I guess.

      • Vmanzo says:

        Oh I know. It’s the biggest slap in the face working my ass off. And seeing a 21 year old girl who’s never worked a job in her entire life, flaunting all over the internet how she made 50k last month from tik tok and only fans. it makes me want to lose my shit completely

  89. willc233 says:

    To answer Lee Smith’s last question adequately, we not only need equal protection under the law, but equal representation for prosecution under the law. In other words, the law is the law, and no one is above prosecution. This is simply not the case under current American law, and this is exactly why social cohesion is breaking down. Example: any prominent politician; exempt. Any random, unknown person; prosecuted to the letter of the law. People in power only do what is safe for them to preserve their way of life. That’s why politician’s only ever actually fight when they know they’re going to lose, but tyrants will fight regardless, and that’s why free societies always fail. It’s because good souls are merciful, and evil ones are not. In a survival situation, where resources are finite, mercy is a detriment whereas brute force is a valiant act. In the real world, this scarcity is a contrivance which fits the narrative of climate change and overpopulation, but the real scarcity is the power and control of the few over the numerous. If you understood this, you now know what ‘The Big Lie’ really is.

  90. Bri.cox.81 says:

    Tim – can I be a pastor in your city ?

  91. YatesJJ says:

    Am I the only person that thinks a few of the comments on the members only videos are from bot accounts, like someone actually paid the membership fee just to put nonsense comments?

    • YatesJJ says:

      Not a lot, but just a few

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        I don’t know about bots being humans. I thought bots were bots? But yeah, I see some haters paying subscriptions, but I think some of these “nonsense” comments are real people, just with a different take on things and maybe hoping to find someone who likes there 3 page comments, lol. I feel like the Timcast Service Guarantees Community (TSGC) has wide range of thinkers.
        YatesJJ, I think I’ve seen you around since the beginning, yeah?

  92. Michaelarmst says:

    You guys should have an app

  93. MarsBoundCowboy says:

    Hey Tim! This idea for founding a city, to me, seems like a really good idea. Are you actually serious about doing it and how would I be able to participate? I have taken interest in beekeeping and would like to produce local honey, maybe even use excess honey to brew honeymead. I am 100% on board with “Project Freedomistan” if you have legitimate plans to found it.

  94. deadonleprechaun says:

    Love the show, keep up the good work!

  95. Terragonz says:

    Nothing to do with this vid but I realized that I wasn’t getting notifications on YouTube from you. YouTube took the liberty of unsubbing me from all your channels. Because I clearly don’t know what I like to watch

  96. imscooterpie says:

    The 4 G’ s of a post apocalyptic world…

  97. YellowCakeDealer says:

    We already have a service guarantees power system in the US. Except it’s not service, the tech oligarchs have created all this tech infrastructure from the sweat of their brow and now they are more powerful than our own government. They haven’t earned that power out of the benevolence of their heart, they earned it out of their own vices. Now they control our society with the same vices which allowed them to ascend into their oligarchical status. Tim, you’re just rehashing a lot of the things our founding fathers hashed out, somehow the corrupt and least productive citizens have still managed to become the most powerful.

  98. sberry999 says:

    Investing in woke companies is here already!
    Lookup ESG. Companies are scored with wokeness with ESG. Glenn Beck has been talking about this. It will come to individuals as a rating as well. You won’t get a loan if your not woke with the right ESG score!

    • says:

      That’s not quite right. I got a CFA charter and ESG was part of the curriculum. ESG is a way people take in non-financial data into their decisions: “I don’t want to invest in a company that keeps making oil spills”, or “This company is doing charity work in their area”, or “That company has a robust management structure, honest PR and effective HR”… Wokeness isn’t necessarily part of ESG. In fact, now that I think about it, you could argue that wokeness goes *against* ESG principles, because it statistically creates a toxic environment for all involved. California (or was it Australia?) got woke and banned controlled forest burns, then they got hit by the most massive forest inferno because they left all that dry wood lying around. That’s an example of wokeness directly harming the environment.
      So no, wokeness does not belong in ESG.

  99. says:

    this probably explains why new up and coming directors who make a film with a black lead. they think it’s so ground breaking because they think they’re the first since they are the main character where no past history exists unless the events are aware to them and the shaping of their identity.

  100. CilantroParsley says:

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  101. Ilikebigbytes says:

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  102. Turk_Johns says:

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  103. TomGom1984 says:

    Does anyone know a good course on reporting? I would love to work for Tim, but am totally unqualified.

  104. Travalav says:

    Definitely a cult, but the beginning

  105. TheDarkworld says:

    I like this system but there’s room for corruption still. Gotta shore that up but as a running idea? I’ll sign on. Need anything welded? 😏

  106. Stvnmbrk says:

    You would only keep chickens if they served you a purpose…. what purpose would we be serving our theoretical “keepers”? I aint laying any eggs or eating bugs over here…

  107. Dannyg says:

    Ian, as weird as the things he says sometimes are, wasn’t wrong about the definition of tyrant. The fourth definition on
    tyrant: an absolute ruler, especially one in ancient Greece or Sicily.

  108. Abstract says:

    This is the most “ Tyrannical” episode I’ve ever heard . You guys need to check yourselves. The ruler you’re most like is Zeno.

  109. SpaceDaimyo says:

    Please try to get ADVchina on the podcast. They have great perspective on China and the Chinese mindset from first hand experience of almost 30 years combined living there. I think it would help your audience better understand what we are up against when talking about China.

  110. Itz_Solo says:

    I fall heavily into the Dark Triad. But when psychology is used accordingly great things can come. Giving the wrong people too much power is an ingredient for destruction. Good people with Dark Triad traits can change the world while fighting the negatives if they find themselves wanting to help humanity. Trump2024 Make America Great Again.

  111. ScotScottScottt says:

    As the main character of this podcast I demand you NPCs encode faster.

  112. SenorSenpai says:

    Desmond has a barrow in the marketplace
    Molly is the singer in a band
    Desmond says to Molly, girl, I like your face
    And Molly says this as she takes him by the hand
    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Desmond takes a trolley to the jeweller’s store
    Buys a twenty carat golden ring
    Takes it back to Molly waiting at the door
    And as he gives it to her she begins to sing
    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    In a couple of years they have built
    A home sweet home
    With a couple of kids running in the yard
    Of Desmond and Molly Jones
    Happy ever after in the market place
    Desmond lets the children lend a hand
    Molly stays at home and does her pretty face
    And in the evening she still sings it with the band
    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    In a couple of years they have built
    A home sweet home
    With a couple of kids running in the yard
    Of Desmond and Molly Jones
    Happy ever after in the market place
    Molly lets the children lend a hand
    Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face
    And in the evening she’s a singer with the band
    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra
    La-la, how the life goes on
    And if you want some fun, sing ob-la-di, bla-da

  113. MediumMusic says:

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  114. Waterman1 says:

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    It takes time to encode.
    If you’re using Brave browser, turn the shields feature off.

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