Fauci Says He is UNDEBUNKABLE And That Criticizing Him is Criticizing SCIENCE, Featuring Jack Posobiec And FreedomToons

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Fauci Says He is UNDEBUNKABLE And That Criticizing Him is Criticizing SCIENCE, Featuring Jack Posobiec And FreedomToons

86 responses to “Fauci Says He is UNDEBUNKABLE And That Criticizing Him is Criticizing SCIENCE, Featuring Jack Posobiec And FreedomToons”

  1. matguerra says:

    Where the FUCK is Luke now? Geez, get a leash on this kid.

  2. MarkVA71 says:

    Where’s Jack Bauer when we need him the most?

  3. Zack Jordan says:

    Plot of homefront revolution, just make china the enemy instead of NK.

  4. Dizznmo says:

    Please no more Fauci impersonating!!! The only thing more annoying than Fauci himself is your impersonation🤯 saw he was going to be on Fallon last night, did they not get the memo? Fauci is corrupt as hell!! Thank God Stewart and other comedians are finally pulling their brains out of the giant Democrat ass hole! Wake up America!! Sorry to down your impersonation as I know you love it. You are milk toast but I do enjoy the show🇺🇸

  5. rob.klebes@gmail.com says:

    We always joked that the reason for the blueberry uniforms was so that they’d have an excuse NOT to stop the ship: “sorry boys, we can’t see him, we’ll just have to move on” lol

  6. Rokkahorra says:

    The biggest clue that China intentionally released the virus, or were at the very least complicit in its escape, is the footage in China at the start, watching videos of them welding people into their homes and such. How easy is it for us to get footage of their treatment of the Uygers? Piling them onto trains etc? Not ez right? Because they don’t let that kind of stuff out; but COVID, they had it on repeat, pushing the “lockdown” narrative globally. It’s crazy how much they’ve benefitted during the ‘pandemic.’

  7. Patrick1984 says:

    Tim and Staff,
    I just became a member, and I appreciate your work. I have no desire to comment much , as I just went through all that during Trump. Twitter is the rotting puss filled asshole of the internet. What I can do is in the real world is what matters ,as it always was. I watch absolutely none of the Orwellian News or very little of the so called entertainment industry past 1990. The system is rotten to the core and 1984 is a growing reality, every day more and more.
    Like you I always thought the “‘Liberals”‘ stood for the Bill of Rights applied to everyone not matter who or WHAT they were. That MLK wanted people judged by their character not their color. I always knew that was correct, that was American. Not being liberal or conservative I was taught to support whoever was president. so I was one of those PA voters who voted for Obama twice and then voted for and supported Trump. After that last election I have lost all faith in the system. I never had much growing up in the 60s and watching the entire shit show from the Kennedy Murders until now . So I am a full blown Prepper now and search for any info that is not from THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH. So thank you for providing that service. The Woke NWO , you can kiss my All American SIS Gender White Ass. I will never bend a knee to your Demonic Lunatic Asylum of a culture.

  8. jasonvreeman says:

    Freedomtunes needs to post their videos that get banned on YouTube over here on TimCast.com.

    A-OK! A-OK! A-OK! A-OK!

  9. DanBerry86 says:

    Just because you CAN use fowl language, doesn’t mean that you MUST! This conversations with profanity seem so much less thought out and therefore doesn’t have the same impact on the audience.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Not so sure about that. A lot of members enjoy the loosely based foul mouthed after-show segments.

    • Rhodistan says:

      I personally agree. I know peoples opinions vary widely on this, but for me expletives diminish a discussion. I would have just hit the like button on this comment, but there aren’t any 😛
      At least in the public arena your opinion might travel further without expletives because people who like expletives wont stop watching if there are none, but a decent amount of people do stop/tune out if there are.
      Just my opinion

  10. KUN_AgueroO0 says:

    This player is awful. Constantly going out

  11. Dmed782 says:

    I agree with Tim. The US Department of Justice (USDOJ) has been looking into this “conspiracy theory” since January 28, 2020. Please, check out the following USDOJ website: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/harvard-university-professor-and-two-chinese-nationals-charged-three-separate-china-related

  12. CanadianCobraChicken says:

    Space suits are white because if there were any other color they would become to hot to wear in the sun. Even then they need a cooling system with water tubes to keep the astronauts comfortable.

  13. JimmyLee says:

    Ive never had a problem on this site before using duck duck go on mobile but this video is missing for me.

  14. CodyBrandt says:

    I was in the navy during test phase for the blueberries. First thing I thought was, “Great! We’re fukked in a man overboard situation. Better carry a dye pack in my blouse pocket at all times.”

  15. BloodSnail says:

    hey Tim & Team,

    can you please give me until Sunday to make a decision? Do not insinuate apathy, please. I’m working my ass off. I’m pretty sure that I have a robust framework for going forward which I can share with you later. Remote is going to have to do.

  16. Vmanzo says:

    I think it’s funny Tim says “I could get an academy award for my performance” not realizing that cuomo already won the award for his incredible bravery and leadership skills

  17. Element says:

    How would China know our politicians in the west would respond this way to the cough. Without politicians it wouldn’t have been any disruption to us judging by the fact that the morality rate didn’t change..

  18. JEHOD says:

    In some ancient Jewish traditions every fifty years a ‘Jubilee’ would be declared when said debts would be cancelled. While complicated in practice it seems to have been a method to prevent debt slavery across generations which has been extant throughout much of the world over millennia.
    Following the 32nd anniversary of the massacre of over 10,000 peaceful reformers at Tiananmen Square
    perhaps it is well past time to pass judgement on the authoritarian, genocidal, on-demand organ harvesting slave labor regime of the PRC.
    For my country, the USA, they have been exporting fentanyl to kill tens of thousands of my countrymen and women every year. They have been doing; likewise, with a variety of drugs throughout the world for decades.
    For a reasonable analysis of their methods look to “Unrestricted Warfare,” a book written in the late nineties by two PLA majors, now generals, which is simply Sun Tzu on technological steroids. When they say unrestricted, they mean it. Cyber warfare, propaganda, disinformation, psych warfare, drugs, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare to boot.
    And the latter brings us to the crux of the CCP biscuit of their release of the Covid19 pandemic which has claimed over three million lives so far. It seems quite evident now that the CCP/PRC at minimum obfuscated regarding the nature of the disease and its origins, let alone its probable spread. “No indication of human to human transmission,” was its opening; denying access to original samples of the virus followed immediately. The WHO, apparently compromised by the CCP, parroted their narrative of the wet market scenario to export this disease throughout the world. No problems, only animal to human transfer. A cynic might ask if this was not simply CYA, but intentional proliferation of the pandemic. It’s not like this regime has not killed tens of millions of its own citizens.
    Here’s a question: how many excess deaths among the elder population occurred in the PRC and were not coded as Covid related, perhaps alleviating to some extent their 4-2-1 demographic problem. Perhaps, most people can’t conceive of such a demonic regime, but if not, you should simply look to the results of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution to name only two among many.
    The PRC is in violation of the Hague Convention ruling on the South China Sea, and against their avowed claims not to militarize the area, have done so. They are currently subjugating the Tibetans, Manchus, Quighars, and quite frankly all of the Song culture of the Yangtze, not to mention various other cultural minorities kept as tourist enclaves.
    The goodwill the world showered on the PRC in hopes that it would integrate into the international system has led to infiltration of our international organizations and through PRC bribery and every other nefarious means the CCP could use to undermine the international order that had raised more people out of poverty than any other. So, what can we conceive other than a CCP Nomenklatura has decided upon a path of world domination? Perhaps the most racist, authoritarian regime ever seeks hegemony. Is this a world you would wish to live in? Imprisonment with DNA analysis of your suitability for transplant status as a result of your opposition opinions?
    It’s time for a CCP Jubilee, all debt traps with the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ are off. No one anywhere owes anything to the CCP and their minions. Those minions include almost every Chinese company of any size subject to the CCP and that is virtually everyone of them. The PRC should be expelled from all international organizations and all monetary exchanges with the PRC void. Without immediate reform, a literal naval and financial blockade of the PRC should proceed immediately. To the many subjugated peoples of the PRC we should offer freedom. The history of China is warlordism with periods of imperial domination, by one lord and his gaggle of murderous sycophants under the ‘Mandate of Heaven,’ and woe betide everyone else. Nice system. Dalenda est PRC!

  19. Element says:

    I am the senate.

  20. spoonsofdoom says:

    “Guns are great.” -Tim Pool

    We really do live in the best timeline.

  21. jacobmeacham says:

    Bro this is one of the funniest episodes I’ve watched. The shit about space camo and water camo soldiers at the end is too funny

  22. roooner says:

    It works well

  23. LimitlessPower says:


  24. Thalix says:

    Oh yeah? We get a 30 minute bonus when everyone is still awake and going then you just decide to cut the main feed short and the bonus even shorter. If this is the new normal, I’m done.

  25. HoosierRoss says:

    When Jack says when did we stop agreeing on reality I would say everyone but the left has awoken to reality over the last 10 years. We were always slaves to government propaganda. The left is the only people stick stuck on the disinformation teat

    • Rawdog says:

      We “stopped agreeing on reality” when the INTERNET became MAINSTREAM. This is a GOOD THING because we have been being LIED to by the government for almost as long as this country has been around. However, in the epoch known as BI (Before Internet) the ONLY information we ‘officially’ got was thru a few, vetted, government controlled/influenced, nodes (think of the Hearsts: In the past, all someone in the gov’t had to do to make certain that a particular version of a story was “correct” was to have dinner with WR Hearst & make a back door deal. Now, however, there are MANY ways to get information to enough people to keep that information from being ‘swept under the rug’.

  26. Daniel_Snowz says:

    Hey I was just listening to the podcast on iTunes the live one and seems like it got removed while I was listening to it idk what happened

  27. DaveHogan says:

    Jack, we can’t agree on reality because in 2012/2013 Obama administration essentially legalized propaganda to be spread in the U.S. through the Smith-Mundt Act amendment. And that coincides directly w spikes in BLM articles and activity on the internet and all kinds of other liberal talking points. Love all you guys and gal.

  28. NONCOMPLIANT says:

    Sorry Ian, but Bubbles called, he wants his shirt back.

  29. Cmwhite13 says:

    They are literally creating a religion and calling it “science”

  30. thedeugs says:

    the good news is the navy has already demonstrated anti satellite technology and we also have anti satellite satellites. and china doesnt have the capacity to traverse the pacific and beach anywhere in america. and even if they could our long range bombers would put a stop to that. they also have to get passed hawaii and the pacific fleet.

  31. Turk_Longwell says:

    Tripling Down on His Lies. Not to be an Ageist, but the Fauci is Fucking 80 years old, god darn it.
    Yep, Hire the Guy who runs the Lab to Investigate the Lab. Even a Mistake, a Deadly Mistake, needs to be addressed and admitted to in order to React Properly to said Mistake.
    The Media is the Enemy.
    Harambe was the Butterfly Effect.
    Lust is Easy. My Hormones told me so. lol.
    “This Virus is the Demon from Hell” . We will Save You and Our People. … How? We Will Weld You in Your Homes. You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy. We Will Save You.
    The 2049 Goal is Not to be Interrupted.
    “We’re on the Members Thing, Right? We’ll See Satellites Soon.” Jack Knows What’s Up…
    Tell Me What You Know! lol
    LMAO! a Milky Way Looking Uniform. Ha!
    Ironman loves you all 3000%
    Reading a Map and Knowing Navigation with a Compass is Great Knowledge. I recommend.
    I like Jack’s Take on the Way to Combat Chy-Nah. He was an Intel Guy.
    Great Vid.
    Go Team!

  32. Fishbiskit says:

    China is not as strong as they are projected to be.

    All of this is due to the same “Cabal” of academia nuts that fortified our elections being so terrified of war that they are subverting the US to the point that it won’t be possible. They truly believe that they are much smarter than everyone else & they alone should determine all of US policy for the betterment of the entire Globe. That is also why they did the Time article they want to be acknowledged as the heroes that save us all from Armageddon.

    If China was a truly grave threat they would not be so invested in their methods of subversion, it simply doesn’t fit their MO. When Trump basically told the to fuck off the immediately backed down because they cannot win a war with America; yet.
    If we do not find a way to retake the government though they soon will be.

    This “Great” reset benefits only them and will cripple this nation. They are buying up & using our land and facilities to feed their population and have recently relaxed restrictions on their one child policy because they are desperately racing to raise the numbers of troops they have for future conflict.

    All of us need to stay focused on preserving the Internet & propaganda free information &so we can clear out the lunatics from our Government.

  33. Zalandas says:

    The private house I work at had an incident with the chickens today where I think 1 older chicken that is part if the 4 older chickens integrated with around 9 young adult chick’s killed at least 2 older chick’s and 3 younger chick’s today. I, the caregiver of the homeowner took it upon myself to cull the chicken not cowering with the survivors by putting 3 9mm rounds center mass…. what does the cast community think?

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Save the Many.
      Serial Killers need Not Apply.
      3 Might of been A Lot. lol.
      Still, I Understand.

      • Zalandas says:

        Thank you, Only hard thing is that so many died before U noticed, less than 24 hour event…

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          No doubt. But at least you stopped it. 24 hours and 5 dead? Damn Bird! Do the homeowners know yet?

          • Zalandas says:

            They know, but did not know what to do… I grew up raising rabits and chickens and knew immediately that you kill the problem. This will become if that hen was the sole problem. Hopefully they will understand if I have to put down the last identificationable elder chicken- only chicken left with wounds ATM. Folk with city background have a hard time understanding the animal kingdom at time’s…

  34. trgreatorex@gmail.com says:

    Iron man cut into underwater power cables to connect “stark”/“avengers” tower to a arch reactor to make the tower eco friendly and self sufficient

  35. JiltedValkyrie says:

    The aftershow, where everybody becomes Samuel L Jackson.

  36. Fishbiskit says:

    The CCP went to great lengths to erase their cultural history and start anew. Their claims of ancient/traditional territories are invalid as the CCP itself are the ones who broke those ties.

    Taiwan is where the legitimate government of China found refuge from their insanity and is the real China.

  37. DonnieDanko says:

    Is it just me or does Fauci kinda look like Hoggle from the Labyrinth movie? …kek

  38. skinnysausagefatpotatoes says:

    video error

  39. XennTekeo says:

    Everything is encoding! I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

  40. redchief says:


  41. DonnieDanko says:


  42. Fishbiskit says:

    “I didn’t break the Science; I am the Science!”

    Fauci… presumably

  43. TheWitten says:

    I am a gorilla moon droplet

  44. skinnysausagefatpotatoes says:

    feels good to be a member finally wow

  45. JacobLauer says:

    You guys need to do a download episode option. I don’t have phone service & use only wifi. Would make drives to & from work much more enjoyable.