Leftist Media WORRIED AZ Audit Might Declare Trump the TRUE Winner

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Leftist Media WORRIED AZ Audit Might Declare Trump the TRUE Winner
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172 responses to “Leftist Media WORRIED AZ Audit Might Declare Trump the TRUE Winner”

  1. Painted_Horse says:

    This country needs to officially split in two… It will be complicated, messy & possibly bloody but so be it. Unofficially we all ready have & everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before it all falls completely apart.

  2. Sindriss says:

    If audits proved 100% Trump won the election, nobody would do shit.

  3. ThePodiumGuy says:

    If Arizona turn out to show Trump won, I think it’s only right we call the people in DC the insurrectionists.

  4. knurd says:

    You guys keep saying that if the fraud is true that nothing will happen but why do you think that or say that? Why can’t anything happen from this? Crazier things have happened this year and if Trump was to be reinstated after all the proof it wouldn’t be far-fetched.

    • lettergram says:

      I don’t see Biden being removed, HOWEVER — the senate, representative, governor, etc races can be reversed and there’s a mechanism to do so. In the case of Biden, there’s already enough to impeach him from the Ukraine to China items. Especially, if the senate and house flip to republican.

  5. YeghiaElvis says:

    I hope we do separate. I can’t live w these freaks who deny reality in favor for their pseudo alphabet ist, ism, religion.

  6. shawnsbrain66 says:

    Remember the Dominion guy saying he would “guarantee” Trump wouldn’t win?

  7. shawnsbrain66 says:

    I’m 100% convinced that Trump won by a huge margin, but even Sidney Powell says that Biden will not be uninstalled as POTUS because the Constitution has not mechanism to handle this.
    We are in uncharted territory.
    We definitely need to make sure this never happens again.

  8. atroposjuno@yahoo.com says:

    Wow. I’ve never seen Ian so mad.

  9. MisterE says:

    On Facebook, a friend and I were on our public pages going on about the election, shortly after the results came in for Biden. Another, mutual, friend jumped into the conversation. She used to live in Georgia close to my friend and I. She moved to another state maybe 3-5 years ago. She got contacted by someone who apparently contacted her from an old voter role. From Georgia. “Hey we noticed you’re no longer registered to vote. We can fix that! Oh and by the way vote for Biden!”
    Friend: “No. I live in another state. That’s ILLEGAL.”
    Solicitor: “That’s ok. I won’t say anything.”
    Friend: “No. As I said that is ILLEGAL.”
    Guy hung up after that. So yes I do believe this happened as Matt Braynard had pointed out, that they contacted people from old voter roles to re-register after long leaving the states.

  10. SuperOc3anman says:

    Not only can we not say for certain that the 2020 presidential election was legitimate; we will never know if future federal elections are legitimate. If they pulled it off this time they will never stop

  11. Nattskugga says:

    Certain Members Only segments, such as this one, should be made public after X weeks on other websites like BitChute, Rumble, etc. so these important discussions can be shared.

  12. WillieboiP says:

    We’re forgetting this WILL impact the Senate Majority if this shows McSally won as well, along with a few AZ House Seats…

  13. Gsxxr4ever says:

    Not sure if someone has already said it ..but epoch times has been talking bout the AZ audit along w others ..since news started coming out. Great news and in-depth info on a wide variety of topics ..can’t recommend it enough ..time to get away from mainstream media and get informed!

  14. Neversummer160 says:

    We all need to pitch in and buy Ian some pussy. Whos with me?

  15. cassiemayrand says:

    The media and big tech stole this election before it even started by lying and suppressing information.

  16. Nick1diesel says:

    Trump won everyone with half a fucking brain knows it ! The democrats are projecting, whatever they accuse the other side of doing they are doing themselves. Every single fucking time! Fact check that shit

  17. Cesar_Anthony says:

    If Trump technically won AZ then the momentum of what that stirs will guarantee his run in 2024.

    Politics will be interesting again.

  18. User says:

    Ian is nuts. This was a coup. Trump is the rightfully elected president. MAGA.

    • GreenGables says:

      I’ve grown to like Ian, but boy is he gullible. He says it’s the opposite end of TDS?? Then asks: what’s happening in Arizona? Then complains about ballots ability to be stolen? I voted for Trump; I am not a Republican. So that doesn’t work either. The reason the D’s are so freaked out by audits, is that they fully know there was fraud. Some bragged about it. Ian needs to be a little better informed if He wants his opinion to be taken seriously. Still like him tho.

  19. Mrpeeples says:

    The same ones that screamed for 4 years that Trump rigged the election in 2016 are saying it’s not possible that fraud happened in 2020? Hmmm

  20. Cigar_Sam says:

    Even if the audit flips AZ for Trump, he would still need 2+ states to flip for the electoral votes to actually overtake Biden

  21. Magster73 says:

    Even if Arizona does go to Trump, he will NEVER be President. The Government will never let that happen. I’ll be surprised if CNN, NBC, and the rest of the Left media even report on it. It will get covered up and buried. Ian is 100% right when he said- In America? That’s Fuckin’ bull shit.

    • BrownDog976 says:

      I do not believe Biden and Harris would be let to stay in office if it was proven that fraud won them the election. They will be impeached at the very least! Our country cannot reward fraud!

  22. JamoeCW says:

    in the Constitution the President is voted in by the Electoral College, not the people. if the audit says the people voted for someone else it means that there was election fraud in enough numbers to affect the election, but the Electoral College voted for Biden so Biden is the President. that is why the audit won’t change who is the President is. the reason as to why it is important is so that they can fix the problems and maybe prevent a future ‘Fortification’ of the election.

  23. Boden says:

    Please follow Crowder to Rumble so I can remove YouTube from my life. They’re adding a streaming service for him soon.

    • Benji_Says says:

      I really think Tim should invest in building an entire suite of apps including smart TVs, Consoles, and Mobile. I know it would be profitable for him.. His community is ready and willing to spearhead his climb above these big networks but “Sharing” on Facebook and Twitter is playing under their rules and they will always gain from it.

  24. Fricken says:

    I wonder if Joe and the Dems know, so that is why they are going ham changing as much as they can so quickly. Since we are on conspiracies.

  25. Trek29er says:

    Go to AZaudit.org to watch the audit livestream that has been set up since the beginning.

  26. crash55 says:

    We know that Biden is president but we also know that he is president because the Dems cheated. FACT

  27. Bratrnr says:

    Test comment

  28. Los2000 says:

    Isn’t it fascinating how when ever there are discrepancies in the votes, it always goes to the democrat.

  29. Mathis_power says:

    The Convo Couch has been covering the audit. They went down there and did interviews. They are very much in favor of the audit and they are lefties. Check out their coverage

    • MadMeon says:

      What do we do?
      Tell Biden to tread very, very lightly. Try not to break anything for the next 4 years because at least 74 million Americans are pretty damn sure you are not a legitimate president.
      You are not FDR. You’re Jimmy Carter… if Jimmy Carter rigged an election and was compromised by the CCP.

  30. Citizen-of-chaos says:

    Sounds like the fucking censorship worked wonders on you guys, you don’t even wanna listen when an audit proves the fraud they censored, the illegal changing of rules should have been enough to sway your thinking but you’ve already accepted biden! Where’s your balls, I didn’t pay taxes and I won’t till this is settled. Cop pulled me over fro dead tags, I explained I wouldent pay a single cent to an illegitimate administration and he said fair enough and let me go. If your gonna fund the people trying to take your guns you will lose, we know trump won, I’m starting to believe Tim and this crew are fake opposition.. actually I’ve thought that since you guys started building your little commune. Who would have thought that the guy that followed the March of communism all across this planet for the last 15 years is actually a communist himself.

    • swampyne127@gmail.com says:

      but he reported negatively on the communists for 15 years. its simple. like most people hes not willing to say “IT WAS STOLEN.TO ARMS!”. everyone might be thinking it. but there like “ehhhh if theres thst chance im wrong im not sacrificing everything for it”. for all you know trump is controlled opposition. do i think so? no. but i have questioned it many times. gatta remmeber hes been around a long time. the old new york money hated him, im sure he made powerful friends. who knows anymore. trump could have been their excuse to get more power. trump WAS ther 9/11 2.0. they think people believe the evil trump narrative, granting the establishment more control. we know elements of the establishment were involved in the wuhan lab… we know agenda 21 and 2030 are legitimate.. just saying.. you never know anymore. did the establishment slip up and trump got in. or did they want him there

  31. Bloomy09 says:

    I’m sick and tired of media personnel saying the Dominion Conspiracy doesn’t exist…how do you know? How? SMH.

    • BrownDog976 says:

      I agree. I have a feeling the audit will find that Trump won and it will cause a major backlash. I cannot help but feel that the Rensburg prophecies are still continuing. Right now would be the resurgence of conservative thought in the northern hemisphere of the world. It follows with a backlash against the establishment in the same region.

  32. AC1979 says:

    Have you guys been paying attention to anyone with boots on the ground working on this audit?! They have found thousands of phantom votes through canvassing and have the affidavits to prove it. They are going to show massive fraud and the same shit went down all over the country. They’ve inflated the voter registrations for years and never clean it. What is up with Ian? He says the audit is crazy but then suddenly goes off about fake mail in ballots lol. And for the first just willing to accept an illegitimate president is the problem with republicans and why we are here.

    • AC1979 says:

      *the guest

    • Dhsguard1 says:

      Exactly. I remember watching Crowders 4 hr live stream when a lawyer in her car recorded exactly what the post office whistle blower on Project Veritas said would happen, happen in real time. It’s a total joke that people say the audit is the big lie when massive people admitted on video to throwing away Trump ballots or trashing them but Biden won by 10,000 votes? Everyone knows Trump won but the peeps that won’t admit it because of their egos are the same people who believed the Media when they were told that Trump supporters are the dumb ones and you are not like them because you are smart. In actuality they are dumb for trusting the media or not looking at .mre than on source or don’t want to admit they were duped my dad is one of them

  33. Bryan_Liem says:

    An accurate and legal election is the biggest issue in saving or losing the USA, at this time. Why do we use voting machines that are capable of cheating, indeed, customizable to cheat in a variety of ways per the user’s wishes?! That Trump won by surprise in 2016 is proof that the Democrats had not yet totally controlled the national election for stealing. 2020 is their first and most coordinated attack against the USA, hence National Guards guarding a President that few voted for, they know they are illegitimate. That half the country will be in violent civil war is a paper tiger created and maintained by fake news and monopolized online Communist interests. That’s Chinese Communist, who buy or threaten the leaders of these online public squares. The paper tiger of half the country is false because most Biden votes are false! Let’s Defund the Democrats and all their pork barrel friends, or lose the USA to crazy and self-destructive forces.

  34. NoOne123 says:

    2 minutes in
    God Ian’s retarded.
    5 minutes in
    Ian completely reverses his entire opinion and starts shouting randomly.

    For real and i mean no offense by this but does Ian have Aspergers or some form of autism? He does this a lot and sometimes it seems like hes only half paying attention and then just starts talking about something that has nothing to do with what anyone is talking about and despite Tim’s effort to bring him back into focus he just keeps going on with his point?

  35. FreeTaiwan69 says:

    This was my first time hear f-bombs from tim and ian… worth every penny!

  36. ernesto.glassetc@gmail.com says:

    I cant believe Lidz cursed lol

  37. TomGom1984 says:

    The general public will likely never know tye results of the audits. Guarantee someone gets epsteined or documents mysteriously vanish. If Hillary can delete emails and still be on camera and in public, then there is no stopping the establishment.

  38. RaneyNickel says:

    There was this one time where we had a President that was killed, and the government put together a little package for the public with a story that said this individual did the shooting, we know why and too bad so sad, but now it’s over and let’s move on. Nevermind that all these somewhat related people are also getting shot and killed before they said anything in public.
    I’m still not convinced what the actual story was, but I do know that the government pulled some shady shit.
    In my opinion, the 2020 election is the same deal. If the audits prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump was the actual winner – I KNOW the government will just create another little package with a blue bow on it, helped greatly by the media to just paint anyone participating in the audits as “traitors”, “insurrectionists”…..etc. I think 100% that is exactly why the media is spouting complete BULLSHIT about Jan 6th day after day, over and over and over. Whoever works on election fraud will somehow be tied to the Capitol riot, they’ll invent a narrative and “inform” the public during their 9/11 style commission. Anyone who supports the audits will be hunted down and banned from social media.

    • Dhsguard1 says:

      Yes very sad. We only have the illusion of freedom in this country. Trump exposed it all and since nothing will be done I almost wish I don’t know

  39. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    I was able to watch tonight after turning off Brave’s ad blocker. Btw, I love the new function that I can play the episode outside of my browser and still navigate my phone. Btw, just learned that I have 4.5 BAT from Brave (that’s $3.59) just from getting on the interwebs.

  40. Bigly12025 says:

    Here’s a hypothetical scenario for the TimCast team: imagine you stumble upon a magic lamp and when you rub it, an omniscient genie comes out and will tell you the actual unadulterated truth about the election, and if you guess the actual real truth, you win $1 BILLION. What is your guess?

  41. Bigly12025 says:

    Yeah lets believe that 53% poll. Smart. How can you recognize the media is lying 24/7 and then believe in some bullshit poll?

  42. Tlino says:

    I love when Ian gets unleashed.

  43. Drengr94 says:

    I do NOT want to be ruled by an illegitimate criminal president. In my opinion that’s a treasonous act and they are an enemy of the people. I would argue they need to be arrested immediately and put on a very public trial.

  44. rafalmol88 says:

    I laughing so hard at Tims face. He must have some inside knowledge he is not passing on. Bet he is ready for the YouTube chapter to Die.

  45. Masshole says:

    I’m no Republican, but I’m pretty sure Trump won the election and it was intentionally stolen through organized fraud around the country. There is a lot to know about it and it all looks to me like the orange man got screwed.

  46. Casey says:

    In all their great writings did the founding fathers not write anything about election fraud? Is there anything out there that states what should happen in the event of a fraudulent election? Love the show you guys, it’s why I became a member.

  47. Frost27 says:

    The left is terrified and the way they’re acting is really indicating that this could blow up. As was stated though, if these audits took place in every state and we found out that Trump got 140 million votes and Biden got six, nothing would change. The electoral college and the states certified Biden as the winner. It’s done. All we can do with it is use the knowledge going forward and make sure that 2024 is scrutinized beyond belief. It will only change things going forward.

    As far as civil war, this won’t be the thing that tips the scale on something like that. What it would do is set the stage for some other authoritarian overreach to light the match.

  48. KimHunt says:

    You should have on Raheem Kassam or if you could, Steve Bannon. For more info, You can watch what’s happening with the AZ audit and canvassing on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Rumble.

  49. Locke-n-Paine says:

    Re: Tim’s “Trump got Ocean’s 11’d” idea…I think he’s on the right track, but there may be a better analogy: “moneyballed”.

    If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s worth watching. Their approach is what the right will have to learn to counter (or replicate) if they ever hope to win again.

  50. Nekomimiz says:

    Just became a member today! I feel like you, Daily wire, and Breitbart are the only sources of credible news worth watching. The best way to be prepared is to stay informed and I thank you for the service that you are bringing to communities everywhere.. even here in lil ol Joplin :). BTW LOVE your skate mansion… I actually work for a company that builds x-sport style facilities, I love seeing shit like that! <3

  51. Skoomaking90 says:

    The 12th Ammendment would be executed from the United States Constitution. Do with this what you wish…but this the rules.

    The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;—The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.

  52. Viewtifuljoe says:

    The truth is all we have without it we damn ourselves.

  53. Jadedwolf says:

    I did read that many counties/states counting machines where counted in other countries!l!! Regardless the bad codes counted here. If this is true who allowed this to happen!! And also how was it allowed to happen.

  54. groberts1980 says:

    I couldn’t agree more that any software that affects people’s lives should be open source. Radar detectors, voting machines, basically any medical machine.

    I don’t know what will happen if AZ (and other states) decide the election was false. I don’t believe Trump will be installed. But I don’t know if Trump supporters will just lie here and be ruled by Biden any longer.

  55. jrhaile says:

    Simple solution: Two Presidents, Two Countries. Trump rules red states as voted by its people from Florida or Texas and Biden rules blue states as voted by its people from the shithole known as DC. Different laws, taxes, freedoms for the. Open borders and free trade as it is now. Joe can have the our pussified military and we build a new one.

    • cundiffjanice@gmail.com says:

      How I wish we could have two separate countries but, most likely, that will never happen. The Democrats hold power now and they have the clout to enforce their will. Unfortunately, we conservatives were disorganized and ineffective in our efforts to keep power. We lost our advantage and now it will be nearly impossible for us to ever win back power from such an authoritarian administration or to have any real influence over what happens to us and to America. We need a coordinated Conservative Shadow Campaign and gutsy people to organize it in order to fight back, but I’m fearful it might already be too late.

  56. TheReigningCobb says:

    i feel proud to hear tim say if its real we go down with the ship…. DEMORCY OR DEATH

  57. TheReigningCobb says:

    add blocker blocks the video from showing up

  58. SeditiousSov says:

    Ian! My man! More of that anger about this dumb shit!

    • Nfn8wzdm says:

      Crazy how Ian is getting so angry while being so unaware of the Audit.
      He calls them crazy republicans yet he screams about the same issues that are being investigated.
      I don’t understand Ian’s flawed logic sometimes.

  59. jabrann98 says:

    💚 Ian & great guest!

  60. Irris30 says:

    Happy Birthday to me I ordered an Ian mug.

  61. YayaMac says:

    I thought the audio was fine on both this and IRL. A little better, actually, more bass

  62. Element says:

    Audit of Fulton County ballots in Georgia is going ahead.

  63. SunnyZ says:

    The new video player won’t show the video with adblocker enabled =(
    Please fix
    I used Firefox with AdGuard AdBlocker plugin

    • SunnyZ says:

      Seems to be an issue with 3rd party site rumble.com
      Can just add in a whitelist for this site, for anyone else having issues and not wanting to totally disable their adblocker.

  64. chucka187@icloud.com says:

    Wish the members area videos were at least one hour long. There way to short. Cut the YouTube side and favor the members area. I’m sure it will bring more people over.

  65. Jasonvano says:

    I gotta say I love seeing this site grow and mature from the very beginning. I’d rather pay for this and deal with the speed bumps then give my money to these big tech companies. Keep up the good work Tim and crew!

  66. Honkey99 says:

    Funny, for some reason Avira Adguard was blocking the video…
    Figured it out now though ^^

  67. Brodie57775 says:

    The most based. I don’t agree all the time but this was based af. Tim keep telling it real no matter What!!

  68. Merdrah says:

    Main Topic:
    I suspect that there was BS votes in all states. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump did win legitimately. Should we get to it I will stand defiant against the Confederates. They lost the first time and they will lose again.

    • AntiAntiTrump says:

      Thing is, I think confederates are outdated, it’s more of populism, if there’s enough evidence that proves Trump actually won & civil war breaks out… it won’t just be conservatives, it will be anyone standing up for our country & held those responsible for corruption. Times have changed.

  69. ZAK88 says:

    why can’t I use an adblocker on a site I pay to use?

    • cschapson@gmail.com says:

      Rumble, where these videos are hosted, cannot be used with an adblocker or similar programs aparantly. Couldn’t watch the video, I whitelisted the site, it works fine now. Posting so others can see and hopefully helps. I saw one person say “Why can’t I use an adblocker for a site I pay for?” Well, like previously stated, the videos are hosted on rumble, not directly via timcast. It’s not Tim’s fault.

      • SunnyZ says:

        Yeah had same issue, found the problem after a few minutes of testing.
        Whitelisted rumble.com then I read the comments to see the solution lol xD

  70. torwestman says:

    Listened to last night’s episode. Eh, Tim is a mask believer, and thinks masks could have saved lives? Even if they did, Westerners don’t wear masks, and understand that being forced to wear one is indeed a very big deal. Masks are nothing but a cultural import from the East, and we should never be OK with it.

    • Dn1984 says:

      I’m glad somebody else heard that. Couldn’t believe it.

      • MontyLalado says:

        Tim doesn’t understand most people don’t have cushy stay at home jobs where you make millions of dollars a year just making videos in your mansion. He lacks perspective on this issue but hey lets hear another shitty analogy about how wearing masks are no big deal

  71. ssdarling says:

    I hate to hear the sad resignation in your voice at the end there, Tim. But I’m grateful for your determination.

  72. michael1993mujadin@gmail.com says:

    so we just had a pipeline get hacked, yet an election is 100% secure? lol

  73. Plaguen says:

    Well, Ian you made my night. This is what I’m talking about.
    #FreeTheIan !

  74. stevemare says:

    Bold statement at the end there Tim. I appreciate it.

  75. Fishbiskit says:

    Dammit, I really need to finish the video before posting. Anyway.
    The solution to this, and many of our issues is for us, as individual citizens, to step up and start communicating.
    Communicate with our neighbors and try like hell to rebuild trust & a sense of community among ourselves.
    Most importantly send emails to all of our representatives, & I mean all of them, from both parties, and tell them in no uncertain terms, that if it’s true there was faults with our election, they need to do their jobs and hold a new election in person, with paper ballots and ID’s.
    It will be on them to keep this nation from coming to violence and any attempts to hide or suppress the truth will lead to horrific outcomes.

    And finally, Google became the monopoly they are because of contracts with the US government who is now in control of all the information.
    We are not serfs and we are not children, the abusive parent model of governance needs to go.

    And for fuck’s sake Tim, I get that you have liberal bias, but the Jan 6th incident was a protest, not an insurrection.
    You know the corporate media lies and exaggerates but the idea that they could use their influence to reduce all of the Trump supporters to the level of ignorant hill-folk or only show those who have gone round the bend, never sunk in?

    Think this through, the most heavily armed portions of our population decide to stage an insurrection, to physically take control of the massive machine of Government, but conveniently left their weapons at home?

    No man, this whole thing was a set up, start to finish, to provide an excuse for the Harris admin to crack down on resisters and rationalize further expansion of the Security State.
    Nobody but a very few people, thought that the act of “taking the capitol” meant anything other than a physical reminder to our “leaders” that our government is one of service to the citizen.
    The vast majority were entirely peaceful & simply protesting the refusal of our elected officials to take their concerns about this election seriously. The only people who instigated violence have been demonstrated to have leftist ties or that one officer who was so high-strung that he shot a woman.

  76. EchosandWhisper says:

    For those whose video won’t function: it’s tied to your ad block. Not cool Tim. We paid to be here, why do we need to allow permeability? (Using Brave, noting the trend however)

    As per the content: There’s a reason DC is still loaded with National Guard. If it turns up that the election was rigged, and let’s be frank, changing the rules is cheating. I feel like it rolls out one of two ways; they kill off Biden for shock and to create a stronger wedge. Why are you going to have people fighting over a dead president? The PR will be insane and anyone calling the election a fraud will be even further exiled, no matter if they believed it before or after the results. OR they start bringing in those crew served MG’s Pelosi requested the first time. Using Tim’s own phrase about being Ocean’s 11’d, we shouldn’t allow that to be considered a legitimate election on that merit alone, not matter who was running. It shows the system has always been malleable, untrustworthy and slanted from the beginning. Personally, I’d recommend stocking food, water and getting real friendly with your neighbors and advising them to do the same. I don’t see how this ends well.

  77. spoonsofdoom says:

    lol spicy time is on the horizon

  78. Medic49SC says:

    Rumors have it that other states are beginning to find issues with their election results as well.

  79. frankaron says:

    Audit better comes out clean where fraud is not changing outcome of election of a state. If Mainstream conservatives like Ben Shapiro found out it is a case of fraud flipping a state, it is going to be crazy.

  80. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    I can’t see the video. When I click to watch it redirects and all I can see is the title.

  81. Fishbiskit says:

    Also Ian should consider taking a Valium before he participates in important discussions. Passion is appreciated, emotional outbursts are unhelpful as hell.

  82. Fishbiskit says:

    None of this is about Donald Trump, the man.
    This is about the complete disregard of our Constitution by a corporate funded socialist mob.
    This is about the unelected bureaucrats and our “leaders” being so terrified of people “panicking” that they refuse to investigate legitimate “anomalies” in our elections.
    And on the meta level it is about us as citizens being so terrified of conflict that we just accept the forced entropy of the rules.

  83. DavesTrippin says:

    Man I got to do something. I haven’t been silent but I haven’t given it my all and get into action. I need to get going. This show inspires me so much. If the shit hits the fan I’m going to tims compound to support join MilkToast Militia

  84. FoxOFire says:


  85. CBScott7 says:

    Can’t see the video. Something wrong with the site?

  86. pteague says:

    I’m not seeing any way to play this … has it still not been uploaded? or was it removed from where it was uploaded?

  87. WalkTheTalkWithYHVH says:

    I’m less concerned about people talking a big game on the internet or big media about how they are gonna fight back, I’m keeping an eye out for those who are not talking about what they are gonna do, why give Big Dem Gov’t a warning on their resistance.

  88. Benstark.bs says:

    Is there a single major corporation that doesn’t support the Biden administration? I haven’t heard about any yet…

  89. JayJay3333 says:

    Audit of mail in ballots in Georgia starts this Friday. They will only inspect whether there are fold lines and if the ballot was marked by a pen. There are six sworn affidavits by experienced election workers who claim they saw pristine ballots with no fold lines. It’s only supposed to take about a week and the judge may be present during the inspection. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation may also be present.

    Remember the video from election night which shows ballots, hidden below tables behind floor length tablecloths, being pulled out and counted after all the observers and media left when told there was a water main break which turned out to be fake. Yeah I remember it being reported on election night coverage news show that they’d had to shut down ballot counting until 8:30 the next morning but instead they kept counting.

    Did you watch the video?

    • Zeknix says:

      I believe you have your end time wrong with those “mystery ballots” being counted in Fulton County, GA. I want to say it was concluded around 4am, and the GOP poll watchers got there almost an hour later. Video did show stacks of ballots being ran several times through the tabulator, which was very concerning. Now whether or not those ballots had creases in them…… it’s hard to tell. The resolution wasn’t that good so I personally could not confirm that with what I saw.

      I have been really hoping there would come sort of investigation into this. Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon. **Crossing my fingers**

  90. Janart48 says:

    no Video 🙁

  91. FitzyTheAstro says:

    If you are on Brave and turn off the brave shield it works

  92. benmac1089 says:

    Hot Dog.

  93. Toad says:

    i cant play the video!!!!

  94. pingpong28 says:

    Am i the only member having problems there is no video player on this page.

  95. Zeknix says:

    If enough audits are conducted and the election is found to have been “stolen”, I think that MAGA would be willing to take some concessions from the establishment in order to maintain peace. Case and point, Jan 6 Capitol Hill Riot/Protest ended almost as fast as it started, and was mostly peaceful. Yes there were many bad actors causing violence at the Capitol, but it ended peacefully with everybody going home. The Capitol wasn’t burned down with massive property damage. Congress wasn’t taken into custody and hung. The majority of MAGA is more than willing to take a peaceful route as long as the establishment is willing to make some concessions. What those might be? I don’t know, but I’d be more than willing to put my money on MAGA as a whole when it comes to a peaceful solution.

    • Zeknix says:

      Oh btw, if there is two out of three people in the audit in AZ that have matching numbers for ballots, but the third has different numbers; the two that have matching numbers would be added to the count, but that batch would be marked differently to identify that there was a discrepancy in the count. Honestly, I’m getting a little pissed in your reporting of the facts with this audit. Completely disregarding that small little piece of information is extremely problematic to me. It’s a key piece of information that when not included, completely changes everything. Do better reporting or go without my money!!!!!! Choice is yours.

    • JayJay3333 says:

      Main thing I’m looking for if the audits show Biden didn’t win is to stop the radical nature of his agenda.

  96. MattRam90 says:

    There is an audit now going on in New Hampshire in they found a 24 to 72 percent discrepancy. There was also an allegorithm that took one vote away from a republican and gave 1 vote to a democrat all on
    40 year old dominion machines

  97. Floyd says:

    Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire(!), and any other state that follows on after the “irregularities” are proven, will enough to force something to happen that is unprecedented. Exactly what that is, who knows. The entire sham being revealed will be a turning point for the United States.

    Everything is built on confidence. Biden standing in front of a made-up “Seal of the President Elect”, the entire media parroting the lies. When it becomes evident that support for Biden is in the minority, that the entire structure is a myth, it could go several ways.

    But the one thing I cannot help but wonder is, what will those that are prepared to cheat an election with all the institutional forces, do to protect themselves? That is the most terrifying thing.

  98. shayshawn@hotmail.com says:

    If the youtube ship goes down because of your reporting I’m Tripling my member tier.

  99. a73s says:

    My adblock blocked the video player as an ad. Not a problem for someone who can disable it on this site but for the brave browser it might be an issue

  100. rchlmn says:

    With the election margin under 1% in multiple states, I can’t imagine Democrats not cheating.

  101. Gypsyprincess says:

    A GA judge just awarded a gentleman in Fulton County access to 145,000 mail in ballots and demanded they hold all signature envelopes also. Audits are breaking out everywhere and I think shit is about to get crazy!

  102. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Clicked the wrong reply button earlier, but uBlock origin blocks the player in Firefox on Linux Mint 20.1. Just fyi.

  103. BigJoe77 says:

    So we can stand on the “soap box”
    We can’t trust the “ballot box”
    There not justice in the “jury box”
    The “bullet box” is looking pretty honest.

  104. DorseyWoods says:

    I can only speak for myself… nah, scratch that… half of America… all hell will break loose if Trump really won and there’s proof. There’s no way in hell that that price of shit and his whore should be allowed to stay in the whitehouse if there’s proof he lost. They are destroying this country and every single order and policy he has implemented should be undone and we should MAGA!

    • DorseyWoods says:


    • DorseyWoods says:

      I’ll add… I’m not a “Trumper”. I’m not a Republican. I’m a disaffected liberal who is watching the greatest country in the history of humanity fall. Trump is a ridiculous personality but his policies for the most part were geared towards the betterment of our nation and improvement in the lives of its citizens. If the Biden regime is allowed to reign for the remainder of the term then we may be to too far gone to fix. Critical theory, destruction of energy independence, foreign policy fueling wars, demonization of more than half of American citizens, intentional crippling of the economy and push to some sort of authoritarian socialist state,… the list goes on and on. No man with any pride in his country and bones in his back should stand idly by while an illegitimate president destroys the land they love. We owe our children more than that.

  105. StephentotheV says:

    adblock will keep player from loading audio sounds better here than on youtube

  106. Pavogani says:

    I’m sorry…Tim is right here. If we cant win “fairly” well….the “left” did prove they can win with brute force. This will be what the “right” sees. Violence wins , While I disavow this thinking, it will be the go-to for many people. “Taxation with out representation.” I mean really? Didn’t a war start over less?

  107. Snuffy357 says:

    video not showing up on brave browser.

  108. BrucecurB says:

    Working just fine here!

  109. CallMeIsmael says:

    All I’m going to say is I think it’s gonna get really real really fast if Arizona comes out with trump on top.

  110. Pavogani says:

    “We can prove it.” the conservatives
    “BURN EVERYTHING DOWN!” the left.

    This wont end well……

  111. MorganElyse says:

    Ooo, hot dog!

  112. mookie1590 says:

    Checked if it works on microsfot edge, and it does, lmao.

  113. BigJoe77 says:

    I voted for trump but don’t think he won. If they come out and say “trump won Arizona!” They may start looking at other states too.

    • Gypsyprincess says:

      They already are. There is one going on in New Hampshire and a judge just awarded a guy access to all the mail in ballots in Fulton County GA. It’s starting to snowball.

  114. Lastandtheleast says:

    Video error, doesn’t load