The Trump Time Traveling CONSPIRACY, The Alternate Timeline Theory (Its fun but we totally debunk it because we're buzzkills)

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The Trump Time Traveling CONSPIRACY, The Alternate Timeline Theory (Its fun but we totally debunk it because we’re buzzkills)
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155 responses to “The Trump Time Traveling CONSPIRACY, The Alternate Timeline Theory (Its fun but we totally debunk it because we’re buzzkills)”

  1. ryansandquist says:

    washing potatoes ian

  2. says:

    trump did win ! Just wait !

  3. Chat_Noir1 says:

    Hold on. I have to process this. Windu just witnessed Palpatine 720 murder three Jedi. Windu managed to unarm Palpatine. Anakin arrives, uninformed. Windu wants Palpatine dead from what he’s seen. Anakin wants due process, not realizing what they’re dealing with is unnatural. Bing. Bang. Boom.

    This would be like a squad of cops show up to arrest Nancy Pelosi (I know she’s not senate, but I like the visual).

    She yells out “ULTIMATE POWER” and a tendril erupts from her back, sweeps across the room, killing nearly the entire squad. One cop is a badass and gets the new found alien-monster-Pelosi into a pinned position. Now, new on the force, Skyy Wahker (she’s a lady cop) shows up. Badass cop, let’s call him Sam Yuel, he has the monster pinned. Skyy doesn’t know what just happened. Sam is screaming about how this thing is too dangerous to let go. Skyy is concerned about due process. Sam’s conscience tells him to take it into his own hands. Skyy shoots and kills him. Tragedy

    Tale as old as time. We never know the full story. Due process should be given to every case that we can give it to. Sometimes situations are dangerous enough that you should deal with the problem then and there.

  4. knurd says:

    If there’s one person that should believe in manifesting parking spaces it should be Ian. It’s an actual science has been proven look it up. You guys are wrong. Doubters.

  5. CraggBragg says:

    Hold on Tim. Look at the picture on the cover of that book. It looks just like Don’s son Barron Trump. What you failed to understand is that Barron Trump is a young Donald Trump brought back from the past by Mike Pence (who is from the future) to protect him from time travelling assassins. Sheesh, you’re so ignorant.

  6. MrSooop says:

    What are those movies with the old traveling homeless man? He smokes weed and hangs out with midgets. Then his old friend was nice enough to take him in off the street but he killed him and stole his job and his clothes. Hmmm…

  7. cassiemayrand says:

    That’s how you’re going to end it?

  8. CrispyBacon says:

    With regard to what the Empire did that was wrong, didn’t they execute order 66 to kill the Jedi (the generals in the army) before Mace tries to kill the Emperor? The Emperor commits military treason before the start of the rebellion occurs.

    • General.Mayhem says:

      HG Wells already debunked this conspiracy theory. A time machine invented because of Donald Trump’s election, could not be used to undo his election, because it would undo the creation of the time machine.

  9. Magster73 says:

    Ian, Homo sapiens sapiens did not kill all the Neanderthals or drive them into extinction. Neanderthal genetic material is found in about 20% of all modern humans. That means we had babies with them. So we didn’t kill them off. What you said Ian, is an old theory from the 60’s and 70’s.

  10. Magster73 says:

    What a bunch of crap! Oh, wait. I can type shit here. ha ha.

  11. InstantLegend says:

    Hahaha, Ian is all like, “What fucking moron would believe in this shit?!”
    Ian, have you even heard half the crap you talk about?

  12. ApePower says:

    Tim, the Empire is bad because it would be akin to Hitler rising to power and turning Germany into an authoritarian dictatorship within a few years span, genociding entire cultures, invading planets and enslaving races, like the Wookies, which he did, minus the planets and aliens. Imagine if you were in the Galactic Senate. A democratic process existed in the galaxy as a Republic for thousands of years, then suddenly the Chancellor gets apparently wounded by what everyone thought was essentially Galactic police, and declares that since the last war is over, and his Jedi peacekeepers betrayed him and the Republic, he now has to take full dictatorship control, institute new currency, install himself as a dictatorial monarch, set up checkpoints everywhere, and genocide an ancient religious group that had only ever defended the galaxy for thousands of years based on hearsay from this Chancellor who was granted emergency powers and never let them go. Instead, abusing them to reorganize your entire government. Would you be fine with some President turning America into an actual Empire, installing themselves as the first of a long line of generational Emperors from their bloodline and then start genociding Christians based on the claim a Church group tried to assassinate him? No, knowing you, you’d become a Rebel.

  13. bigl78 says:

    Oh Tim, you completely missed the part of Star Wars where the chancellor deceived the senate into giving him supreme powers and then he started pushing critical theory in the empire’s mandatory public school system…. bahaha

    • Magster73 says:

      And then General Grievous started a riot because he didn’t like the pronouns and nouns some people were using to describe it. Biological life forms were referring to Grievous as a male when it’s obvious Grievous is “gender neutral” because the General is an android. When asked to talk about his transition from male to being “gender-less” the “gender neutral” General said, ” I’m not here to talk about that.” From what I understand, Grievous prefers us to use the words android, synthetic life form, Grievous Master of the Universe, or simply “Hey You!” The android promised to not give in or give up the fight until all synthetic life forms are accepted into society and people start giving them jobs even if they don’t have the qualifications or experience to have that job. The riots caused 350 million space dollars in damage. “Hey You” is also starting an EmpireTube channel so androids can keep up on the latest “gender neutral” news. The Synthetic life form will also be selling caps and t-shirts that have AAC on them. AAC means All Androids Count.

  14. bigl78 says:

    So Darth Vader = Donald Trump to dems? lmfao…

  15. TheReigningCobb says:

    its all psychological not psychedelic

  16. ppmac39 says:

    It appears this player doesn’t work on Brave Browser…

  17. Langnma says:

    Thanks for correcting midget to little person, Tim.

  18. says:

    Come along and riiiide on our FANTASTIC VOYAGE! Tiiimmaaay

  19. says:

    Come along and riiiide on our FANTASTIC VOYAGE! Tiiimmaaaay

  20. UppityG says:

    All I see is a “can’t see the player? check back later, we’re getting a new player” message. I turn off Brave’s ad blockers, F5, nope, just the message still.

    In other news, Youtube is removing my comments by at least half, no rhyme or reason whatsoever. I’m taking screengrabs. I can chat in a livestream, no problem. But when I leave a comment, it shows for an hour or so, then YT disappears it. No error messages, no emails, nothing. It doesn’t happen to all my comments, just some. It’s not the content, because even a comment that said “Agree!” to a fellow commenter asking for more of the same kind of upload (music) was deleted by YT (not me or the uploader).

    Looking forward to much more content here.

  21. hazlema says:

    Other vids work but not this one (the one I wanted to watch), player not available??

  22. TheReigningCobb says:

    Ya still loading that dam video player B i wanna see Papi trump from the future ={

  23. PresidentJ says:

    The Empire was terrible in many different ways. They committed demicide on the people of Alderaan (that’s death by government right?). Then they committed genocide of those squid looking people (sorry I’m forgetting the name, but the race that looked like Admiral Akbar). They had forced slaves across the galaxy, suppressed speech and would kill people who spoke out against the Empire, they would commit extra-judicial killings against citizens as well as soldiers apart of the Empire, and they would force themselves on people that didn’t need to be protected and just wanted power over them.

    I know you were just kidding but there were a lot of atrocities that the Empire committed

    • Steve says:

      Mon calamari were the species. They also stripped worlds of their resources, such as the trees on Kashyyyk, the wookie planet, usually using slave labor.

  24. SLOTHDEAMON says:

    player still not working for me sad

  25. Mikkah says:

    …. “TAXES” I love you Ian

  26. Vashts1985 says:

    no video player on this one.

  27. CodeNameN says:

    Bro if you know anything about the EU of starwars the empire was exterminating whole races of people…

  28. Reven says:

    I like the new player, though wish i didnt have to scroll for miles to post a comment, using brave and not blocking anything btw.

  29. says:

    I never thought you’d make me Pro-Empire lol

  30. agoristl says:

    I like the new player. Has the popout now. And it’s pretty slick.

    • agoristl says:

      Now if only I could comment without reloading the page, and reply to comments directly beneath the comment I’m replying to. Keep up the work guys. Also, consider getting into some kind of publishing. I’m working on a series of short stories and would love to get published by someone with principles, even if you still haven’t arrived at the ultimate political awakening that humanity would be far better served going into the future without the baggage of the state. We’re dropping the final bricks of a decentralized infrastructure in place to be able to maintain society without relying on ridiculous notions of monopolized violence.
      Statism is nothing more than an outdated tradition held onto for fear of the new and unknown. Collective hierarchies are obsolete organs, like an appendix of society. Social evolution demands individualism and voluntary interaction and isolation.
      Don’t be like Ian and let the fear of the ‘other’ chase you into the arms of the state and make you think ‘if only we could fix this.’ Power attracts evil. Dissolve it and let it return to its source, you, the individual.
      Anyway, seriously, publishing and shit.

  31. Mastergunz says:

    Haha, hands down the most entertaining episode so far.

  32. RobinetDeTrie says:

    Look up Richard Sheldrake : morphic resonance

  33. Midnite_rider says:

    Off topic, placed for exposure:

    To be accused of an insurrection by definition would resemble a militaristic invasion requiring massive planning, secure means of communication, and a show of force capable of overthrowing and holding the three branches of government simultaneously.

  34. gmgauthier says:

    There is a far simpler explanation.

    Marxism was a massive fad in the late 1890’s. Anarcho-socialist and libertarian-socialist splinter groups were everywhere back then. Remember, this is the era that was produced by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Peter Kropotkin, Mikhail Bakunin, and later Emma Goldman, and Alexander Berkman. Russian and German anarchists were running all over the state of New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin for some reason, blowing up apartment buildings, sabotaging trains, and attempting to assassinate political officials.

    This was the era of the Rail and Steel magnates. The 1900 election between McKinley and William Jennings Bryan. The war between the Gold Bugs, and the Silver Bugs (the Silver Bugs lost). It was a massive POPULIST movement that got Bryan on the ticket opposite McKinley. And it was one of Emma Goldman’s acolytes that ended up assassinating McKinley. When his vice president, Roosevelt (a POPULIST), was inaugurated as his replacement, this is the first thing he had to say publicly: “When compared with the suppression of anarchy, every other question sinks into insignificance.”

    The *real* Ingersoll Lockwood was writing satire in an era of political assassinations, Marxist and anarchist insurgencies, the rise of American imperialism (the Spanish American War), and a massive populist movement embodied in the person of William Jennings Bryan. So, why WOULDN’T his work seem very familiar to us?

    • Wesley says:

      Do you see the possible chance for an anti-communist resurgence by the American people when this leftist nonsense currently happening on the mainstream stage finally hits a wall? Maybe I am wishfully thinking but it would be tremendous if we could all get back to the days where we threw people accused of communism in prison. While seemingly extreme, there was a VERY GOOD reason we did this and clearly in the wake of not persecuting anti-American extremists, they have now infiltrated every facet of our life.

      • gmgauthier says:

        I really don’t like this comment system. I can’t tell who I’m replying to. I’m not sure if they can either.

        Short answer: Locking people accused of being communist in prison is a really bad idea. Locking people in prison for blowing up apartment buildings and attempting to assassinate business and political leaders is a necessity.

  35. Drewncharlie says:

    Godamnit tim why do you always ignore ian when he says something truly profound. Something that is clearly wisdom. Even a total moron will be right twice a day. Mostly ian derails. But every now and again ian hits something human that is profound. And you ignore him every time. Ian deserves props

  36. raymcneal says:

    I remember reading this in the early to mid 2000’s.

  37. says:

    The One. I love that movie. They actually use the outside of Sacred Heart in one shot.

  38. Bryan_Liem says:

    I’m joking, but is it ironic to say stupid people believe the Ingersoll Lockwood story, then seriously talk about how we live in The Matrix simulation? Maybe The Matrix simulation theory is just sci-fi talk to describe how we live in the temporal real world while a more permanent spiritual world exists eternally? The Matrix movie has been saying it for decades, while the Bible stands ignored yet 3,000 years old, saying it all, all along.

    You might also have the timeline wrong. Baron Trump is the son of Donald Trump. Maybe this Trumpism lasts a generation? Maybe 25 years from now, Baron Trump is running for re-election? Gosh!

    I am a little bummed out by the casual shrug for Biden “winning”, whatever. Are we invested in ideas or invested in the Return of the Democrat Good Guys party. With all the Communist playbook tactics in play right now?!

  39. pteague says:

    Maybe it’s more because I read all of the books rather than just let the movies inform me …. It was very much the elitist Empire vs everybody else … otherwise why were the Hutts outlaws? They were elites, but they were not Imperial elites. All of the initial stormtroopers were from an elite soldier, but after the prequels they had to rely on brainwashing techniques in order to indoctrinate more stormtroopers into the order… So at this point we can start to question, what’s the difference between say …. the marines breaking you down & rebuilding you vs just brainwashing you … would marines just land somewhere & murder all of the civilians in a place that is complaining about the government? Think about the Boston Tea Party … The Empire would just show up & kill all of the people that were there … you simply existed in a place that called into question your right to rule over them… This is what the rebellion was fighting in Star Wars & was what Mal was fighting in Firefly. Were there some places that took advantage of this to promote their own dictatorship? yes! it’s been a long while, but i think there were some groups in the books that were doing this & the rebellion specifically removed themselves from these groups. You cannot say rebellious people are just all for anti laws or rules … the whole united states of america was quite literally a rebellion against a “superior” foe that inflicted penalties upon them with no benefit.

  40. RebootedMind says:

    Tim cursing is very strange. Makes him seem less Intelligent. I think he’s doing it just to stand out from YouTube. Any agree?

  41. spoonsofdoom says:

    Taxes was the best line lol
    also the u.s. govt. defending pedo’s? harrumph!

  42. Vox_populi says:

    What and the fuck was this segment? LOL. Definitely made me change my mind on Star Wars tho.

    • SahRah says:

      Star wars is amazing. It doesn’t matter how many ways you look at it or how many holes you discover, somehow it just grips the soul. Obi wan is the most likeable character in the entire series, from my point of view.

    • sukemeblyat says:

      It is in the Jedi constitution. The right to decapitate Sith Lords. Read it.

    • says:

      Except for that part where Mace brings 3 Jedi Masters with him. They attempt to arrest him. Palpatine immediately attacks them. Proceeding to cut down 3 Jedi Masters with ease. Then Mace narrowly defeats Palpatine. Even after Anakin literally disarms Mace. Palpatine shows no remorse for killing an unarmed man. Where is the logic again?

  43. Denniswashere10 says:

    OMG the star wars rant was epic lol

  44. JasonWinchester says:

    I get stoned before watching the extra shows.. and Ian is definitely stoned as well. Kudos! 😉

  45. Habitual_line_stepper says:

    Hahaha Ian is the best he was talking about sweet potatoes and it more trying to prove group consciousness. Keep doing the work y’all.
    Coconuts hahahaha

  46. Habitual_line_stepper says:

    Hahaha Ian is the best he was talking about sweet potatoes and it more trying to prove group consciousness. Keep doing the work y’all.

  47. bsmithcutshair says:

    is anyone familiar with Kim Clement? he was a Christian who starting in 2008 accurately prophesied about Trump being president. He has a very interesting prophesy also called “Two Presidents” where he says “how can the one with the double mind speak to the people?”. I would be curious to know other people’s thoughts. He even says that they will say “impeach, impeach!” about Trump, but notes that it won’t happen. Again, he was saying these things before we knew Trump was going to run.

  48. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Careful with that “time machine” Tim. Also loved Ian’s ideas on this one. We are a copy of a copy of a copy.

  49. Graysfang says:

    Hahahahahahaha listing to Will mix up almost all the character names in GoT tickles me.

  50. TheDeafOmen says:

    *Tim literally explain Star Wars in a accurate way *

    Star Wars fans “DUDE…. what the fuck!?”


  51. says:

    Now I want to watch star wars again

  52. obiwanzanobi says:

    I think the time travellers went back not to stop Trump in 2020, but to stop Hilary in 2016. This story may be fake, but think about it. Hilary wasn’t supposed to lose, and after Trump’s win, the far left accelerated their plans, causing regular people to notice something was wrong and start fighting back. This story may (or may not) be fake, but consider this theory: in the og timeline, Hilary won, and the left boiled us like frogs in a pot and we never even noticed until it was too late. Then, a cadre of time travellers calculate the best way to prevent this future, which is Trump’s win, then they go and manipulate the 2016 election.

  53. Muffinbutton315 says:

    so we are Moriarty in star trek tng: a simulation in a tv show

  54. Unknown says:

    Random Thought.

    Who fights for the middle class?

    The world seems hyper focused on Poverty and Wealth. Thus forgetting the most important group, the middle.

    Mobility can’t exist if a middle class doesn’t exist.

    It’s easy to think if we focus on Poverty we will create more Middle Class, however this is wrong. If we focus on the middle class we not only prevent people from falling into poverty, we also help people out of it.

    The things we need to keep the Middle Class afloat are the very things the poor need to get out of poverty. Focusing on helping the Middle class will also make many people rich, as the Middle Class bolsters our economy and do most of the work.

    Instead we seem to be stripping the Middle Class of everything to have it redistributed to either the poor to bring them up, or the rich in a false idea they will make things better for everyone.

    We need a culture that praises working class/middle class families. One that makes it possible for those willing to work to know they will be rewarded for their efforts. One where the Middle Class is seen as people on the move improving lives instead of what we have today, this somewhat mockery disapproval or blatantly ignored.

    We can’t just skip a step and make everyone billionaires. And we must respect those who work their way towards a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

    • Unknown says:

      I think part of the challenge we face today is that the Middle Class no longer looks like the Middle class of the past. I’m not even certain what it looks like across the board. Technology has changed things, jobs are different. New skills are needed.

      Skills are one of the things needed to keep the Middle Class growing. Basic computer understanding are going to be paramount. Logic and processes as computers run on them. In the same way knowing basic mechanics helped the middle class of last century.

      I’m sure there are a lot more and discovering them all is the big objective of our generation.

    • Unknown says:

      And to be clear, I’m not saying the poor or rich are not working towards improving, many are. The point is, many of those in the middle class have figured out the big missing puzzle piece others need. After all, they are managing to make it to the Middle and stay there, they know something everyone else doesn’t. And it’s desperately needed right now.

      The middle class seems like it’s an endangered species that produces a compound that cures cancer. It must be protected for all of our benefit.

  55. Stellarator says:

    if the extra content is just going to be the kooky shit segment then i’ll just watch the free main content.

  56. Dreadpool says:

    Finally got on Timcast. Hype!

  57. WingedLion says:

    For all those who want to know, the concept of shared consciousness is called a morphic field, morphic resonance or morphogenetic theory, In less scientific circles, the akashic records are a similar but more of a meta-concept

  58. Robzilla333 says:

    Isn’t that willing things into existence all that Anton lavey/Allister Crowley satanic cult stuff?

    • axegarden says:

      They were one iteration of “it”, but it has been a part of western magic for centuries. It got a resurgence in the early 20th century after western scholars started getting interested in esoteric aspects of buddhism and indian yogas, inspiring such movements as the Theosophical Society. Another iteration of esoteric eastern interests happened later and spawned “New Age” religion and hippies. Western Esotericism is largely imported/translated Eastern Esotericism.

  59. Isaree1102 says:

    I watched a documentary about 15 years ago, and I wish I could remember the name of the title. It was talking about global consciousness and gave examples of where people would search certain keywords online all over the world just before and as something happens that pertain to the “Unexpected and/or an event that happened”. It was pretty interesting and thought provoking.

  60. matthammond says:

    Tim was describing the movie “The Thirteenth Floor” about simulations.

  61. RexTheSauceLord says:

    tim the empire oppressed its people its essentially communist china in the future

  62. RexTheSauceLord says:

    tim seems to be forgetting that the chancellor was also the guy leading the separatists

  63. Pardah83 says:

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  64. Fishbiskit says:

    In Star Wars the Jedi did become unhinged by the time the sequels came out.

  65. TheAcquisitor says:

    Apropos of what Ian was saying…It does seem that when the body is weak, the instinctive will to live can be overcome. The remaining half of an old couple so often perishs mere days after their mate dies, as their personal reason to live has departed, and at that time, their will is stronger than their body is, and it becomes easier to simply turn yourself off mentally, and perish.

    • WingedLion says:

      As someone who’s worked in icu’s and trauma settings, this is very true. Not everyone who fights lives, but those who don’t die most of the time.

  66. ULTRA_SUPER_MEGA says:

    If there’s ever another alternate perspective episode, I’d like to hear Tim’s take on Lord of the Rings.

  67. Dack says:

    Always makes me giggle when I hear trekkies talk Star Wars they always miss so much of the political side of the saga but makes sense when you’re only looking at it from just the skywalker family story arch you have to pay attention to all the side factors to see the political context still great episode

  68. BHardt says:

    So what you are saying is we are on the opposite timeline of Endgame. The bad guys use time travel to undo the good guys winning, although leftists probably think Trump is worse than Thanos, he was trying to save the environment from us after all.

  69. Merdrah says:

    Reasons for the Rebellion prior to Ep 4?
    Authoritarian rule

  70. Brodie57775 says:

    It was sweet potatoes.

  71. says:

    The empire had enslaved entire planets and races to build their military force. Uncle Owen even alludes to how bad the Empire is when Beru says “he’s just like his father” and Owen says “thats what I’m afraid of”. Vader being his dad was kind of a shock, but even as a kid I assumed that meant Luke’s dad was a bad guy. They were also super against him joining the imperial academy for a reason. I do agree the movies could have done a better job of making the Empire as a form of government was evil to make it more clear on WHY there was a rebellion though. Same with the prequels, the fuck was wrong with the idea of the Separatists doing their own thing. All the planets that signed on with them theoretically did so willingly, The Republic was basically attempting to crush a rebellion as well and was legit corrupt, hell they made a Sith Lord into their leader who was the mastermind of that rebellion at the same time. P.S. time travelers with TDS is the most frightening concept I’ve heard on this show.

  72. ZAK88 says:

    Did Tim just say shitting in the corner of a room is practical LMAO

  73. Ryan says:

    But what about all of the other Jedis that were killed by palpatine in that scene Jedi Masters that were there to serve basically an arrest warrant to arrest the chancellor??????

  74. says:

    checked incorporation records… it was registered on 19FEB2020 in Delaware. Unfortunately, this state doesn’t make documents or company info publicly available without paying $20.

  75. grezdaed says:

    This discussion about willpower not having any effects sort of goes against the idea about the power of prayer.

  76. TommyGun says:

    Ian, what you were thinking of were Japanese Macaques monkeys washing potatoes in hot springs. You were also referencing “The hundredth monkey effect that is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea. The behavior was said to propagate even to groups that are physically separated and have no apparent means of communicating with each other”. I also heard the phenomenon explained based on a Morphogenetic field theory.

  77. says:

    Call me crazy if you want but you can’t make me believe more than 80 million people voted for a corpse.

  78. Scarab says:

    The rebellion in starwars started because palpatine killed all the jedi in episode 3 and took over the Senate, there wasnt a rebellion in episode 1 and 2.

  79. NihonSama says:

    Tim, I subscribed JUST to hear this after show episode because you touted it up….it didn’t disappoint.

  80. SouthernSilver says:

    There’s another conspiracy around Trump that he was prophesied to become president by a preacher called Kim Clement years before Trump announced he was running for president. There’s videos of it on YouTube. It’s worth checking out.

  81. AssertiveDebater says:

    Loved all the reframing of pop movies/tv-shows, but with the Star Wars prequels (not a big fan of them btw) you weren’t taking the entire context into consideration. The argument you made is great from just the perspective of Anakin. But he didn’t know the full context. we as the viewers do. The Jedi DID go there to arrest the Chancellor. The Chancellor resisted arrest, tried and succeeded at killing 2 of the 3 Jedi, and confessed that he is the Dark Lord of the Sith. That instantly takes him out of the realm of “political enemy” and into Jedi territory. Sith are too powerful and too devious to entrust non-force users to judge, objectively so, especially if you take into account the expanded universe. The Sith are also in no way shape or form “the good guys”. There’s a reason for the rule of 2: that being, it was developed to ensure the Sith didn’t kill each other into extinction.

  82. DorseyWoods says:

    Taxes!? 🤣

    • MrsShwagger says:

      I had a friend obsessed with the Trump conspiracies, it was at least entertaining at first but when we got TX winter storm, she seriously said Democrats manipulated the weather & sent the storm to TX as payback to “Republicans.” She was certain because her lighter caused black spots when she held it to the snow. We’re not friends anymore lol

  83. Antonette59 says:

    Story time with Tim is fun 😂

  84. MigL says:

    The new Disney+ Show “The Bad Batch” is filling in the gap right after episode III. Things get authoritarian af in the very first episode. But under your track of thinking, order 66 was a mass execution of a religious group, it’d be like us killing all Islamist for the attacks on 9/11. Actually worse bc it was just Windu that wanted to kill him there and he didn’t even do it. However, in the Mandalorian season 1 the Client (Werner Herzog) did say that there was more peace and an abundance of resources under imperial rule. And Vader also pitches to Luke that if they rule as father and son, they could stop all the fighting in Empire. Idk, both parties were radicals anyway, I rather chill on Dagobah and live in a van down by the swamps lol

  85. says:

    Tim is Q…scary how good he is at improvising a storyline/conspiracy theory! You guys are awesome. Always entertaining!!

  86. Tom says:

    Ian, please, sneeze or something. Clear your head. Stop thinking about what you believe. Listen to the facts as presented. Maybe this will help.
    I think you can take the following as a Law of the Universe: “Reality does not require belief and belief does not create reality.”

  87. Gale says:

    Tim Pool jumping on Sargon’s “Star Wars is Pro-Jedi Propaganda” train!

  88. bbadsad says:

    The Hunger Games, analogy was a good one.

    • Jonk says:

      Tim your Star Wars knowledge sucks. The Emperor took wartime powers from the senate and never returned them. He even went so far as to dissolve the galactic senate near completion of the Deathstar. Grand Moff Tarkin’s famous line was, “fear will keep them in line.”

  89. Rawdog says:

    Actually, this view of the Star Wars story is really good. Take a look at the Back To The Future trilogy. Marty’s father let’s the psychopathic rapist Biff around his children in the 1st movie. In the 3rd movie Marty refuses to kill Biff’s ancestor then throws away an original Colt SAA that would have brought him $100,000 in his own time. Even though in the 2nd movie Biff murders Marty’s father and RAPES his mother. ??????

    • WingedLion says:

      While hilarious, this episode is kinda terrifying as well. Think of how your views, on everything, have been shaped by framing devices your whole life…

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