Joey Salads Member Podcast: Billionaire Proposes 'Equitism' Utopia Which Just Sounds Like Chinese Style State Communism

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Joey Salads Member Podcast: Billionaire Proposes ‘Equitism’ Utopia Which Just Sounds Like Chinese Style State Communism

75 responses to “Joey Salads Member Podcast: Billionaire Proposes ‘Equitism’ Utopia Which Just Sounds Like Chinese Style State Communism”

  1. Tommot says:

    Has the main video been censored on you tube can’t find it on there

  2. TheLordHumungus says:

    Every former exec of walmart should be summarily executed.

  3. Daffyman says:

    Tim, I vote you stop mentioning Wyoming! We don’t want any more people realizing how great it is here!

  4. MAMAGILL says:

    Hmmm…33 people per acre? PRODUCTIVE, OBEDIENT, HARDWORKING PEOPLE? Reminds me of Corporate Chicken farms. The United States is supposed to be like Free Range chicken. If I were a chicken i would prefer Chicken City to Tyson Farms.

  5. GalaxyWhoop says:

    I figured it out. I think the globalists (who currently have control over the United States government and Big Tech) are planning a civil war in the United States. That’s the real reason why they are doing vaccine mandates. And after all the people who own guns are dead or captured, then the United States will be like Australia is now. The whole world will be like Australia. The globalists will have the whole world convinced that it is too dangerous to let private citizens have guns. The only way we can prevent a civil war is if everybody gets vaccinated. If you want to keep your guns then everybody has to get vaccinated. But that’s not going to happen. So there’s going to be a civil war. The globalists want to go ahead and deal with this (gun ownership) problem now before it gets even worse. The more people keep buying more guns, the more difficult it will be for the globalists to take over in the future.

  6. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    Building cities in deserts is not a prime survival strategy, commies. Good luck applying class oppression to the fact that there’s no water, guess you’ll have to buy it and pipe it in like LA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Rawdog says:

    This comment is going to be a bit of a stream of conciousness. I apologize in advance if this post reads like Nutland sounds.

    Been thinking about Pedo Joe’s “mandate”.

    If you are dealing with your employer demanding that you get the jab, may I suggest that you ask them (I recommend that you record their answer) if they realize that they will be liable for ALL medical costs & ALL disability costs that may arise from you getting this vaxx.
    Ask them if they will pay you for the rest of your life if you lose the use of your limbs, have issues with your heart and/or have a stroke.
    Remind them that we don’t have ANY idea of the long term effects (I suggest mentioning Thalidomide Babies). Ask them if they have budgeted money for your long term medical costs.

    You can state that you have no problem complying with their bullshit BUT ONLY IF THEY ACCEPT ALL LIABILITY FOR THEIR DEMANDS.

    I may be wrong, but with the exception of the scam tech companies (the ones Joshua Fluke is always talking about), most corporations will quickly shut up.

    I can only offer my experience in support of this idea. My employer once tried to get me to get the jab by doing a bit of threatening. I basically told them what I wrote above. They stopped bothering me & the only response to the Manchurian Candidate’s psychotic rant has been an email stating that they encourage us to get vaxxed but will wait for more information.

  8. AmericaFirst says:

    90:00 Tim listing all the details of his ridiculous idea which peaks around him saying “i’m into freedom” and then less than a minute later say “but if people don’t like you – hey man you gotta leave. you can’t stay here”

    Why would anyone want to buy land within “your city/land” when you say straight up – hey when someone from our whiny millennial staff or crew doesn’t like you – you’re gonna get kicked out.

  9. Chimerawizard says:

    Internet breaking? Elon Musk meets Alex Jones?!

  10. Ruby435 says:

    its not mew the idea it’s like the kibbutz in israel. it worked to some extent . but today only the econmically successful kibbuzim remain in this method in the most of kibbutzim today have privatized and distributed the property to the members of the communtiy . check it !?.

    • BubbaJeap says:

      That’s true. Today, the Kibbutz is largely an under-funded community of like-minded individuals. It had a purpose in the past when reliance on each other was paramount in the nascent state. Today, many people prefer to gain based on merit rather than strict rules of division among members. I lived on a kibbutz near Eilat and though they had lots of money they all fought all the time over who does what. The rules were ridiculous as an outsider. But if you like an isolated life with a small community, then it might be for you.

      I could never do it.

  11. LostMarbles says:

    Corporate monarchy is what Curtis Yarvin has proposed for years. If you truly came to this conclusion independently, maybe you should read some of his work. Spread the ideas some more. It could work. It just needs to catch on.

  12. Blixarxan says:

    Irvine California is a city we already have where you can’t actually own a piece of property, it’s like a long rental. Check it out.

  13. notabottoday says:

    Need to follow up on world changing stories.
    Do we really need to have our hair on fire.
    Have a reporter following the stories that are always pushed aside by new bigger ones.
    No conclusions doesnt help peoples mental state or anger.

  14. notabottoday says:

    Need to follow up on world changing stories.
    Do we really need to have our hair on fire.
    Have a reporter following the stories that are always pushed aside by new bigger ones.
    No conclusions dont help peoples mental state or anger.

  15. says:

    Please create button like “watched” or “Like” so that when I come back, i know i have watched this video. thanks y’all

  16. Jwsokol says:

    Do you offer an RSS feed for members only content?

  17. Animalcrackers says:

    Hey I was trying to watch the other half of the timcast irl video with joey and i cannot find it on youtube. Did youtube delete it?

  18. Revu says:

    This walmart guy is really sounding like Walt Disney. The idea is literally EPCOT, and that worked so well, didn’t it…

  19. Revu says:

    “The Free Market!”
    God, shut up with that absolute joke of “logic”. Whether its coming from businesses/corporations or governments, or anyone or thing, fascism is still WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE.
    So, apparently, Mr Salads is in favor of despotism as long as it comes from the “free market”.

  20. UppityG says:

    I’m here, staring at the burger menu on the left, still perpetually self-opening, like it’s a good thing….

    I’m also still refusing to watch you on YT, same with Crowder, I watch you here, I watch him on The Blaze, because I’m trying to stop using YT. I hate how draconian, arbitrary, leftist and inhuman it’s become. It writes terrible algos and I picture acres of toddlers making editing decisions on adult speech by creators and viewers in rank violation of Sec 230 and it’s depressing.

    • Colinwith1l says:

      I’m always torn on how to watch certain things. On one hand I don’t want to support you tube, but on the other, I already pay the subscription here, so they get nothing for my view. Where as of I watch on you tube, Tim gets my subscription fee, plus whatever money he gets from my views on yt or iheartradio, where I listen to the daily shows. Same with the daily wire guys, I’m a wire member but still watch DW on YT to push the algorithm. Not sure if works or if this even makes sense, but there it is.

  21. CNN_sucks says:

    Joey Salad true to his name. Weak. No amount of money can trade with freedom

  22. Deathmetalbubbletea says:

    LOL that photo Tim was showing with the “unlawful gatherings” signs 5 minutes in is in downtown Toronto. I hate this planet 凸(>皿<)凸

  23. Skotty-does-know says:

    First stream as a member, so weird hearing Tim swear coming from YouTube lol

  24. Spider_Guard says:

    With all due respect, you have an annoying habit of interrupting people. You’re smart, you’ve been around the block, we get it- but let people finish their sentences.

  25. Freedomluvr says:

    Tims such a pussy

  26. Element says:

    A company town?

  27. Danielos889 says:

    The majority of people want to do nothing but want everything. Unless someone invents a matter printer powered by renewable energy, every large scale communist project is going to need to find a way to sustain the proletariat, force them into slavery (gulag), or create a disappearance system. You literally only need to think one step further about your communist plan to realise its inevitable failure. To quote a clown, like a dog chasing after a car.

  28. WhiskeyRomeo says:

    98.1 is in Toronto

  29. lewclark says:

    @4:56 There is a sign that says “98.1 CHFI”. That is a Toronto, Canadian radio channel.

  30. dji82 says:

    The catch with socialist/communist utopias is that they always want to make others pay for them. I could easily make a utopian city, all I need is $1 trillion. Who’s in?

  31. Darren8880 says:

    A communist city wow. How will it sustain it self. 15 sqare miles with no farms how will it feed its self. Where will it get power. I dont think they though this one through. 50 million peple mabe they will eat each other just like in

  32. garyha says:

    Yeah I don’t favor live. I do faster speed often and sometimes click forward or arrow keys to jump forward a bit. Live shows feel like a harness.
    1.25x speed has started feeling normal to me for example, although it depends on the content of course.

  33. NoOne123 says:

    About the podcast at around 1:10:00

    Joey and Tim start discussing John Cena’s capitulation to China. Joey says he agrees 100% that Cena should have apologized though he does so with some, “remorse”. Joey Salads is a weak man who will buckle under pressure and does not comprehend the political situation he is in.

    Tim: “so if china offered you 50 million dollars…”
    Joey: “50 million dollars?”
    Tim: “50 million dollars to start praising the CCP and communism is good, you’d do it?”
    Joey: “i wouldn’t go out of my way to start praising them like….”

    anything but a no means yes Joey. You would 100% sell out your country for 50 million dollars. What a fucking cuck.

  34. Matt32767 says:

    My eyeballs hurt when I press on them.

  35. NoOne123 says:

    I’m watching the podcast now.

    40 minutes in and i cant fucking stand how much of a retard Ian is and how he always defaults back to, “bro the federal reserve!” no matter the topic. On top of that he LOVES to derail shit with the most retarded questions. If asked about freedom he’ll ask, “what is freedom?”, if asked about slavery, “what is slavery?” if asked about genocide, “what is genocide?”. You’re not a philosopher dude. Stop.

    Also since im only 40 minutes in, Joey Salads seems like a frothing at the mouth retard who, like ian, doesn’t seem to really comprehend where we actually are politically and still thinks he can make compromises with communists who are more than happy to crush his neck with their boot.

    • MastaRob says:

      Brutal. Ian’s been getting better but I still find myself cringing like crazy and muting him on the regular. He seems like a nice guy but I think he’s more a liability than an asset to the show. Sometimes he makes decent contributions but it’s 50/50 now. At the start it was more like 100/0. So maybe he’ll continue improving. And yeah, I only tuned in briefly to the podcast and saw Joey saying some real retarded shit, stayed with it for 10 minutes and then bailed. Can’t win them all I guess. At least Tim was challenging him, seemed to be getting frustrated too.

      • NoOne123 says:

        Ian is a REALLY bizarre dude. I don’t really know his background or what skills he actually possesses but he seems to have a more technical oriented mind so when it comes to philosophy, ideology, and politics he just crumbles away and is out of his depth and is unable to draw the right conclusions. I bet if i were to ask him about computer programming or mathematics, or some basic engineering and electronics he would probably be A LOT more useful. Though maybe not considering he wanted to be an actor when he was younger or something.

        Regardless most of my comments are just me venting my thoughts and frustrations. Not something to take too seriously.

    • says:

      Joey is a complete idiot. I hope Tim does not have him on again. Stumbles and fumbles around for his words. Cringe

  36. Thatgrumpyoldguy says:

    That city is Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  37. Joec4ry129 says:

    I think during the late 50’s, walt Disney had a similar idea for a community of this sort of nature, like a company town or something. It was creepy. Died before it could even be implemented. The execs after walt’s death were like, “yeah, we’re not going to be doing that. Let’s continue the Florida project and go from there”. Sure, I’m paraphrasing the entire situation of early Epcot, but it’s why we shouldn’t trust ceo’s, let alone former ceo’s with a utopian society idea.

  38. lettergram says:

    Question: If I stop paying property taxes, is my property taken from me?

    Feel free, search it.

    That’s right, you don’t own your property either.

  39. pandusa says:

    Ok, so they are not Snidely Whiplash twirling a mustache, wearing a black cape and laughing maniacally. It does not make them any less nefarious. In Australia with the New World Order comments. The ” Build Back Better” slogan denotes destruction (back from what?). Davos, Dominion (definition: noun: origin latin dominus -lord master- sovereignty or control ) Black Rock, Black Stone, Skull and Bones . They tell you who the are and what they are about…if you pay close enough attention. They say Orwell called it in the 1950s in his book 1984. The MOST HIGH called it in a book around 79 AD… in the book of Revelation.

  40. AlexMichaelGabriel says:

    This is going to be one of those “safe” cities like seen in an episode of Electric Dreams. Scary!

  41. John_Beart says:

    Have another awsome long weekend team. 😁👍🖖⚡⚡❤️🙏

  42. JordanJ0888 says:

    I’m going to go conspiracy on y’all. The announcement over Biden’s vaccine mandate was made prior to the California Newsome recall election. The conspiracy question I’m raising is, where is their confidence coming from where he would time his announcement prior to the election? Obviously this would fire us up to recall the dude? I’m thinking the fix is already in.

  43. TheAcquisitor says:

    Telosa is just Elysium, only on the ground instead of in space.

  44. munchhasen says:

    Book Robert Barnes he’s leading a lot of the lawsuits challenging the mandates all across the USA. He’s a populist super lawyer

  45. JeDalton says:

    Oh sorry you misspoke, not UTOPIAN city, DYSTOPIAN city. I know how important fact checking is to you, so thought I’d help out.

  46. Shockey831 says:

    Tim Pool is swimming in all that bio trust corporate money. He has backers.

  47. Tom Collins says:

    Tim said “I do this because I have fun doing it.” Yes, this is the key. I don’t care if you’re a farmer, a plumber or a stock broker, if you enjoy what you are doing you will be the real winner. If you don’t enjoy your work, please look for something else. It will be frightening and stressful but in the long run you will be glad you did.

  48. cubangator says:

    I have never disliked a guess more than this Mr. Salad guy ….
    He cares sooooo much about protecting leftists freedoms …. the freedom to enslave us and kill us all.
    If God is merciful Liberals will send him first to the Gulags before the rest of us.

  49. LordReptilia says:

    Hey, that radio station 98.1 from the first technodystopia pic is in Toronto, I googled it!

  50. Rawdog says:

    This was a good show. Screwtube did a serious shadow ban on today’s episode.

  51. Jesslexan says:

    What makes me sad is seeing the kids get off from school and continue to wear the mask walking home. Seeing kids in a group walking to the ice cream store down the road from me wearing masks, even before school started, they are outside wearing a mask! Im in Canada or as people have been calling it chinada. Things are getting scary. Get vaxxed if you want to do non essential things like going to a movie theatre or the gym or sit inside a restaurant or have a job. I guess Canadians are alright with history repeating. I feel like when Im trying to tell people about how the way things re going is not good, segregation and descrimintation. I get told I need to do my research, when im the one doing it! I think the pro vaxx mandate people dont know history at all! the way things are going is how it started with the Jews and the nazi’s. I dont know how you can’t see what is right in your face! I took my kids out of school this year, dont want them around all this shit going on, wearing a mask all day, following the arrows on the ground only playing with your class at recess in your classes rectangle on the ground, wearing a mask at recess, get in trouble for taking your mask down. I just cant believe this is our reality.

    • says:

      You’re not alone! I feel the exact same way you do. I took my kids out of school this year. We are homeschooling. I do not want my child to experience this madness and insanity. I have a hard time waking up in the morning knowing this is our reality. It feels like a bad dream, and everyone thinks it’s all just business as usual!

  52. BrotherPaul says:

    Jacque Fresco’s designs were better “The Venus Project”