Sean Parnell & Peter Quinones Member Podcast: Activists Challenges NYC Mandates, Calls FOr People To Fight Back, Pete Says He Took Ivermectin For COVID

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Sean Parnell & Peter Quinones Member Podcast: Activists Challenges NYC Mandates, Calls FOr People To Fight Back, Pete Says He Took Ivermectin For COVID

93 responses to “Sean Parnell & Peter Quinones Member Podcast: Activists Challenges NYC Mandates, Calls FOr People To Fight Back, Pete Says He Took Ivermectin For COVID”

  1. NotAFaux says:

    So I saw a vid of how COVID-19 works way back when it first came out. It is the only virus “I”;not a professional mind you; have ever heard of that does not destroy it’s host cell. It creates a little organelle. The new organelle drains your biological energy to spit more virus out. This explains both the filling of lungs with an unending amount of flem until your body gets it under control, and the lethargy that occurs leading up to and for varying times after. The varying times can be attributed to the wide spectrum of immunity developed. Sadly the drain may come back anytime a person becomes sick later… It’s all humanity changing bullshit.

  2. justlikethecaptain says:

    Nolita Pizza…in my neighborhood! They shall have a new customer tomorrow.

  3. colovion says:

    My son is one of the kids protesting the mask mandate in Manchester, MI. He knows my stance on masks (I think they’re security theater) but I didn’t tell him to protest. He decided it on his own, with his friends. I support the kids’ civil disobedience in support of their rights. I have hope for the future now.

  4. Fxs888 says:

    Bill Krystal, neo cons, are derived from Trotskyites, so I heard. But as far as the world domination agenda trip, that jives.

  5. yamyule says:

    Yeah, the H1N1 was pretty bad when it first hit. My young cousin died from that. (Technically acute, rapid onset pneumonia.) It eventually calmed down, but they increased measures for yearly flu vaccines after.

  6. Hieronymus says:

    If you want to know why people are taking horse paste, this week’s FLCCC video makes things amazingly clear. People are being forced to sue hospitals to get the human drug. We’re seeing the medical equivalent of a shadow ban.

  7. Kybx says:

    Wow the needles behind the eyes thing killed it for me. Im glad im not the only one who had that symptom.

  8. Tristan says:

    I agree with the nebulizer idea. Early January 2020 both of my parents had a “mystery” illness that the doctors couldn’t ID and had the same symptoms as covid. They used a nebulizer and that cleared them out within a week.

  9. Iamthepyro says:

    I remember when I read an article about the Obama administration funding a virus study lab in Wuhan and I said, “well that’s not gonna go well” I don’t remember exactly when it was but here we fucking are.

    • Blackrat says:

      Forgot if it was the first or second Alex Jones interview but he mentioned that as well. It was in 2013 if I remember right. Others at the table thought he was bullshitting but he gave them some keywords to do a search on and sure enough bunch of articles came up

  10. The_Middling says:

    Come on guys! You can’t claim that it’s a manufactured virus because you feel like it gave you brain fog. There are plenty of natural viruses that do way worse. Even if it was manufactured it’s a modification of a natural viruse.

  11. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Everybody needs to just quit pretending like there’s objective reality. Ian is on his own path, as are we all. Be nice to each other.

  12. danskee says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is H202, which is H20 (water) plus an oxygen molecule. It is anti-viral/anti-microbial – however – in addition it provides extra oxygen molecules to the lungs. That seems like it would be beneficial for Covid patients.

  13. Sdonna63 says:

    Yes yes thank you for saying it. I got Covid in Feb of 2020. And NOTHING NATURAL is with it. Fever, headaches cough. Everything was different.

  14. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    Jesus christ, this player is complete trash. It resets your progress randomly, or when you change video quality and there’s no way to fast forward on mobile. I’m not listening to the first 20 minutes again just to get back to where I was!

  15. AngusKing says:

    Pitchforks is how you make people accountable, Sadly that has been the only way the upper echelons have been held accountable historically.

  16. Antonette59 says:

    I know someone that had covid. It was really bad for her. I spent 3 weeks with her so I got it, too. Mine wasn’t as bad by a long shot, but I had all the the same symptoms. She was given antibiotics & a steroid. She had it rough. Mine was mild. I agree that you should talk to your doctor. Mine will give me Ivermectin. Not sure if the pharmacy will fill it. You can go to FLCCC and find a doctor that will prescribe it on the phone.

  17. HookDriver says:

    I can’t even finish this show. Tim, you move the argument and insert your opinions on others answering of your questions so much that all original points are lost. I don’t know how Ian stays on the show with the way you twist his opinions. Watch the video back in the section about determining viability. You insert your perception or opinion as Ian answer.
    Your hubris is showing my friend.

    • HookDriver says:

      At this point it’s a competition to see who is right, it’s no longer about eliciting opinions.

    • FatillacN says:

      I’m with you. I’ll finish it, but it’s getting hard to watch the pure IGNORANCE on display. Ian inserts his opinions but doesn’t even know very BASIC information (Virginia abortion issues for example). Get off the damn games and drugs dude and get some education.

      I understand Tim being reluctant on IVM, however he completely ignores key issues regarding it (timing, lack of harm-who cares if it doesn’t work if it not harmful). Martenson just dropped a ton of information on IVM toxicity. But key here is that he doesn’t have to PROMOTE it but he seems to DISPARAGE it without knowing that much about it. If they were serious about correctly reporting they would dedicate at least one journalist to keeping up with up to the MINUTE information. It is and has been THE big story for over a year, they are so far behind.

      You think they read any of this? Pffftt. They’re living in their bubble. I like Ian on a personal level, but he needs to up his game professionally, he’s talking out his butt half the time.

  18. Steezymac23 says:

    Ian…. War will never come to a close. The idea that it is just humans that go to war and that we have evolved beyond it is just not consistent with the reality of the animal kingdom. Let me ask you, Do you see multiple herds of Deer that roam a certain area? How about ants? do you see multiple colonies of ants in one area that aren’t warring with each other? How bout chimp colonies? Gorillas? How about wolf packs are there multiple wolf packs roaming the same area? Why do male dogs piss marking their territory? Do you see multiple prides of lions roaming the same area? The answer to all these questions is no. and why is it no? Because over time animals within the same species have fought with each other over land for resources and reproduction. This is animal nature. And we think we are somehow beyond it. LOL. Animals are combative for their own survival and survival will always be an issue no matter how much we advance.

  19. CNN_sucks says:

    Sean is real deal

  20. @GeologyIRL says:

    Another thing I’ve thought about is UV light in the throat and nose in small doses. I wonder if they could run in someone’s lungs with like a fiber optic wire that emits UV-light as a therapeutic treatment. Obviously could be dicey to lung tissue but small doses or in extreme cases where the cilia are inundated, I think it might work. I also swim almost every day and I feel like breathing the chlorine air might be something.

  21. grathado says:

    I feel like they want to murder most of us using the least amount of effort.

  22. UppityG says:

    Pool, do you really think the CCP would allow any footage of Chinese citizens keeling over on the street, or being dragged from their apartments, or being welded into their homes, when all of that would make them look bad?

    They always struck me as staged, always. The footage is just too clear, too on the nose, too useful to their narrative and goal: to spread totalitarianism, to make how they rule more palatable, and to take focus off of them. Remember the whole “it’s racist to say it came from China”? China, one of the most racist societies we’ve ever known. As far as I’m concerned, any country that wants to keep their genetics as they are, they don’t want to mix with other races, regardless, fine, that’s their right. We can continue to not like it, but that’s how it is.

    The CCP does not allow anything that makes them look bad to escape from China. Unless it suits their needs.

    Have you ever seen the “offensive film” that allegedly set off the Benghazi massacre? I have. It’s so half-hearted, so poorly produced, if I didn’t know what it was, I would’ve thought it was a high school production. Seriously. But there are people, adults, out there who buy it. Because their tribal leaders said so.

  23. etracy says:

    When I got Covid all I kept saying was, this was made in a lab. I find it really weird he thought the same thing. I have had the flu, allergy and asthma my entire life and this was something different. Side note, I either jogged/sprinted or did a light workout everyday besides one while I had Covid. The worst part about it was sleeping I would have crazy night sweats and pretty bad pain in my neck/upper trap area. The loss of taste and smell was also very odd and that was one of the major things that made me say this was made in a lab.

    • @GeologyIRL says:

      I like the working out while having it part. The body does amazing things during exercise and I would argue you’re turning up the dial on your immune system with more blood flow. Most people don’t work out so it would be out of the question at low energy, therefore more fucked. Also I just so happen to be a an avid swimmer and I’m fairly certain breathing chlorine every day does something to help. The 180 degree steam-room is good also IMO.

  24. Koko says:

    It’s because their solution was for everyone to resign or the competition quits. But they always insisted on having their own on air, well after their time. Brian Stelter, Don Lemone, so many others

  25. SMyers says:

    *just thought*
    I love your team, but I have a thought. Remember, everything y’all say/said about people being able to do drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, meth… You guys say it should be legal. They can choose. Look at Oregon. They will let you do harsh drugs… Addictive drugs and it’s legal. But Ivermectin and HCQ aren’t. Something is off with this. Don’tcha think? People that think you should be able to choose to do drugs but they don’t have the right to try this medicine to try to cure COVID? What?! Bonkers!

  26. RichieRich3 says:

    I am not sure if Tim reads these replies, but either way. I love the show and always stick up for it when people pan it. However, I need to say, last nights episode was unbearable and I stopped listening. Tim talked over his guests the ENTIRE time, said talk to your doctor 1,000 times, shut down Pete Q for saying something “libertarian” and was a rude asshole to Ian for Ian even suggesting that the CDC and FDA suffer from capture by those they regulate and that there is a deep state spreading talking points.

    I get Tim is afraid of being sued if someone takes IV or HCQ bc they heard on his show, but damn dude. Tim toes the establishment line like a ballerina on the vax and off label therapeutics. And REFUSES to recognize the bigger RCT trials of IV and HCQ are set up to fail. Is it so grandiose an idea for Tim to believe that big pharma, which funds the media and the scientific institutions and the scientific journals could be manipulating data, trials and corrupted “scientists”…?

    I know I am not gonna agree with Tim everytime, but on this issue he is really pissing me off.

    end of rant…

    • CliffandAmy says:

      Totally agree.

    • UppityG says:

      Pool isn’t afraid of being sued — frankly, anyone can sue anyone at any time about anything, no matter how nonsensical and suddenly you have to spend money defending yourself because someone else thinks you owe them something, it’s one of the risks of living in America, unfortunately — he’s afraid YT will take offense at what was said, no matter how little control he has over someone else, and proceed to take down the livestream midstream and / or remove it from his channel and give him a strike that will keep him from uploading for a week, or worse.

      Until the Courts finally do their job correctly, and interpret Sec 230 so as to force YT to stop editing the speech of others, Timcast is toiling under a very unfair, inscrutable, and frankly insane “Community Guidelines” enforcement. YT is acting like a pseudo-govt and that should be regulated.

      I happen to appreciate it when Pool interrupts Crossland because all Crossland does is babble aimlessly about stuff he’s trying to understand which wastes a fuckton of my time, your time, and everyone’s time. Crossland is always lagging behind because he’s still trying to learn what he should have learned by now, as a 40 yr old man. I don’t pay for the show to hear him posing high school level questions and then act like he’s entitled to be brought up to speed by Pool and the guests ON OUR FUCKING DIME. It’s exhausting.

      It might be worth it if at least half the time Crossland would have an “a-ha!” moment on the show, indicating that he’s in fact learning what he has demanded he be taught ON OUR DIME. But. He. Never. Does.

      • RichieRich3 says:

        haha… fair enough. sometimes Ian is a little lagging but I still love the guy. And honestly you are probably right about Tim not being afraid if being sued but more about being taken down by YT. it all sucks and it bums be out that someone I do respect like TP keeps flirting with being so pro establishment on this issue!! Cheers.

  27. Ozzy says:

    If the vax turns out to have horrible long term effects on people tim is going to look very bad for shilling for it.

    • UppityG says:

      Pool never shills for the vaccine. He repeatedly insists on people consulting with their doctors. Yes, ad nauseum. He doesn’t say so specifically, but I get the sense that he gets scary calls or emails from YT that make him worry that any second now, YT is going to lower the boom on how he makes a living.

      We all should try to be mindful of that fact for all YT content creators.

    • RichieRich3 says:

      he does half ass shill for it…

  28. DakotaJim says:

    The excuses for Google are lame, they have section 230, they are not afraid of liability. They only care about power and profits. They really aren’t even an American company, they support any and all globalist politicians because it is in their corporate self interest.

    PS. I de-googled my self about 2 years ago. At least the were honest enough to drop the don’t be evil slogan! How ironic.

  29. Mattpark says:

    I work for a school system as an electrician. Power went out from a storm, then subsequently turned back on by the power company. The entire school didn’t get its power. I showed up on the scene and the security told me I needed a mask. My response, “Do you want power?” He held the door open for me. None of the masked up staff said a word including the principle with a phd.

  30. pandusa says:

    FLCCC- Frontline Covid-19 CRITICAL CARE Alliance (testified before the Senate WATCH IT! ). Joe Rogan had Dr. Pierre Kory on his show and got them on the horn when he tested positive .He followed their protocol (combination of meds) and the rest is history…successful history. So help me God , if they would let me, I would take a moderate viral load of this virus and their protocol to prove what the FLCCC is saying is true. I am willing to bet on those odds, I am that confident. Early outpatient treatment is the key. I have lived my life. What I see in the rearview mirror is better than what I see coming at me through the windshield (Australia) and it is unnecessary. I haven’t decided if I am in clown world or Dante’s Inferno. I am a RN of 22 years, smoked for 47 years and over 60 years old. My besty 57 y/o (RN over 30 years experience) and currently working around Covid , tested positive, quarantined , had flu like symptoms and beat it with only an antibiotic to help prevent pneumonia (also smokes) . (You watch life and death on the front lines for 20 or 30 years and I’ll listen to you preach about a nurse smoking. Technically, I wasn’t smoking…the cigarette was. I can play with words too. You see the cig was on fire- NOT me .Oh , generations, that can’t see the forest for the cell phone towers, satellites , computer monitors , TV screens and social media popularity. But I digress. ). I am not a MD but know enough to know what the FLCCC doctors are saying makes medical sense. I won’t vax because of neurological damage from a previous medical procedure. I never ran a positive titer with hep B vax and didn’t respond well to Flu vax . Age and experience…can’t be bought…can’t be taught…you’ve either got it or you don’t.

    • UppityG says:

      Very wise. Agree, and I, too, would be willing to take a measured load just to get it over with and to prove the case. I’m over 60 and obese (long story, but can’t exercise like I very much used to enjoy doing, an hour daily).

  31. Bmleclair07 says:

    The only reason that I will forever refuse this vaccine is because they are jamming it down our throats and saying we have to get it… if the CDC and the government came out and promoted a healthier lifestyle with better diet and exercise, vitamin D but also said we also have a vaccine that you can get if you would like to, I probably would have gotten it right away.. instead they never once said anything about a healthier lifestyle and they also came out trying to mandate the vaccine.. with that being said I will forever refuse it..

  32. Astarr1462 says:

    No Sean, regular ppl are held accountable and the politicians, judges and anyone else in gov aren’t. Shit like this is why I can’t stand “conservatives” like you because you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  33. Astarr1462 says:

    Sean Parnell said last time he was on that we shld stay in Afghanistan. He is everything that Republicans are trying to get rid of. Can’t stand the dude and I’m on gathering same side

  34. garyha says:

    If the vax is for fertility reduction it all makes sense, time will tell.
    They have a justifiable excuse for their consciences, saviors of the planet.
    We eat 11 million pounds of food per minute.
    There are an extra 237,328 new consumers on earth every day.
    You’re an elite controlling trillions, it is up to you to prevent us from destroying ourselves by breeding like rabbits and people won’t listen to reason.

    The video game IRL edition.

  35. Yobuyahouse says:

    Listening to this. I know I had covid. I was smoking a bong a lot and thought it was just weed throat but I couldn’t breathe for about a month after my dad died, of covid, and so I got Horse paste did the thing Followed the measurements and omg what I coughed up. So idk but Tim is right its that the media has made us all so not trusting and DR. FAUCI VIRUS needs to have accountability.

  36. captnchetco says:

    Another possible election cheat?
    The California state official authorized the acceptance of copier ballots for counting. Since they are mailing out official ballots, Why??? Well Maybe! If you want to sneak in a lot of unofficial fraudulent ballots that have been created on a copier, you now cannot tell if they have been made by copy instead of by a voter. The official ballot print would vary from the official ballot voting mark, as made by a different instrument, ink, and time. The copied one will mask that. A forensic audit will now not be able to detect the fraudulent ones.

  37. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    2020 November/December was hell and the one this year was simple. Whole family got it and the way I explained the brain fog was the same feeling as a hangover that lasts 7 days.

  38. Dn1984 says:

    I don’t think you’ve had a worse take this year than proposing audits from the biggest clown show in Democratic history are a bad thing.

  39. Tripping52 says:

    We need to bring back dueling or some sort of gladiator matches to settle disputes

  40. lettergram says:

    In January 2020 I had pnumonia and my eyes got infected from the virus. They couldn’t figure out what it was, but it infected a ton of tissue and was the sickest I’ve ever been. The virus basically spread everywhere.

    My family flew in on Christmas and mentioned how they were next to someone super sick (flying from Cali). Everyone in my family got sick, but several of us were hit exceptionally hard. When I went to the hospital everyone was sick.

    It took two months to get rid of the virus from my eyes.

  41. PhatJimmy says:

    I think we have run out of time and either secession or civil war is imminent.

  42. D1sfuncti0nal says:

    I got the brain fog too. Had to do Calculus and dropped the course due to lack of ability to focus. Shit was insane. I’ve smoked weed before and it felt very similar.

  43. AUDREK says:

    Duuuuuuuuuude!!!!! I forgot all about the bullshit eyeball symptom. I never had that with anything else. It was weird and painful. That and the fever are my gripes with it. I don’t smoke near as much as I used to near none. Bet if I was smoking I would’ve had my ass kicked way harder.

  44. The_Anderson says:

    Maybe the Alpha variant was to get us to get the vax that helped against the virus, but that wasn’t the primary use of the vax. The primary use was to cut down on the longevity of life and/or to sterilize certain sectors of the population or introduce disease markers into the DNA? I know, that’s a lot of tinfoil too shallow but interesting no less!

  45. cubangator says:

    Tim, why do Republicans have to outvote the fraud ?? Why do we need 57% of the vote to win instead of 50% +1??? You should be ashamed !!! That is extremely unfair, corrupt, and tyranical.
    If those are the rules, then secession is the only viable solution.
    I would personally prefer Federalism as a solution but you need to pass laws to achieve that and is very difficult to pass Federalists laws when all your candidates have their elections stolen

    • DakotaJim says:

      The fraud will continue until the Rs fight fire with fire! Voter fraud will continue until both sides engage!

      Since CA allows ballot harvesting, I say game on!

      • cubangator says:

        Not going to work. Patriots that break laws are sent to jail no matter how small the infraction is… Ask the Jan 6 people about that.

        The only solution is Federalism, but since that requires winning rigged elections, most likely it would have to be secession. Why are we playing a rigged and injust game???

        • UppityG says:

          Because we took our eyes off the ball, that’s why. I’m with @Dakota. Fighting fire with fire is a sound tactic, turn about is fair play. First, we must get back the keys to the car. Then we can vote in safeguards to keep the Ds from cheating so successfully again. THEN we can return to our founding principles. But this nonsense of refusing to fight to win, regardless, is going to lose America. We have to fight like the American Revolutionaries did: guerilla style.

  46. Crskub says:

    Did you get my note/superchat about having Paul Hemphill on your show? He reached out to you Tim for his pitch and I just want to make sure you see it, he is really passionate and has a lot of good resources and insight on how to guide the students in the education system back on track. If you spend five minutes talking to him on the phone you’ll see what I’m saying. He made an entire video series relating lessons from History back to students in five minute videos that really get their minds activated. Please take a minute and check out Paul Hemphill at

  47. Old_Frog says:

    Has anyone thought about this? Fauci directed millions in US funds to a Chinese lab for gain of function research. It was a stroke of absolute luck that the released virus didn’t kill every human on the face of the Earth. Fauci and all those who authorized this research should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  48. bcccl says:

    tim, you should look into the canvassing report released today on war room. 35% of votes were ‘lost’. the election was batantly stolen and this is the tip of the iceberg.

  49. Emo6126 says:

    They can get rid of fauci the cuomo way….. Get him on a technicality

  50. Bep52 says:

    Ian, you do realize the brain controls the heart, so at heartbeat you have brain function. So your thought process is life at 5weeks!?

    • Trgreatorex says:

      This is not correct the cardiac muscle will contract on is own while supplied with oxygen. People who are “brain dead” cease to have any detectable brain activity, yet their heart continues to beat.

  51. munchhasen says:

    Please book Richard Barris aka The Peoples Pundit. He has consistently been one of the most consistent pollsters in the last few elections. Pollsters are only good if they provide accurate analysis. His state polls on Florida and Pennsylvania among others have been the most accurate. He was also the pollster that the Epoch Times hired during the last election.

  52. jeremy says:

    You absolutely must do a full hour members only segment on Monday, we have been getting 25-40 minute segments of you and Ian arguing. The opportunity of propelling others like you is at your finger tips.please blow that up.

    • jeremy says:

      … Also love you Ian, maybe Tim should stop talking so aggressively when discounting points of yours .I know he’s not here to “own the opposition”, but it gets so heated so fast. Some of us are furthered by hearing out the ideas that Ian puts out. Just another thing to think about, another side to understand….and I don’t agree with Ian, but thought to myself about seeing things the way he does, and it seems beneficial, content that makes diversity and context behind thought….also maybe think before you speak, if you’re not sure ,ask questions instead of making statements.

      • jeremy says:

        what i mean is more drawn out conversations like this. Its a breath of fresh air. Of course it cannot happen often, but hot dang have you got a real deal insider on. Make friends with the tetherball crew. We need this type of thought and culture to expand and grow, you can help….also there will be many swears and such, that’s why i say members segment.

      • UppityG says:

        If Crossland were a source of shrewd and incisive insight and perspective, I’d agree with you. He is not. He remains a net net liability to the show because he is immature and illogical. He asks questions that someone in high school would ask, because that’s where he is developmentally. That is a waste of all of our time — and money.

  53. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    A good thing to talk about would be the Los Angelas School Board voting on mandating vaccines for students 12. The rules if passed would Make all students get the vaccine before October 3rd. The district houses over 600,000 kids. #Larry Elder for governor to stop this tyrannical government.

  54. Tpaul says:

    Also, if you’re reading this Ian, you should check the story of George Pickering II out. Quick synopses: his son was brain-dead, his ex-wife authorized plug to be pulled, but he refused to accept his son’s death. He drew a gun on hospital staff and refused entry to the doctors, and in the short few hours he held a standoff with police and doctors, his son awoke from the brain-dead state. Afterwards the father faced a short jail sentence, but says it was worth it to save his son’s life who is alive and well to this day. Point being, brain-dead does not mean there is no value to the human life.

  55. says:

    Tim you should checkout central Virginia residential services for chicken city