Zaid Jilani Member Podcast: ACLU Is Corrupted, Advocates Against Civil Liberties, Tim Slams Australians For Allowing Concentration Camps

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Zaid Jilani Member Podcast: ACLU Is Corrupted, Advocates Against Civil Liberties, Tim Slams Australians For Allowing Concentration Camps
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52 responses to “Zaid Jilani Member Podcast: ACLU Is Corrupted, Advocates Against Civil Liberties, Tim Slams Australians For Allowing Concentration Camps”

  1. torwestman says:

    Tim: “It’s just 15 days”, “it’s just a vaccine”, “it’s just a special housing facility”, “it’s just a camp” etc.

    What about “it’s just a mask”? That’s part of how all of this started; Priming people to give up their bodily autonomy. If you don’t get the mask question, you’re probably not really getting the other stuff either.

    Good episode though.

  2. Skynet0225 says:

    The reason the Australian authorities are laying off kids under 12 is because they’re afraid thats a bridge to far. Nothing will animate women like the notion that their kids are being picked on. If you bow up the women, their men are certain to respond aggressively. A lot of American dumbass school boards are learning this the hard way.

  3. Buddymac007 says:


  4. Parrotworks says:

    The ACLU has refused to defend anyone in family courts for decades.

  5. says:

    The new Pfiser Covid pill is basically Ivermectin. Look it up. It’s all about the $$$$$$

  6. sirshade says:

    Not sure by what metric Dems thought the economy was doing bad during Trump other than if they consider themselves the center of the universe and might consider their poor money management the “economy”. Nearly ever single group of people had their wealth go up across the board, without inflation also wrecking them…and he did so while being endlessly harassed AND setting up a strong economic foundation for growth in trade and manufacturing. Hell, just bringing the US to energy independence is 10x more of an accomplishment than everything Biden has done so far combined. (Though I suppose that’s not a fair comparison since literally everything Biden has done so far is destructive, illogical and/or negligent leading all his decisions to be detriments to the country as a whole)

  7. Boomer624 says:

    Finally…….It’s just a shower…..

  8. jrhaile says:

    You hired the best and they’re using WordPress? You didn’t hire the best, not even in the same ballpark as the best. Shout out to Matt Kinberg of digital mullet designs in Seattle. He is TRULY one of the best.

    • MarsCitizen1 says:

      lol, I’m late to watch this video, but I was *just* 😉 about to comment about this.

      I’ve personally worked alongside the some of the actual best, on dozens of projects, and yes this is far from the best. I have open source projects in use on over 600,000 sites. WordPress is not even on the table for the best. These are some designers that know enough to be dangerous. He probably thinks they’re great because they provide some extra analytics.

      That string “Please Wait A Minute For The Video To Finish Encoding” which is permanently present on all videos is an embarrassing level of laziness / oversight.

      Not trying to hate on Tim and crew, I know the company he’s using and it’s unfortunate they are abusing his deep pockets and taking advantage of Tim.

  9. Shockey831 says:

    it was just 6 million jews. come on man!!!!

  10. HeronusOfAlexandria says:

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that the concentration camps during WWII were originally built and used for people with or suspected of having typhus. They were typhus camps and now we have covid camps. Thank you tim for bringing this up!!!

  11. theframerswereright says:

    CDC says 655,000 Americans die from heart disease EVERY YEAR.

    CDC also says America has 2.8 million deaths EVERY YEAR with an increase of 1.2% per year.

    Who died FROM covid? NOT who died WITH covid.

  12. Bigpapapaco says:

    Ok. Gotta vent. I’m a huge fan, obviously as a member, and am immensely grateful to TP & crew for being my most trusted news source over the last couple of years. I listen on Spotify daily because they offer the all of Tim’s daily news clips all together so I don’t have to worry about switching channels & all that bs like on YT.
    I have stuck up for Tim multiple times when people online attack him for his take on things. I don’t always agree with him & THAT’S why I love him. If I wanted to live in an echo chamber I would only follow Crowder & Candace Owens & other conservative pundits. I’ve always believed TP was being genuine UNTIL his recent stance against Ivermectin.
    Is it just me or does it seem to any1 else that Tim is shilling for big pharma on this? I’m just getting tired of hearing his rants saying there is no evidence that it works or that for every study saying it works there are 2 that say it doesn’t. BECAUSE I listen to as much of his content as I do & have for so long I just am having a hard time believing he is being genuine on this matter. He is completely ignoring that Japan found metal in vax & halted all vax in favor of Ivermectin. He is also ignoring the fact that big pharma has everything to gain by shitting on Ivermectin where as all of the doctors & scientists who have come out in favor of it have zero to gain and everything to lose.
    Idk. I just want to know if anyone else has picked up on this or if perhaps I am overthinking it?

    • jod919 says:

      Tim is not shilling for big pharma. He is really on the fence since he seen both sides.

      Just don’t buy something that was not made for human and take it.

      Get a prescription from your doctor or go to Mexico and buy it without a prescription.

      • says:

        Ivermectin was made for humans. It’s been used for over 40 years on humans. It was not originally marketed as anti-viral but was found to be effective against covid. Repurchased. The very same as viagra. It’s original purpose wasn’t for erections.

    • dalten22 says:

      IVM demonstrates the institutional power of the left. Nobody in Academia or the Medical community are willing to put their reputations on the line to speak out. Everyone is waiting for someone else to. There are a tremendous number of craven cowards in academia, less so in Hospitals which is why big tech has been censoring debate about this.

      We don’t need Tim shilling for IVM, we need medical doctors to find their gonads and speak out a lot more than they are.

    • tc64 says:

      There really is conflicting info on Ivermectin, and there really is good evidence for vaccine efficacy. The mainstream narratives are distorted, and there are incentives worth taking seriously as you point out, but unless
      you think the large clinical trials of the vaccines were rigged you have to admit they are very effective at keeping people from dying of covid at least in the short term.

    • 2pairofaces says:

      I don’t believe Tim is shilling for Big Pharma. I think what’s upsetting people about his stance is that he’s not making the full argument. Which I do not blame him for, it’s obvious by what he’s said that he hasn’t considered the argument.

      The argument against horse paste and overdoses isn’t that people shouldn’t be using it, it’s that people shouldn’t HAVE to use it. Ivermectin, according to the FDA is statistically safer than Advil. Whatever your position on Ivermectin, it is insane (as a doctor) to not give your patient a script for something less harmful than Advil, it is insane (as a pharmacist) to not fill a prescription for something less harmful than Advil, and it is insane for anyone to claim to care about the health of someone to go down the road of prohibition. Prohibition has never worked, ever. Anyone who desires ivermectin will find a way to get it. It is only rational and compassionate to give them access to the safer human formulation.

      Even if it does nothing for covid, we do know the placebo effect is real (crazily enough it even exists in people who KNOW they are getting a placebo). It is unconscionable to deny access to a very safe drug, even if it is only a placebo, particularly when the alternative involves non-human ready formulations.

    • MeiNotChu says:

      Should really send him the data from Mexico and Peru concerning the “Covid kits” they sent home to people who tested positive. Massive numbers of people who either got over it faster or had a very reduced rate of hospitalization.

      Much like how ‘mum is the word’ on how the medical community at large seems to have forgotten over 100 years of immunology when it comes to natural immunity and why it is more effective than the current vaccines (novavax being a more ‘traditional’ vaccine in late stage trials currently and on track for release later this year/early next year).

    • Skunkape says:

      My doctor prescribed me a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin. He told me He has prescribed over 2000 people the same dose. He also told me to take it with 5000 IU of D3, 50 mg zink and 250 mg of Quercetin. He said not a single one of his patients following this protocol has caught covid. I have been following it since March 2020 and and have not caught covid even after recently living with a family of 5 who had the delta varient. I moved in to help care for them as they are my oldest friends.

  13. Skullfacefedora says:

    Thanks for another good show. Don’t worry about people hurrying you up, get your shit done right and when it comes online we’ll know it was worth the wait.

  14. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim maybe that chick just disagrees with you. Doesn’t mean she supports concentration camps.

  15. Secra says:

    Tim’s speech about “it’s just” being a slippery slope is totally correct, and the unintentional but illustrative line “it just takes time” at the end only highlighted the point about how insidious that type of thinking is.

  16. says:

    Wow. Mr. Pool is a complete beautiful motherfucker.

  17. garyha says:

    Demand PCR data.
    I say they increase cycles (secret even from the doctors) to produce fake outbreaks.

  18. Lildav3232 says:

    Just. Thing about rage. Their songs where very anti government. Now am I the only one will not get any play on mainstream radio. Aaron Lewis who was praised for staind now gets zero bs mainstream play. When he was an antihero he was a darling. When he played their role they loved him. Now he’s an America loving country boy they hate him. Only some anti government speech is tolerated. He’d be a good guest. But he might be an asshole lol. In a good way

  19. Yobuyahouse says:

    next George Floyd will have something to do with Vaccine passport….

  20. Nova says:

    I’m Australian, are you saying we should go firebomb the camps? Maybe shoot some guards, a couple beheadings? Why was it you didn’t go around and liberate all the Jews in NYC, why did you just sit on your hands and just bitch and moan on the internet? You’re reading bullshit media which you constantly complain about and then applying that to all of Australia. You do this every time and its a typical thing we see from idiot Americans, they apply everything as a whole to other countries but then in their country go “well that’s just NY and they voted for this” but demanding that other countries react to their country as a whole. Step the fuck up in your own country and do more than complain on the internet, go out and actually do something!

    People in Australia are complaining, they are standing up against this and when they do so they are putting more skin in the game then Tim does. It is ILLEGAL to protest here, everyone who protests does so at the risk of imprisonment even if the protest is 100% peaceful. There are challenges being filed, there are pushes for change. I straight up oppose every restriction and I love hearing it complained about but I’m sick of idiots discussing things they do not understand, why didn’t you blame the Queen again….

    • Thequaz says:

      Good luck getting this limp wristed soy filled cuck to do anything. He’s comfortable spreading bullshit in his mansion. Loves to talk big but never do a damn thing. Hell just tell you to change culture or peacefully protest then call you a coward. Or I’d you get violent hell tell you it’s wrong and doesn’t work.

      • Rnkeene says:

        A perfect example of the Rage problem discussed earlier…

      • jamessuraciart says:

        Pretty sure Tim has already done his time on the ground earlier in his career. He made a good point when talking about Andy Ngo getting attacked a second time that when a journalist becomes too well known it becomes counterproductive since their presence begins to influence the story and it makes it harder, if not impossible, to get an accurate portrayal of what is going on. The best journalists for on the ground work are people that nobody recognizes who can just observe what is going on without becoming part of the story. With Tim being so recognizable, he does more good with his podcast than he could going to protests/warzones/etc. Anyway, if you don’t do anything to resist authoritarianism, you are a fucking coward…but everyone resists in their own way. Tim does his part by getting the word out in a neutral manner instead of spewing out left/right wing propaganda. I can guarantee he has done more good for the world than a keyboard warrior, such as yourself, has. Also, if you feel this way, why are you paying to watch his members only stream? I could understand bitching in his youtube comments since youtube is free, but you are literally paying the guy to do exactly what you are bitching about. Why not vote with your dollar and cancel your membership?

    • Baalshazar1 says:

      True, I live in a mostly red state so I don’t have terrible policy. But I want to say stay strong! I think Tim needs to get people on the ground. It would be amazing if he did it himself. If he did more stuff on the ground I’d be more favorable to pay more than 10 dollars.

      • MadMartin says:

        I live in Alabama other then Montgomery and bham we are red didn’t stop tysons foods from mandating the vaccine. Everyone I know said fuck that one month later… might as well everyone else is doing it, now they are putting the social pressure on me saying it’s best for your family, don’t wanna lose your job, and we will tie you down and give it to you anyways. Lose my job on Nov. 1 thanks Kate ivey.

    • KFendley says:

      I totally agree with what you are saying. Tim is so fucking arrogant he is hard to watch sometimes and I feel like it is getting worse and worse

  21. Hottaco says:

    When you fuk around and play with nature this is the outcome.
    I believe this was a man made problem. However it will take nature to fix it.

  22. RatKing08 says:

    I tried to write this several times on the youtube comments and it keeps getting automatically deleted…

    They are most definitely making kids wear mask in Australia i live there.
    “Anyone 12 years and over must wear a fitted face mask whenever they leave their home, indoors or outdoors, unless lawful exception applies. This includes:
    -one of the five permitted reasons to leave home (shopping for necessary goods and services, care and caregiving, exercise, authorised work or permitted study, or to get vaccinated for COVID-19)
    -riding public transport or taking a taxi or rideshare service for one of the permitted reasons.”
    Straight from They are pushing to make it mandatory for primary school kids as well.
    Also they are about to make it mandatory to have been vaccinated in order to enter pretty much anywhere.
    It has gone insane over here!

  23. munchhasen says:

    Wow Is Ian feeling ill I didn’t hear him hardly at all on the normal podcast. We still love you Ian despite some of your theories on intellectual property rights. Peace out

  24. munchhasen says:

    Tim you were fooled by that fraud John Pierce who gifts off the right. Not your fault but please please book the real deal super lawyer Robert Barnes who is filing cases across the country challenging mandatory vaccine mandates. He is also now Kyle Retenhouses lawyer. He is the real deal. You can ask a lot and learn a lot from him. Please book him as a guest