James O'Keefe Member Podcast Special: James Gives Updates On his Lawsuits Against NYT And Twitter

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James O’Keefe Member Podcast Special: James Gives Updates On his Lawsuits Against NYT And Twitter

104 responses to “James O’Keefe Member Podcast Special: James Gives Updates On his Lawsuits Against NYT And Twitter”

  1. Cathsophie says:

    I really enjoyed these interviews with James, thank you guys!

  2. idiocracyoverreach says:

    God bless james o keefe!! What a fighter of the truth (he fits the ‘veritas’ name). Also, not surprised stanford is doing all this- universities are heavily tied with lies, indoctrination, and special interest.

  3. ChevyMags says:

    So much to say but getting like who cares anymore. No one is going to jail, no charges stick no one has standing, are we so beat down we just accept now? Vax people don’t want but have to work.. have to eat….

  4. wcrews says:

    James is a patriot

  5. Stauffer6780 says:

    Wouldn’t it be money well spent if Tim cast or just Tim went after these people like project Veritas has!?! You’re doing so well I would imagine it would the really damning to have a few lawsuits under your belt to shove down these assholes throats when they try to discredit not only you but everyone! Like when he’s done with the New York Times and they come out and say s*** from now on everyone could say yeah well look at these lawsuits where it was proven that you are full of crap and you’re actually the ones spreading disinformation! It was decided by a court! To be able to say that and show people that I think it would make a tremendous difference when talking to low information people who swear they know what they’re talkin about!

    • StefanD says:

      I think Tim should start a fundraiser or receive donations specific for lawsuits. In the mean time get as much advice and know-how support from Project Veritas.

      Steven Crowder also has a great lawyer, as I hear 🙂 and I think wouldn’t hesitate in helping Tim as well.

  6. Stauffer6780 says:

    Wow! You guys make a scroll all the way to the bottom of the page in order to leave a comment… isn’t that like… I don’t know backwards that the scroll through the entire contents section just saying and that was freaking week dude 17 minutes! You’ve got James O’Keefe with one of the biggest stories ever and 17 minutes…WEAK!!

  7. MadManTV says:

    What do you think of the pending cyber pandemic and who may be behind it?


  8. MrSooop says:

    I like James O’Keefe’s retraction wall of shame videos. He scolds the media for lying about him then he’s all like “If you would have just told the truth then i wouldn’t have to send you this stuffed alpaca”, it’s great!

    Project Veritas Retracto theme song
    There is a good piano cover out there too.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree. Retraction #312 is my favorite. Because I use it to explain the moral and legal difference between “expressing regret” and “issuing an apology.” Far too many conflate the two, esp in the metoo extortion cartel.

  9. bruce.forsyth says:

    Really great to see James come back on, it’s always great to have him on! Keep bringing him back, we need to get his message out there!

  10. IamLeegend says:

    I DISAGREE with your opinion on “voter fraud.” That doesn’t mean I hate you. Hell! I bought a membership.

    • UppityG says:

      Ditto. Every time Pool says there’s “no wide spread voter fraud” I always mutter “What is the smallest minority, Pool?”

      I have yet to hear him address it.

    • MrSooop says:

      Maybe it’s like there are a few magic phrases that he has to utter to not be cancelled or something idk.

      I have seen a ton of voter fraud, they have some on video and some on paper. And some seems to be electronic fraud but I don’t have the skills to personally verify that stuff. It’s not even a stretch to say that there was a lot of vote fraud in 2020, idk about the current official semantics of the term ‘widespread’ though.

      But, i have seen statistical and real life evidence that the covid “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective. I think that claiming they are safe and effective is false information that can put people at risk, personally i would draw a line there. I don’t know that he ever went that far though.
      If it turns out that the RNA modification jab does do more harm than good, big pharma may not be held liable but i think that the MSM should be.

  11. MeSoTrashed says:

    James O’Keefe didn’t kill himself

  12. Lord_Ecktor says:

    Dude, O’Keefe talking “my price is my life” gives me chills, yo… God dammit, how can one be so utterly different from the trash influences selling illegal overseas vpn crypto gambling to children and profiting on people’s loss rates? When I heard the biblical saying “to separate wheat from weeds”, it’s literally true. I believe it’s the next illuminism, the new phylosophical revolution that will set up a world for people of respect, family, peace and principle over the MONSTERS of greed that plague this world.

  13. SetMeFree says:

    Bless James. You guys should add a white pill section to counter all the bad news. I’m following what’s going on very closely and I feel like it’s chipping away at my soul. Thanks for fighting hard.

  14. the7tower7falls says:

    I don’t HATE you for saying there was no wide spread voter fraud. You’re just wrong 😉

    So far, they have yet to prove there wasn’t wide spread fraud. All they’ve done is hide and claim victory.

  15. Lord_Ecktor says:

    Not sure what’s happening with this vid. The windows is so tiny XD… It goes full screen just fine though

  16. Kuro says:

    Unrelated to this episode but I don’t know where else to share this experience.
    I made order from US (I live in Finland (EU)). Everything is cool and all and package is apparently already here but it looks like CCP has taken over postal services at very least on EU side but don’t know about how it goes for people in US.
    Basically package was sent with USPS but on the way tracking number changed and now it shows only 2 options instead of USPS.
    Yanwen or SF Express. So yes in US as everywhere else there are a lot of shortages everywhere so packages for sure can be rerouted or given to different couriers but those 2 I mentioned are directly connected to CCP based on fast research I did so either USPS is already working with or for CCP.
    Regardless postal services seem to be taken over already by CCP as if it was planned beforehand and their stocks seem to be going up.
    People who order stuff should take notice on these things so even when I wanted to buy something American and support America with my money part of it already goes to CCP.
    People need to know this I think because it looks like no matter what and where you order CCP gets a cut.
    I hope people will see this comment and maybe I will try to repost it again later on some other video just to raise awareness.
    My parents escaped from Russia/Soviet Union to Finland and it makes my blood boil when I see these kind of things expanding and I would want to fight against this but having spinal cord injury and living hellish life in wheelchair each day in pain (medical worker shortage naturally doesn’t help here either since my needs for various surgeries and other help have been postponed again and again), also having no friends after I became invalid and only having my old parents left by my side who don’t see or understand how far CCP tentacles have reached everywhere and even if I try to explain something to them it’s pretty much hopeless because they don’t see same things which I have been following and seeing now + I honestly don’t know where to even start explaining but when I try sadly they don’t believe anything I am saying. And honestly they were raised and grew in place where information about anything was very restricted and at the same time propaganda was taught from the moment you were born. My father actually was in communist party for a short period of time before collapse of Soviet Union but he told me the following: “at the beginning I did believe in communism and everything else that we were told and taught but later on I saw and understood that this is all bullshit because it was a loop where people were getting more and more poor and absolutely nothing was changing towards better and no so called communism was ever visually building up anywhere in Soviet Union”.
    Then again my parents can watch or read any news only in Russian or somewhat in Finnish but not well but Russian news are curated so hard that there is never any bad mention about China, CCP or Russia itself overall or absolutely anything since they are very long term partners so no wonder maybe why they are so oblivious. News in Finland are very questionable but seem to work partly in the same light as in Russia.

    • MarsCitizen1 says:

      This is a great story, thanks for sharing!

      I agree about “how do we bring people up to speed” that are lost in the mass psychosis & propaganda. It would be great if one of these “Content Creators of Truth” would put together a montage of the truth from just 2019 to now, backed by facts & publicly available sources (or video evidence). *[wink wink TIM]*

      That would have such a tremendous value in saving hearts & minds.

      • Kuro says:

        I think this is very important overall for Americans to really know. This can also easily explain “there are no shortages” statements… Well yeah sure seems like it in some sectors when CCP post service planes are doing delivery jobs. I don’t want to complain since my package arrived faster than I expected but at the same time now I feel kinda cheated but that is not that big of a worry. I still have to actually get the package from post office and hope it’s not in destroyed condition.
        But seriously… I don’t want to see America crumble this bad and imagine magnitude of delivery and post business. On economic scale it sure is massive and at the same time it is another transfer of wealth (Which might somehow secretly be included in that many trillion package possibly in some form. Just a wild guess) but this one is less easily noticeable and maybe even unknown for many right now.
        Be it CNN audience, Fox, any other, or none of those Americans need to be aware what is used to compensate these shortages.
        If people will read this thread of comments this far please do share this info and question it if possible and others probably should also share their experiences with this so we would have sample size of more than just these comments.
        Well hopefully other regions as EU would also keep an eye on these things but I got stuck on American side of news and I don’t know any good news piece sources which would focus on EU and/or global news more.

    • NeverTrustaHypocrite says:

      Sharing your comment elsewhere, if ur ok with it. Seeing other random locals in other places, workers, etc posting specifics that wouldn’t otherwise reach the general public.
      Sorry to hear on your injuries… Awareness, intent and attention are allies to better reality.

  17. dsdcain says:

    I’m so glad I became a member yesterday. Gaining access to these kinds of conversations outside the yoke of YT is so satisfying. I hope Tim’s brand continues to grow. I may not agree with him on various things,(as it should be) but damn man, I have the utmost respect for what he’s accomplished.
    As to James O’Keefe I would say he’s one of the best True journalists I have seen in over 30 years. Maybe the best I will ever see. His integrity, and his burning(?) desire/ability to do what a journalist should always do, which is speak truth to power. Stay safe you guys.

  18. bforster30@gmail.com says:

    I need a little help. The company I work for is a contracting company for the government. Prior to the executive order, the company was already implementing vaccine mandates, but everything was expedited with the executive order. We now have until Oct 31st to comply. I was already on the job hunt to find another viable job with a company that has some backbone and not complying with the dictatorship. However with the expedited timeline, I need to up the ante on the job hunt with a company that still believes in some freedoms.

    So, in short, if there is anyone out there that is in need of an experienced software developer please reach out to me on linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-forster-31178828/ . I have over 10 years of experience in development primarily using Java (with spring, spring-boot, hibernate etc frameworks) , Angular, HTML, CSS, RDBS, and more.

  19. Nemes101 says:

    Poor Shane got screwed

    • UppityG says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily put it that way, but I would like to see him invited back so we can hear more about his values and policy proposals.

    • Jordan7 says:

      They will have him back. James O’Keefe videos are always very popular and get tons of views. Shane got some good exposure being on the show with him tonight. That’s how I look at it.

  20. jrhaile says:

    I met and shared a dinner table with Ana Cabrera when she was in Spokane working for KXLY/KHQ (can’t remember which shitty station) and my lasting memory of her was an uppity, snooty bitch living on the South Hill of Spokane where her shit don’t stink. She could NOT stop talking about herself and the work she was doing. Pathetic. Nail her to the wall James!

  21. UppityG says:

    Time to send more $$ to PV. Per usual, O’Keefe is a great guest largely because he’s inspirational. He walks the walk and has the heart of a lion.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about and from Shane Hazel, though I can’t vote for him. There’s a lot more to know about him and his ideas.


    Remember kids: if you see some polished, corporate cookie cut-out candidate (Buttigieg, Becerra, Cory Bush, Warnock, etc, etc) on CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, and their ilk, meaning media outlets who’ve been around a long time, that person has happily agreed to take Alphabet, Facebook, Soros, Koch and Steyer money to charm into voting for them for the appearance of being legitimately selected By The People.

    Clearly, those candidates have been talked into ignoring us and to do their bidding, not that of us, the governed.

    STILL think Term Limits is a bad idea? Why can’t we TRY it? If it’s good enough for the office of POTUS then it’s definitely good enough for ALLLLL govt workers, elected OR NOT. All the way down to the local school custodian. Because it would make the Admin Deep State impossible to keep constituted and beholden to one party or another.

    That paradigm of greed and corruption, the hide-bound permanent govt, must come to an end, or it will end America. Guaranteed.

    Also: the entire show went so smoothly, stayed on pace, and touched on important topics without needless detours, it FLEW by. By the time Pool came to the super chats, I was literally surprised and had to check the clock. And that’s how it should be.

    I don’t know if the number of viewers by the shows end that I was shown was accurate, but it topped 50K.

    Kudos Timcast.

    • UppityG says:

      *Steyer money to charm _us_ into voting for them for the _appearance_ of being legitimately selected By The People.

      The governed have been reduced to being the beard for the Big Tech oligarchs and all their sycophants.

    • scarfireweb@gmail.com says:

      I can vote for GA governor and it’s shaping up to be a hard decision. I had never heard of Shane and hope they have him back on solo.

  22. nukedaddy777 says:

    Tried to share the video on Facebook – got all sorts of warnings about me posting disinformation. Disgusting. How is a whistleblower video disinformation? It is a news item.

  23. TheDoc says:

    I think this video should be made available to everybody on this site, not just the members, James does an amazing job, and the more people that can share it the better.

  24. TheKarenofCOD says:

    Tim you should reach out to Joe Rogan to see if you can get James on his podcast. It would break the internet!

  25. Another Beer says:

    You can’t force mandates on pro-life individuals, just like you can’t force vegans to eat meat. Oh, does this mean the vaccines aren’t vegan, how can they put that stuff in their body if it was tested or grown in animal cells? I’m calling PETA.

  26. Bjorkman says:

    I wish this was longer . Godspeed James. This isnt just about the USA its about all “free” western nations

  27. pandusa says:

    Politicians talk… Project Veritas gets results !

  28. John_Beart says:


  29. FxTwT says:

    Great segment. Was just talking to my husband about how we wanted you to have James on again.

    The mainstream media are scum of the earth, and I have learned that from personal experience. It’s time they were held accountable.

  30. Richbuscus says:


  31. Shark_outside says:

    Not sure what’s going on, but I really prefer Ian over Luke. Luke mirrors Tim a bit too much for my liking. They have very similar declarations and like to go on similar rants. There’s a good chance that if Ian is no longer allowed on or if Luke takes over as Co host then I’ll unsubscribe.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Oh please Luke’s been at this at least as long as James. Twice as legit as Tim but half the reach. Ian’s a dude that does too many drugs. I like him, but come on man.

      • AshleyMarie says:

        I tend to agree with you somewhat. But Luke comes and goes. He the definition of a free spirit. And he stays on for long stretches at a time sometimes short stretches. Luke is a huge asset to the show when he’s on. And a massive portion of us miss the hell out of him when the wind takes him to where ever his next adventure is. Ian is also unique and does a better job then Adam did of being a semi counterweight to Tim when he needs one. Not that it needs to be equal. This is Timcast after all. But Ian pushes back and has a very different opinion on things that’s sometimes annoying and mostly refreshing, if a little naive occasionally. Plus, I don’t see Ian pulling the dick move Adam did last night, which was going onto another show (You Are Here) and low key talking shit about his so-called “friends.” He was definitely whining a whole hell of a lot about getting fired from Timcast. Sydney and Elijah asked him questions and gave him the floor for a long time too but he wouldn’t tell the story or any details as too why everything happened the way it happened. Just expected sympathy on literally nothing more but the hope that people who watch this show and You Are Here, would remember Adam being on the show or something? I really don’t know what the purpose was since it had to have happened a year or so ago by now. Tim probably won’t mention it because he keeps the media smashing of him or the show separated a lot of the time and doesn’t bring it up on air. I’m ranting but bottom line..all 3 of the boys + Lydia could have a show without guests and it would still be awesome. The guests are s major bonus. Especially when it’s James O’Keefe or Steve Bannon ect.

    • Aero says:

      Ian has been working on other stuff – and as per the last couple episodes with him, the ball is starting to actually roll – so I don’t doubt he’s very busy.

    • UppityG says:

      @Shark, what are you smoking?

      Because thanks to Rudkowski’s insight and intellectual curiosity, keen observations and measured participation, the show was professionally paced, focused on important topics and gave the guests a chance to expound where they knew the audience would want them to. As I observed earlier, the show flew by, it went so smoothly and was deeply interesting.

      That is a direct result of the benefit of Crossland being elsewhere. This format is not Crossland’s strong suit, it simply isn’t.

      Feeling sorry for him does him no favors. That is something lefties do, to our direct and enduring peril: instead of daring a colleague to reach higher, and helping him to achieve better, they tend to just feel bad for their friend’s shortcomings and start sweeping obstacles from his path, keeping him weak and over-praised.

      Crossland has strengths that he should capitalize on, which will benefit him and his friends and colleagues. Of course he does, everyone does. That he occasionally chimes in with a bon mot, a witty quip, an out of Alpha Centauri observation that actually suits the topic, is not sufficient to keep him welded to the second chair. It isn’t.

      He’d be tolerable, perhaps even welcome, as an occasional guest for a topic that he has direct knowledge of and logical, sound opinions on, ok, but not as the permanent/semi-permanent second chair.

      If I am forced to endure watching him fidget with his mic a thousand times and lobby for graphene yet again, I’ll just keep leaving earlier.

  32. clinton_jang@yahoo.com says:

    ” Leland Stanford Junior University” is the legal name for Stanford University. As such, there’s a joke that Stanford is a “Junior University”.


  33. Rivian_Kriek says:

    I don’t like when great libertarian guests get overshadowed by spur-of-the-moment stuff. Shane Hazel barely got to talk or promote himself at all, and for what? A complete non-story by Veritas. Don’t get me wrong, I like James and the work he does is incredibly valuable, especially some of his recent stories. But almost every pharmaceutical product ever invented has used fetal tissue in its development. Non-story. Shane, and what he’s accomplishing in Georgia, is way more interesting than this.

    This same bullshit happened when Clint from Liberty Lockdown came on, and was overshadowed by the return of Luke. I love Luke, but Clint could barely get a word in edgewise. Clint hasn’t been back on since, and now the show is doing Shane dirty. Tim didn’t even acknowledge his presence a single time in the members’ show.

    • Rumproast says:

      He was there, his voice is clearly heard in first 20 seconds. The problem is that Tim cut this members only segment waaaay short because of his own ego. I laughed of loud when I heard Tim equate himself to James and Veritas, in the yt segment. As a libertarian I would have liked to hear from him more, and I will admit that okeef was stealing the show, but it all falls on Tim, and his insecurities.

    • Sol.Around.The.World says:

      I get where your coming from that Shane was overshadowed, but, it was a moment that 2 leaders in the culture war needed to speak. Kudos to Shane to see that as well.

      Shane should stay another day.

    • ellie says:

      I agree. It was my first thought when I saw James was on. I love the episodes with James and he deserves to be the lone guest, but I also think Tim should have Shane back on. Courtesy says you don’t invite someone over and then ditch them for somebody with a bright light. Very rude.

  34. Bradshaw says:

    Ian gets too much shit.

    He’s a great voice on the show. The man doesn’t know what he’s talking about in the slightest sometimes but nobody is perfect. Tim and Lydia aren’t either.

    Hope he didn’t get Adam’d

  35. Bradshaw says:

    Where was Ian and that libertarian guest?

  36. redmuskrat says:

    Thankfully Ian wasn’t there to constantly derail the conversation with stupid questions/comments.

    • Phantomcode says:

      You have to have all different perspectives otherwise just watch the mainstream if you want only your views

    • Rawdog says:

      Yes, I noticed the smoothness and calm flow of the show without Nutland.
      Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be a similarity to the Pedo in the White House and Nutland.

      Pedo Joe, “mumble, mumble, mumble, VAXXXEEENE MANDATES.”

      Nutland, “mumble, mumble, er, ah, GRAFFEEEENE. DRONES WITH ION ENGINES.”

      Maybe its just me…

  37. Elaine116 says:

    I work for the Largest Resort Company in the World, back in the end of July or Beginning of August they MADE us fill out a Concensus on if we were Vaccinated or NOT said the CDC wanted it and we had to do it. I was like Funny you should ask. I have Severe Allergies and was Advised by a CDC WORKER WHO IS ALSO A GUEST NOT TO TAKE IT. I’M NOT FALLING FOR THE BANANA IN THE TAIL PIPE. MY DR ALSO ADVISED AGAINST IT. I’m NOT going to put my safety and health on the line for No 1. Call me Selfish I’m not a Lab Rat. “Eventhough I may be 1 of the Beautiful 1’s ” lol lol
    I work for Everything I have. This is all Fking Bullshit. Go after Sex and Child TRAFFICKERS and Go get the Americans you left behind Fk Joe Biden

    • redmuskrat says:

      I’m not taking it. My reason? Because I don’t fucking want to. I don’t need any reason other than that. As a matter of fact, I’m at higher risk not taking it because I lost a lung in a car accident some years ago. Nonetheless, it’s my life, my body, my choice. Stand your ground.

  38. BlazeCast says:

    I cannot believe we didn’t get an extra hour of the hero of the modern age!!!

    I’ve never want to see another man’s cock and balls, but I wanna see his because that shit must be world record level shit 👀

  39. FatillacN says:

    Tim and Ian should take cursing lessons from James, he uses curse words very sparingly for emphasis so the words actually mean something.

  40. MarkOakley says:

    Great show, guys!

    Good luck to Shane Hazel on his political run, and a huge thank-you to James O’keefe, changing reality one hard “No” at a time.

  41. Deutscher says:

    lets go Brandon

  42. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    James, you are amazing and Tim thank you so much for hosting Veritas once again.

  43. Yobuyahouse says:

    Put them to the fire

  44. redchief says:

    Short after show tonight….

  45. Anthonylopez says:

    Its all a house of cards built on lies and eventually the truth will be seen. You can only lie for so long. Also James O’Keefe is a super hero.

  46. FatRetard says:

    Oy veyyyyy sue them all

  47. Coky says:

    This is the one guest I want you to stay longer with Brah
    Love the show

  48. aphix says:

    Only 17 minutes? Or is that just me-

  49. stedly says:

    This was a really great episode, I love James O’Keefe and hope to see him on your show many numerous more times, but I know the man is busy, hes only saving whats left of real journalism afterall.

    Also, if you kids need help with securing your wordpress, let me know.

  50. JeDalton says:

    Can we donate to the new non-profit, or help with anything with the new non-profit?

  51. munchhasen says:

    The three most accurate pollsters have consistently been Rasmussen nationally and Tralfalger and the Peoples Pundit in the state wide polls. Please book Richard Barris aka The Peoples Pundit. He has consistently been the most accurate pollster for Fl since 2014. In 2020 he was hired by the Epoch Times to be their pollster during that election. He can give you a good run down on how to do an accurate poll and reasons why many of the other pollsters are deliberately being fraudulent. Please book Mr Barris or the man in charge of Trafalgar polling

    • scarfireweb@gmail.com says:

      Could learn a lot from Barris. How divided the country really is or whether it I only in some areas, etc. he can drill down to any location.

  52. Smokey_mcpuff says:

    https://gofund.me/4df9c839 I was shot 5 years ago during a random mugging attempt against me, my leg did not heal correctly and require 4 to 6 surgeries. Anything helps thanks

  53. Kaltano says:

    Damn, this show is so nice without Ian to derail, start sematic arguments or complain about the definition of words. If he really is playing a character, he needs to be either rewritten or recast. Though I don’t think those three issues are part of his ‘character’.

    • RichardB says:

      OMG, yes!! I was one hour in to the show and i suddenly realized how positive and great the conversation was. Why? because that lousy junkie Ian wasn’t there to interrupt the conversation with some stupid ass question or comment like “bUt jaMeS, sUeInG tHe mEdIa wOuLd eStaBliSh tHe wRonG pRecEdEnt”. He would then proceed to argue that suing malfeasant media companies is morally wrong, talk about how we should do news on blockchain graphene, and then argue with Tim while James locks at his watch the meaning of the word “sue”.

      God, i hope Ian is permanently gone. I don’t wish him ill, in fact i hope he wins the lotto and gets married to a super model from MIT, i just NEVER want to hear from him ever again.

    • Enclyclo says:

      Agreed, he was not missed.

    • Optimistic_Pessimist says:

      Yeah, both Tim, and Ian have claimed that he is posing as a stand in for the less informed viewers. If that is the case, does Ian view those people as having been dropped on their heads as children while eating lead paint chips, then they grew up to be stoners?

      • MrSooop says:

        I think he is most likely a smart dude. He seems a little jumbled up inside. Maybe subjecting himself to years of trauma-inducing content when he moderates for Minds takes a toll. I like Ian and I like having a slightly different perspective in the crew.

  54. munchhasen says:

    First great show. Yes you do have great guests like James and Alex Jones. Now you love to pontificate and we love to hear you and your guests do that. Which is great on politics culture war etc. However you need actual legal experts with facts on the vaccine mandates and the legal procedures of the FDA and actual case law and theory. I will continue to push for an actual heavy weight lawyer. Mr Robert Barnes who btw has represented Alex Jones in the past. He is currently one of Kyle Rittenhouses lawyers and he is currently suing Tyson Foods in Federal Court for not offering their employees a religious exemption to a required vaccine mandate. He is also representing the Childrens Defense Fund in suit against the FDA concerning the vaccine approval process. Instead of offering a layman’s opinion how about booking a real legal heavy weight who actually tries cases in Federal Court and who has won in the past. I will keep bugging you. I love Timcast please book Robert Barnes

    • ellie says:

      Robert Barnes may be a good lawyer, but he goes after big cases. I tried to contact hin regarding the non-existent vaccine mandate and my husband’s job and he didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.

  55. Dusty Oldman says:

    Great show y’all. Thanks so much!!

  56. Bmwtech says:

    You seem . . . to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so . . . and their power [is] the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.” (Letter to William Jarvis, Sept. 28, 1820)