John Cardillo Member Podcast: Man Sentenced To PRISON For COVID Hoax Post On Social Media

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John Cardillo Member Podcast: Man Sentenced To PRISON For COVID Hoax Post On Social Media

101 responses to “John Cardillo Member Podcast: Man Sentenced To PRISON For COVID Hoax Post On Social Media”

  1. AshleyMarie says:

    I cannot disagree more about pharmacists. They are awful on the whole at least in my area. I tried so hard to be forgiving and understanding with the work load they have had dumped on them with the whole pandemic thing BUT they overstep far too often. They do not get a synopsis of what you discussed with your dr and why your dr prescribed you specific medications. They get the script with directions and that’s it. They can alert you and your dr about certain possible effects a combination of meds your prescribed could result in, or just side effects and directions in general about meds but other then that just do your job per guidelines. Please! If they feel the need to report..fine. That is there right. Otherwise mind your own business! Pharmacists and pharmacy techs are not your dr. My mom worked in a CVS for 12ish years. I know the ins and outs of the business. A lot of the pharmacy workers are extremely judgmental too. That’s a downright fact.

  2. MrSooop says:

    I want to share a little bit of history that most people don’t know or care about but i think it’s relevant.
    At some point in the late 2000’s, idr when, there was a sort of preliminary constitutional convention. It was quickly overrun with a bunch of the Qanon-types of that era and it turned insane real quick. It was about 3 days of live streaming angry nonsensical speeches. Those folks tend to believe whatever they want to hear without proof and many seem to support extremely authoritarian measures like extra-judicial executions.
    This is something that should be taken into account when considering holding a constitutional convention. I think that more people need to wake up before we’re ready for something like that.

  3. crass2047 says:

    Sorry, West Virginia is just too close to VA and DC. It’s better than VA, but Tennessee, Florida, Texas….that’s where you want to be. In the event we have a civil war or peaceful divorce, WV will be too close to the Lefties

  4. crass2047 says:

    I live in FL. I am non-jabbed. I just got the coof 2 days ago. My GF got it from a coworker. She went and got the monoclonal antibody treatment a few days ago. She was fine the next day. I had my first symptoms yesterday, and went and got the same treatment yesterday. Our Governor has clinics open all over the state and it’s free. There is one less than a half-mile from my house. It’s a rec center at a local park, turned into a temporary clinic. I had a fever last night for about an hour. Woke up shaking and freezing around 1 am, it was gone by around 2 am. I do feel a little bit sicker today, as far as my lungs go. I will try to update in another comment as to the effectiveness.

  5. Vashts1985 says:

    congress members were treated with Ivermectin

  6. WedgeVIII says:

    I live in Alabama. Most people here don’t give a fuck one way or the other if you wear a mask. They care about your right to choose to wear one. Important distinction.

  7. Koko says:

    Kyle Schwab and his Big Undo Button

  8. Yobuyahouse says:

    Yet that guy just got off for a school shooting

  9. Lando_Wing says:

    “Maybe we don’t want people to move to West Virginia” Now you’re starting to get it! That’s the exact sentiment in most rural States, or at least here in Montana

  10. seeemilyplay78 says:

    Drugs get FDA approval for what they treat, not what they do, but loads of drugs are prescribed by drs for use off-label. It’s actually illegal for a pharmaceutical company to promote their products for off-label use. They do it all the time though, costing them billions in lawsuits.

  11. Kongilian says:

    Watch the movie 2012.
    At the very end, they reset the clock.

  12. PseudoSwede says:

    OAN also helped AT&T negotiate their acquisition of DIRECTV and was screwed out of channel listing in many area packages until legal action was taken.

  13. Bradio says:

    I live in the UK and the only way to escape this bull shit is to fly to another country… oh wait every other country in Europe is like this too. Let’s fly to America. Oh wait we can’t fly as they’re on the red list and I need a Visa. We are slowly turning into a prison colony like we did to the ozzys.

  14. Parrotworks says:

    I’ve spent some time digging through the UK data for the 63% quote and have been unable to determine how that was calculated. May be worth verifying.

  15. UppityG says:

    I’d like to see Cardillo again. Also: The stupid burger menu continues to self-display (yes, like a flasher) obscuring the content, requiring me to click it closed before I can partake.

    Who do I have to bribe?

    • Rawdog says:

      Are you talking about the menu on the left side of the screen?
      I have not had the issue with my phone but when I watched the show on my tablet, I had what may be the situation you appear to be describing (please don’t use slang when describing a technical problem). I use the Brave browser and was able to click the hash marks in the upper right corner of the screen & reduce the zoom until everything fit.
      I hope that helps.

      • UppityG says:

        I use Brave as well, on my office PC. I have failing vision, so I’m zooming in/out all the damn time.

        Ya know that icon at the top left of 3 lines? If ya squint, it looks like a burger. It’s called that just about everywhere I’ve traveled on the interwebs. If that’s jargon, why isn’t it in the Book of Online Jargon for Use by Authorized Personnel Only?

        Let’s see what happens the next time you try to hall monitor my speech. Have a nice day.

  16. nukedaddy777 says:

    From the beginning of this disease, data has been available showing certain strategies and nations having a superior response to what the FDA and CDC have crammed down our throats. Chloroquine (given to Chris Cuomo) and HCQ were put on allocation by Premier BEFORE Trump’s presser, because in South Korea, used with Zinc Lozenges (FDA approved against coronavirus for decades), those Zinc ionophores were showing great promise. All of this information was suppressed. Half the people who died from Covid in the US need not have died had these very real medicines been used. And if we followed the strategy of a poor state in India, we would be Covid free. I am tired of the liars and fools who call themselves “scientists” in this country. They are fools incapable of looking at data and making rational decisions based on facts.

  17. Cahila says:

    Don’t forget us Tim

  18. beharris9 says:

    FYI, platinum currently costs $31,867.82 per kilogram. So a platinum coin that weighs 31,379,617.43 kilograms would be worth a trillion dollars.

  19. redmuskrat says:

    Anyone talking about NAC? That seemed to work too well and was a cheap OTC. Follow the money…

    • Thriller says:

      Exactly! Why do you think the FDA said they would punish companies selling it. Scum bags, all of them. It’s a cheap medicine that breaks down phlegm in your lungs and creates more glutathione, your bodies main antioxidant.

  20. pandusa says:

    Look up what Pfizer did with a children’s anti-encephalitis drug Trovan in Africa in 1996. Parents claim they did not give consent – 11 children died and dozens were disabled (developmental delays, brain damage, and paralysis ect.). There were complains of sloppy research and rumored blackmail/bribes of Nigerian officials (Wiki Leaks). In the end, Pfizer did pay a settlement. Trovan was FDA approved in US for adults but pulled in 2 years due to liver toxicity. Also, there have been complaints about vaxs from the Gates Foundation in Africa (one is infertility). A section of the African American community know this history which may explain some of their hesitancy on vaccines. Research is expensive and sometimes has unintended consequences. We know this and all we ask for is transparency and honest informed consent. They think we can’t “handle” the truth. How condescending. Why don’t they try it for a change?

  21. John_Beart says:

    Interesting 😁👍🖖🖖⚡⚡❤️🙏 share that vibrating energy. 👍

  22. John_Beart says:

    Interesting 😁👍🖖🖖⚡⚡❤️🙏

  23. HunterPercival says:

    they didn’t pull it up in the aftershow, so the article they pulled up in the show was
    Note: it doesn’t cover almost anything they didn’t cover in the show, it’s a really short article. There looks to be a video there, but I can’t get it to play on multiple browsers. It might be an old article with the video removed due to the age of the article.

  24. Rawdog says:

    We are all F.U.C.T. (thank you Thriller).

    What do I mean by this?

    The sad fact is…that we here are as much on a reservation as the Nutjob Global Socialists on their Youtube & Twitter reservations. This “sanctuary” strengthens us and sets us up for failure. We came here thru trial & tribulation, drawn to that shining beacon of hope Tim is projecting out into the Aether. That beacon is powered by Tim’s skill in communicating.

    Those who are here, with the exception of the lamestream media assholes & Fed scum, appear to be relatively intelligent, with a somewhat higher level of mental acuity and greater than normal amount of decency.

    And that is why we will be living under F.U.C.T.

    We are ALL that there is. We are the remnant. The last of us.

    Stop wasting your time trying to get anyone else to listen. We no longer speak the same language as the “NPCs”.
    Okay, what do I mean?
    A week ago I clicked on a Rifle Gaming video. It was about an Enclave mission in Fallout 76.
    (The Enclave in the Fallout games are basically descendants of US government officials, both bureaucratic & elected. The woke developers of the game used the Enclave to shit on conservatives, patriots and America in general but with 76 they are targeting Trump supporters.)

    I got the immediate impression that the narrator wasn’t very sharp but, HOLEEE CRAP, the level of stupidity was mesmerizing. In the mission, there is a test you can take that will set the level of hardness. A question asked the player what philosopher they liked. One of the answers was Karl Marx. His level of ignorance (and idiocy) was so stupendous that he COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHY ANSWERING KARL MARX CAUSED THE GAMEPLAY TO BE HARDER. His “research” consisted of going to Wikipedia (and this is really frightening) where it only said that Marx was a guy who promoted an alternative economic philosophy. This guy has NO IDEA who Marx was, his philosophy and how it effects him & his livelihood.
    Imagine trying to talk to this idiot and you use the word “Marxist” to describe something. He’ll nod, say something like “yes, totally, I agree” nod his head and HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST SAID.

    Ready to be really scared…

    I asked my neighbor’s kids if they knew anything about a guy named K.M. There are 3 of them, the oldest is in 12th grade, the youngest in 8th (no idea on the middle one). The 2 oldest thought I was asking about somebody from the apt. complex. The youngest thought the name was familiar and was the 1st to pull up Wikipedia on his phone with the other 2 quickly following. THEY ALL PULLED UP THE SAME ENTRY that Rifle Gaming saw AND were baffled as to why I was asking about some dead German guy.

    Now think about this…the oldest can vote in the 2022 elections.

    The commies won

  25. davesnothere says:

    If AOC lost her job in the Congress she could always make an OnlyFans! I’ve been dying to see those titties!

  26. Jinmon says:

    How many deaths (however rare) from taking the vaccine would be needed to justify not taking the vaccine? I think three hundred (there have been way more than that reported) 300 deaths is the amount of black people killed by police in a given year. This number of deaths was enough to defy covid restrictions during the lockdown. If three hundred deaths was enough to justify defying lockdowns, six foot rules, mask mandates and so on in early 2020, then it is completely justified to defy vaccine mandates in 2021 because of several thousands of deaths.

  27. ThatGuyChad says:

    AOC is not cool Ian! She is one of those lost kids in school that always says what they think you want to hear. Those people were never cool. Those people are annoying and dangerous because they don’t know who they are.

    • davesnothere says:

      She needs to leak some nudes. Only after the people have an opportunity to see her titties can we make an informed opinion on her value as a female politician.

  28. grich says:

    Ontario Canada – under investigation due to spreading medical misonformation online related to covid, alternate treatments, and the vaccine, “Dr. Patrick Phillips, who practices in Englehart, south of Kirkland Lake, is also not allowed to provide exemptions for COVID-19 testing or to prescribe ivermectin, Fluvoxamine or Atorvastatin for COVID-19.”

  29. ToxicOptimist says:

    Thank you Luke, for pointing out how they count the vaccinated.

  30. munchhasen says:

    I’ll keep repeating myself. Vaccines their safety in approval. The actual approval process, the legality of mandates, the history and context of Jacobson, the Nuremberg code. All topics you love. All topics your audience loves. Well their is AN ACTUAL LEGAL EXPERT his name is Robert Barnes. He is one of biggest most successful lawyers out there. He is not a fraud or a charlatan. If you want facts not conjunction. For the love of God please book him as a guest. He is currently suing Tyson foods for not allowing a religious exemption for their vaccine mandate. He is about to sue the FDA for not following their own published procedures on behalf of his client the children’s defense fund. He is major league not a griftet. Just do it and book him as a guest

  31. SitchBlap says:

    One of the most enjoyable after shows so far, couldn’t tell you what about it specifically made it that way but it was great.

  32. Thequaz says:

    Well Timmy are the vaccines still amazing safe and great?

  33. thedeugs says:

    i live in scottsboro, al. guntersville is probably one of the prettiest cities in alabama. its also super expensive. so if your looking for land there them pockets must be deep

  34. KMerckCPA says:

    Lydia: Pharmacists are really smart and well educated.

    Ian: Yeah, I worked in a pharmacy for a few months.

    • BlazeCast says:

      When your coworker bombs your narrative 🤣

    • Shannon70 says:

      Doesn’t Ian have a higher IQ than Einstein? Fact ✅

      • UppityG says:

        It’s because of yas kweens like you that the rest of us are saddled with Stripe the gremlin Crossland, instead of someone with actual bona fides and grown ass man genes who doesn’t throw toddler tantrums when he can’t run his semantics shit show.

        If you REALLY think Crossland is a genius that tells me you’re just a child who admires other juveniles who go chaotic because to you, that feels like power. Keep it up, please.

        • Rawdog says:

          Ummm…UPPITYG, if you read my post, you will note that I said that Timcast members are RELATIVELY intelligent. You are one of the types that bring it down from intelligent to relatively intelligent. SHANNON70 was being SARCASTIC.

  35. Kira says:

    Great show, Cardillo brings a lot to the table. Hope to see him again.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree. Cardillo is legit.

      I also like how he straightened out Crossland during the YT show about “smart” guns for cops. Only juveniles thinks more technology will cure what ails us. No, wisdom will.

  36. BlazeCast says:

    This dude, low key, extremely good guest. Like talking to my young grandfather! I really want more of him on here!

  37. says:

    What about doing freedom parties? In cities, gather groups of people to peacefully go into different establishments and act with freedom and respect.

  38. Nick1diesel says:

    Sounds like a good reason to go buy the fucking horse paste !

  39. ThorAsgard says:

    Funny about the sterilizing thing, awhile ago I joked that all these people pushing the vaccine will be sorry when they go sterile in a few years (which is also an episode of stargate sg1 (2010).

  40. Baalshazar1 says:

    Not much of a longboi, but love watching it.

  41. ryansandquist says:


  42. DarthWho says:

    Here is the facts…

    Ivermectin shows potential at saving lives for Covid.

    Ivermectin is incredibly safe

    People that are getting Covid are being prescribed nothing bc “there are no approved treatments” until they are bad enough to end up in the hospital.

    Even if there was only a 10% chance it helped you, with a safety profile sitting somewhere in the ball park of 1600 adverse events to just under 4,000,000,000 doses administer world wide some would argue it’s fucking criminal to withhold it.

    If it only save one life right?

  43. Intergalactic cheese burger says:

    Hey guys,

    I doubt you’ll read this. But if you do,

    Stop being surprised or upset when outlets just lie. Accept that some actors are just bad and are irredeemable. These organisations are legitimate enemies.

    • BlazeCast says:

      We are the portion of the generation that was too old for the youth group, and too young for party membership before the camps were built.

      My grandma’s family thought they would just drive past their house in Holland for France…. they survived but were not un touched. 1949 they left for America.

  44. Alkymist says:

    Wake me up when the video is encoded

  45. Misinformation_69 says:

    My name is Video May Take A Minute To Encode. Don’t be fooled by my name though because I might actually take a year to encode this video.

  46. MorganLiam says:

    Learn to Encode!!

  47. PoliticalCheatguide says:


  48. deepseeded says:


  49. RJR1776 says:


  50. PoliticalCheatguide says:


  51. E_jeck says:

    Encoding made me want to be a better man.

  52. Wesley says:

    one minute my ass

  53. BigJoe77 says:

    Free the encode!!!