Jack Murphy SLAMS Doctor For Giving Political Opinions On Vaccines Instead of Medical Advice, Doctors Should NOT Play Politics

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Jack Murphy SLAMS Doctor For Giving Political Opinions On Vaccines Instead of Medical Advice, Doctors Should NOT Play Politics

102 responses to “Jack Murphy SLAMS Doctor For Giving Political Opinions On Vaccines Instead of Medical Advice, Doctors Should NOT Play Politics”

  1. BTCMccullen says:

    so, sorry i’m a bit behind, but i know tim refers to the movie the patriot with mel gibson, but there is another the patriot mvie with steven seagal . . . i agree with jack that it seems doctors today just perscribe stuff where a good diet change can make marked imporovements . . . and tell ian to rewatch te movie Gamer . . . . .

  2. Crazylarry says:

    If you’re morbidly obese, you should get the shot, but the shot also gives you like DNA stuff.

  3. PimTool says:

    I just at a whole lot brownie with a ounce of weed baked into the batch wish me luck pls

  4. DavidTheGrey says:

    Man, I was in Iraq in 2003, I took mefloquine for malaria and I had dream with opening credits. It was in black and white. I met an Indian kid in monument valley who had a sphere around him that was perpetual night. Best view of the milky way I ever saw. It ended with me driving a 1964 Ford T-bird into my hometown shooting at men in black who wanted his blood. Then I woke up and had guard duty. Don’t do drugs prescription or otherwise.

  5. CzechTex says:

    Really feel for ya Jack in your predicament. I told my wife I was done with the masks back in July. She was sceptical, was fearful for the children, but I didn’t act stupid about it and make a complete ass of myself. At any rate, the Missus went to the pediatrician and asked what the risk was to my kids, doctor said with the research that was available at the time (September) my kids weren’t at risk and shouldn’t concern themselves with masks or a vaccine if/when it became available. Since then, my wife has been blowing up the school’s phone, while I hit up the emails on telling to schools to stop trying to convince MY CHILDREN, that they are at risk and need to follow the advice of Fauxci.

    We’re good now, school will be completely open in the Fall, no masks required, though they still have dumb regulations today, they have two and a half days til school’s out.

    To any parent out there with school age kiddos: get to know your kid’s teachers. Have their phone and email readily available, and keep constant contact with them. That’s the only way y’all can be on the same page and the only way you can keep the teachers in check.

  6. Bigx5murf says:

    My wife kept wanting to get the vaccine, saying ppl at work were trying to shame her for not getting it. I was against it because we’re both very fit, and are currently trying to conceive.

    Well today she tells me, someone at work, got vaccinated with her husband. Couple about our age, not fat, fairly fit. Both have been having diarrhea, and puking for a week straight so far.

  7. Bjorg says:

    We can we stop calling these mRNA shots vaccines? It’s very misleading. I have found almost no one knows what they are when asked.

  8. cassiemayrand says:

    Jack my kids pediatrician said your kids are healthy they don’t need this vaccine. I wasn’t going to get it anyway but just asked out of curiosity.

  9. Zombiecidal says:

    A piece of advice I give everyone is when a doctor prescribes a medication always ask the doctor if there is an alternative with less side effects many many times there will be. My friend who has had many many medical issues which after we read up on her current issues were side effects of medication she was given when she was young. She took my advice and asked her doctor if there were alternatives with less side effects to the meds she was on and low and behold most all of her meds have been switched out. Since then though she still has the issues that she already had she has had no new problems. She was having new issues popping up regularly. She is much happier and healthier now.

  10. Dzikun says:

    Don’t let them experiment on you…

  11. Dzikun says:

    Pocketnet has video hosting now…

  12. CJS3 says:

    I’ve always looked at doctors the same way I look at auto mechanics. They know how to fix the machine, but sometimes they’re surprised by what they find and have to just use spit and bailing wire to get the job done. They’re also prone to rip you off just like a mechanic, so you’ve got to make sure you look at, and question the bill . Insurance might pay it, and they might not.

  13. Curty26 says:

    On the Kyle Rittenhouse trial there needs to be a 2nd amendment rally during the trial. To prove to the jury that yes your public information is public to the left but also to those on the right as well. We need a go fund me me or something similar that won’t get taken down, to provide protection to the jury and their families so they can make an honest decision with out fear of repercussions of the left. You know the da and judge with have it.

  14. Jerkasaur says:

    We need to remember that doctors are not scientists. They are more like human engineers. They help fix people (sometimes) but it is not an exact science. Usually, they try something and then wait to see if it worked. Do your part by staying educated so you can help your doctor make a good recommendation for you.

  15. MFnHammer says:

    Anyone else having issues with the video player? I tried to watch, with both the opera browser and firefox, neither are opening the video player. There have been other times where the video player was there, the video just wouldn’t load.

    Just wondering if it’s just me, or if anyone else is having this issue. Could be something with my laptop?

    • MFnHammer says:

      I’m hoping this is responding to my previous post.

      I reloaded a few times in firefox, and it’s now working. Still won’t work with the opera(google chrome) browser though.

    • soladave says:

      The Brave browser also will not allow viewing of these videos. I can view them with Microsoft’s Edge.
      Curious and curiouser.

      • pinardjd@gmail.com says:

        I just watched on Brave, but have had an issue with it in the past. If it helps, I have Brave’s shields turned off for timcast.com specifically (whitelisted).

    • arthurdent3 says:

      No issues, Brave on Linux. The only problem I ever have is the Login Process where I have to clear out cookies.

  16. Stone51 says:

    This is precisely why I demanded to be taken off of the National Guard state active duty mission that I was on. We were helping run popup vaccine clinics in chicago (checking people in, registration of their info). The majority (but not all) of people that came were scared, being pressured by their employers/family, they kept asking me medical questions that I couldn’t answer. Just got home last week, I hated everything about that mission.

  17. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Love me some Jack Murphy.

  18. Wolfhausen says:

    Not getting some rando shot because rando people with rando reasons, I hate that everything is politicized I even have the misfortune of people thinking now when I disagree with them I’m like Trump and “Dont trust the science” or use the “Fake News” mentality as if George Carlin never existed who constantly harped on the corporate media and the real masters of this country. People are fucking retarded and driven into further madness as they age chilling in their echo chambers being told what to believe and never gaining the ability to critically think even years after highschool.

  19. firemedicwolf7 says:

    Personally, I was given sound medical advice and got the jab. As a member of the medical community myself, I trust the mRNA vaccines because the science behind them makes sense to me. But overall I totally respect each person’s right to choose whether or not to get it, so long as they’re making the decision based on medical reasons and not political. That said, I wouldn’t touch the J&J or AZ vaccines with a 10 foot pole. With known dangerous side effects and proven lower efficacy, that choice for me was an easy one. Hell you can choose to just not get your 2nd shot of Moderna or Pfizer and be better protected than with either of those 2…

  20. Kezia says:

    Would be rad if the video player would actually show up…

  21. Element says:

    Drug companies advertize so that they have control over the channels. “Don’t report too negatively about us or we will pull our advertising dollars. “

  22. Fishbiskit says:

    I disagree with Jack’s point, on the regular show, that “the Democratization of communication destroyed public resonance” or that is what led us here.
    It was the Democratization of communication that gave us the ability to share info, solve problems, gain independence from the Government/Corporate trap, realize that we weren’t alone in thinking our system was screwed, learn new skills for free and esp to show proof of Governmental abuse, systemic media fraud & propaganda.

    The poison was the Corporate take over of the Internet post 2010. Corporations used the New tech-monopolies to amplify the fears and preferences of their primary demographic, i.e. children who see flash as success, the legions of “wokeists” & soccer mom Karens, as the excuse for getting rid of anyone that wasn’t “Ad friendly.”

    That, is what gave us censored social media that lead to toxic echo-chambers, false knowledge, the “correction” of history, cutting off independent creators, the amplification of fringe lunatics, the support of victimhood, and everything else that is awful.

    The independents and moderates were the first to be cleansed and no one started getting alarmed until the overt censure of the gamers and the political right. Things are not getting bad now, they have been bad for a very long time and the open internet was what allowed us all to see it.

  23. Zedshow says:

    Personally, my number one reason for not getting the jab is the legal immunity the pharma companies have been given. If they were certain of the efficacy of their insanely rushed, experimental product then they wouldn’t need those governmental protections. Also, a simple risk/benefit analysis suggests the risks of Covid are significantly lower than the risks of the vaccine and the benefits of the vaccine are practically null

  24. Vmanzo says:

    The people who gave us the polio vaccine are not the same people giving the covid vaccine.
    After 15 months of consistent pathological lies from the CDC how am I supposed to trust anything that they say. From recommendations to the ingredient list for the vaccine; I simply cannot trust an organization that has manipulated and lied to the public for 15 straight months.

  25. Vmanzo says:

    I recently graduated college. During my last semester, my school was able to get a bulk shipment of vaccines exclusively for staff and students (idk how but they did (Oakland university)) and they got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I’m 22 and extremely healthy and do not want it.
    I went to my doctor. She said it was safe and recommended I get it.
    I went to a different hospital to get a second opinion. Second opinion said the same exact thing.
    Two days later, the FDA banned the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
    I contacted both doctors and said “hey wtf why did you recommend it”
    And both of them said in very long words “we’re just doing what we’re told by the higher ups”

  26. armyvet590 says:

    EVERYONE……….GET AMC and GME on the stock market now…..get some money and BANKRUPT the hedge funds that laughed at u in 2008

  27. Gorilla56 says:

    Not sure why Tim’s friend that immunosuppressed can’t get the vaccine, organ transplant facilities are recommending for their patients which are immunosuppressed.

  28. Thebizniz1 says:

    We need to know what happened to episode #273 with Jim Hanson. Is it gone forever, can you at least mention or elude to what got it taken down? Great episode as always to cast, crew and Jack. Love the show, I watch every episode, plus your other two channels.

  29. WingedLion says:

    Hey fellow rightwingers. We do for self. We make lemonade out of lemons & keep it movin. We don’t whine about dumb shit like a website. Tim’s on it. Chill and try some more troubleshooting. Jeez!!

    That dirty rimmy ending tho😂

  30. Dn1984 says:

    Tim you were so close. I sent the link to Ian yesterday.. what is sm102 look it up

  31. @clintbliss says:

    I’m using brave and have had no problems at all.

  32. FirstThessalonian says:

    Sm-102 is a nasty one. Definitely deadly.

  33. Bikerbob59 says:

    I wonder if a Canadian had a choice of what state to flee to would North Dakota or Montana be the better choice for refuge?

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      I think its time we recognize this for what it is.

      The globalists are implementing their great reset. They need to sterilize humanity, and kill off a large portion.

      The survuvors are chipped.

      Technocratic slavery.

  34. Lastandtheleast says:

    Love you guys though so keep up the good work, we need this content in the world

  35. Lastandtheleast says:

    And when I post a comment the page reloads and I gotta start the video over..

  36. Turk_Longwell says:

    So there’s a new virus from the current virus vaccine,
    No thanks.
    Yes, we are responsible for ourselves… in the end.
    it’s always about money.
    Damn the Man!

    Lydia May? what a great name. j/s

    Don’t let your kids take the vaccine, Jack.
    F your Doctor.

  37. Lastandtheleast says:

    New video player sucks bring back the old one that is easy to rwd and fwd

    • SunnyZ says:

      Can’t their old video host vimeo deleted their account.

    • PadreMortalis says:

      What are you talkin about? This video player is good. I can finally cast the video full screen to my tv instead of just the phone screen. I can also scroll around the comments AND comment without it resetting or reloading.

  38. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Jack, I’m having the same issue with my ex and our 14 yr old son. Not only is he NOT at risk, he has expressed a reluctance. He’s going to be spending most of the summer with his father and his side of the family. My biggest concern is that they will bully him into getting this vaccine and I won’t be there to stop it. He’s my only child and the last of his line. If anything happens to him, both his father’s and my lines end. That doesn’t sit well with me. As for myself, I have severe food allergies and Hashimoto’s Disease, plus I had Covid in Jan 2020. Three reasons to JUST SAY NO!
    You all do such a great show. I talk about it to everyone I know. I don’t share on social media because I’m not really on it anymore, but I make sure to show clips from the show, as well as Crowder and JML, and many others who speak truth about our reality.

  39. MRose526 says:

    Alex Jones has been saying similar things for a long time!

  40. Turk_Longwell says:

    May I say… Tim says that some certain videos get a lot of interaction because there are a lot of comments. I agree, but the most comments in these vids are from folks not being able to see the video or something.
    ( also: Everyone Loves Jim Hanson. ;- ) )
    I believe, There’s an ad blocking setting problem currently and only very recently. Maybe it’s because of the change Tim spoke of tonight.
    Idk.. We’ll see. Hopefully I’d be able to watch at work once again soon.

    Either way… Great show, as per the Norm.
    Keep fighting the fight.

  41. Kevinc183 says:

    Joined timcast.com as soon as I could. Regional truck driver, former over the road driver, appreciate the mostly unbiased opinions. As a prior union ironworker and indoctrinated individual, democrats are evil. They don’t care enough to look past their own thinking. I hate establishment Republicans but there’s not a better solution than voting red. #primaryeveryone. I’m from Idaho and there’s many misrepresented stories from here. Unfortunately we’re backed into the same corner of better red than dead and democrats are a problem but if the nation fails, it is the Republicans fault.

  42. BlazeCast says:

    6 years ago we never thought politics would be an issue since we’re adults. 2020 happens and now we’re separated. The most successful year for authoritarianism, and NWO ever recorded.

    • BlazeCast says:

      PEG/SM102 manufacturer doc says not for living organism consumption, all the “can nerf you” warnings caymanchem(dot)com/msdss/33474m.pdf

  43. TopKnotSkeptic says:

    I’m already not recognizing Texas. These rich white Californians and New Yorkers have invaded. THEY DO NOT CONFORM. They do not care for the Texan way of life (stay out of my business and I stay out of yours). They openly mock us and demean our lifestyle, politics, religion, food, and accents They don’t care about the laws and lifestyle that built this state that now supports them. They purchase real-estate, jacking up the rent everywhere and they don’t even live here half the time. They are forming isolated, clique groups. The people in the cities overnight became rude, entitled people. There is traffic now and my neighbors are impatient. I cannot find work, I feel trampled on and disheartened. I’m a college student that can’t afford to move out of the city yet, but I am going to put all of my efforts into getting away from these people. I would have said pre-pandemic, 4/5 people in Texas were kind, I’m not sure what it is now. Please… Stop coming here.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Damn!!! sorry to hear. Your words are the sad effect of this drastic change in US demographics .
      Best of luck to you! I’m wishing you the best.

  44. DaveHogan says:

    Look up the gosh darn SM-102. It’s not authorized for human consumption. Wake up Tim, you toe the establishment line way too hard. Put your money where your mouth is. Love you but come on mane. Wake up.

  45. smc7 says:

    Please look into SPARS 2025-2028!! Don’t just look at the home page, read the SPARS pandemic scenario book. This is all planned and carefully calculated. Share it with everyone you know.

  46. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    PEG is the liquid stuff that you see in vapes/cartridges. It’s the “cut”. The oily substance so to speak, that’s PEG.

    Look at a Juul ingredients

  47. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Georgia guide stones: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

  48. LimitlessPower says:

    also stop complaining about the website losers 😉

  49. LimitlessPower says:

    research “SM-102” !!!

  50. Another_F-ing_user says:

    Ok God Dammit.
    Why the hell would ad-block make the video unviewable on this page?
    What Ads and Data are Timcast.com collecting that this is happening?

  51. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Yay, it’s fixed! Thank you Timcast crew!

  52. TheWitten says:

    I just hope everyone here knows what a bitch it is to set up your own video area in a website and the push back you get from companies that own servers to host. From what i can tell, our money is going toward TimCast to get beyond this. Be patient … he and his crew are doing great work.

    • RuthlessEnd says:

      No shit, but we actually pay for this so..

    • saccaed says:

      Especially when the hosting is through typical CDN. No clue what kind of DRM Tim and crew are interested in, but I would love to see a timcast members private torrent tracker. I can’t be the only one that would be fine maintaining a 2x+ seed ratio for content.

    • Stephen Menard says:

      Im getting discouraged at the amount of people in the comments thinking Tim can snap his fingers and create a website that functions as well as YouTube. You can’t fix stupid. Im surprised Tim is willing to let even a handful of these people onto his property.

    • Janart48 says:

      yes I know, my son does full stack wed development but it’s still a pain. I’m not leaving too much of a Pool fan. 🙂

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Yes they are. I’m mad chill, like yourself. these new guys aren’t O.G.s . They want and want

  53. InkedX1072 says:

    In the immortal words of Charlie LeDuff, FIX THE SHIT

  54. zepolkram says:

    Oh boy, video error!!!

  55. InkedX1072 says:

    This loading thing is about as cool as stating your pronouns.

  56. Java says:

    Great show Tim love you no homo

  57. Strykerz says:

    Encoding video for 10 bucks a month. I guess this is inflation eh?

  58. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Can’t see the video, just say “Encoding Video” with a green loading bar at 25%. IAN IS RIGHT, THOSE OF US USING BRAVE COULDN’T WATCH THE VIDEO A COUPLE DAYS AGO BECAUSE OF AD BLOCK. Read the comments.

    • cullencpc@live.com says:

      Yeah, and Tim just shut Ian down at the end of the live segment when he brought up this as blocker issue. Tim, don’t assume that everything out of Ian’s mouth is going to be stupid. Ian, grow a backbone and stand up to Tim.

      • Silentwidow says:

        Kinda agree with Tim, as an IT Professional, bandwidth is by far the most expensive part of hosting, if a few second ad helps pay for it, it’s stupid to be ad-free

    • saccaed says:

      Likely an irregular occurrence. Don’t know what issue you may be having but Dissenter is brave based and I’ve yet to have issue. Firefox with ublock origin also no issues yet.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      I’m on Brave now, It is working for myself.
      I’m not a computer guy. just know that it’s working for me.
      Best of luck, it’s a good vid.

  59. BreadBox says:

    Video encoder must have drained the The remainder of their battery power 😂. Time for that diesel generator!

  60. Dan123go says:


  61. RuthlessEnd says:

    SO SLOW BRO, been waiting for 15 minutes.

  62. RagnarRedbeard says:

    Poopoopeepeecaacaa soi boi’s!

  63. Squirrel says:

    encoder not loading 🙁 and no add blocker using brave.

  64. Bruce1911 says:

    Great show tonight. Aliens are real!