Fauci ADMITS He And NIH Provided Funding That Went To Gain of Function Research, Lab leak Now MOST LIKELY, Biden ENDS Investigation

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Fauci ADMITS He And NIH Provided Funding That Went To Gain of Function Research, Lab leak Now MOST LIKELY, Biden ENDS Investigation

169 responses to “Fauci ADMITS He And NIH Provided Funding That Went To Gain of Function Research, Lab leak Now MOST LIKELY, Biden ENDS Investigation”

  1. Scruffy Knight says:

    19:20 Tim, you are right and iron shouldn’t be repelled but technically all homogeneous ferrous objects have a weak magnetic field with a positive and negative pole.
    They do not by themselves exhibit magnetic attraction unless charged with electromagnetism, producing a magnet.
    However you can observe limited repulsion with certain field shapes such as with a quarter against the center of a disc fridge magnet.

  2. Livebackwards7 says:

    Maybe there putting strong magnet under armpit so the other magnet would then repel off arm 🤷‍♂️

  3. owenallen says:

    Tim, you should create a meme with Fauci in one side and Saddam’s minister of information (or the Iraqi mouthpiece?) on the other side??

  4. justlikethecaptain says:

    Silicon isn’t magnetic

  5. c0de6349 says:

    do you understand the optics of firing the head of cdc during pandemic lmao? this was an obama administration project. not fauci, he was just the guy at the time.

  6. Mdrosen91 says:

    Where’s the video?

  7. CaptainRon says:

    They use to use formaldehyde in imported beers down in the islands to keep it fresher longer. In the Navy they told us to only drink local beer because alot of the imports had it in there and would shrink your skin and make you feel 10x more hungover

  8. Neversummer160 says:

    Ian reading the ingredients of the vaccine: “WHAT AN OUTRAGE!”

    What Ian expects: Dead Corona Virus, happiness.

  9. GTClark says:

    Tim, if you haven’t already, you should REALLY look into and read Ken Alibek’s book Biohazard. Ken Alibek is a Kazakh-American scientist who was highly-placed in the Soviet bioweapons program in the 80’s before he defected. The stuff they were doing based on his testimony is truly horrifying. He indicates they were doing gene-splicing and intentional mutation of smallpox, EEV, anthrax, and lost of other potentially fatal diseases to make them even more deadly and were manufacturing smallpox and anthrax by the ton for use in biowarfare. There were several major lab leaks in the USSR that killed hundreds or likely thousands of people over the years. They basically anthraxed and entire town due to a faulty air scrubber. Wild, wild stuff, but not unexpected from a communist regime. The book is truly terrifying when he starts talking about how they used western medical research to amplify these viruses into super-viruses with the potential for near-100% mortality rates. I believe Alibek is still working in the medical field in the Virginia area, so if you can get in touch with him, he would be an absolutely fascinating guest.

  10. SterlingGecko says:

    iron in hemoglobin repels magnets.
    not that it’ll cause this phenomenon, just an interesting thing. videos of the effect are online for the viewing.

    • dirtleg39 says:

      Yep, the YouTube channel Action Labs shows this using mice.

    • michellesings says:

      Oh interesting. My thing is this…Don’t our phones do more than enough to track our every move and thought (practically)? I’ve heard some ppl use this as the reason for magnets.
      However, in reading other comments here, I am seeing other’s thought as to why. I dunno, honestly.

  11. mbeilofficial says:

    Hey Guys! You should really get Bret or Eric Weinstein on the show to talk about the lab leak hypothesis and the corruption of institutional science. Another guy, Yuri Deigin, was a guest on Bret’s podcast in June of last year who detailed the evidence for a lab leak early in the pandemic. Check out that episode at this link –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5SRrsr-Iug

  12. Syke_211 says:

    I didn’t believe the magnets either, I thought it was bullshit. Until I was out eating at a local diner with my wife and her aunt. The owner and I were talking about the vaccine and about my wife’s aunt getting vaccinated. He had a jewelers magnet, I checked it to make sure nothing was on it, nothing was on her arm and she wasn’t sweaty at all, and the magnet stuck to her arm only in the spot of the vaccine. I DID NOT BELIEVE THIS SHIT UNTIL I SAW IT FOR MY SELF!!!! I would be more than happy to send a video with a stopwatch running in the back ground so you know it isn’t edited because I don’t know how to edit anyway. I have been researching trying any way I can to debunk what I saw with my own eyes right in front of me, and can’t find any cause for this….

  13. garrett.belt@yahoo.com says:

    Its all coming apart

  14. Magster73 says:

    Damn straight it came from that lab.

  15. marginal-non-hermit says:

    Scott Horton is the man! It’s great you had him on! Best brain on libertarian foreign policy alive.

  16. Iamthepyro says:

    I just went to put a magnet on my arm and it fucking fell off. Fuck that shit.

  17. Jontrem says:

    Worst guest ever? Okay that’s hyperbolic, destiny was way worse. Thanks for having him on though, it helps me remember that while I like libertarian ideas I don’t like libertarians

  18. Dzikun says:

    If you think about it if the elites wanted to cull the population they wouldn’t want the ones that are suspicious of them and don’t want to take the vaccine to survive… They would want the sheeple that gladly take the vaccine to live. So the would make a vaccine that works and then make the virus devastating the next time it comes around to wipe the sceptics out first…

  19. MiMisguided says:

    Maybe the vaccine is not a vaccine just an excuse to inject nano chips or bots. Think about it. The vaccine does not prevent you from transacting or transmitting the virus. What the hell does it actually do then?

  20. groy117 says:

    Biden ending this investigation is instruction of justice.

  21. Boden says:

    Please follow Crowder to Rumble so I can remove YouTube from my life. They’re adding a streaming service for him soon.

  22. Kevinc183 says:

    Biden ended the investigation, without reason other than the idea that it might be weaponized (without evidence to the contrary)

  23. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    your skin changes. it gets tighter and looser. ive stuck coins to my arm my entire childhood lol. lick a coin and it will stick to your forhead. iif you lick it and slide it onto your arm it sticks.
    there is absolutely nothing that small that a fridge magnet would stick to. and a magnet strong enough to stick to it would cause you to feel whatever its attracted to move in your arm. its really simple and im suprized tim is like WTF…. these people are not deceptive, they are normies they dont know why its sticking either. you can tighten your muscle or loosen it or lean a certain way ever so slightly to get it to stik to one side and not the other. ….

  24. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    its probably sweat or different parts of the skin being more sweaty than others. your skin changes. it gets tighter and looser. ive stuck coins to my arm my entire childhood lol. lick a coin and it will stick to your forhead. iif you lick it and slide it onto your arm it sticks.
    there is absolutely nothing that small that a fridge magnet would stick to. and a magnet strong enough to stick to it would cause you to feel whatever its attracted to move in your arm. its really simple and im suprized tim is like WTF…. these people are not deceptive, they are normies they dont know why its sticking either. you can tighten your muscle or loosen it or lean a certain way ever so slightly to get it to stik to one side and not the other. ….

  25. RaptorDog21 says:

    Alex Jones told us all. He is the Messiah

  26. crackbot says:

    this is probably the reason for the magnet sticking to the arms.
    “The FDA said it has received information about quality issues, including certain HAIOU needles detaching from the syringe and getting stuck to the patient’s arm after injection and a few incidents involving accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare providers.”

    • swampyne127@gmail.com says:

      no because syringe needles are medical grade stainless which is not magnetic. your skin has oils. surface tension. sweat can make it stick. different parts of the skin are more sticky than others. they might not be deceptive. tbey might not know either.

  27. Creose says:

    Pat Buchanan’s book is total bunk theory that omits major facts. September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. June 28th, 1914, Archduke Franze Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Both are the Catalyst that started the wars. This is basic remedial history. Buchanan’s book actually echos ideas neo Nazi’s enjoy spewing in their WS talking points.

  28. Merik says:

    The vaccines (phisher and moderna) are Liposomes with mRNA snippets. I actually made these myself in a lab during my undergrad [extracurricular, not part of my degree] and I can completely explain every component. If you want me to break it down contact me, not gonna bog a comment down with a paragraph this time

  29. SpaceDaimyo says:

    YouTube app on iPhone has been not “recognizing” when tapping the like button for many non woke youtubers, so please make sure to tap until it’s highlighted if you are watching on your phone.

  30. keevin33 says:

    Great guest. Enjoyed hearing his point of view

  31. Sally482@netzero.com says:

    Did fauci studied medicine under joesf mengele

  32. TheMadHapa says:

    In the spirit of member’s area…
    these motherfuckers.

    • EchosandWhisper says:

      Not in the medical field at all, I twist wrenches for a living and listen to a lot of news as I do it.

      For those thinking it’s nano tech, I don’t imagine the injection site would remain ferrous whatsoever due to the desired effect of nanobots being the ability to get into your blood stream. What they would/could be doing there would be anyone’s guess. Personally, I don’t have reason to trust a vaccine that was out essentially overnight compared to the massive trials others go through, nor one that has been propagandized so heavily. I’m bias in that I’m very skeptical of pharma as a rule of thumb, and this one stinks to me.

      All of that said, I’m curious why Tim can buy one thing as a stand alone complex but not this necessarily. Unless it’s all for content, in which case that’s fine, it’s entertaining. We’re in the age of riding the meme wave, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cumulative 100+ hours of short videos of people doing this considering the volume of people likely attempting and having access to social media.

      My tinfoil hat in the ring: most nano bots are made from organic materials that aren’t metals or derivatives. If it was something that was meant to be ferrous, think of what that would be changing in your body as well as your heart in particular. The main publicly known fact of it is that it rewrites your DNA. If this is a mass experiment I would begin following that trail first instead of nano tech. Think silly things like blood donations. Part of your DNA is now altered which will forever be an identifying factor. Just my tinfoil.

  33. Auhn says:

    New member here. First time hearing the guys swear. It actually made me giggle, despite the serious conversation.

  34. firemedicwolf7 says:

    Of all the people who got the vaccines so far, statistically one of these people has had a damn MRI since then and if they didn’t get their arm ripped off, safe to say the metal in the vaccine thing is bullshit..

  35. Pyro says:

    Two Words:
    Resident Evil……

    Just saying….

  36. Stevanvalk says:

    Cant wait to read about what comes out about this in 10, 20, 30 years

  37. Captmatt says:

    The answer to “magnet gate” is GECKO FEET! Did you know geckos do not have sticky feet? Look up Van der Waals forces.

  38. Aero says:

    I can’t watch the fid for some reason. Vid doesn’t show up.

    • Stone51 says:

      The built in adblock in brave browser is stopping the videos from loading, just turn off the shield for tomcast.com and everything will work fine

  39. Captmatt says:

    Is it a coincidence that someone named Redfield is involved in a pandemic and so is a character from the Resident Evil series? I think not.

  40. Masshole says:

    MSG is not a preservative. Not for food anyway. Its a chemical flavor enhancer in food, nothing more.

  41. soladave says:

    Magnet sticking to arm? The injection site is always swabbed with alcohol and therefore may allow metal discs to stick to arm but fall off after coming into contact with skin oils.

  42. b_handy says:

    Crowder stated on his mugclub after show that the bats were 100 miles away, hibernating.

  43. b_handy says:

    You can no longer watch the video if you turn the screen off, if you turn the screen off, while the video plays, the video stops and has to be restarted from the beginning

  44. b_handy says:

    You can no longer watch the video if you turn the screen off, if you turn the screen off, while the video plays, the video stops and has to be restarted from the beginning.

  45. Nichole says:

    Check out not the beeb he did a video investigating the magnet sticking to vaccination site.

  46. TheReigningCobb says:

    you got better video quality on this hoe than youtube

  47. MCore says:

    I know a healthcare professional who saw the magnet story and sought to debunk it. Began asking vaccinated patients if they’d like to see if a magnet would stick. Used a small black (~10 mm diameter) magnet and moved it around the injection area. The magnet stuck to just over half of those who got the vaccine, arm hanging at side. He confirmed he could feel a slight attraction when the spot was found, not like sticking it to a metal surface though. I didn’t believe him at first but he had photos and was keeping a tally. He can’t make sense of it. I can’t make sense of it. WTF?

    • JEHOD says:

      The last day before our most recent lockdown through July. Parks, gyms, pools and virtually all eateries are closed down except for takeout. Perhaps the safest places everywhere now are outdoors, particularly the parks. Masking outdoors is simply stupid if one ifs already social distancing. This simply is a very bad flu most probably released from a very poorly run BSL4 lab in Wuhan supported against American law with funds allocated by Fauci for ‘enhanced function’ research under an ’emergency authorization’ okayed by Fauci. He should be brought up on charges immediately. And finally, if one could conceive a regime that might intentionally release a bioweapon of this type, who would it be but the organ-harvesting, Uighur genociding, Maoists with Chinese characters also subjugating the Tibetans, Manchurian and Song for decades, not to mention all the other ethniciities within the CCP’s realm of oppression. The CCP are PURE EVIL! They make the Nazis look like tyros. And FB if you suppress this post know that’s it’s going out to multiple other platforms and will provide evidence for your collusion with the most evil regime extant on this planet.

    • Gypsy415 says:

      I wonder if it’s due to the PEG in the vaccines? PEG has been studied to be attached and create magnetic nanoparticles that can be used for uptake studies/contrast with MRI… so maybe it’s something along those lines?

  48. AC1979 says:

    This was NEVER a conspiracy theory – it’s been reported on detail by epoch times, war room and Natalie winter since last year and they were silenced. The state we are in is disgusting.

  49. Finecast says:

    The Cult like mentality makes me want to inject myself with the prototype vaccine that sterilises yourself so I won’t let my kids suffer this generations idiocy

  50. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    My favorite conspiracy theory is that the vaccine is indeed some kind of magnetic nanotech that will be activated and controlled by 5g. Lol.

  51. Zedshow says:

    So how long until Fauci says we don’t need the vaccine because hydroxychloroquine is a safe effective and proven medication against Covid-19?

  52. Dn1984 says:

    Ian check your Instagram!

  53. HunterHarms says:

    Tim you have to get Scott back on to talk Yemen. I bought my membership tonight because of Scott. He is the greatest American hero in our generation. If Ian wants to talk about the Fed, Scott has the answers. Dave Smith has said that Scott is where he gets his information from. Please have him back!!

  54. Chrisj2000 says:

    Magnets how do they work? Haha

  55. Antonette59 says:

    I have a titanium plate in my arm that sets off my son’s metal detector.

    • Wesley says:

      Yeah this is likely people with metal plates in their bodies. I can’t tell if tim is even being serious talking about this lol.

      • EchosandWhisper says:

        Titanium is not ferrous, so you may have a faulty plate and should get that checked. Or the metal detector can detect titanium, which would be overkill because guns aren’t made (solely) of titanium, nor are knives. It’s tough for its weight but brittle and absurdly expensive.

  56. Martin9 says:

    Smoothe items sucky to skin because of oils and pores creating vacuum/suction cup effect. Combined with the thermal conductivity the metal cools the skin pores causing contraction of the suction cup effect to pull metal to skin. Maybe more natural substances.

  57. Plaguen says:

    If I could put memes on here it would be Nick Cage Ya don’t say

  58. ArrDubU says:

    Where is the video? I can’t see it or the previous one. Can see the rest though. Tried several browsers….

  59. ernesto.glassetc@gmail.com says:

    Pizza gate all over again. Just wait till some shithead kidnaps a doctor for this bullshit.

  60. NoOne123 says:

    Literal CCP shill pushing CCP talking points.

    • Kshthymyla says:

      There’s space here for a more compelling response. No character limit at all. We could get used to intellectual responses again, instead of emotional ones. I get that you’re angry, but my opinion of the guest is entirely unaffected by your comment. Was that your intent?

      • NoOne123 says:

        Your opinion would be unaffected regardless of how many words i put forth. You will believe what you believe.

        In the podcast(the one on youtube), this dude mentioned a few particular points.(no im not going to bother with timestamps)
        1. “The US has no right to support Taiwan. Taiwan rightfully belongs to china. The US has no business in the south pacific”
        Taiwan is an economic powerhouse in the south pacific region. They produce 60% of the worlds semi conductors. If the US cedes Taiwan to China then China will gain Economic strength and will gain the edge in future technological advancement and may even be able to stunt the US’s technological development. Taiwan also holds strategic military value. If the US loses Taiwan then that opens up China’s access to the Taiwan Strait and they’re able to strategically place military ships near Taiwan which will allow them to fire hyper sonic missles at the west coast of the US. Currently we do not have a defense against these types of missles. Our missle defense systems are out of date. This will also split and divide the alliance we have with our allies, Japan, India, and Australia.

        2. “whats wrong with entangling ourselves economically with china?”
        At the current moment China needs the US more the US needs China(this wont always be the case if we continue to do nothing). Without the US propping them up financially China would have collapsed a long time ago. Being the centralized government that they are, they have certain advantages that we do not have. If we send all our manufacturing over there, they can nationalize any and all factories at the mere drop of a hat. This means they own all the machines that produce the products that we own and whatever sort of schematics that may be left within those factories for future products. This also means at any point, they can cut us off from said products which is REALLY BAD if we were to ever enter into a hot war with them. They make most of our medication and medical supplies. It doesn’t take a brainiac to realize that’s a bad thing. They can also purchase property in the US(already doing this) and make investments into corporate businesses and thus dictate how a particular business is run(see John Cena, the NBA, and Hollywood). The US CANNOT buy property in China. Any property bought by a US citizen can immediately be siezed by the Chinese government. Entangling ourselves economically ONLY benefits China, thus the push for wanting to keep us together and why this dude is a FUCKING CCP shill.

        3. “whats wrong with “The Belt and Road initiative” They’re just building infrastructure!”
        When countries sign onto the B&R initiative they’re allowing their entire infrastructure to be built by China. China doesn’t hire the local native population to contribute to their countries infrastructure. They send Chinese people to build it using chinese products that are written in a chinese language. This makes it so the government is completely dependent on China for infrastructure repairs. Not only that, when it comes to technology like the internet, surveillance cameras and other electronically connected devices they build backdoors for the Chinese government for spying purposes. It also gives China a military advantage over your country. If you were to ever oppose China for any reason they would just shut down your electronic infrastructure remotely and hold your country hostage. It is also an economic debt trap in which they charge excessive interest as well.

        There’s other points this dude made that i don’t care to go over. This dude is a CCP shill. His talking points in regards to China are exactly the same as the last CCP shill Tim had on his show. I dont care if anyone likes him. He can go fuck himself. They ALL make the same arguments every time, learn to recognize it when you see it.

        • HunterHarms says:

          How about you go fuck yourself? Scott has done more for Freedom than your keyboard warrior ass will ever do. Look at his OKC archives, or Waco , or Iraq, or Afghanistan. You are a Midwit. Actually produce something something of value for the cause of Liberty faggot

        • GreenGables says:

          Good answers. I’m not swayed by anyone that uses Bezo’s WAPO or gossipy books written to make a buck as their source for “facts”. Strangely, I’ve been leaning towards voting Libertarian in the past, but I had no idea they would be pro-China and anti-Israel (tho He is not anti-Palestine I noticed). None of my Libertarian friends have expressed that, so it was quite surprising but also helpful, as it is certainly a deal-breaker for me at the voting booth. I look forward to discussing this with them to see what they think. Goodness, I wonder if I will be called names now for expressing this opinion? Because we all know that is a mature tactic 😉

          • NoOne123 says:

            I don’t think being, “pro china” has anything to do libertarianism. I’m pretty sure its a separate issue from the general core beliefs of libertarianism. Same with the, “israel vs palestine” issue as well, thats its own wacky thing. The CCP puts in A LOT of effort into pushing propaganda into all forms of media and social interaction from hollywood celebrities, athletes, businessmen, politicians to even youtubers and even youtube comments and obscure internet forums(they literally pay an army of chinese citizens to shill ccp propaganda online). Its something to be wary of but anyway you should still talk to your friends and other people who are libertarians about the general views of it. When it comes to voting though, try to do more than just voting for a specific party or a specific ideology. Try to make time to look into candidates and doing some quick online searches of their stances on certain subjects. Its not perfect and politicians lie and some will literally larp as the opposite party until they get into power. Its just kind of the nature of the beast. I hate politics…

        • Aliza7Seventy says:

          Scott Horton finds fault with just about everyone and everything,
          He delights in finding fault and then mixing facts and fiction.
          He is not only creepy, he is dangerous, because some people are attracted to him.
          He has his own made up history of Palestine. But his listeners are generally not educated in the topic. Especially people who are younger than him.
          I am older than he is. I have researched the Gaza Strip and been there many times.
          He makes things up.
          I wish Tim would have spoken to Michael Malice before bringing Scott on the show.
          I get it, Dave Smith likes Horton. How many times has Dave been quoted on Tim’s show are others compared to how many times Malice is quoted?
          And I guess Ian is a big fan of Horton.
          If they care about people being killed, especially children. Why not go to Chicago and do something? Instead of pretending to know what is going on far away in places where they do not understand the culture.

          • Mdrosen91 says:

            Made up the history on Palestine? What was the state of Israel before 1948?

          • Aliza7Seventy says:

            Before the state of Israel, was the British Mandate of Palestine, and before that the Ottoman Empire occupied the land, but did not annex it. There has never been a Palestinian State and never been a Palestinian people. The name Palestine has been around since the Romans. Jews and non-Jews referred to the area as Palestine. Jews have lived in the area non-stop since their state was destroyed, but did not have a state there… but neither has anyone else made a state there.

        • Burly9 says:

          Noone123. Well he did ask for a longer response. Good job mate

        • FACTBOT5000 says:

          Right on. 👍🏻

  61. jacobmeacham says:


  62. Cmwhite13 says:

    I was forced to get the vaccine for work. I will take the magnet challenge and superchat the results.

    • Masshole says:

      You were forced to do nothing. You chose to get the experimental vaccine because you value your job more than your wellbeing. It is a fair decision to make, but make no mistake- you made the choice.

  63. Boden says:


  64. FoxOFire says:

    I have been vaccinated and i have taken a magnet to my arm. these people are fucking bullshit liars. it absolutely does not stick at all.

  65. JamesEagle says:

    Fans: “You should get God on your show.”
    Tim: “Well , the difficulty is that God has his own show, therefore, He will be hard to book.”
    Ian: “DMT, Federal Reserve, block-chain, smart contracts.”
    Lydia: “I push buttons.”
    Guest: “Wow! Nice skatepark”

  66. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    @Ian I smelled formaldehyde 1 time. It was in a jar in a lab, and I was there after hours. I opened the jar and smelled it, and instantly I thought I was going to die. It burned my nasal passages all the way into my lungs. For a good 10 minutes I thought for sure I had just ended my own life on accident.

  67. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    I drive a truck, so I most def curse, but I’ve been listening to Tim and now Ian for a good while now, so it’s a shocker to hear all the fuck bombs. I laughed my ass off when I heard Ian go on a fuck filled rant about the election.

    I’m so glad I got a membership, it most def is not disappointing.

    • Masshole says:

      I noticed how you can tell they value their ability to use colorful language. Its like they do its consciously and intentionally as to get the most out of every opportunity while they can. Its actually hilarious and it made me realize the fact that anyone who says swearing is for the ignorant with limited vocabularies, they have no idea what they are talking about. There is definitely some context added when we use bad language.

  68. Timuh says:

    Body modification peeps are fucking with you. (Imbedding magnets) Also RFID tags are going to be magnetic, Ferro core with a coil wrapped around.

  69. DirtyCivilian says:

    Cope harder neocons. You guys eat up the China boogeyman narrative the same way the left eats up the COVID bs. All he says is that we don’t want to go to war with China, and you guys go straight to “China commie shill” I forget how bad conservatives are until foreign policy comes up.

    • flanned2 says:

      First comment I see is from some person claiming that tim and the crew are neocons while completely ignoring the fact that the neocons joined the dems and that neocons are pro middle east war and pro china for financial gain.

    • Timuh says:

      He has some extreme views. Every single war ever was a mistake? We can’t examine the counter factual where the US didn’t fight. We have no idea what that world would look like and if we’d be better off or even still here. I don’t want to live under communist rule, but for now we should just stop handing them our industry.

    • Morgan_Kreg says:

      So the lab got roughly $1 for every dead America

    • Masshole says:

      A conservative isn’t necessarily a Republican, man. Speaking for myself, I am definitely a conservative, but no way in hell do I get behind the do nothing party. We aren’t all mindless automatons who believe everything that we read, just as not all centrists and liberals are guilty of fence sitting and communist sympathy.

  70. RaneyNickel says:

    We need a doc or a nurse to bring a magnet close to a vial of the vaccine and see if it sticks. Or a magnet to the syringe containing a dose to see if it sticks.
    What about if the vaccine site causes massive inflammation, enough to draw a small pool of blood in the area. Blood IS magnetic somewhat, but you need a relatively strong magnet to see the effects.
    I want to know if you repeatedly try to stick a magnet to your arm without a vaccine if eventually it will stick because that’s just something that happens normally? I mean, if you’re trying to make something happen in a certain spot….
    Idk, I agree though some serious experimentation is needed!

  71. TheLegend says:

    ugh what’s with the no videos?

    • RaneyNickel says:

      I was not seeing videos for the past 2 days – I just turned off my uBlock origin and the player is back. I’m watching on a Win 10 PC, with Brave browser.

  72. Whodamus says:

    There is a video of Fauci warning against a possible pandemic back in 2017, almost like he knew it was coming. Coincidence? I think not.

  73. Jdrapeau82 says:

    Libertarian thinks we should stop fighting everyone. Also loves authoritarian regime that is pretty much fighting everyone… hates America though. I didn’t like this guest. He has the worldview of a person who doesn’t know the world.

    • JohnGalt says:

      Scott Horton doesn’t love the ccp. He’s an anarchist libertarian lol. He doesn’t hate America, he hates the corrupt corporatist war machine that runs it. He recognizes that the anti China propaganda that neocons eat up is just more fodder for that war machine. He understands basic economics and recognizes that it isn’t China taking our jobs, its cronies in DC fashioning policy that kills the regular American’s ability to compete with China. The CCP is the incarnation of every aspect of government Scott hates, but it’s not in the interests of the regular American or humans on earth for us to antagonize a foreign nuclear power.

    • Aliza7Seventy says:

      Scott Horton has talking points that no one else has… because he makes them up and says them as if he has sources. He mixes fact and fiction so its complicated. He is super creepy – but he has a way of attracting some people. I think its scary that he is on Timcast IRL. I guess Tim trusted Dave Smith and Ian. I wish Tim had checked with Michael Malice. Tim needed to be more prepared if he was going to host this creature.

  74. ChrisChaosX says:


  75. Nimitz says:

    strong rare earth or electromagnet tucked in the armpit

  76. RadicalRancid says:

    I saw something somewhere warning against the use of a certain brand of needles because they were breaking off in people. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfmaude/detail.cfm?mdrfoi__id=11574212&pc=MEG

  77. Imortalaxe says:

    Found an interesting article about the magnetization https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24715289/

  78. MykC says:

    Is the vaccine vegan? 😂

  79. Medgarjr says:

    A magnet only repells the same pole of another magnet

  80. R1GEL says:

    WOW! I just got done watching the TIMCAST IRL YouTube section and omg I would love to see this guy and China Uncensored together. Seems like he doesn’t mind millions being gutted by a genocidal regime.

  81. Child_of_Bodom16 says:

    You’ve had Dave Smith on twice and Scott Horton once now. Once Covid lifts you should get Ryan Dawson on. They’ve all done stuff together. Or you should host a tag team debate between the team of Ryan Dawson and Scott Horton and anyone who disagrees with how they think.

  82. dbhill says:

    Pump it into my veins!

  83. 00chewie says:

    Kinda feel like this guy personifies the banality of evil. He doesn’t mind China investing in other countries, but is he aware of the strings that are Attached?

  84. Janart48 says:

    Oh Noooooo Trump could never think for himself, this guy is a dick. He has TDS.

  85. Jean says:

    How about the fact that the WHO issued statements that there was no evidence that the virus was transmissible from person to person in mid-late January? I’m not an epedemiologist but what’s the story? Did they think they all shared the same bar soup?

  86. spoonsofdoom says:

    GUYS. Pause ur ad-block if u have it. The player is struggling with it.

  87. TheWitten says:

    Not to get too conspiratorial … but what if China helped the leak to happen to bring all this to go down the way it did? I mean, i assume China knew all this was happening. Just a thought

    • dbhill says:

      They had more than enough motive.

    • Cmwhite13 says:

      DNC = CCP

      China made a virus funded by Democrats. This was a joint effort to bring about a pandemic that would undo all of Trump’s progress and setup his removal from office. The pandemic was only deadly to those with underlying health conditions and elderly. China has a fondness for eugenics so it’s no surprise they would manufacture a disease that specifically targets elderly and those with underlying conditions (although, in all fairness, most diseases are more deadly to those groups). They needed it to kill enough people without it actually being deadly to the general public. The masking was a compliance drill for the American public as well as a method to make us more like China where masking is a social norm. The government shutdowns crushed Trump’s booming economy and made his COVID response look weak. This would further drive people to vote him out but it also laid the ground work for the biggest voter fraud coordination in history.

      I don’t know what’s in those vaccines. I think it really is just a vaccine for a virtually non-lethal disease. Alex Jones has some thoughts that anybody who has taken the vaccine will be dead within 10 years – I certainly hope he’s wrong but time and time again he’s been proven correct.

      If there is something in the vaccines, I’m afraid (with no evidence whatsoever) that it will lead to a far deadlier disease that can (and will) be passed genetically. The world government will create a medicine that treats the disease but there will not be a cure – only something that can keep the disease from killing you. This is how they will effectively control the entire population from birth until whatever age they deem a person should live to (*ah hem* Bill Gates). “Do what we say or we will cut you off from the the thing we manufactured to keep you alive.”

      • torwestman says:

        You get it. Unfortunately, it seems that Tim doesn’t, and keeps expressing his mask fetishism.

      • TheWitten says:

        Thanks for the input, sir. I don’t know how much evidence is on your side about the things you’ve stated, but I do think China (if they knew what was going on in the lab an the connections it had (i.e Fauci being the highest paid dude)) that it would make the US buckle if the lab fell apart. In the mean time, China could prepare for the virus in case it was more serious than not…

        I dunno… but after this whole last year, China seems to be doing fine in relation to what went down. Granted, I know they lie about numbers and everything else. Still…

        In any event, I appreciate the response

  88. spoonsofdoom says:

    I’m having issues using Brave browser. Edge works fine. This is friendly data point for your devs. 😀

  89. relleks says:

    EVERYONE disable your adblocker = boom!

  90. ScotScottScottt says:

    Scott Horton is goat af

  91. Mastergunz says:

    Getting an error link as well

  92. Imortalaxe says:

    Anyone else getting “video error occurred”

  93. Vaahda says:

    Tim, can you get kevin sorbo on your show?

  94. Medgarjr says:

    Need to add a Dogecoin donation link

  95. WoodworkerAnon says:

    Also please start livestreaming the IRL show on your Website! Fuck Youtube!

  96. WoodworkerAnon says:

    first. love the show Tim and Crew!!! Keep doing what you do!