Jack Murphy Members Episode: COVID 'Epsilon' Variant Could Lead To New Lockdown And Mandatory Vaccination

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Jack Murphy Members Episode: COVID ‘Epsilon’ Variant Could Lead To New Lockdown And Mandatory Vaccination

218 responses to “Jack Murphy Members Episode: COVID ‘Epsilon’ Variant Could Lead To New Lockdown And Mandatory Vaccination”

  1. DanTrinkle says:

    Ian is correct. All viruses like flu and cold are pandemic. This is bullshit.

  2. ritajo says:

    I’ll take the UCMJ over the jab.

    • Craigwitac says:

      Still terrible, but I wouldn’t worry so much about this spilling over to the civilian side even tho it definitely could, my only thing is I’ve never taken a voluntary vaccine in the military, they have always been mandatory

  3. Dr.Apoc says:

    God I wish Ian would shut the fuck up when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s great and I love him, but you can tell when he’s talking just because he felt like he hasn’t spoken in a while. “Lockdown” vs “Shutdown”? They were arresting people for going to 2nd homes in Michigan, just shut up when you don’t have something informative or funny to add. We can tell when you’re just adding filler and don’t actually have a firm opinion on it

  4. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    Tim, the military already REQUIRES all sorts of vaccinations. But not for the flu.

  5. crass2047 says:

    We are not the resistant people we were in the 1700’s . We are too comfortable, and too dependent on government, technology and services to not go along with these tyrannical mandates. The masking as a test…..passed with flying colors. We have become weak. No one will like another lockdown, but not do anything about it.

  6. beharris9 says:

    I was a perishable commodities trader , in the morning we waited for the urner Barry analysts to release their prices adjustments, that were created after they called around to the major processors and evaluated their available inventory. These price adjustments are paid by traders and distributors and you as a consumer will not see the price increase for a week or two after. They are probably seeing shortages that the public won’t know about for a few weeks.

  7. BT2240 says:

    Fathers yes.
    Not specifically Christian though.
    I live in Vietnam. The most successful people here I know are Buddhist.

  8. Zainal says:


  9. DanielMansour says:

    What they are doing is asking the cellular providers to send them the phone numbers of people who are bouncing off of Maryland towers, such that it appears the person uses that Maryland based tower as their primary tower. This would likely indicate that a person lives in, or frequently is in, Maryland. As a result, your number is provided to the State and they contact you.
    Unfortunately it’s completely legal due to SCOTUS rulings.

    Also – gardening is the shit. I’ve been pulling cucumbers and cherry tomatoes out of my garden like crazy.

    Have a great one.

  10. Yknot46410 says:

    SARS-CoV-2 a.k.a. is a betacoronavirus, not alpha. They just never referred to it as a beta variant. The alphacoronavirus in humans is one responsible for the common cold.

  11. Vashts1985 says:

    im with Ian on this one. that deceptive headline makes it sound like the vaccine is now FDA approved.

  12. Bigly12025 says:

    Sure, it’s a “pandemic”….that isn’t worth any attention at all.

  13. ButtonPuncher says:

    TRACKING. It’s what big tech and govt wants. Because of the vaccine, they didn’t get it. Once they can say that the vaccine no longer works, they can implement tracking to keep everyone /SAFE/. Oh you have to say whether you own a firearm or not when you sign up for tracking? That’s just for YOUR safety. …says the govt.

    • Tylerklovic says:

      Actually in regards to the government getting your phone number it is common because your phone number is not private information so the government can record it without knowledge. Also this most likely could just be a scam to gain private information in the first place, I would say investigate it Tim because you could expose a phishing ring.

  14. Max316420 says:

    Tim doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about!! I live in upstate NY and we were NEVER under a lockdown! Maybe NYC but upstate ny, we were never told to stay in our houses.

  15. Max316420 says:

    They can take that mandatory vaccine bullshit and shove it down their cocksucking throats!!

  16. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    Thanks Jack

  17. _bensuks says:

    Sorry Tim, but there really never was a pandemic lol

  18. Goatoverland says:

    The government can target a set of cell towers and send a message or call to every cell phone that is hooked to it or has hooked to it in the past 7 days. It may have changed sense my buddies worked on towers a few years ago.

    • PseudoSwede says:

      Yep. Thats how they’re going after anyone and everyone from 1/6 who is not a member of Congress. I believe each chamber has its own special cell tower, but there’s at least one dedicated tower for the Capitol building.

    • Tylerklovic says:

      Actually all you have to do is get a database of numbers that are located inside Maryland or is on the border of Maryland and just call all of them using either a bot or a receptionist. You don’t need towers for tracking anymore you could use find my iphone or other apps to see whether someone is in Maryland, even by looking on Twitter.

  19. CdnElJefe says:

    I don’t know why Tim keeps saying that vaccinated people can’t transmit the virus. They have never claimed that. It only makes you get less sick or not sick at all. You can still get, carry, and transfer the virus even fully vaccinated.

    • RichieRich3 says:

      Agreed!!!! It just lessens symptoms and you can spread it still with a vaccine.

      The truth is closer to what Kurt Van Den Bossche has been saying. the Virus is mutating at a faster rate than it normally would bc of the vaccine. But those of us not willing to take this experimental vaccine will be blamed instead.

  20. fellowshipotr52@gmail.com says:

    I really appreciate Jack Murphy not wanting to say GD and JC. Freedom of speech doesnt mean you must use every word in the dictionary. I noticed the N-bomb doesn’t get used on this channel. Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain. God doesn’t want us throwing his name out there willy Nilly so using it as a curse…yeah he doesn’t like it. Hey your free to say what you want but I wouldnt advise saying that and I appreciate others respecting that.

  21. GreyCat77 says:

    Pandemic is 12% death rate

  22. DanCarmo says:

    Yup, i’m in Australia and they just started the gestapo shit down in NSW yesterday, stay at home orders today – I hope, hope that my brothers and sisters down south can continue to give the govt the finger but it’s doubtful man, we don’t have any second amendment rights here so it’s either full mass revolution or you get beat. This is a learning for us here though, no-one ever thought the police state would be turned against the people like this in a million years and there will come a point where this shit is gonna get violent. We can all read data, this is pure idiocy at this stage.

    • Postman_Matt says:

      I know what you mean about NSW becoming a police state and I agree but you can’t really deny that there is a problem with the virus atm, sure the numbers are small for the number of tests but they are there. That said I don’t agree with the police state that it has become.

  23. jabrann98 says:


  24. Klunk says:

    Not sure why the Rich would call for a lockdown if they need people to buy perishable foods from the store…

  25. Gralin says:

    Nuremberg Trial, 2.0. Hard Pass on the mando administration of an un-approved medical product. I’ll wait two years and see if the spongiform encephalopathy that showed up in humanized rat trials manifests and knocks out 4/5 of the “volunteers” in this experiment.

  26. JRob says:

    Dude AHH! The world’s going crazy! & YouTube is making me SO fxking mad bro! I’m a busy fuckin dude, I bust my ass every single day. Work for a professional painting company doing interior and exterior buildings. It’s summer, so it’s fuckin hot outside. So I’m beat ass tired when I get home and I’m STILL on my grind trying to build something for myself. BUT, we just had 3 fuckin guys, at a company that employs 10-15 MAX, quit today. Everyone thinks their so entitled and everyone owes them shit. Nobody wants to fuckin work. So now we’re all stuck workin harder to pick up for their bullshit. & When I come home and Im fucking busy for a couple hours and can’t tune into the show right at 8:00, I STILL want the fuckin stream to be there so I can watch it later, damnit! Not get fucking banned! YouTubes really grinding my gears. I wanna be able to watch it 17 fuckin years from now. But they continue to keep censoring all of this shit.. it’s bullshit. Tim if you would, would you please upload the video of tonight’s podcast to the website for us to watch..? I’d really appreciate it. & Thanks so much for all you guys do. I’ll always be a member of the TIMCAST family. 💯

  27. joso997 says:

    Have they even noticed that the video is gone from youtube?

  28. Knarf252 says:

    Nuked. glad to find where to find others instead of being in the dark about what just happend.

  29. Drkmirage says:

    I bet they lock it down to break the will of the people who are fighting them… this is psychological warfare. Too bad I am way too stubborn to bend my will to anyone. I rather die on my feet then live on my knees.

  30. KekLordGrey says:

    BRUH…. you have that “Alexa/Siri” thing…. of course they are tracking you…. duh…

  31. stevedagrosa says:


  32. Davidfish says:

    What happened to tonight live show 7/8/2021 episode #326. I was watching it and it just suddenly said the show was removed by user ? What happened anyone know?

  33. SDracis says:

    It may fit the criteria of “pandemic” but Ian is correct – this is not. I have heard and seen things with my own eyes and ears that directly contradict the official narrative.

    Few people realize that the WA state Dept. of Health quietly announced the virus was loose in WA state 2 months prior to the index case.

    Can confirm that the homeless, who did not mask, socially distance, etc., did not flood hospitals. There never was a “surge.”

    100% manipulated data to drive home fear and new social management.

  34. Thesirclay says:

    I live in Ohio and I also have been receiving the maryland phone calls.

  35. Druwed says:

    Here in Brazil we are already being pushed torwards forced vaccines, via a national vaccine passport.
    Things here in Brazil have been fishy since the start of the pandemic, Sao Paulos governor had a contract with chinese vaccine farmaceuticals mid 2019, and the way 90% of our politicians are shilling or china is also very worrying.
    The chinese “embassador“ Wan Yangmin here also seems to hold massive influence, whatever he says is treated as law and most politicians are ready to fall on their swords to appease china, and those that try to fight agaisnt chinese influence are chased out of our country as criminals without even having commited any crimes.
    Combine that with the billion dollar deals china is “”investing”” into our infrastructure and you could extrapolate an extremely worrying cenario for south americas biggest economy.

  36. Nimitz says:

    Get in the traincar

  37. UppityG says:

    (Replacement for comment snagged for links)

    Great to have Murphy back on schedule. Pool, when you go relentless black pill on him, countering every solution he comes up with to your hypotheticals, it can be rather maddening. You sound like you’re *lobbying* for the futility of resistance, embracing the suck of the *inevitability* that you, seemingly, only ever see. Sometimes you give me whiplash with your ping ponging between “we must fight back and crush our tormentors,” and “we can never win, they hold all the power.” lol Dude, tap the breaks sometimes.

    For everyone’s edification, but special heads up to Crossland:

    Links are now being snagged, so do a search on MIT, Jonathan Haber, Critical Thinking, and on Logic Check dot net, Haber’s separate website. Haber was a guest on Pakman’s show about a year ago, and I think he’d be a good invite here too.

  38. gcolivares71@gmail.com says:

    Tim was calm until he thought about the phone call. He started getting angry and was ready to argue. Funny what can set you off. The total infringement of privacy, because we gave it up for convenience, is especially reminiscent of 1984. Read it again because it’s here now. By the way nah to mandates and vaccine passports.

  39. Dankond16 says:

    Thank you Jack for respecting Jesus and God’s name. Appreciate it!

  40. Yobuyahouse says:

    No its the people walking around vaccinated with masks they are giving covid practice!

  41. jspangler1110@gmail.com says:

    Tim these videos where you can actually have a conversation without the YouTube restrictions are amazing, can you please have Alex jones back uncensored plz plz plz

  42. rancidl says:

    Uhm, there were about 30 mutations of COVID in a month or 2 in 2020. Viruses mutate and get DRASTICALLY WEAKER very quickly. This is what nature does. So either these mutations aren’t natural, which would mean it isn’t a virus and it’s a bioweapon, OR these mutations are a nothing burger. Pandemics were defined as 6% mortality, this isn’t a pandemic. Heart disease, cancer, EMF porphyria – THOSE are pandemics. Did you know medical doctors are the #2 cause of death in the USA? We could say doctors are a pandemic while we’re at it. So why are we taking advice or anything from the #2 killer in the USA? PLEASE USE CRITICAL THINKING. Medical science is behind 100 years and going backward because they’d abandoned science. Don’t abandon the scientific method, use your brain.

    • UppityG says:

      @RancidL, good points. about 4 hrs ago I commented about critical thinking as well, but because I included two links, it was snagged for moderation. Links didn’t trigger that before, but I guess they do now.

      MIT. Jonathan Haber. Critical Thinking. Logic Check. For anyone interested in a source on the subject, just do a search. Paz.

  43. DarthSarkas says:

    Fuck all this Covid shit. If they’re throwing such a fit about the ivermectin studies not being good enough, why are they refusing to do a study with the “correct” conditions?

  44. Drengr94 says:

    Go ahead and go door to door to force people. . . There will be dead on both sides.

  45. s.sand@t-online.de says:

    When covid has reached the end of the alphabet Zeta variant the end is nigh.

  46. MikeyB says:

    Check out Rob Braxman Tech on YouTube. He explains how you are spied on between your phones and smart home devices. He is big on privacy.

  47. McCracken says:

    I don’t want to break anybody’s heart, but Ian is just not always the brightest. He says things that are so wrong that it makes everybody feel uncomfortable and quiet for a second. I respect the fact that he’s willing to test out new ideas in live time, but sometimes he’s just way below the bar.

  48. lynleahb says:

    Tim, just so you all know, cell phone and landline companies DO sell your info. They do work with govt agencies for location information- I worked for 3 major cell companies- this is facts. And the govt (state and federal) does know who has gotten the vaccine and who has not. When you get the vaccine, you get a dept of health card (govt agency) showing your personal info, the type of vaccine, the dates, and location you got the vaccine. So, they can see in their database who has and who has not gotten vaccinated.

  49. HadesXY says:

    Hey Jack, some things should be damned by god

  50. Glothr says:

    I’m 32, single, and have worked hard over the last year to pay off all of my debt because I can see what’s coming down the pipeline with this vaccination agenda. I have a pretty good job right now in the aerospace manufacturing sector. My employer has floated the idea of making vaccinations mandatory but have backed off because so many of the guys who work in the machine shop told them to go fuck themselves and threatened to quit. If they decide to mandate vaccines with no exceptions I guess I’ll go back to mowing lawns like I did a few years ago or find something else. I’ll take a big pay cut, sure, but not having any debt makes that a lot less scary.

    My mantra is “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” and that’s what I’ll continue doing.

  51. JaeSea says:

    How many beers did Jack have?

  52. T.E.N. says:

    I have a theory about these vaccines and most have probably thought the same thing. So getting the vaccine is a sign of willingness to comply. The elite want you to comply. So by not being vax’d you essentially create a short list of dissenters. Then a bioweapon is released, that only the vaccinated have the ability to withstand. That’s why they’re setting the same goal for every population. 70%. Once that is achieved then the depopulation agenda begins. .. Just a theory.

  53. Jeff says:

    Young heathy men do not need the vaccine! Look at the science! If your overweight and don’t work out and have low Vitamin D levels than you better get the shot or over 60 get the shot! I’m 50’abf got the J&J if I was younger I wouldn’t get the shot.

  54. Sigma says:

    Zeta is after Eta.

  55. MadManTV says:

    Tim cannot think beyond what the establishment has approved. Covid is a Trojan horse for global communism and Tim will never figure it out

  56. Painted_Horse says:

    If an army is going to invade 2 different cities, one has a huge wall & one dose not, which one spurs the invention of catapults?

  57. Mattpark says:

    Damn Tim, I didn’t realize you drop the “F” bomb so often. I’m diggin’ it. Fuck the man.

    • Scottydubs says:

      I just signed up for the members area and I am so glad I did. They are just going to keep coming up with more variants (move the goal posts) until everyone has the shot. There is no doubt in my mind that they will make it mandatory soon. That’s when the war is going to start. I’m ready.

  58. Golddess says:

    “The 50 vaccinated can’t spread COVID.” Wait, I thought the narrative was that vaccinated people _can_ still spread it?

  59. Anony says:

    Brett Weinstein has talked about this. By using a moderately effective vaccine and no other prophylactic treatment the mutations are happening in the vaccinated people just like mutations happen with antibiotics when only used partially

  60. DBurleson says:

    Let me get this straight… Jack won’t let his kids get the vaccine unless he sees the science however if his doctor says this is the science and the kids to get the vaccine he wont do it? No offense but you’re a hypocrite

    • Nabaus says:

      When doctors were mentioned he pointed out a doctor in congress asking to stop the vaccine rollout.
      No offense but you’re a liar.

    • Anony says:

      It depends on why the doctor says the kid should get it. If they can’t articulate a good reason why, then why follow their advice rather than the advice of a different ndoctor?

  61. covfefeovich says:

    If anyone in gubmint really gave a shit about scamdemic they would close the border. Until that happens I won’t believe a fucking word out of their lying fucking mouths.

  62. Justino-Mids says:

    Did Tim really just ask “what do you mean?” when Jack brought up his STTNG reference?
    Damn. Tim is slipping. Like 12 people on the planet knew what it meant before Tim brought it up. Now even he forgot.

  63. KTZWolf says:

    Cell towers Tim. The same way emergency texts and warnings are sent via locale. They send it out to all numbers connected to certain towers, so you were connected to a cell tower in Maryland.

  64. Leo_ says:

    “How do they have my phone number?” Dude it doesnt matter who you are, they have EVERYONE’S NUMBER. Why do you think there’s memes of getting robocalls, then you damn well remember when Trump was sending messages straight to people’s phones. Like come on lol.

  65. ALOMARI88 says:

    Guys im a mail man parcel post in New York looking to move to taxes where i can move with my job anyone who can help pleas hit me up im in the middle of separating with my wife the difference in our gole’s have become apparent. Any help would be appreciated

  66. Thumbbum21 says:

    Tim, you should really have Dr. Greet Vanden Bossche. MSM is saying that the unvaccinated are the main vectors for variant production, but its actually infections in the vaccinated population that is of greater concern. These people only have immunity to the spike protein and limited immunity against any other ‘trick’ that the virus could use to infect. That means every time a vaccinated person does get infected (vaccines limit serious illness more so than transmission) then the virus is more likely to learn the ‘trick’ to get around the vaccines. We’re running a global gain of function lab experiment by trying to get people vaccinated fast enough by a vaccine that provides limited immunity. Also especially concerning considering 30% of people don’t go get their second vaccination, increasing transmission of virus that has been exposed to spike protein antigens.

  67. AviationStar says:

    Just signed up and its like a fever dream hearing Tim and company swear

  68. Element says:

    Covid being in food is propaganda being spread by China to deflect from the Wuhan lab.

  69. Moiseevy1 says:

    The Blues Clues Variant

  70. Margie says:

    I find all this variant stuff interesting. When we had COVID, we asked what variant we had and they told us they didn’t test for that. We even offered to pay out of pocket to find out and were told we couldn’t find out. Where’s all this variant testing going on? Shenanigans.

  71. Freedomluvr says:

    Oh fuck brave bew world shit here. What if the variants end up being the ranking system in bnw, so you get “tested” for “covid” thrn depending on yoir variant you will be sent to a area full of your ranking

  72. Travisty says:

    I just watched Jones for the first time in years, the black pill is so so real. Door to door, I’m scared, but I’m going to focus on my career, I waited till pretty late in the game… but I gotta get me a ton of canned food.

  73. Noah_Pologies says:

    If have to stop covid before the z variant because Zulu would be extremely problematic

  74. Wolv256 says:

    Counterpoint: The government can go fuck themselves.

  75. CzarD0mn says:

    You missed the Lambda Variant they reported yesterday. The fear factory is spinning out more product each day for that sweet vaccine currency.

  76. Lada says:

    Tim constantly cries out against censorship and then when Trump announces a class action lawsuit Tim comments that Trump is orange. Totally disappointed. Tim shouldn’t be surprised now that they consider him a grifter.

  77. Mixablepapers says:

    The Patriot act allowed the government to spy on us with out our consent.

  78. tomrat247 says:

    Viruses aren’t alive, they are “abioligical”; they contain no means of self propogation.

    • CitizenTX says:

      Do you mean “reproduction”? Of course they do, how do you suppose they are found in such large numbers?? Spontaneous combustion?
      Virus’ and bacteria split, going through a fission process, to split their cells in half, then into four, eight, twelves, etc. Exponential growth. Within 24 hours, one viral cell will be thousands.
      I’m in the sciences and I’ve ALWAAYS said that the only predatory species that targets man is the virus and the virus will likely be our downfall. I hate to be a Debbe Downer.
      Virus’ may not be ‘sentient’ beings but SOMETHING gives them the will to reproduce, move, infect cells, inhabit those cells. I think it’s fascinating Read up on how virus’ work and you’ll come away better prepared next time!

  79. spoonsofdoom says:

    the passover joke was lit

  80. Wallyhiggens says:

    “If we win this fight 20 years from now, people won’t even know why we fought it or why it was necessary.”

    No, no no no.
    If we truly win this fight, 20 years from now, your children will know exactly why we faught it. This happens over and over. It’s not enough to win the fight today. Your enemies, those who seek power at the expense of all else, they don’t go away. You may kill the man that holds the tyrannical values but you don’t kill tyranny.

    This is a glimpse of the problem, a shadow, that we as free people hesitate to notice and dismiss seeing when it rears its ugly head.

    The true victory will be achieved not only thought the defeat of these foul ideologies in the present and the defeat of those seeking subjugation of others in the present; true victory will be achieved though the proper upbringing of the society you leave behind for your children.

    Call it Strauss-Howe generational theory, call it a pendulum that swings with brasen din, call it whatever you want. The United States has its periods of prosperity; its golden ages. In these times we ease up on impressing upon our children and our community the tough lessons. Christianity is keen example of this in western society. The church degrades. It loses membership because life is good, good enough that people worry that lessons regarding doom and gloom will not be well received. They worry about these things and they change. They ease up. They preach only the lessons that make you feel good. Head to a sermon during a golden age and listen to the passages picked for discussion.
    No one picks the passages about the tower of babble. No one picks the messages about how despite Able giving a sacrifice that pleased God, he still died because he turned a blind eye to his brothers hatred. No one picks the passages about God’s demand for genocide or the removal of cultures down to the women and the children. No one talks about why.

    (This is a tangent and is best left out when reading my short ramblings, my apologies but I wanted to add it for context. There is a rather long discussion here but suffice to say, many of the rules in the Bible could be related to evolutionary rules extrapolated out and passed on through myth and religion that are present in many ancient cultures with their own theology. Cultures with values that were evolutionary inferior almost always ceased exist)

    Thus the church and its strength and it values slowly fade.
    Please understand, the church is one example of a failure to teach critical values and lessons, it is just one aspect of our culture and is not nearly applicable to all due to our freedom of religion and individual liberties but the underlying point remains the same. Western society is open, being open is one of our greatest strengths. However, there are some things that you should not be open to. There are things you should teach your children to be unaccepting of. More importantly, you and your children need to know the why behind their intolerance. If there is no reason for the walls of intolerance built by your parents and grandparents, feel free to tear those walls down however this is almost never the case and it is often that these cultural walls protect you from ideological wolves that will bring your flock to ruin. It isn’t the case that you can not change the rules, it isn’t always the case that you shouldn’t change the rules but, before you change the rules, it is vitally important that know what they were protecting you from and how your going to deal with the consequences.
    A simple example of justified intolerance. You should not tolerate individuals in your society that hate your society.
    This is an easy lesson to forget when those individuals and small groups do not have influence. It’s easy to forget or ignore, when in the sunshine of a golden age that your competitors will support those imbedded adgitators that seek to undermine your foundation.

    Eh it’s late and I got a bit caught up in that comment at the end. “Things fall apart” and all that, but next time we get a golden age, call me a bit selfish, but I would really like it to last a bit longer for myself and people I care about. Please make sure you take the time out to teach people the rules of reality and not some feel good bullshit lies. All it does is set the up for failure if they are foolish enough to believe it.

    I really enjoyed the podcast and man do I love the lack of censorship even if I don’t agree with some of the opinions.

  81. Dmoney2012 says:

    When you need to start deleting numbers out of your phone and are constantly attending funerals it is a pandemic. Until then this a created for power virus.

  82. DrewishAF says:

    I completely understand and respect those who feel at risk while there is a rampant virus everywhere, regardless of how deadly it is or isn’t. What I don’t understand (actually I do understand, it just isn’t justifiable) is why people are not being held responsible for their own actions. If you want contactless accommodations because of your fear, you would be able to find someone willing to provide that service. There is just something happening that’s completely detached from reality because the governments are forcing their way in to dictate what choices people are allowed to make, what risks they can accept, and what information is allowed to spread. I am fine if people want to lock themselves away for fear of infection. I am completely not okay with the dictatorial rulers threatening us with prison if we prefer to exercise our own discretion. Nobody is making the vulnerable people leave their sanctuary. But we are told that we are not allowed to exercise our own discretion. The only people who are out and around each are only able to potentially infect each other so where is the risk to the isolated vulnerable? It’s ass backwards and I completely refuse to comply with any of this any more. If they make mandatory vaccinations/”proof” then I will start forging those documents to sell to others. Might as well break any other law while I’m at it because if I get caught then I’m fucked anyway.

  83. Starchuk says:

    Hmmmm …. 🤔

    Didn’t get SARS …
    Didn’t get MERS ….
    Didn’t get Covid …
    Don’t even know anybody who has.

    And now you’re sayin’ there’s a 4th, 5th & 6th Gen 🤦

    Like I say to anyone who asks … If you’ve ever heard a gas detector go off, ya ain’t afraid of the china flu …

  84. BennyfromAus says:

    I live in Shellharbour (beach city south of Sydney) and just got told of another lockdown. 0 cases locally yet we are on the same restraints as Sydney that has the cases. Our gov rep petitioned with the residents of the Illawarra and the state government turned it down saying we don’t know what’s good for us…

  85. Balakay31 says:

    Reason for lock downs are economic related. Too much money is fleeing blue states and the people are following. Lock downs will inhibit travel. That will allow the fed gov to pump money into those states too manage the disintegration.

  86. Myles37_ says:

    I guess I invested in my garden and plan on canning. If anyone has any squash preserving techniques let your boy know.

    • Plaguen says:

      Plant winter squash, like butternut. I have a few left from last October. All i did was pick them and brush any large clumps of dirt off then tossed them in the basement. Granted they are still edible they aren’t nearly as fresh as they were months ago.

    • zafamily says:

      You can make squash chips with dehydrator or use oven.
      There are recipes for zucchini pickles
      Plaguen is correct, grow winter squash, you can probably plant them now, once harvested, keep in cool dry place on wire shelves and you can shop from your own shelves all winter and spring. Had a blue bayou pumpkin that lasted more than a year

  87. Tylrmeyers says:

    I wasn’t worried about their lockdown before and I’m not now. Pennsylvania has added an amendment to our constitution that limits the emergency powers of the Governor, and even if the legislature approved it (which wouldn’t happen) I still wouldn’t care.

  88. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    California is one of the most vaccinated states… how are they struggling with variants?

    • BennyQ83 says:

      Because the varients are caused by the vaccinated. Viruses mutate, and change to “survive”, that’s why the virus is hardly killing anyone anymore, like all viruses it weakens over time so it’s host doesn’t die, because it would die as well. We can’t have people knowing that though can we?

      • CitizenTX says:

        NO! #BennyQ83! Variant are NOT caused by vaccines! Is your skin color caused by a vaccine or other outside source? No. It’s in the genetics.
        A single viral cell is capable of replicating itself a thousand-fold while it’s inside a cell. Out of those thousands, at least one mutant is likely to form. Viruses can have genomes based on DNA or RNA—unlike human genomes, which are made up of DNA, which then can create RNA. And mRNA only comes from the maternal lineage; every copy of mRNA in your body was given to you by your mom.
        Viruses take control of infected cells, reprogramming their ‘machinery’ to reproduce themselves. And they reproduce exponentially, this is how they spread so rapidly. Two split and become four, four into eight, and so on. (That’s why disinfectant sprays only kill “99.9%” of bacteria. They’ve already begun reproducing again and in 24 hours you’ll have the same bacterial load on your countertop.
        Mutation occurs when the gene sequences don’t line up properly with their proper base pair. For example, Adenine (A) should line up with U (Uracil) or T (Thiamine), etc – all amino acids. Sometimes, a pair of genes lines up incorrectly and this is what causes the mutation. Below is a link to a page that will help you to better understand how genetic mutations work, what types there are, and some diseases in humans caused by genetic mutation Hope this helps!

        So, NO, please don’t spread misinformation about how virus’ mutate bc you are dead wrong. Besides, I’m fairly certain that the vax is a killed virus so it can’t be spread , even if it wanted to…

  89. alienbeans says:

    another lockdown? maybe thats why Trump had that press conference today about the new lawsuit/s..theyre gearing up for the next fight…big tech would play a huge role towards pushing a new lockdown even if theyre is scientific debate n all..lets get it.

  90. Akindji says:

    “Christian Scientists” or “Church of Christ, Scientists” don’t believe in vaccines. Separation of church and state… do we need to become Christian Scientists?

  91. VernonRedmon says:

    Should we need to line up to vaccinate under a mandatory government order, should we bring our personal protection so when they violate our rights to pursue our life’s how we see fit, at that point we can use the right to fight back by any means necessary. Government over reach in the name of public health, pushed by political agenda mongering self-righteous scum who do not believe in what they preach. The idea that all of these vaccinated politicians who said it fine and they received it was it a placebo just saline to give a false sense of security.?

  92. lettergram says:

    Delta variant is the only noticeable one going around the US. But the fatality rate is below the flu…


    It’s actually more deadly in those who have the vaccine (6x higher), although that could be due to age. That being said, it also appears to vaccine doesn’t work for the delta variant. It’s all in the numbers.

  93. InkedX1072 says:

    Mandatory vaccination = concentration camps for “anti-vaxxers”

  94. JGreen says:

    Being in the USAF, the vaccine may be “voluntary,” but not really. People who have chosen not to vaccinate are having duty locations, duty positions and unit functions withheld from them, along with other measures that all stall your career. It really sucks, very few know anything about the alternatives to the vaccine or any adverse effects. Many that have caught Covid are still encouraged to get vaccinated if they don’t want to wear a mask indoors at all times. The sad thing is many don’t care to know any different, if the Jab means freedom then that’s all they care about. This is based on my experience abroad, back hoke station may be different.

    • noktirnal.rambler420 says:

      I’m ex-USAF. 2A6X2 1999-2003. Can you get a religious or medical waiver?

      • CitizenTX says:

        Hey, Brother in Arms! I’m ex-USAF, Medic, 902X0 (I think they changed the designation since then) I was in from 1990-1994. I’m sure glad that I’m not in NOW. Clinton was bad enough!!
        And yes, you CAN refuse for religious, health, pregnancy (I think). But the bottom line is this, the US government CANNOT force anyone to take a shot or a drug or a substance against their will!! Remember the blacks that the GOVERNMENT did the syphilis experiments on?? THAT’s what happens when you comply with governmental experimentation and this is, in a way, a big experiment and we’re the lab rats.
        Look up Ivermectin (yes, horse dewormer), Zinc, and Vitamins C & D. Take them but Ivermec only twice a week (look up the recommendations online). That combo lessened our symptoms, a bit, AND it CURED my dermatitis on my feet that NOTHING would cure! Stuff’s great for that, lol!

    • InkedX1072 says:

      Same scenario across all branches. My nephew is at Ft. Sam Houston. Didn’t seem very voluntary according to him…

  95. GalaxyWhoop says:


  96. cutter says:

    Been traveling the last few weeks, long road trip. The “new lockdown” fear prøn is untethered from reality, at least reality as it currently exists across the Gulf south. Texas is basically normal, even the moonbats in Austin. Florida remains Florida. Even New Orleans has reopened, bars and restaurants are packed, very few masks — and NOLA went off the deep end with stay-at-home orders last spring, people freaked out and cowered in their homes. As a tactic for controlling the population, it appears COVID fear has passed its “BEST BY” date. Even the UK is opening up, even as “cases spike” yet again. What if they threw a lockdown and no one obeyed? No one is going back, at this point. The panic mongers will scream “But you’ll kill grandma. ZETA OMEGA FUGAZI VARIANT” And most people will shrug and say, “Screw grandma.”

    • Poolparty512 says:

      Austin here, can confirm things are quite normalish.

      • CitizenTX says:

        LMAO!! Suuure, that’s bc Austin is the Reddest city in Texas and where the Cali Libs will be flocking to when the floodgates open. And I doubt even “weird Austin” will be ready for the likes of THOSE Libs. Y’all are gonna run screaming out of that town in a year or two.
        Just leave us alone in the panhandle. We are at peace, tucked away in a bubble…

    • noktirnal.rambler420 says:

      I’m also traveling. I’m headed back southeast from one.
      Even Wal-marts in MT aren’t requiring masks. WA is nuts, well western WA same with OR.
      Just got into WY this evening, haven’t had a chance to see the locals yet.

    • DCDave says:

      I believe you are both right and wrong what will happen is there will be another “lock down” but as Tim, Jack, and you are saying Red States will say F You and Blue States will say F yeah (for control). But that will be when the rubber meets the road and while Desantis, Abbott, and their constituents will claim states rights I have an eerie feeling Biden and the Feds will intervene and then my friends (and sadly maybe this is what we need) all hell will break loose and I shudder to think what happens next…

  97. zepolkram says:

    Simple, FUCK THE ELITE/RULING CLASS; if they want war, they’ll get war…

    • CitizenTX says:

      So who is the “ELITE, WORKING CLASS” this week, Zep? I seem to remember only 10 years ago or less it was the Republicans, conservatives, & Tea Party. (Actually, I wasn’t aware that we have an “elite working class”. Are these blue collar guys drinking PBR’s from champagne flutes, THAT kind of “elite working class”? Because I don’t know of very many “working class” people who can afford Crystal champagne, caviar, or trips to Monte in the summer.
      Why not expend all that anger and rage toward something good – argue with a Lib, tell them why America’s so great, give out some pocket Constitutions, stand in the public square and read selections from “The Federalist Papers” (Madison’s one of my faves). Start an anti-antifa rally, but peacefully and with dignity. Write letters to your State Reps, Congressmen, Governor, ALL OF THEM and do it often. Who knows, Se. Ted Cruz might even send you a “Green Eggs and Ham” book!
      If ALL of us did one thing a week, or twice a month times let’s say x 50,000,000 people, wouldn’t THAT make the United States come roaring back and what a sight that would be!
      However, this mawkish complacency, deep lack of caring, disconnect with country and roots, demonization of whites and the not standing up to them is what’s driving me mad!! We are SO close to going to the border (we live in TX, open carry 1 month and counting) to assist the Border Patrol just by looking the part of a hos-tile looking bunch of desperados with itchy trigger fingers.
      If we aren’t overrun by Red Chinese, nuked, or turned into Commies by December I’ll die happy…

  98. hazlema says:

    They know what cell towers you use so they know your approx location.

    • Duck1 says:

      It works on the same system as the amber alert they can ping an automated message to any phone in rage of a specific cell towers or multiple cell towers in a given area

  99. Israel says:

    I live in upstate New York and did not experience any shutdown

  100. Havok22 says:

    If mRNA is designed to create the spike protein and an unknown amount is created, why is that these variants are from the original virus? Could it be that the variants result from the mRNA manufacturing the spikes? Is anyone looking into that?

  101. Dn1984 says:

    No why else it’s a fake pandemic. Because the average age of dying with covid ( not from covid) is 81. Do you know what the average age of dying from everything in the United States is 79 get back to your lives!!!!!!!

  102. BudLipton says:

    dude tim shut the hell up about the literal actual definition of pandemic just because Ian said it. dumb as shit.

  103. Dacoop says:

    ok cool they can give me a shot if i can give them a shot. fair is fair

  104. Dn1984 says:

    Ian. I wish everybody else was on your same page it is a fake pandemic. Maybe one day you guys can talk about how pretty much nobody dies from covid they just die with covid what are we up to 15 motorcycle accidents cause of death covid heart disease doesn’t exist the same amount of people died last year as the year before as the year before as the year before as the year before

    • CitizenTX says:

      3,358,814 MOTORCYCLE accidents?? Ohh, kay. So I guess that same figure, over 3,300,000 individuals are HIDING OUT until this is over and will jump out and say “Surprise”!
      Tell their loved ones that…You’re ignorant and part of what is wrong with this country . Become a part of some SOLUTIONS instead of running you mouth

  105. smc7 says:

    You guys didn’t even talk about anything smh

  106. knoaf says:

    Not your location per say, they are tracking which numbers ping of their Cell towers and building a list

  107. BFairfax123 says:

    You do realize as a US soldier you are actually under contract as US Government Property for the length of your enlistment it’s a contractual technicality but your body belongs to them . You can be charged under UCMJ for damage to that body intentionally caused it’s how they can punish soldiers and sailors who get tats in places that aren’t approved .

  108. cjsparrow says:

    This reminds me of the Mike & The Mechanics tune, “Silent Running”……..”Don’t believe the church and state and everything they tell you….”

  109. Rotten.Apple0 says:

    I knew it, the castle is in WV.

  110. Conrath says:

    stop the black pill

  111. Medgarjr says:

    With an election year in 22, there won’t be any lockdowns. People are fed up with lockdowmns. That would be political suicide

  112. CalamityGuy says:

    TIm your right eyelid was kinda pink looking lol. Great show, I love Jack!

  113. Crockpot25 says:

    Let it be mandated. At that point it is able to be claimed on VA benefits if adverse side effects occur

  114. CodeMaestro says:

    Cuomo effectively killed my grandfather. At this point the best thing I can do is vote with my feet and leave. I’m moving to Texas ASAP. If the state threatens to lockdown again my plans will be moved up. I’m sick of this shit. I just want the freedom to live my life and have my 2A rights.

  115. Rawdog says:

    Yes PopSci, this is a pandemic, BUT it was here in the US 8 MONTHS before it officially started in Jan of 2020. I got the Wuhan flu in October of 2019 (along with a bunch of coworkers) and as told by a nurse that she had been seeing this “chest cold” for 6 MONTHS. NOBODY DIED. We just took large amounts of Vitamin C & got over it.

  116. Red-Pill_Ruggs says:

    Let me make this clear, I will go down in a hail of bullets before I ever take a government mandated vaccination.

  117. mitch4522 says:

    They are basically forcing us. If we dont take it we basically cant take leave or partake in fun events with your unit and just degrade your quality of life it’s miserable lol

  118. Lildav3232 says:

    come to mississippi. we had a semi lock down. only thing i have to do is wear a mask to the eye doctor. only place i have worn a mask since it all started. and i live in a 2a sanc county. nice low key place to live. and we have beaches

  119. OMG_Puppies says:

    Look at MIT Technology Review, Oct 19, 2020. “One doctor’s campaign to stop a covid-19 vaccine being rushed through before Election Day”, by Antonio Regalado.

    In retrospect, was that something to brag about? How many lives were lost by delaying the vaccine, just to help elect Biden.

  120. LVIII says:

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega — From Alpha to Omega

  121. cschapson@gmail.com says:

    Not really sure if this helps, but theres this website that I found that had all of my info including addresses, cell phone #s, people related to me, etc. all listed as public record. Could be something completely different in your case, but thought it was interesting.

  122. ZachWilkerson says:

    I remember an article I read a few months ago that claimed stores were going to raise prices in august.

  123. TwoTimesTy says:

    I will say this…coming from the military. They mandate all kinds of things in the health sphere. YOU HAVE to get physicals. Certain jobs have different mandates…..

    I was mandated to get typhoid, yellow fever, smallpox, tetanus, rabies, anthrax, etc. Most vax’s aren’t mandated for the public.

    The military mandating it isn’t MUCH of a concern for the general public’s potential to have it mandated. Because you literally belong TO the government as a service member, so they can kind of do with you what they want.

  124. Hottaco says:

    Sen. Doug M. From Pennsylvania says the PN election audit is underway! Three counties have 3 weeks to turn over all election materials for investigation. They don’t comply, it’s a legal battle…just as it was in AZ. Sen. Doug M. Says he has the votes to get it done!

  125. techcrisis says:

    I do believe that android has a contact tracing program that was part of an update . I could be wrong please correct me if I am.

  126. tlehrer1 says:

    I have to (partially) agree with Ian here but there are more people infected with the cold (Rhino-virus) every year. The difference morbidity. You could also same the same about the regular FLU. The issue is who is determining the issue. Faucci is a joke….

    • cutter says:

      The term “pandemic” is merely an expression of how widespread an illness is, it has zero to do with lethality. “Pan” basically means “across” or “encompassing” (like “pan-American”) and “demic” refers to “people,” e.g. “demos” — like “Democracy.” It sounds scary. It isn’t. The common cold and the seasonal flu often reach pandemic levels and it’s never ZOMG PANDEMIC HIDE YO WIFE HIDE YO KIDS. The language surrounding COVID has been a lot of panic prøn.

  127. Floyd says:

    What’s the bet that with food being so expensive, the government will promise relief for certain conditions?

  128. Sdonna63 says:

    Inflation is already here. Last month June 3 2021 12 can case cat food $4.99. yesterday July 6. $9.49
    Folger coffee 6.99 yesterday 12.00
    That’s just 2. Everything has doubled here in California

  129. Sdonna63 says:

    Inflation is already here. Last month June 3 2021 12 can case cat food $4.99. yesterday July 6. $9.49
    Floger coffee 6.99 yesterday 12.00
    That’s just 2. Everything has doubled

  130. Uncle_Pauly says:

    “Stores are stockpiling food”… could just be shortening their logistics chain to provide food to individual stores faster to avoid distribution bottlenecks. The distribution centres can only hold so much.

  131. Jk79 says:

    If they mandate a vaccine the line has been crossed. I will not take it. Ever.

  132. matteaus says:

    Anyone else look forward to Jack every other Wednesday? Definitely stoked he was here this week.

  133. RedBuffalo says:

    My cousin is in airforce he said he was “volentould to get it”

  134. andy86 says:

    The mandatory vaccinations I took in the Marines are the reason I won’t take this vaccine. Arm was basically useless for three days.

    • illdill53 says:

      I’ve been out for about a year now, but it makes me think: If you’re required to get something as ambiguous as the “Peanut Butter shot” 3 times in the ass cheek, they’d have no problem sticking you twice for covid

  135. Uncle_Pauly says:

    New South Wales was the last state to go full retard with this Sydney lockdown. They were doing so well over past 15mths. They were the only sane state and now all that good work holding the line is gone.

  136. Hayden75 says:

    Hopefully one day we’ll get the bonus segment live.

  137. traemarx@hotmail.com says:

    Was Just watching ABL live and some guy called in, 10 years In the army, and says the vast majority of people he knows throughout the ranks are threatening to leave the military if they’re forced to vaccinate.

  138. benben says:

    These mandatory vaccinations are gonna fail so hard

  139. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Release the beard of justice!!!!!

  140. Inspectorwilliams says: