Fresh&Fit Members Podcast: Without Families Society Is FAILING, Feminists May Be Committing Suicide As They Age Without Families

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Fresh&Fit Members Podcast: Without Families Society Is FAILING, Feminists May Be Committing Suicide As They Age Without Families

332 responses to “Fresh&Fit Members Podcast: Without Families Society Is FAILING, Feminists May Be Committing Suicide As They Age Without Families”

  1. CJS3 says:

    A lot of this show applies to modern America or the west, but what Americans don’t realize, is that none of this applies to 2nd and 3rd world countries. There are still strong family structures in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. The “West” is in danger of disintegration, but the rest of the world is not.

  2. SubAtomicManiac says:

    It’s interesting to hear that a lot of guys don’t want to have daughters, it makes a lot of sense. For a similar reason if I have a daughter I want her to be the first born, as she will need more attention to navigate the world than my sons would!

  3. thelatinassassin says:

    Excellent Information. I completely agree. I see the symptoms all around me in Men and Women. It’s actually pretty sad.

  4. DanaMarie says:

    I’m feeling Ian’s thoughts on the Big O; I have no problem submitting to a man who truly cares for all of my needs, including emotional and sensual.

  5. Sarabeth_in_AZ says:

    Interesting thoughts that sparked lots of response.

    I’m in mid 40s, divorced a beta, I pay child support and now in a relationship with an alpha and I’m submissive BUT I’m alpha in everything I do except with him.

    Agreed about men and women stepping up. Started following you guys on Twitter, looking forward to more. #7roles

    • Julika11 says:

      I’m a Gen X’er and married a Beta male in my late 20’s. I was the product of first wave feminism and grew up thinking males were weak, my Dad especially so. I divorced my first husband because he personified that weakness, but got a beautiful child out of the arrangement and feel lucky that I don’t have to live life as barren middle-aged woman. Having children is literally the best thing that a person can do. I went on to meet an alpha male who became an amazing stepfather to my daughter and took the place of her beta father (he walked out on her when things got too difficult for him post-divorce.) Ladies, don’t settle for Beta men. Listen to the men in this podcast. We need to reclaim our society, and embracing men as men and women as feminine, is the way. We must embrace the strengths of our genders.

    • GenXBikerMatt says:

      We’ve been married for 26 years. She has made more than me for about 60% of our relationship. Sometimes I make more. We share everything and neither of us give any thought to who makes more. All our money goes into one account and we pay our bills and save/invest. God, love, communication, forgiveness, dedication to one another and placing the needs of your partner above your own will always be the keys to a successful life together. When you lose everything, who do you want by your side? If it’s not the person you’re with, or if they won’t be by your side when you lose everything, then you don’t have a real relationship.

  6. Andrew.Ceris21 says:

    Absolutely love the conversation. I will slightly disagree with regards to the 50 Shades argument about what women like. I firmly believe with that book and other works, it isnt necessarily that they like a dude basically beating them in bed, but I think its the fantasy that they can take a man like that and change him. Grey fell in love with her at the end. Shit look back at Disney, with Beauty and the Beast. A woman takes literally a beast and changes him back into the prince he once was (the man she saw beneath). I think thats the fantasy even maybe more so than just a woman wanting this rough ass dude at his base.

  7. Startedoveragain says:

    Glad your generation is finally figuring out the stuff that most of my generation has inherently known for decades. It’s a tough and “dark”, as you say, conversation, but it’s pretty primal and cuts to the heart of human relations. The topic you missed covering in this particular conversation is the amazing reward a man receives for being a father. I wish that had been highlighted here because males in today’s culture typically draw the short straw when it comes to being responsible and the benefits that come with it. As much as I love being a husband, probably the greatest joy I’ve found in life is in being defined as a father.

    • Casey0430 says:

      This was a really tough podcast for me to watch as a woman but I wanted to listen with an open heart and mind. I am a Boomer so let me state that right up front , my listening was to hear what this community of young men were facing in their lives. I must confess it was deeply saddening to me. I felt the search for females was soulless by these men guest, felt like clickbait. I know much of the world is nothing but clickbait , but isn’t that reason people are following this podcast. We are tired of clickbait. I wish I had all the answers for some very good people looking for companionship but I do know an eternal truth , you reap what you sow. If you are just looking for someone to fuck then click away, if you are looking for someone to love – know what you need (honest self-examination) – find someone who meets those needs – invest in that person – risk loving them first. Heartfelt best wishes to all the good lonely young men out there may you find the partner you deserve.

  8. Azrael says:

    Hearing Tim swear for the first time, is hilarious!

  9. roflo1804 says:

    I’m reminded of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape from when she was 18-19. If I remember right, she has a teenage son now…

  10. RebelmanUK says:

    Hi there I’ve just become a member tonight from over the pond, been listening to your podcast for a long time and there just great but this members only content is another level definitely couldn’t put this stuff on screwtube. I look forward to seeing all the other members content I’ve missed will keep me busy this weekend that’s for sure, Please keep doing what you do best Tim and the team.

  11. columbanus38 says:

    What is missing is that monogamy is the one thing that allowed the West to dominate the planet. Other societies, such as the Muslim world, were far more advanced than Christendom (Europe) after the fall of the Roman Empire. However, all these other societies were left behind. So why is monogamy the key to the success of a civilization?

    Over time children in a 2-parent household will become better educated. By decentralizing and maximizing the genepool and overall economic stability, each generation is able to spend more time becoming educated and there are more specialists, ultimately driving progress. Societies that are polygamous do not have broad-based economic security and hence have a small amount of their population becoming educated.

  12. Hmmm007 says:

    These are children speaking. Instead, why don’t you interview a middle aged married man that has kids. Where the marriage and the kids are healthy. These “men” are talking like teenage boys and have not experienced relationship success. How in the hell are they going to passionately preach on it, lmao. They get a few points right and about 90% wrong.

    UNPOPULAR OPINION: Even in a female/female relationship, it is all about the yin and yang. If there is one more masculine energy and one with more feminine energy, the relationship works just as beautifully. Do not judge and speak to what you have not lived.

  13. Dreadkeeper says:

    Thanks Tim. I’ve been looking for a good youtube group for weight loss. I think these are the guys to help me.

  14. DieOnMyFeet says:

    I agree that (I’m a Man) the Woman is sexually stimulated (In large part) by success, drive, and personal responsibility.

    I don’t have a TON of experience just to give context, I’m 22yrs old with only two semi-long term partners before my current long term girlfriend, which i hope will one day be a good wife to me.

    With that saud, I failed MISERABLY to please any woman I was with before my current girlfriend, because i was awkward, weak, and spineless. Which resulted in constant cheating, lying, etc…

    Now that I am a very successful and respected Mapper/Designer/Data Technician within the Survey insdustry and I have been instilled with a strong core of personal responsibility (Via my brother (10 years older than me) being a father figure for me immediately upon getting a job with him since i was raised WITHOUT any sense of responsibility, or self motivation).

    My girlfriend of 2 years has no problem getting her O, so long as i’m fulfilling my duty to provide and make good decisions for our future.

    To futher back this OPINION of mine, there was a period of struggle where she wasnt able to get hers, I believe that it was due to a $15K bad decision of mine, where i lost all the money from a scam (yes I fell for a scam, long story as always) and I was demoralized, upset, angry, etc… About 3 weeks went by and i couldnt take it anymore so i just dedicated myself to my work and making sure that we were saving money to correct for my mistake (Which i constantly hated myself for, because i knew the blame was all mine). After a decent amount of money was saved, i was back to making the right decisions, and I started letting her treat herself with things she wanted.

    Immediately after getting my shit back together, to this day we dont have any problems in the bedroom, and she’s happy as can be. (Sorry for the long comment)

  15. Awhite93 says:

    I appreciate the real conversation!

  16. B_Plissken says:

    I used to resent my softness, sensitivity and squishiness and want to be able to compete with males. Then, as I aged I realized my strength is my sensitivity and squishiness (for making and caring for babies). Plus, finding a man who didnt want rock hard abs. Having my squish not only valued but adored. Squish on, sisters.

  17. Damon says:

    Straight up obese women on tinder with 3 kids from different dads will say “if you’re under 6 feet and make less than 100k a year, swipe left” lmao

  18. Zacchaeus says:

    I love that Tim isn’t a pussy. He will have any opinion vocalized on his show. Thanks for the perspectives everyone.

  19. aaronm10000 says:

    Well this was a good one. It drilled down into my interest in evolutionary biology. Now I have a lot to think about and research.

  20. Crusader2001 says:

    3 books

    1. Men on Strike (Helen Smith)
    2. The way of the Superior Man (David Deida)
    3. Enlightened Sex (David Deida)

    If you want honest opinions on men, sex and relationships, EVERY woman should read these.
    Don’t listen to pickup artists, its popular, but they have a warped view of women.

    My 2 cents

  21. jojoboyo says:

    Patrice Oneal was my favorite comedian when he was alive. There was a lot of truth in what he said about men and women, but a lot of nonsense too. Patrice’s thing though, was he would step over the line and say something that riles women (or anyone else) up, to get them to engage, in anger at first, then he’d flip it. Like a feint, he could get someones emotions up with a bs point that makes sense on some level, then use it to illustrate a deeper point, while redirecting their emotion to a positive. He had Sophistry in his left hand and Socrates in his right.

    these guys I dont know, they have some fair points, but I dont particularly agree with their conclusions overall. then again nobody liked patrice on first exposure either. Maybe with no one for them to argue against this time, I’m just missing the flip.

  22. Tonybologna says:

    Great stuff here wish I had this knowledge in my early 20s

  23. Vanik_G says:

    “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.” – Yeah. Keep that idiocy out of my house. Feminism and wokeism are cancer, and every individual will face dreadful ramifications due to that.

  24. Wolv256 says:

    Grow up and eat pussy, you selfish jerks.

  25. xevecx1 says:

    with that khan comment at the end i just wanted to add a bit on a different suject of women entering into the military(completely different topic)that i don’t think they realize is that if they get captured and taken alive during a military operation getting thrown to the tents means not a little rape its 1000’s(rhis would also happen to men but more so for torture)

  26. cassiemayrand says:

    While in agree with these guys on some stuff a lot of it sounds like boys that never grew up. You will never find a quality woman living their lifestyle. My marriage is very much a partnership. My husband is very much the dominant head of our house but he does need me. Yes he brings home the bacon but that doesn’t mean I don’t bring anything to the table. He sure as hell has to bring me pleasure. He wants to please me and vice-versa. This guy said he’s harder on men but not by what he says. He puts down women like they aren’t important to a man other than sex. I think they have a very jaded out look. Most likely because they don’t interact with good women. They might be considered quality men for someone wanting a hook up but not for a quality woman. They talk about fathers in the home but don’t seem to care what that really means. I suppose they have been black pilled when it comes to women. They are spot on with the clown world of women rule the world and can do no wrong. Divorce laws are a problem but the bigger problem is how common Divorce is. Our society has so many things backwards but there are still people who see things in a more traditional way. Like it or not it’s mostly us Christians.

    • mattd7800 says:

      I think when they were talking about how guys need sex from the woman because they brings all these other things to the table, it was within the context of sexual attraction and not the broader relationship. It’s not that women don’t bring anything to the table in a relationship, it’s that within the context of sex, the man typically needs to bring the security, stability, dominance, love and support to the relationship in order to get her sexually attracted and invested in him, whereas the woman doesn’t really need to do much in order for the man to be sexually attracted to her other than keeping up her appearance and making herself available. So while in a relationship both men and women bring things to the table, within the confines of the bedroom and sexual attraction men have a lot more to do in order to maintain that than women. I don’t think they worded it very clearly, though.

    • BillGieger says:

      They raise fairly good points and there perspective, it seems, is of the current, atypical, non Christian society. The commonality of divorce has a direct correlation to the divorce current laws. As for traditional values, men like that are not what women commonly go for early in life. I know that first hand. It’s what they look for later when they have 3 kids 2 baby daddies and do not want anymore kids. This can make a complicated situation and if the traditional man wants children of his own blood, it creates a mismatch

  27. alienbeans says:

    very interesting points and facts. hard hitting for sure.

  28. Creid7208 says:

    I see this and it makes me sad but my dad pionted out that he feels sorry for me i have 3 daughters and he had two sons he always had someone to help work i didnt understand untill i put a new porch on my house and my kids watched me work

  29. Bonneroo says:

    Somehow I don’t think these guys are single by choice…

  30. Vesuvias says:

    There is some truth here. Their criticism is pretty solid, but their solutions are only 1/2 way there.

    Socially enforced monogamy is very important, even for alphas. A SOCIETY that pushes polygamy and promiscuity radically destabilizes a society and leads to violence and war. Men without mates are hopeless, and hopeless men become violent.

  31. Randyjgjg says:

    Loved it. Great members episode

  32. Rapistwithaids says:

    there are a couple videos on YT about these dudes being frauds.

    • kallandas says:

      There always are a couple of YT videos about everyone being a fraud. Not sure that point is persuasive since you said nothing other than that. They certainly are not scholars so I guess their opinion may not be correct, or accurate, or articulate enough.

  33. Ahendurji says:

    Tim, you should totally make a Roku app too! HUGE market of us!

    • Thiswonderlandlife says:

      Yes!! My boyfriend and I were just talking about bookmarking timcast and daily wire for easy access on our fire stick. I’d gladly plug the Roku back in for Tim!

  34. Davidtseng1994 says:

    A real man who’s got game and knows his way with women does not harbor resentment towards women for playing the games they play, you have to understand that females have to filter out men. If you get burnt by a girl, use it as a learning experience to be better instead of hating on the game

  35. AbbasllittleMari says:

    I’m encouraging people to sign-up to this website simply because of this episode.. lol Everything said is true about men and women.,

  36. Odal190 says:

    I find the way this topic is talked about by many, including these two, to be very alien. If your metric for whether a partner is a good fit does not include “Is this person a good person?” anywhere, then your idea for a high value man or woman is incomplete and is probably barking up many wrong trees. The notion that a lower value partner should be okay with their higher value partner cheating or sleeping around shows that we might as well be talking different languages. We’re playing completely different games here, even though we’re both males searching for females.

    As for female orgasms, I really see no other reason to even have sex unless it’s just about having kids. If all that’s important is male orgasm, I can do that on my own for a lot cheaper and a lot less heartache.

  37. A3mercury says:

    This lifestyle is not attractive to me.

  38. Wolv256 says:

    If you won’t lick your girl’s clit, I will. Level up that, Homie.

  39. BethanyJM23 says:

    Actually. widowers die younger. Hate to break it to ya.

  40. BDesoto says:

    Drexel would have been a good guest for this kind of topic. Lol.

  41. WaterEarthMud says:

    I have a recently divorced female friend, who was in a not physical marriage. She watch lots of porn and now that she is dating (getting laid) she likes rough sex!
    But she has other internal reasons for that, low self esteem.
    Rough sex is way better then NO sex at all

  42. WaterEarthMud says:

    I have a friend who is a single mom, but not by choice. She has a well paying job she hates, but keeps it for her child. She is completely content not havin a guy around, so she can devote her free times to the kid.

    Its a real shame cause she is very attractive, even now at age 50.

  43. Jesslexan says:

    If womens orgasms dont matter why do we have them then… i undterstand the purpose of sex is to procreate, if your having sex to not only procreate and its for pleasure then give the women an orgasm it actually contects you to your partner because of the chemicals that are released from giving your women an orgasm. it just makes sense, otherwise your women will just be using her vbrator to get the job done that you didnt provide, how dissapointing for the both of you. I agree with these guys for the most part, but im sorry you need to please your women sexually.

    • andrew4147 says:

      When I first heard Myron talk about women’s organisms not being important, I disagreed simply because it’s important for me to do that for her. But there’s a few things to consider here. First of all, a lot of women have desensitized clit’s, which is their own fault from using high vibration vibrators. Second of all, if a women desires a man, it won’t be hard for her to climax unless she has some internal struggles she needs to deal with. Third of all, a man not caring about her organism in the context Myron refers is if the man is of such high value that he doesn’t care and she has no right to complain. Why I don’t like that personally, it doesn’t matter how I feel about it. This is how a lot of these “uncomfortable topics” end up in the end. You don’t have to like how they are, but reality is what it is. Just understand that a lot of these reference’s that they make are the top 1% who let’s be honest, women like to chase. While you might say you just want a average or slightly above average man right now, you will likely have a fall out down the road with a man on that level because he isn’t fulfilling one of the major topics that people in RP tend to talk about. That masculine frame and all the things that come with that women love but hate to admit.

  44. Strategos says:

    Like the great pagan philosophers of antiquity, they get some things very right. Unfortunately, in the absence of a correct, God-centered perspective, it ultimately ends up being a poor depiction of the reality we actually inhabit. Certainly interesting due to its honesty. Their world view would, with no mockery, make perfect sense if the delusion that we were just a random, cosmic accident was in any way correct.

    Just like Hedonism or Nihilism, it is a very logical view of a hypothetical world in which God, who has openly and rather indiscreetly revealed himself to us, was not the active and present creator. As it stands, in reality, we were created by God, who revealed himself as I AM and later took on flesh and walked among us, for his glory.

    God did make men and women inherently different and complementary. The conduct of the true man is distinct from, but complementary to, the true woman. Only through men and women conducting themselves as we were designed and live according to our purpose (God’s glory), can we be happy.

    There was a great book written some time ago which addresses this issue in significant detail. It also covers every other issue of any real significance and provides all of the answers to the core questions being posed on this or any other podcast. I will provide a brief excerpt, one of a vast multitude, which addresses this issue.

    Ephesians 5:22-28
    22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

    25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

    If you are curious about how we should live on a day-to-day basis in relation to God, ourselves, and others, I recommend starting in the book of Proverbs. It’s a pretty quick read and comes with much higher reviews than 12 Rules For Life.

  45. Whatnofish says:

    Great to have a platform where all viewpoints no matter the topic can be thrown around.. if you think they are right, great. If you think they are wrong, great..

  46. Gozzy says:

    While I understand where these 2 are coming from, it misinterprets healthy marriage (and relationships in general). Yes the generalizations about what women want and what men want in dating are probably seeded in truth. However, if both sexes practiced restraint in extra-marital relations, both would benefit. This idea of complete subservience and no need for orgasms in the bedroom is just as much crap as thinking women can have it all. Yes role playing/fantasy is fun but you have to start with trust and partnership first. A woman’s value doesn’t end at menopause either and if you truly believe that, you are not a true alpha. A true leader knows when to listen and when to speak. A true leader puts the interests of their team above their own. These two are not true leaders but a couple of party boys that have very bad baggage with the women in their lives.

  47. DatgumKirby says:

    The key to a long and healthy relationship is taking care of each other’s needs and desires! Happily married for 18 years here, trust me pleasure has to go both ways.

  48. Asterix13 says:

    You can fix the current culture. I mean, you can’t fix it intentionally, but there is a chamce that people will recognize how unsustainable the current culture and climate is and will withdraw from it. Trust in the family units to not participate any longer. There’s a lot that needs to happen though.

  49. MaineWolf says:

    Dating advice from casual daters. Some truths to be told but mostly junk info. They did have some things right on the unfair divorce laws. Everything they said was elaborating on current culture in the lit party seen. I think its safe to say that our culture of depravity stemming from social media is teaching everyone to be a player and stroke their own egos.

  50. says:

    Well, although these guys are all about red pilling, they are rather black pilled. It is the fault of strong men to fuck to stupid cunts and weak woman to marry cuckold losers. Humanity is full of worthless people without ambition. But this here is just their cynic darwinism. As they said, they profit from the state of weak men and stupid barbie bimbos.
    The thing is, that these guys, as much as I agree about their analysis, are not really alpha.
    If you were alpha, you would find and screen potential woman to keep. But the keepers go to church and hate machos. My horny-instincts tell me to fuck everything, even cardi bs plastic ass. But I wont stay.
    How is this worth more than jacking off. PUA guys just promote, you could fuck for real instead of jerk off.
    ….Your procreation-instincts will tell you what a fuck-worthy woman is, but it is also irresponsible to do it just for spreading semen and creating fatherless kids. Then just mgtow and spare humanity of your foul semen, being as much worth as the existence of covid. We need a sorting-out of some kind, to get rid of those who would lose anyway. Be the pig or the butcherer. War or rot.

    • CliveDauthi says:

      Yeah, try never giving your GF a satisfying sexual experience and then get shocked when she cheats. Women with very successful men still cheat if the bedroom is dead; and why shouldn’t she? Everyone wants to orgasm and money doesn’t buy those.

      I can’t expect to just go in pound on my GF for 10 seconds, fall asleep, and then think “I make good money and pay our bills, she can finish herself” and then act surprised when she finds a man who can handle her in the bedroom.

      I agreed with almost everything else they said though.

  51. Rachael says:

    Ew these dudes. Kinda disappointed in Tim for this one. Some of what they say is true, but it’s interspersed with so much absolute garbage.

  52. Flavoredyogurt says:

    Lydia must have been cringing when they started talking about not giving girls orgasms

    • edward22274 says:

      Flavoredyogurt I was thinking the same thing. I must be naive, old fashioned*, hypocritical or most likely all 3.

      (Gen X, NOT a boomer)

  53. says:

    Gen X here I think a lot of what these guys said holds true however, there are some of us out there who had no choice but to take on the rolls of both parents and did very well. I have three adult children that were all raised by a single mom. None are into drugs or any bad stuff, all of them are productive , believe in God and have families of their own and doing very well even in this messed up world. Not an easy road and not the one I would have chosen to travel but at times you must play the hand you are dealt. I can proudly say my kids all had good lives and were not raised on Welfare or with Government assistance at all. As for my own dating and relationships it has been scarce because they have always come first and most men do not want the burden of children that are not there own. But please think about this a single MOM CAN raise boys to be men !!! Its just a very hard path to travel. Both of my boys are what your could consider strong masculine men and will tell you I had a huge part in that ! I raised my boys to be what I would have wanted in a man and both of their wives thank me for it today

  54. Jewelz1313 says:

    I agree with some of this and disagree with some, but please understand that women absolutely need to be sexually pleasured. My husband is Pagan and view women as goddesses, so he makes sure that my needs are met as well as he can provide, and that’s one area that he excels. He is unable to work, so I make the money and he provides me with friendship, loyalty, pleasure, laughter, and emotional support. We can talk about anything without feelings being hurt. He also can open jars for me. lol.
    Interesting conversation guys.

  55. Bstone says:

    Society must return to its core Christian values (i.e. nuclear family, personal responsibility, honesty, value of life, ect.) to fix the usa.

  56. SocialSubspecies says:

    Can we stop repeating the phrase “nuclear family” as if it doesn’t just mean family? By repeating their punch line you are assisting the narrative that this family structures just appeared with the nuclear technology and hasn’t been the standard function since before the beginning of history.

    • TimothyLeeFoss says:

      Nuclear family refers to the word nucleus, as in the core in which things revolve. It is not a reference to nuclear technology. The first appearance of the term was over a decade before the Manhattan project.

  57. says:

    I loved this convo! Obviously, this is just my opinion and I realize a lot of people disagree, but I 100% agreed with everything about this conversation. I find my value as a woman in my family pleasuring my husband, keeping my self looking hot AF duh and taking care of our children, pups and home. He works hard and I work hard it’s just different kinds of work. I literally love making him amazing dinners. I know that’s not the typical ideal these days.. ha also laughed when they said so many women want a boy first or more than a girl. It’s so true I have two boys and when we found out the last baby was a girl I was so excited to dress her up a d everything but I was kinda looking forward to being “queen of the castle”. Now I have a little bossy princess and she’s only 1 . Haha! Oh and my oldest boy actually will yell at his dad if he feels like he’s being mean to me, he’s only 5! So I always thank him but explain to him that daddy was just saying what happened at work or whatever it was but it’s so cute and he def respects and fears his dad but it’s built into him to protect me no matter what.. pretty cool! Anyway great bonus episode!

  58. GhostPepper says:


  59. Trump says:

    These guys are absolutely awful. The one did said he leveled up all the way? He’s divorced, single, lives in an apartment in Miami, and has a speech impediment.

    You know these guys are going to be 45 years old, bald, ugly, and still thinking it’s cool to hook up with drunk girls and nasty clubs.

    Do something worthwhile with your lives. I could feel Lydia dying inside listening to them talk.

    Worst guests I’ve seen on Timcast in the last 8 months. They should team up with Jack Murphy. I remember Jack talking about how men should be able to pursue 13 year olds. Freaking creeps. Then this Muslim dude talking about how women should be submissive, and how he wants to have a bunch of wives.

    The more this dude talks the more disgusted I am.

    Not a good look, Tim.

    • Son_Of_Liberty says:

      And the undercover dsa member who thinks their slick by having the screen name TRUMP says…

    • Rawdog says:

      Sorry fake Trump, you obviously did not listen to the podcast.
      It had some really good points, especially when they were talking about Genghis Khan & friends. I am glad that these guys are admitting publicly what I learned by studying history. We are the children of the survivors. We may admire people who won’t submit, keep their word and stay true to our spouses/loves but those types have almost completely been removed from the gene pool because of this abuse.

      Also, for those who want to shame them by writing that they will be 45 & still banging drunk girls…this is bad because…????

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree. Really they are sexual predators doing all sorts of mental gymnastics and bringing politics into it to justify their actions. Total antisocial con artists. Them thinking they are “high value” is just laughable. They are STD carrying (guaranteed) losers and predators. Using women who got fat and lazy to justify their pathological personalities and Tim and all these commenters, including female commenters with daughters, think it’s just awesome. I have worked with sex offenders including serial rapists and murderers for many years so when I say someone is a sexual predator I know what I’m talking about and I agree Jack Murphy is a pedophile, if he’s saying age 13 publicly, he’s into younger privately I can promise you that. This episode is disgusting and so are most of the comments.

  60. Glendenning1900 says:

    You guys hit the nail on the head. I never knew that I could or would kill another human until I had a daughter. After looking into that little girl’s eyes I knew that there are no lengths that I wouldn’t go to to protect her from anything that tried to hurt her.

  61. FxTwT says:

    Modern feminism is a cancer that has infected society, but this guy’s very Muslim and immature view of women is also not ok.

    Not many women are commenting on here because of how alienated they probably feel after hearing this man say that “the purpose of sex is not for the woman to orgasm” or that “women’s story does not involve facing adversity and overcoming it”. This man has no respect for women and therefore does not earn any respect from me.

    His view reminds me of the same kind of men in Christian circles that told me “girls will be girls” when I tried to alert them about a suicidal student who attempted to take here life and nearly succeeded.

    It’s that kind of mentality that drives a young girl to the left, and it is just as dangerous as the feminist movement.

    • bcccl says:

      It’s an extreme view for sure but probably one accepted across vast swathes of the Islamic world and tempting now that there is no middle ground. My only issue with the conversation was that that angle wasn’t explored further as it could have revealed more about those ideas that have spread to Europe for example and where the other extreme (complete breakdown of family and relations between men and women) loses out to these more orthodox views that offer the promise of order/stability. I do appreciate the conversation though because the only thing we hear from every institution is this mantra of diversity/equity, than men can be women and vice versa etc. and the clown world stuff we are seeing in schools and universities which almost guarantees a reaction in the opposite direction where we will throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      • FxTwT says:

        I agree with you for sure. Maybe have Tim invite you on to discuss these topics from a more mature and respectful point of view as opposed to these guests!

  62. krazzington says:

    Patrice would be proud, gentlemen.

  63. Culinaryhuntergatherer says:

    Gen X as an epic tomboy “feminist” only girl I’ve hockey team 10 yrs, only girl in my group hunting, fishing, extreme trekking. Only girl sail racing team, steeplechase jockey… thank god I was born in the late 69s or some idiot parent would think I was trans nowadays. The problem is all the “feminists don’t want and can’t handle being treated equal they want to be treated SPECIAL. I’m happily married but will say it takes a strong man to create balance and harmony. The thing is men are simple they typically say what they mean & don’t harbor resentment in a disagreement. Women have a more likely tendency to manipulate or calculate in their communication & also take disagreement or criticism personally… hyper defensive. While in some instances you may be in competition but in relationships it’s a compromise. A real strong person can be both dominant & submissive depending on the situation. I like cooking for my man however he’s happy load the dishwasher since I cooked. Now he doesn’t do it the way I would prefer but I also don’t criticize when he’s trying to be helpful… not everything warrants comment. Just be thankful.. everyone has to win..

    Now as sex goes skill I always found important.. in a “sporting event” fun sex buddy situation skill is a 💯 must.. for a committed relationship it is equally important but that track goes both ways. Being generous as a lover just makes it better all the way around.. if you can’t be both the overdog & the underdog interchangeably you probably won’t find balance and happiness. I saw several women on this thread that just got bitter.. truth hurts accept it and then you can own and master it

  64. CavScout says:

    Damn, this got real. But even the normal show was quite real. Great stuff. From the guy’s side, I’ll say everything they said seems to be 100%. Is it too late? Nah, but it’ll take a lot of uncomfortable changes in law and society to change it. Can we? Pffffft, idk, might be like science where it really only does progress one death at a time.

  65. CivilLib says:

    Tims GF gonna be sweatin after hearing the convos tonight on both segments. 😂

  66. CrispyBacon says:

    Can we get an episode of Ian explaining sex/porn to people? I was dying with laughter when he chimed in to talk about orgasms and porn.

    • edward22274 says:

      CrispyBacon me too. I was waiting for the inevitable “SHUT UP IAN!!” from the chat, but I remembered this is the members only show. I love Ian but he says stuff that normally would piss me off but he’s just so genuine (right or wrong) that I just sort of shake my head and smile while looking at the floor.

      Just remember history will be written by the Victors (eventually to be formerly known as Ian)

  67. Macie says:

    The idea of my success as a woman is a man thinking I’m physically attractive enough to fuck then slapping his last name on me because he wants to own me and nobody else can ever fuck me again except for him and then putting a baby in me to assert his masculinity and all the while I’m supposed to be “submissive” to him? And have sex with him as much as he wants even if I don’t want to like it’s my job? Wow. Just wow. And people wonder why I reject this shit

    • Macie says:

      Oh and don’t forget how women have been lied to that they can do everything a man can do and have a career that’s just a lie apparently and it’s ruining society because women are financially independent and don’t have to rely on marriage anymore. Oh and they also said how we need to get rid of fucking divorce court and no fault divorce because it’s allowing women to leave binding marriage agreements because 80% of divorces are initiated by the woman so I guess we just have to trap them now. What in the actual fuck.

      • Macie says:

        And women who don’t find a “high value man” and get married and have a baby for him are going to end up alone and suicidal and the men will just find a 22 year old who wants to have a baby. And basically a woman’s value is gone after she’s older than like 30.

        • Macie says:

          And to the “she can’t be your copilot she’s your flight attendant”, my man said: No you’re MY team mate! And copilot. There are days when we are each other’s flight attendants because sometimes one needs more then the other. Those guys are all single and it shows
          Real men find a woman who is equal to them and are not intimidated by it. Fake little boys like these dudes find dumb pretty bitches who will never challenge them. These men are NOT THE SAME.

          • FirstThessalonian says:

            Yeh one can’t exist without the other. It isn’t supposed to be a subservient relationship. Give a little take a little, find your strengths and weaknesses and build each other up. My lady can be high anxiety, I’m as chill as can be sometkmes i have to breath with her and calm her down- other times I’m wrestling with an issue and she brings a different perspective.

          • ilike2annoy says:

            I mean this with all due respect, but this is how many men feel. It doesnt make it right, but this is the truth. Does that mean every guy, no. But I will tell you that married men feel the same way. I cant tell you how many times conversations like this have come up among the guys because it is too many to count. Idiots like me, who dont think this way end up single and girls fall for the “asshole” guys. This may not apply to you and, by your comments, I genuinely hope it does not. One of my favorite movies is “He’s just not that into you,” and if you have found your partner who has you on equal footing, of equal attractive level, never plays any type of games, doesnt cheat, you dont cheat, and you are just happy together…you are the exception not the rule and I wish you nothing but happiness.

    • says:

      Macie, you have a very tragic and horrible view of marriage – just know that’s not shared by the majority. Marriage is a mutual commitment; it allows the individual to align life goals with another and combine resources. Sharing a duty to commitment requires trust and regular reassurance through observed behaviors over the course of a lifetime.

      The world is full of haters and liars, so, it’s best to find at least one ally. Your spouse should make you feel confident enough to take calculated risks in order to get ahead while providing you with a safety net if the unexpected happens – this is an equal split of taking turns in making individual sacrifices for the benefit of the union.

      Everyone needs to have someone guard them while they sleep. This is both literal and metaphorical.

      Often people hold a flawed view of marriage because of past betrayals and mistreatment, but, to extrapolate that to the infinite possibilities of the future is cynical and nihilistic; projecting that individual experience onto the rest of us isn’t fair, nor accurate.

      I will say, that negativity attracts more negativity – but, the good news is that the reverse is just as true. Patience is key to success of any kind.

    • welder1 says:

      Enjoy dying alone then. Some of what you said is true although the last part is just you anger getting the better of you. You can’t do everything and the sooner you realize this reality the less time you will waste. Men do not want old promiscuous women.

  68. Megyn1 says:

    I understand the generic way in which these guys understand women, and perhaps because most people (women and men) are still unevolved, they are living out/through their biology in relationships, which is is outdated and doesn’t work in modern times.

    **im a 42 year old single woman, feminine, love to submit to the masculine, successful, happy, fulfilled, no children and have done the work so that my sense of self stable and internal. I have more men (meaningful romantic connections) now (age range that approaches me 29-59) then I ever used to when my sense of self was external or more primitive.

    I take care of myself and respect men who take care of themselves (spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc) even if they aren’t making as much money. I EXPECT ORGASMS and the men I interact with want to give that as well.

    I thrive in feminine masculine polarity which is so much more complex than money and looks.

    These men are Neanderthals and are speaking about women who are Neanderthals as well. All of the women in my circle are very much similar.

    ***Tim have me on to discuss,***

  69. raifo92 says:

    The biggest intellectual failure of feminism is the idea that women can be both special and equal at the same time. There is no ceiling to female solipsism.

  70. Calcornell says:

    What is this, a crossover episode?! 😃

    • Alicia22 says:

      A long time coming to hear the Man’s perspective on relationships. Been following lately Fresh & Fit along with their guests Kevin Samuels, Rollo and The Roommates. Then blending Tim into the mix. Priceless. Sorry Tim, but more pressure for you to move to Miami, the new Tech Hub.

  71. MZero1294 says:

    These guys understand the layout of male-female relations and the true reasons why they’re so bad nowadays, and it’s good that they promote self improvement.

    With that said, they’re also promoting and indulging in the same kind of hedonistic mentality that is destroying society. If women must follow the advice: “Just because you can, it doesn’t mean that you should.” (and they should follow that advice), the men should too.

  72. tomrat247 says:

    Anyone who doubts Tim’s hypothesis need only watch The Gilmore Girls; Wife loves that show, I hate it and the main female leads are degenerates.

  73. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    I just finished the normal one op youtube, i will be watching this one later, still love you guys.
    Kinda wished I could be on your show one day.
    I will be looking into if the advise given in this video will work on getting a men, being gay myzelf.

  74. Ben_walker says:

    One thing I find interesting that almost gets touched on in these conversations is the societal violence that may be the end result of current sexual politics. Specifically inequality and the fact that if the Gini coefficient gets too high, the probability for social violence goes way up. I know it’s an economic measurement but I’m sure you can extrapolate.

  75. Bryan_Liem says:

    The Devil is the master of tempting bait & switch, since Eve fell to the temptation first, then Adam went along with it.

    Men are willing to get married for life, in order to have a steady sex life, that’s a good deal, why quit? Women are stupid to offer unmarried sex, this benefits the wicked men while destroying the woman and the family, though the Devil praises that behavior, the woman loses, the more she engages in sex with different men. We call this behavior modern and enlightened. It used to be called something else. You know what.

    But in the 1960s the hippies said Free Love, sex in all directions. We see how this has not enlightened the nation, it has destroyed the nation from the inside out.

    We are not as smart as we think we are in the West! And we are not as civilized as we think we are. Our Civil War 2 is humans with uncivilized values against civilized people trying to keep their families safe.

    • matguerra says:

      shut up already.
      Best podcast in awhile. It’s fun to see the geek squad interact with people like this.

    • says:

      Humans are naturally monogamist and as people try to reject this natural order in pursuit of personal freedom and individual rights, people become less satisfied – – – the native Americans called this Wendigo and represented this hunger by a man who gained power through cannibalism, but, the cannibal’s hunger could never be satisfied and the man devoured everything and everyone he once loved.

  76. RyanDrew says:

    Better Bachelor would be great for a mgtow conversation. Will or obably be a Similar convo with a different approach but great content either way.

  77. RyanDrew says:

    Fresh and Fit, aka the Pound Town Boys!

  78. Dack says:

    That’s crazy to me hearing this gen x kids study im late gen x and literally everyone I know has multiple kids I’m the only one with just one

  79. love says:

    Mediocre members of the sexes unite!

  80. Mdossett says:

    When men have a boy they only have to worry about one dick. When men have a daughter they have to worry about every dick.

  81. TheAcquisitor says:

    I was told once by a lady friend who worked in the porn industry that one thing that a lot of women who were raped will not admit was that while it was happening, they never orgasmed harder in their lives, comparing it with vanilla sex. They all hated that fact, but it was nevertheless true for them.

    • Baconsizzler says:

      I was thinking the other day about how women claim there’s a rape culture but the only time I’ve heard it talked about in a positive way is women talking about how they have a rape fantasy.

      • onlyhereforFreshandFit says:

        (Modern day rape) I think what’s offensive about the act of rape is not the act itself but the individual commiting the act, the who.

        Women have these fantasies of rape but in their mind they get to choose the guy and act it out ‘safely’. They never want a random guy to do it involuntarily.

        It is so intrenched for the female homsapien to be repulsed by weak men that even if she reproduces with one that later became weak and undesirable. She divorces and ends up treating him, the offspring like shit, at best unfavorable because that child is a representation of the man she selected and weak men should not propergate.

        So with rape, I think, its not about the act its the who. Female orgasms as irrleveant as they are do bond them to men and maintain interest.

        If the hardest one they get is during rape then that goes to show the unconscious mind of women will bond them to men who rape and burned villiages.

    • onlyhereforFreshandFit says:

      I knew it.

  82. Kyle23 says:

    I am grateful that Tim has interesting conversations on this show. To many people are afraid to speak their true opinions and that hurts us all in the long run. Was not expecting this conversation today but damn was it one hell of a show to listen to.

  83. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    Man Tim, I’ve watched Timcast since you guys started, and I gotta say, this episode along with the Alex Jones, Malice, Murphy and Posobiec episodes are the greatest episodes you’ve ever done. I’m about to start the after-show episode now, but dude what a great episode. Exactly what we needed to talk about, especially in this day-in-age.

  84. VinnieV says:

    I hope tim gets better batchelor on one of these days

  85. TheLastCrow says:

    Excellent episode tonight. Was waiting for this one since last week

  86. JuanS says:

    Great show guys, that’s the real shit. don’t get black pilled by it, we need to survive the collapse that is coming and find the light where we can get it, live it and use it to inspire.

    Easier said than done, but it is what I come back to.

  87. NanaPeel says:

    Great episode, shout out to Tim & The F&F crew

  88. Tim_Pool says:

    one word: Ooooh Snap💥

  89. Bramickias says:

    That idea that a family only works when a man’s the head of the household is complete bullshit. French-canadian here, and I’ve never met a single successfull family where the man was the boss. Grand-parents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, friends parents, co-workers, you name it; any and every couple that lasts more then a couple years has the woman with a tight grip on the family. Every men in those situations are good workers and providers for their family, but for a long lasting, successfull family, Mom’s in charge and it has been that way for hundreds of years.

    I kind of feel the cultural differences are shining between the experiences of someone coming from a catholic background and someone with a muslim background.

    • polarican says:

      Just wanted to say, I think you make a fair point. I think it is about having two strong parents working together. It’s about the family.

  90. says:

    I am in an alpha relationship. We are very traditional in our gender roles but my husband is the head of the household. I am treated like a queen. My husband protects and provides (tho we both work and contribute). My opinion is valued and respected but I trust the head of our household to make choices that benefit us as a family. Does it always work in favor? Not always. But that’s how we learn and grow.
    My husband has never spoken down to me nor ever made me or our child feel threatened. Hell, we have never felt unsafe or not protected because of his position in our family. I don’t care if some call me submissive. My relationship THRIVES. I am so grateful that my daughter lives in such a healthy home. She is raised to be independent and strong but femininity is still important.

    • says:

      And to comment on the last part of the video….my husband has rarely ever “finished” in the bedroom before me and if the rare case presents itself, I’m not left out. Even when it’s my intention to just have an enjoyable jaunt to please my man, he WILL NOT end the session until I’ve came at least once.

  91. NessSo says:

    So much of this conversation was on point. Would be great to have a show with Jack Murphy and/or Jack Posobiec and these guys to discuss the topics further with their perspectives as fathers.

  92. Jesusisnotaweapon says:

    Watch Jack Murphy’s podcast episode about why woman should submit to men. I wanted to be offended at first, then I was like damn…. he’s on point.

  93. sydneyptf says:

    Coach Greg Adams.
    Better Bachelor
    Rollo Tomassi

    Get them on!

  94. Bmwc94 says:

    Personally I’d sell my soul for a red head that could out drink me and beat my ass with a big butt but at the same time I can’t get off if she don’t

  95. JohnConyers says:

    Great show

  96. SirQuackens says:

    damn this convo seems to highlight the importance of religion within sex and marriage, without an reverence for marriage and sex people will use it casually and as a means to an end. These two guests raise some excellence points but they’re also taking advantage of the worst of a bad situation by knocking up women left and right, and rejecting marriage in it’s entirety.

    • onlyhereforFreshandFit says:

      Its always the Men’s fault.

      “They make good points but *insert the blame for men*.”

      These men are only two people who as far as I can tell are not fathers.

      You sound like a boomer.

  97. calebbuchta97 says:

    Man I fucking hate when people complain that our culture is degrading yet are complicit in it.

    He said he wouldn’t give up getting his dick wet for guaranteed societal nuclear family. What a fucking asshole.

    Have fun letting your values die with you.

    • justlikethecaptain says:

      AMEN. The mgtow types are such crybabies. Congratulations, you’ve successfully diagnosed the problem. Now, man up and fucking do something about it!

      • sydneyptf says:

        Myron literally said in the Timcast IRL public session that he’s not a MGTOW. You people trying to shame him for being a “MGTOW type” don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just adopting shaming language from the femtards.

    • mans_randhawa says:

      Women set the rules of game with sexual revolution and hot girl summer , Cancun spring break parties , they are just playing game by those rules , fresh said how he struggled when he was younger with no money and now after he has leveled up why he should settle down with girls with 100 body count

    • onlyhereforFreshandFit says:

      Go lift some weights. You are mentally weak.

  98. StMyles2 says:

    🤔🤔🤔….. Very Interesting.

  99. welder1 says:

    Check out Sandman, Turd Flinging Monkey, and Terence Popp.

  100. welder1 says:

    If you want to save western society take women’s voting rights away and return to a meritocracy.

    • michaelparrotte says:

      I became a member just to watch this segment! Great conversation, now follow up with Rollo Tomassi !!

    • michaelparrotte says:

      I became a member just to watch this segment! What a Great conversation, now follow up with Rollo Tomassi. !

    • ssullivan says:

      I think repealing the 19th outright would be an unwinnable battle. The look of pure shock – especially from men – when I suggest it is amazing (and I’m a woman.)

      A more realistic approach would be something like one vote per family land owning household. That will allow for the few exceptions such as widows to still vote. Too many women in the suburbs cancel out their husband’s votes.

      At a minimum,, remove the right to vote while people are receiving government benefits like welfare, food stamps or section 8.

      It is totally unfair for people to be able to vote to steal from other people when they have no skin in the game.

  101. mans_randhawa says:

    You should invite Rollo Tomasi in your podcast to explain all this in detail with data.

  102. Sanctus-Scanderbegus says:

    Donald J Trump sent me to say that Liddia looks like Jen Psaki

    • Crocell says:

      Comment from someone that hasn’t ever been laid, likely broke, overweight, and an incel that will claim they are the shit.
      Hopefully, you npc commentator, get laid and learn the game one day lol.

  103. Unknown says:

    Cannery in the Coal mine.

    “How do we know then the Left goes too far?”

    When they go after the Amish.

    Someone more creative than me could easily view the Amish as the absolute peak of “white supremacy” and “the patriarchy”. It’s absurd for sure, but think about it. By geographic isolation and settling done by a specific group and a religion that only marries inside of it’s own religion, you end up having a perfectly white community. Of course race isn’t the factor, it’s religion. They are still very old world with men in charge. “Toxic masculinity” at it’s finest. I’d venture to bet they don’t support gay marriage either… truth be told I don’t know much about them (and could be all wrong), and neither does most of the rest of the country or world. Thus they make perfect scapegoats to have their image twisted and turned into something sinister to the Left. Of course they aren’t a large group thus aren’t an immediate threat to the Left so they don’t care, however they are small enough to actually do something about. Thus when they want to test the waters and see how much they can get away with they will start small…

    Fact is, I could see a properly crafted meme about the Amish spreading like wild fire on the Left. They could be seen as the picturesque image of what the “Right” idealizes. “Only in a Nazi country could the Amish exist”… etc.

    Point is this. Test the waters. If the Amish show up as a target it’ll prove they’ve lost their minds to the average person.

  104. KJ_08 says:

    1) Is it possible to move the post comment box to the top of the comments?
    2) Biblically: Women are to submit AND respect their husbands. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her. Submission does not mean slavery> most women have trouble understanding this.

  105. SeptimiusSeverus says:

    I was lucky I met my wife the old fashioned way in front of a classroom and then later in the college library. Online dating should just be avoided like a plague. It’s one of a number of things killing our capacity for social interaction and turning us into misanthropic assholes altogether.

  106. Mr.Savage559 says:

    Women in our day and age are very smart it takes alot for a woman to give the role to the man when they can easily take the role as breadwinner. Alot of men dont mind that the women is the breadwinner cause we get to spend our time mostly learning economics and findings ways to expand our wealth and our family. Which is a win win in my book. Just gotta find a respectable woman who thinks similar which is the struggle for most men. Buuuuuuut most men love a strong women its what I think a good balance between great minds.

    • says:

      Most men don’t love a strong woman, most men love a confident woman. The differences are between those two are massive in a long term relationship. A strong woman will disrespect their man because they feel like they don’t need them. A confident woman will care for her man because she knows that she’s the only one who can. She will raise her children right because she knows that no one else will be able to do a better job. A strong woman will fight to assume the male and female role at the same time, where as a confident woman will know what she’s best at and do those things to the best of her ability.

  107. Katallina says:

    What happens to modern women who pursue self rather than family as they get older? Reba McIntire answered that in “(She Thinks) His Name Was John”:

    Now each day is one day that’s lkeft in her life,
    She won’t know love have a marriage or sing lullabies,
    She sits all alone and cries herself to sleep,
    ‘Cause she let a stranger kill her hopes and her dreams.

    In the song they are talking about the guy she hooked up with at a party. But I’m talking just as much about the society that taught the song’s protagonist to regard herself as anything but a Valkyrie protecting the means to reproduction. The world’s gone freaking mad with all of this promiscuity and shit culture and it’s going to create a huge mess.

  108. JiltedValkyrie says:

    Another worthy episode for the membership! Ian saying *pound town* was priceless. Also, me being late 30s and single living alone… time to go write my suicide note.

  109. Balakay31 says:

    This was the episode that broke the camels back and made me subscribe. A ton of generalization but very directional and true. This was a very superficial dive into the issues plaguing modern relationships but a fantastic start. If you want me to illiterate on what areas I found lacking please DM me and ill do my best to provide sources for my rebuttals.

  110. Podunk_Boom says:

    I think there is a lot more to discuss in this conversation. Would love to see Fresh and Fit back on to continue the topic. These traditional gender roles worked for so long for a reason. They produced civilized men and women who cared, not only about their family, but about their community. Love these conversations.

  111. Elaine116 says:

    I just turned 50yrs old I met my Husband on fb 8yrs ago. He is 54 and Makes 100,000 per year. I am Blessed with a Great Man who is yes 6’2 he is chunky but. SUPER SEXY IN EVERYWAY. We have gone through ups and downs. I am 4’11 and Super Girly I Love a Man who is a Man and can keep me on my toes. We are Partners in every way. We also look like we are in our late 30’s.
    Women need to be Women and Let a Man be a Man. God Bless Love this show and all of the content.

  112. NathanBe says:

    Also I dated a single mom once it was bad. She was older than me and her son was around 7 he was all messed up. He would cry that he didnt have a father any time he would see another kid with theirs and she couldnt take it. She was also an alcoholic and would drink and then call me names and ask why I was even around she didnt even like me. So me a single dude who had a great job left her and soon after my wife found me on OkCupid. Needless to say once we started dating that girl left salty comments on our pictures lol.

  113. NathanBe says:

    Me and my wife are in our early 30s shes more educated than I am. She has her masters I have no college education but I work in IT. We just had our first child a boy and she is deciding to be a stay at home mom and probably will do part time work and home school our kids. We met on OkCupid she messaged me and we have been together for 4 years now. I think she is much happier being with our son than she would be working. She was for sure a huge liberal and feminist but I believe because her mom and dad where much more traditional she wasnt far enough gone to be crazy. She really doesnt ask for much except for my love and I am 100% blessed for that.

  114. Socrates says:

    The woman’s hero journey is taking an alpha male and civilizing him or claiming him basically.

  115. Nyarlethotep says:

    Fucking brutal. Good episode everyone.

  116. Roseofsharron says:

    Agree with all they said. 59 female, divorced for 16 yrs, 4 daughters, youngest 21. What are the chances? All the good ones are taken. Younger men?? Lol

  117. drakedeity says:

    Love the podcast but man you all find and get some people with some really stupid ideas, opinions and conclusions from time to time.

  118. Wendym28 says:

    This conversation is sad. I don’t like these guests. They are both very shallow individuals. They are probably correct on certain issues, but how they convey their message is trite and unlikable. Women have been their own worst enemies. When women change and raise their expectations of themselves and reconnect to their femininity and realize there is value in their femininity things will hopefully get better. A woman’s value is not derived from whether she has a man. A mans value is not derived from having women either. Yet I do believe men and women are better as a team…..but not everyone is wired to be a team. Believe it or not….there will be a point in your lives when sexual prowess is not the only way you define yourselves. When you get to 50+….you realize the best way to feel old… to date someone significantly younger. You never feel old when you are around people your own age. The beauty in youth… not the same as the beauty as you age……but you may be surprised that both have value. This conversation is very disappointing…..Lydia…..where are you in this conversation?

    • TwoTimesTy says:

      None of what you said, though, is in disagreement with what they are saying.
      Of course an individual’s value isn’t defined by another…..but there is value found beyond the individual. Value as an individual is just that.
      Value in relation to another, is another value set. Value relative to ones offspring is another set.
      Value isn’t defined by others…..but value can certainly be added. That is up to individual interpretation, too. But who has more value in their life, generally speaking…the 50+ single man…or the 50+ man with a wife and children, or grandchildren? Among other things.
      They are addressing the value that comes from relationships and how to best derive it. Unless you are saying, then, that there is no value either as an individual, or external to the individual, by developing the best relationships possible? Isn’t there inherently more value when you retain your own individual value, but develop and attain another set of value in the coupling with another in a relationship?

      • Wendym28 says:

        I’m sure there is for some and not for others. These two are doing a disservice with how they deliver their message. There are a lot of valid points. What I’m saying is that even if you serve a beautiful steak on a garbage can lid….it then feels like garbage. Any valuable points they shared were served on a garbage can lid, so people are much less likely to eat what they are serving. It’s not their fault. They will understand when they rewatch this in about 15-20 years.

    • Half-Assed_Cook says:


    • poopers says:

      Shut up you loser lol

    • welder1 says:

      They are correct in their assessment of the modern western woman. It is brutally honest and from your perspective probably is not pleasant to hear. It is however very necessary if society is to ever improve. Women have bought into a lie that they can do everything and this lie has been promoted by governments removing men as the providers of the family unit. Marriage is a bad deal for men and family courts are even worse. It will not improve sadly. As the saying goes, ” this crazy train has no brakes”.

    • Puppies4Lovies says:

      It does sting to hear the brutal truth, that so many men only value women, as essentially, baby making factories. So sad, and so true. Imagine reducing another human being to what we heard here. I guess this is where we are now. I have never liked Ian more than today. Kudos to him.

      • ThePinkRangerWasMyFirstCrush says:

        We don’t only view women as “baby making factories”, we view women as home makers. Women to us are our peace when we come home from a full day of war. How can a woman be our peace if she’s out there fighting the war as well? Yeah having babies is a big part of that too because, no matter what the world says lately, men can’t have children. You are only hearing what you want to hear in this episode but you’re not listening to what they are saying. Men don’t want Warrior women we want peaceful women because men have to fight the war regardless if we are single or not. Women are supposed to be our counterpart not our equal. We want someone who can do the things that we can’t. Plain and simple.

    • Frank_ze_panzer says:

      Men and women communicate differently. They don’t have to walk on egg shells. Step into a man’s boots just once. Absorb the information, put your feelings aside. It’s about what’s being said, not how it was said. Feminists call it mansplaining.

    • onlyhereforFreshandFit says:

      If you do not unsubscribe for those beliefs systems. You will end up failing in life as a Woman.

      Lydia, follows Rollo Tomassi, chances are she agrees with most of what Fresh and Fit says.

      Did you forget before Tim moved he stated in one of his video he wanted a wife not a CEO? Your belief system would not be suitable for the Lydia. So, there is not “where is Lydia?” Again, she is more than likely agrees with everything.

  119. Mic68 says:

    5 rules for dating. #1. No drugs, and by that I mostly mean hard drugs and antipsychotics. #2. Never date single moms, ever. If you can’t live with that she better have custody of those children. #3. Never date a woman who does not have her own place that she pays for. #4. If she is divorced/widowed, only date her if she has been divorced/widowed for a year or more. #5. If you wont eat it, dont fuck it. Use condoms like your life depends on it because it does.

    • silo says:

      How much of it is elites reengineering society, and how much of it is Mouse Utopia Experiment (i.e nature)?.. I’m sure it’s both, but at the end of the day I think nature’s probably more competent..

    • Taco_Shells88 says:

      You forgot having not having positive male role models in her life. If she has a lifetime of never submitting to a mans authority like a father or an older brother, how the hell are you gonna expect her to submit to you.

  120. Acyour says:

    shhhh What are you doing? this is the unspoken These wakos are breading themselves out of existence. while we are having kids

  121. MikeyB says:

    I can only imagine Lydia’s face when the conversation turned to sex.

  122. Mic68 says:

    What I see in the comments is a bunch of Incel white knights. These guys are dead on target 100% correct. Women are being raised to be whores in the schools and by their single moms who constantly talk shit about their fathers. Most single moms these days have nude pictures and/or videos online or on their phones. Imagine being 12 and going on your moms phone to find video of her going down on dudes? These women are shallow and entirely self indulgent.

  123. Hsims says:

    They’re right and unmarried mid 30s women hate it. I’m not some high value 6 figure dude, but I wasn’t looking for some 40 year old bitter single mom. There’s nearly a 20 year age gap between my wife and I. Yall blew your good years whoring around. Welp there’s 22 year olds who want to be mother’s.

  124. Curt says:

    As a GenZ/young millennial guy (97) it’s scary to think about our future in the regards to this conversation. Seems like more men are unable find purpose or drive. Drastic societal change I think will be needed to think about the future in a positive sense but the change seems to be headed in the wrong direction these days…

  125. Kain21 says:

    Tim is wrong on his analysis over the liberals eliminating themselves on an evolutionary perspectives becase the creme de la creme of liberals know all this is BS and is for a herd that they need to be treated under Malthusian theory, thus to bring down population. It applies to elites in conservatives as well that in reality somehow are not making the stand you would hope if they really minded for a depopulation of the Earth to be brought forward; so that progress could start again in the terms they think they will restructure society. The Utopia of their project is just for the herd of the commons.

  126. Jcraaay says:

    This is the most real conversation I’ve ever encountered on the internet. No lies detected.

  127. Dankond16 says:

    Crazy how girls would flock my way everytime I was in a relationship, and now that I’m single they’re nowhere to be found.

  128. suganyasug25 says:

    I don’t agree with what these two say, they have a very shallow opinion about both men & women. And definitely aren’t the right advice given to young men, just go around and be promiscuous and who are these good women going to end up with? A lot of women I know have married average men, definitely would like to see what these guys will be doing in their 40s

    • BlazeCast says:

      If they still have money and society hasn’t completely collapsed; they will still be banging 20 year olds and passing the soggy lasses to the normal dudes.

      If they don’t have money they will be depressed trying to reach “those golden days” at college dorm parties.

    • Goatoverland says:

      Good interview. I recommend people check out their channel. I think you’ll find these guys make a lot more sense when you hear the average expectations of the girls they interview.

      • suganyasug25 says:

        I understand they give dating advice and agree with some, but none of them is about a serious relationship or monogamous relationship, just about getting laid. And I don’t think that’s a good advice if you they want women to be traditional but giving men tricks to just getting laid, not be a good bf or husband.

    • welder1 says:

      You experiences are not the norm and their advise is 100% correct and needs to be said. Marriage in western cultures with no-fault divorce and family courts are a bad decision that will enslave good men and send them to and early grave. Putting on blinders doesn’t eliminate the realities if the above stated facts. It is brutal but again it needs to be said.

  129. Starchuk says:

    The first thing we gotta do is re- install CULTURE.

    Tim is onto something …

  130. techcrisis says:

    ya don’t agree with … well a lot of what they said. Still thanks for having the conversation its important to hear opinions that you don’t necessarily agree with.

  131. Murryfairy says:

    I don’t really agree on all they’re saying. I know many women who are single and very pretty and would honestly date an average guy if they asked. The issue is this hookup culture these guys are into. Humans are made for a monogamous bond, and many women want to settle down and have a family. Personally I am doing very well professionally, and I would be willing to give that up if it came to choosing that or a family. But I also don’t see why it can’t be both. My mother has a higher education level than my father and they raised 8 kids. It can be done, it just takes stronger people than we have today…

    • devils_papaya says:

      Yeah, no. Those women are lying to you. They can say that and put up a charade, but it’s the ultimate goal for a woman to marry up.

  132. AuntieBarb says:

    As a Gen X’er, who got out of bad relationships with men raised by single mothers, middle-age gave me the first opportunity to live my own life instead of putting all my energy into someone who was essentially a large boy who never “manned up”. I’ve never been happier in my life! I will say that my 40’s were a struggle because of society’s expectations, not my own. Turning 50 was energizing for me…however, my generation has a substantially higher level of emotional resilience than younger generations. I didn’t have kids and I don’t regret it..and now I just can’t see putting energy into a relationship with a narcissistic man-child. ..and I certainly wouldn’t suggest it to any younger women. I’m not soured on men–there are good men and husbands/fathers out there who I admire. But promiscuous men who didn’t live up to their responsibilities created fatherless households…and fatherless households produced a whole lot of bad husband material for each successive generation. I do feel for younger men though–it seems like society gives them a whole lot of mixed signals with no clear set of expectations. I notice though, that neither of the two guests suggested that MEN keep it in their pants until they are prepared to accept the responsibility of a family–they seem to leave that to women, which seems to not be a very good example of leadership.

    • Starchuk says:

      With no legacy, you have no stake in the game … Why would you consider the next generation ( visa-vi : after you are gone) … You’re the extact data these guys have extrapolated. Doesn’t being a product of our environment just suck … 🤦

    • Mango_Unchained says:

      I agree. I thought it was weird that they said we dont want a woman with a past. I agree women want men with a future and that men dont want women with a past but it doesnt mean its not a red flag when men have a past.

    • BlazeCast says:

      RIGHT! That is the most vital piece of the equation they probably know, but won’t advocate because they have little bastards running around women they ghosted! Jack is the best guest to have on to talk about making better men (since he can’t get Jordan on). My generation is the beginning of the man-child movement of which I was a part of until the Corps. forced it out of me (once I made Sergeant that is…)

      • suganyasug25 says:

        They are not willing to give up their lifestyles and totally against marriage, if not legal why not a religious ceremony ? Young ppl shouldn’t get dating advice from people who aren’t married or aren’t even in a relationship.

      • mans_randhawa says:

        Why it always have to be men have to improve , women created this sexual marketplace with hot girl summer , spring break hookup culture now evolved via social media , while 80% good men are invisible to you all and you being ghosted by chads/Tyrone now trying to get society to tame them never gonna happen.

      • copperhead says:

        Fuck, I just made e5… guess I have to grow up now XD

    • mans_randhawa says:

      So instead of talking some accountability you are blaming everyone else for your poor choice of mates in you younger years , you chose chaotic hot guys instead of stable men and as a consequences get to spend next 30 remaining yrs of life in loneliness deriving pleasure from cats and dogs and your siblings children.

    • WillScott says:

      The old saying men propose; women dispose… Holds true here when it comes to your shaming of man children… Lol. It’s a woman’s fault because… It’s not like you’re forced to date crap dudes… If you can’t judge a man and his character that’s on you….Forgetting or perpetuating a relationship. Men are simple. High-value man have options and that’s all these guys were saying… They’re young men so they ostensibly still want to play the field which is well within their rights as high value young men… I don’t think that’s necessarily healthy but to each his own

    • WillScott says:

      The old saying men propose; women dispose… Holds true here when it comes to your shaming of man children… Lol. It’s a woman’s fault because… It’s not like you’re forced to date crap dudes… If you can’t judge a man and his character that’s on you lady…..For perpetuating a shitty relationship. Men are simple. High-value man have options and that’s all these guys were saying… also being that They’re young men so they ostensibly still want to play the field which is well within their rights as high value young men… I don’t think that’s necessarily healthy but to each his own

      • suganyasug25 says:

        I never said women shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. I am saying they are just taking advantage of the messed up situation and the advice is not that great for a society. I am happy and I have a man, don’t get worried lol, I didn’t waste my 20s

  133. Lastandtheleast says:

    These dudes are a couple of sex addicted degenerates. Part of being a strong man is not giving in to primitive desire to smash every girl you want. They understand the dynamics but they fail as men that can be role models or leaders that will actually be a positive influence on society. Create yourself to be a valuable man, find yourself a valuable woman, create high value children that will be contributors to the improvement of society.

    • AuntieBarb says:

      Agreed–they seem to be of the “have your cake and eat it too” mindset…without concern to the women they are hooking up with.

      • copperhead says:

        Turnabout’s fair play; if you watch their podcast they bring on a lot of women who don’t care about the guys they’re “dating” so they can experience a high quality of life. Neither is virtuous, but you’re proving their point: women doing stuff like that is celebrated while men are demonized for pursuing their best interest.

    • copperhead says:

      While I agree with your “be the change you want to be in the world” view to a certain extent, a large part of their behavior is that there are very few high-value women anymore, and even if you find one the state has intervened to the point that getting married and having children is a big risk for men. And culturally a man who doesn’t want to marry a long-term girlfriend is looked down upon. The only compromise I see a religious ceremony of marriage without the legally binding intervention of the state.

  134. ShadowsGleam says:

    Look at life expectancies of men based on married divorced widowed and never married. You will find men need monogamy too, or at least stability and commitment.

  135. 3L3CTR0N says:

    Why are youtube videos longer than paid memberships?

    • BlazeCast says:

      They cover the current affair topics, fluff, and dancing around policy so here they get to speak Frankly, and to the point. I do understand the sentiment though. I want longer form, free conversations here as well.

  136. slim1pickins says:

    Two of my favorite podcasts shooting the shit, this was fantastic. Hope Tim and crew gets some time to spend in Miami on F&F’s podcast in the near future.

  137. Inspectorwilliams says:

    I struggle with loyalty daily. My wife is my first and only, she is a firebrand Chinese but I love her; but it is really hard watching 20 year olds staring at my when I’m walking along with a toddler hanging off my index finger. I don’t get why it’s attracting, it shouldn’t be, but I won’t abandon my family because a hot thing flashes a smile at me.

    • copperhead says:

      “Hm… if he’s emotionally and financially stable enough for someone else that means he’s emotionally and financially stable for me!” -Hot girl who smiled at you

  138. harumph says:

    Love this content! Can’t wait for more collabs with shows like F&F.

  139. LeMemeMoo says:

    burst out laughing at ian saying “…cause like a lot of porn that i watch is just poundtown…”

  140. Yobuyahouse says:

    I got standards and I hold myself to them so I hold anyone I would talk to them how’s that wrong

  141. ItsWolf75 says:

    It’s sad that the circles these guys travel in appear to be super vapid and shallow. If materialism is your foundation you’ll be doomed to chase and never find peace and contentment.

  142. Aeris1284 says:

    Anyone who is complaining about their video being a bit late please chill out and give them some time. I miss the extra videos that would last 1-2 hours. Sure it came a few minutes later but you get more quality content!

    • UppityG says:

      Agree. I’d prefer Pool go back to letting the post-public show ride to its natural conclusion, but at least an hour. Giving away 2 hours to YT? He oughta whittle that part down to 1.5 and then put an hour+ behind the pay wall.

  143. riien87 says:

    Thanks for throwing this convo on the table. Whether people agrees or not, it creates much needed dialogue on a topic that carries some serious ramifications for human civilization (especially in America).

  144. Nichole says:

    Me as a strong female, now wife have seen how to change this. Strong males need to volunteer in their community more. I have done it on my own with kids and found a great man to marry and make things work for us. Kids need strong men involved in the community, they need to see all are willing to come together and care. My community had an amazing event this past weekend and everyone had a great time. Most volunteer’s this past weekend we’re men it was appreciated that I the youngest female on the committee didn’t have to lift anything heavy because all the men were willing to help. Back to me being a wife and a strong woman, I have learned how to allow my husband to feel like a man, but not be walked all over. Women make your man a sandwich for lunch and coffee if you don’t work. Laying around the house is unacceptable unless all chores are done. So many of my husband’s friends complain about girls not willing to make things easier for them. How will it ever work if people can’t work together.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      That’s extraordinarily true; this coming from a dude who found his own strength after being raised in a mom only household. She had me learn rudimentary carpentry skills from some guys at church, I volunteered at soup kitchens, and eventually found my worth learning to weld in community college and turning it into a job. When I became the master of my own budget I learned a lot, and left a lot more negative tendencies behind.

    • Mbarstow07 says:

      As a married man I will say that it hurts me and my kids that I work all day and come home to our house being destroyed. Then she complains that I never do anything but I’m constantly cleaning and picking stuff up even though she doesn’t even notice. It’s not functional and ends up hurting us all. I’ve all but given up hope but I truck along day by day becoming all the more bitter and cold. I’m starting a company and it’s suffering from it like all other things in my life. I will never leave her. She is and always will be my wife. Oh well. Off to bed to start over again tomorrow.

  145. TheWitten says:

    I think a lot of nuance of everyday people was missed… I disagree with a bit of this… but fuck man… that’s why I’m a member. I want to hear opinions… ya know?

  146. Ladyhess says:

    I raised 3 boys on my own, the opiate crisis ruined our family. My boys are now men, I agree with a lot of what you guys are talking about, but it carries an immature outlook. I’d like to listen to you guys in ten years, on the same subjects.

  147. Bikerbob59 says:

    Damm I was a bad husband.

  148. Thorm465 says:

    Just signed up to tomcats. Why can I not cast this stream to my chrome cast to watch this on my tv???

  149. Slugpudding says:

    These chodes have become stuck in their place and don’t give a damn about those that come after. Stop playing the game and use the knowledge you obviously have to instruct young men to take society back. Men that build and create is what the world needs. Women that can raise children when they’re young is what the world needs. Take the world back. The family builds the world.

    • Pronoun_Brigade says:

      What are you even talking about??

    • AUssery says:

      I agree, but society has built a wall over the past 50 years that will take time to break down, just as it took that long to reinforce. It won’t be overnight, but like Tim expressed, we need to design and build a culture to turn the Titanic. It can’t be done overnight.

    • Lboen82 says:

      Feel like they are 60% there. It’s deeper then sex. All of the traits women are drawn too are correct. The part they miss is men also yearn for one person. I don’t know the idea of wanting many women over a wife. Big difference. And no we don’t fully dominate the women all of the time. That’s crazy. It’s a partnership. Both have duties but never one is above the other as a value. Maybe I misunderstood their points. Just hope it’s not a man is a man because he gets ass. A man is a man because he sacrifices for others. He gives the greatest gift for his family or in the military for his brothers/sisters. Not because of his sex life or some selfish cause. I read the books. I know the game. It is true. The best lose out. The good guy gets shoved to the side for a guy with tricks and fun. Seen it. Women have fault too. You want a hero and it’s the guy next to you at subway but you are too focused on a dip shit that ignores you. Congrats….you win?

  150. KnomadDesign says:

    I traveled the world in my 30’s and definitely played the game and had lots of fun. But at some point building a life with someone that adds to your life is amazing. Growing old alone can be a very sad existence. 20 yr old women won’t bring you substance. I met my wife, formally, while traveling in Poland. We first had contact on the app Tandem, a language app. It’s a great way to meet women before you head to a new destination. FYI Poland still has beautiful, smart and traditional women. I’d be more careful with areas of the world that don’t have equal education.

  151. GrudgeAxe says:

    President Camacho 2024

  152. SpuzzumJoe says:

    Next generation is Muslim

    • oshma425 says:

      fresh as fit gang

    • BlazeCast says:

      Because of all the raping of little boys, goats, or western women? Jokes aside, you are probably right, they breeding like rabbits, and got their women on lock-down and aren’t afraid to give their life to keep their way of life for future generations while more western men are tucking in a skirt with heals and the women stick their nose up at everyone until they’re old and alone in a bath tub with pills.

  153. PrimoVictor says:

    As a Man who married a single mom with 2 kids, I hear what these guys are saying. Buuuuuut….
    My wife is a great woman and if she decides to get rid of me I will move on to the best of my abilities. Men are strong and resilient. We are used to shit being thrown in front and at us. If you expect to be top tier then you will have to live ” in reality” and that reality is that real men don’t quit and thrive on adversity.

  154. AUssery says:

    Destroying the nuclear family started with President LBJ’s welfare programs and BLM is sweeping up the stragglers. Destroying the country internally.

  155. raifo92 says:

    I’m so fucked lol. I am doing my best and have made huge improvements to myself in my life. But the reality is that I am probably dying alone.

    • Pronoun_Brigade says:

      Are you male or female?

    • says:

      Don’t give up dude, seven years ago I thought I would probably die alone too, but I met the girl of my dreams and my life completely turned around, my daughter turned 3 on monday and my boy will be 6 months in a few days, never give up bro, happiness is so much closer than you think it is, most of the time the greatest obstacle is yourself

    • BlazeCast says:

      The best way to meet a unicorn from the community is volunteer in the community. That’s where the women who give a shit are.

    • Jewelz1313 says:

      I gave up too. That’s when I met my best friend and married him. If you want my advice, stop looking for it and just let it happen. Good luck. 🙂

  156. RealBgame says:

    I cannot believe they replaced Adam Crigler with Ian.

    • milkofmongoose says:

      Ian’s the man.

    • BlazeCast says:

      He’s more submissive which plays well with Tim’s dominating ego. Tim needs him a little submissive lady boy (scrawnier with long hair and lighter voices) . LOL

    • nick22samm says:

      Adam was the best; firing him was the worst decision TimCast has made. I know Tim’s explanation would be that the show is meant to be centered around new guests, but the permanent fixture of Ian (and regular appearances from those like Luke [who is great]) prove that that’s not the real reason. The real reason was Tim couldn’t handle another strong and independent thinker as a permanent fixture. Ian’s grown on me, but Adam is still far better, made the show way more interesting and just brought far more to the show. The last few weeks with Adam were some of the best episodes

  157. Tyler_Roe says:

    Hopefully the encoding thing is addressed with the 2.0 website. Cut them some slack y’all they’re doing something brand new with tons of people trying to watch

  158. Pronoun_Brigade says:

    Great guest!!!!!!!!!!

  159. says:

    Please fix the encoding. I assume most of us would like to get to bed by midnight for work tomorrow. Waiting from 11:00-11:30 with no access

  160. kchamp says:

    No real time feedback if it takes 3/4 hr to encode the video for playback

  161. BigJoe77 says:

    Encoding!!! I love that guy he always on around 11:15 🤪

  162. Tigranes says:

    Very interesting and very true conversation. First wife went wacko. Took my time looking for wife 2.0 suitable for family. Advice, if your looking for wife stay away from women that are more than 1 generation in the US.

    • BlazeCast says:

      I agree! First wife was crazy (physically violent, emotionally unstable). Thought I found wife 2.0 but she had a midlife crisis, left, realized she was older with no prospects and tried crawling back. Now I’m chillin in my house with 6 figs sitting on my abs and won’t even look twice at an American woman.

      • Tigranes says:

        Yeah, that is what happened to wife 1.0. Mid life crazy and started banging one of her students. About 6 months after I left she was begging for me to come back. No go. Wife 2.0, 1 gen traditional Asian woman. Did not really know how traditional she was until she dropped the baby and she started bowing at me. Really humbling experience. Many of my work peers did the same thing.

    • RossMG5446 says:


      I noticed in my mid 20s that American girls (at least here in the MIA Metro area) are ultra superficial and low value long term. Ended up meeting my wife, from South America, on Tinder and the connection was immediate and profound. The easiest relationship I’ve ever had, and I attribute that in large part to her not being raised in the US.

      • Christopher says:

        I would guess that’s true for city girls. Rural boils down to two types, the ones that love their family and community and the ones that hate it.

        The ones that hate it end up fighting with every home or community they are a part of.

        Most guys from bad places look for good, most women from bad places mentally look to make new places bad.

        If a chick has lived a lot of places with little explanation…. Run away

      • Myles37_ says:

        Met my girl from Indonesia almost 2 years ago.. The relationship has been fantastic. She’s just different than women in the US, very kind and family oriented which is a great thing in my book.

  163. kchamp says:

    11:24pm and still encoding?

  164. Coky says:


  165. seriouslyjk says:

    I’m hot and single, baby!!! 🤣

  166. echo says:

    Not fond of waiting for the encoding. 😅

  167. Fhnhockey077 says:

    Takes forever to loadddddd

  168. BlazeCast says:

    China implementing birthing policies in the west through Tencent’s influence in dating apps and commie devs working on the algorithms.

  169. Theraddilahk says:

    patience is key

    Consistency x Effort = Confidence
    “culture is not your friend” – Terence McKenna

  170. Loki says:

    soooo how long does this normally take?

  171. TheComedian says:

    For those that are new, the waiting isnt normally this long. It usually only takes a few mins. But lately they have been having technical issues. (Dont know why, but they def need to fix it asap).

  172. says:

    I watched the love stream on YouTube just fine. What does it mean when it says encoding video?

  173. DarkWinterNights says:

    After Chris Martenson last week and F&F this week you got my paid sub. Excellent guests lately. If you want to continue this type of discussion there is a “mgtow”-type YouTuber called BetterBachelor also goes by “Joker” who has been covering the disaster that is dating for awhile now. He would be a great guy to have on the show, very insightful and currently traveling the country in a home-made RV, may be able to swing by the Cast Castle at some point.

  174. Tysonweir says:

    Yeah the waiting thing is crazy must be rumble and their servers are not fast enough? Did tim lose his sponsors?

  175. ebnrong says:

    I just got a membership today. I assumed the members only shows came out live.

  176. Jeremysumpter says:

    im kinda sick of this waiting thing. it didnt do it before. hope everybodys doing well

  177. Dswest38 says:

    Waiting is painful.

  178. Persaud1205 says:

    King of Barbados, Prince of Sudan, and Rollo the Rockstar. It do be like that.

  179. Israel says:

    Reload reload reload

    • jgarza262 says:

      I was watching this on YouTube and had to become a member. I feel like for all of time men have been the dominating sex. In this information age, however, I feel like women have become the more dominate force. Not that it’s a big deal I just find it funny how men get shamed for their preferences but women get a free pass. It’s nice to have a platform that recognizes that.

      As a single, traditional, 24 male, I appreciate the dating advice. I’ll get my old sole on Instagram I guess and try some dating websites. I take relationships way too seriously and should quite dating exclusively as well. It makes a ton of sense and is worth a shot. Thankq!

      • Taco_Shells88 says:

        Go watch and sub to their podcast man. They have a wealth of information in their video catalog complete with timestamps. Get Rollo Tomassi’s book “The Rational Male” on audiobook as well. You’re in the prime of your life bud. Go level up and be the best version of yourself.

  180. RedBuffalo says:

    And now we wait

  181. AUssery says:

    Glad I became a member! Hearing Tim say MF is priceless!

  182. ITSMRFOXY says:

    We waitin now