Green Room #1: Arielle Scarcella

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Green Room #1: Arielle Scarcella

51 responses to “Green Room #1: Arielle Scarcella”

  1. RickCleland says:

    I loves me some Arielle.

  2. Resamar says:

    Chickens, shit: “oh hey, is that food from my butt??”

    Their dinosaur ancestors: “the FUCK have we become!?”

  3. omegahunter9 says:

    This is cool. I have to say kudos to the web designer on this site. The site is one of the fastest loading I’ve visited, and it’s actually better than Youtube as far as video responsiveness.

  4. TylerWmaddogElliotT says:

    Lydia, “We. We. We. We. We.” and officially owning up to her Tim behind the Tim status. A full partner? What a stud. An admirable Admiral, that Lyds.

  5. goaldeerocks says:

    Skrillex: live at the beanie compound

  6. Scrappy Pirate says:

    This is honestly the hardest to understand video timcast has made. I look forward to the green room content but this is really hard to watch sped up because of the echo

  7. SquirrelyMel says:

    I like the green room stuff, its nice to see the crew just having fun! Thank you Tim cast for just being awesome 🙂

  8. Finkelstein says:

    I wish I could draw that well. Very cool.

  9. innominatargh says:

    Good to see the green room host nowhere to be found

  10. Crazylarry says:

    Arielle lookin thirsty af at mystic. Ope NVM.

  11. Zacchaeus says:

    Just saying, homeboy told Areilla she had to drop serve the ball, and then he didn’t drop serve at all. Lol

  12. knoxvillain says:

    better format than cast castle imo. i need more bikes and guns lol

  13. knoxvillain says:

    Arielle: you from here?
    Me: wait wtf
    im high

  14. XIStEw13IX says:

    I like this aspect of the production. These hangout videos make it easy to know that everyone we watch on the show is genuine.

  15. AdamBerkeley says:

    Meh. This is just the same clips we see on cast castle. I thought Andreas hosted this show. I thought it would be an actual show not just a recycling of existing material.

    Not a fan.

  16. BlossomAndGin says:

    this was so cool… really enjoyed hanging out…

  17. DCDave says:

    Carter is such a cool dude that he changed my mind with regards to men and hair buns. Not that I would ever sport it of course but just that hating someone simply for their hair style is a tad close-minded. I still hate men in capris though. Baby steps as they say.

  18. RickCleland says:


  19. Finecast says:

    Only ever subbed for the after show rants, but now this is justifying the $10 membership for me.

  20. Dack says:

    Lol pickle ball being New York thing gtfoh it’s been huge in Florida for years now we’ve had a tournament court in punta Gorda for the last 5 years I can remember why New Yorkers always got to act like they the only ones to do something lmao

  21. NHChad42 says:

    I like the extra content!

  22. johnny311duck says:

    so an old repeat hmmm

  23. Demosthenes says:

    Does anyone recall which episode Tim does a bit with Ian about taxes? Tim demands Ian to pay money that Ian owes Tim without telling Ian how much he owes and they go back and forth for a few minutes.
    Can’t remember if it was a regular podcast or a member’s segment.

  24. persie777 says:

    I like this it is just straight who is this person.

  25. Rivian_Kriek says:


  26. Snake616 says:

    Is Lydia really tall or is everyone else really short??? I never once pictured her being all that talk.

  27. FirstThessalonian says:

    Yup, Carter has my dream job. Check out my sound cloud if you guys get bored.

  28. boomdude90 says:

    I like the new content but seems like a lot was reused from cast castle but like it none the less lol keep up the great work and I can’t wait for Andres to host the show!

  29. DeafBabydwiver says:

    Yo Tim let’s make fingerboard obstacle and ramps. We can paint gadsden flags on them!

  30. drewncharlie says:

    This strikes me as a bunch of privileged millennials pretending to be prepper people. Haha

  31. drewncharlie says:

    I feel like i like people from new york even less after watching this

  32. Kraz says:

    This is actually really cool.

  33. Acurley40 says:

    Nice green room!

  34. says:

    I liked it, but to be honest, this wasn’t much different than the content on the cast castle vids.

  35. JimmyQuinto says:

    45 mins long! SWEEEEEEEEEET

  36. Tazmo says:

    Thanks for the extra content.

  37. UnequaledTwo says:

    Dang 45 min? Nice