Will Chamberlain Member Podcast: Economic Collapse, Luke Gives Advice On Surviving The Coming Apocalypse

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Will Chamberlain Member Podcast: Economic Collapse, Luke Gives Advice On Surviving The Coming Apocalypse

136 responses to “Will Chamberlain Member Podcast: Economic Collapse, Luke Gives Advice On Surviving The Coming Apocalypse”

  1. Snowman16 says:

    McDonald’s is the largest real estate company in the world. All the franchisees have to lease property they build on from McDonald’s Corp.

  2. mehmeh says:

    Food shortages are going to get worse. My neighbor, a full time farmer, wrote this, “The nationwide record high price of natural gas, coupled with hurricane damage, demand in the Corn Belt, and shift in investment dollars away from fossil fuels has led to high natural gas prices and that leads to high nitrogen fertilizer prices. You see, natural gas is required in N production. Simple fact of the matter is, NG prices are so high that fertilizer manufacturers can’t afford to make N, they’re at a loss. As a result, the market is flat out, across the whole country. I have applied a base rate of nitrogen across my dad’s farm and my own for spring wheat acres because our supplier had it available, and several others don’t. The market commentaries say this could very well continue UNTIL NEXT SUMMER! I’ve never experienced a situation like this in my entire farming career. Your $3.60+ gasoline is also tracking right along with our on-farm diesel and nitrogen prices, if not worse! I’ve never even heard of nutrients not being available, except for maybe back in the old Soviet Union.”

  3. Topsy84 says:

    Interestingly the scientist who won a Nobel prize for associating H.Pylori and stomach ulcers actually swallowed H.Pylori, developed ulcers and then cured it with antibiotics. Nobody believed his theory so he just went ahead and proved it. 🤣

  4. g28xyz@wi.rr.com says:

    No one wants to work. We are turning into Greece.

  5. Largoguide says:

    Great I pay $10 a month now to listen to Tim and everyone larping. Do that bullshit on ur own time we don’t pay to listen to y’all act like ur a bunch of 10yr olds talking about the fort ur gonna build

  6. Trippella says:

    Life continued as normal after the fall of Rome. It signalled the start of the dark ages so would not say so.

  7. bedwablackburn says:

    I’m IT over the phone. Lydia is completely right. People are getting worse over the last couple years…

    Then again being both a CSR & IT over the phone since Oct 07…. It’s not gotten easier at all over the years

  8. XIStEw13IX says:

    Trade routes are for real and still used a lot in rural areas. basically you don’t have to pay taxes if you trade up because your not exchanging money.

    There is no value in currency when compared to the goods the currency buys.

  9. Lundpix says:

    Saying the word fuck does not improve your production.

  10. PolishPierogi says:

    Will Chamberlain is a weird dude. He’s all about establishment bullshit when you drill down on him and here he is on Timcast. He still thinks we’re in a country where we can feesibly rely on the courts and corporate America to do anything to stand up for Americans. He thinks Big Techs will be regulated? LOL, Nah bro YOU WILL BE REGULATED…fuck

  11. J89bravo says:

    You can already run freight thru uber I know a couple drivers that have done it

  12. CorsoCasualty95 says:

    You guys need a protection dog trainer?

  13. Vankirk1776 says:

    This is the content people pay for Tim. I think I have that bacteria that Luke is talking about. I have those symptoms but never knew what it was. I hate going to the dr too. But I’m going to get this checked out now.

    • Sayer3 says:

      Almost died from it. Went septic after dinner. Worst experience of my life. Have a scar from the bottom of my chest to my belly button. Go get checked out. Don’t ignore it like I did

  14. Kpilgrim609 says:

    I have grown to love will so much. He’s cool af!

  15. Adam says:

    Can I get a place in FreeDomiStan? I do CNC work if that helps lol

  16. lully379 says:

    Can I be the founder of Libertown? I’m so on board with Freedomistan expansion. PS I love Luke❤️

  17. nrol34 says:

    Tim, I thought like you about the minimum wage jobs. A lot of people on minimum wage jobs get subsidies like welfare, HUD for housing, and food stamps. I either pay for these workers out of pocket or pay for them in taxes.

    Tax laws have to change. A progressive tax on the top 0.5% would hammer out the inequality in society.

  18. PseudoSwede says:

    Hurry up and become the media mogul of West Virginia before some billionaires get a hard-on for it like has happened with Montana (and pockets around Texas).

  19. Vashts1985 says:

    we need more details on freedomistan.

    Ian: many truckers are “owner-operators”, they literally own their own truck and take whatever jobs they want. Truckers have been doing Uber for freight since before it was cool.

  20. keldan says:

    In all seriousness, I think people need to take Luke’s advice…If you don’t prepare you’re gonna be screwed and if you actually think things will be “okay”…you’re a fool…the bible predicts WW3 and when it happens, you will be caught in a bad place. Better prepare and stop living in a state of dumbness.

  21. MrSooop says:

    2010 , Rockefeller Foundation

  22. wcrews says:

    Internal Medicine Physician here. Luke is spot on with natural/alternative forms of treatment. Although not for EVERYTHING but, in our massive database called uptodate will even label these as possible therapies however they often label them at ‘unsubstantial or controversial data’ when it comes to officially recommending them. Use your brain, avoid sugar, eat broccoli, drink water. You would be surprised at your health with just doing those things.

  23. Lightkn says:

    I hope someone sees this. NC messed up bad with the covid recovery act. Senate bill 704. The removed liability from doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes. The nursing homes are using it to get away with abuse no one is talking about it. My friends husband now has just a few months to live due to neglect but no one cares please look into it or at least start the conversation.

  24. Lightningstriking says:

    Lydia put herself together pretty nicely this evening. Looking good Lydia.

  25. Kingxdean says:

    Luke may or may not have lost his mind at this point. Lol

  26. JimmyQuinto says:

    GUYS I HAD AN AWESOME IDEA!!!! If Luke leaves again you can do this funny thing where you have a tablet zoomed in to Lukes face on like a dummys body x)

  27. JimmyQuinto says:

    Luke is my ulcer buddy

  28. Joskie20 says:

    Trucker here, we still have normal hours of service unfortunately… but alot of companies just throw the log book out the window and don’t go into scales. Just hauled a load of potatoes 🥔 from North Dakota down south… your welcome Florida thanks for keeping my company on the road freinds

  29. Smccar06 says:

    I love Luke and I used to watch him religiously, even considered paying for Lukeuncensored. However I had to stop completely because he made me so scared all the time. It started affecting my mental health.

  30. Fatelunikorn says:

    I got fired for saying I wanna talk to a doctor before I get the vaccine lost my job every job either flaked on me or wasn’t paying enough I cant find a job I’m now turning to independent driving gigs and now more of my bills have gone up im lost for words there’s no escape from this

  31. MontyLalado says:

    Tim: I don’t even think that many people are refusing the vaccine, in fact I think it’s the vast minority

    Luke: Speaks common sense

    Also Tim: You know I’ve been wondering if those news reports about 97% vaccination rates are bullshit

  32. groberts1980 says:

    I think Will completely has his head in the sand. He’s just going to keep on living and hope nothing bad happens? I guess ignorance is bliss.

  33. jprattie says:

    These guys are clearly not in Texas…..

    Sectarian conflict and Balkanization is a REAL possibility.


  34. nick22samm says:

    LUKE!!! Love you and your insight, but I have a genuine question, as a long time NH’er (also part of the FSP) that’s lived all over the state, since I think you’re really missing out on what NH really is, even if you were on a farm/compound: So: Your comments and thoughts on NH is very accurate, but based on your comments and posts on IG, etc., I can’t help but wonder how much you’re missing out on what New Hampshire really is (your mention here of Lily implies you were staying somewhere around Weare or Nashua, and IG shows you’re most often in Manchester). I mean this in the best way possible — and also speaking as someone who moved from a crazy-blue state as well [first to Derry, then to Manch/GoffsT before moving further north), but… you are just experiencing Boston-lite/Massachusetts-extended if those are the areas you’re in (or really anywhere south of manch, even concord really) — If/when you make a more permanent move, I suggest getting away from these areas, ESPECIALLY if/when s*&^ goes down. My hunch is it just seems so much better than nyc, because it is, but those areas aren’t truly what NH is all about. I learned this as well once I left the southern half, and OMG it really, truly, turns into the libertarian live free or die utopia once you’re out.

    Where I’m at now, it really is ALL compounds and self-sustaining people. Safest areas in the state since we all carry, and we don’t really even have supermarkets in the more populated areas (since there are so many farms, smaller compounds, etc etc., you either buy directly at a farm, farmer’s market, or go to a local Co-op — which seems like a supermarket, but it’s all local goods from these farms. VERY fertile and easy to grow, keep livestock/chickens, etc, even with the cold weather. We also [everyone in town] have contingency plans on where to meet if/when we have to. We have alll the logistics ready, everyone stocked w/ tons of emergency food/everything, ammo, etc. We got all the right people to handle all the needed skills/jobs, and have plans to work/trade w/ the other local co-ops. Plenty of water access, too, despite what Tim says – small shoreline is all that’s needed when we have some of the best arteries/rivers connecting us to where we need to. And when all else fails (unlikely), the mountains serve as the best defense.

    In any case, if you’d like to experience some more of NH whenever you come back, or want to meet some more homesteaders/co-op, FSP/live free or die-ers, gimme a shout out (I’m sure you can find me on appropriate social media) – we’re always looking for more people to join in (not necessarily ON our homestead, though I am planning on more single-family and duplexes on the land), or network/meet some more people who already have parallel economy going, etc etc (think of a modernized Amish and that’s us – ready w/ off-the-grid electric and wifi even if it all goes down!!! lol).

    This was way too long, but great episode that compelled me to comment. Cheers Luke, Tim and crew, and keep up the great work!

  35. jorah.g says:

    Quote: at 4:50..”food is cheap”.. Uh, where? in McDonalds?? Go to a grocery store, buy some healthy foods, meat and veggies and see how cheap it is in 2021…God forbid you step a foot in Whole Foods… there goes your paycheck..

  36. Shogunzilla says:

    Thanks for the Fasting Info Luke. I attempted a 10 Day Fast a few months ago. i started having severe acid stomach about 5 days into the Fast. By day 9, i was coughing up blood. I have been wondering why. But, i have not had an acid stomach at all since the Fast.

  37. Rawdog says:

    You know…

    I don’t like “drama”.




    I love Tim’s idea(s). Like his guests. Love the IDEA of the member’s only section. But if I can’t watch/listen then there is no sense paying.
    If I do end up cancelling, it will be specifically because of Nutland (& Tim’s inability to reign the idiot in).

    • Alicia22 says:

      Spot on Rawdog. I shout out the very same fairly frequently. Then I remind myself of two things.
      A super chatter had complained a few months ago about how harshly Tim had to shut him down, and that his wild reactions, often resulting in stopping Tim mid sentence, is now accepted as comedy.
      It doesn’t always work for me either.

    • Blakes7 says:

      The dynamic puts a ceiling on the credibility and reach of the show. I’ve never understood why Tim does it but at some level he must believe it’s part of the formula for success or he would end it. Well past time to level up.

  38. Rawdog says:

    Oh my god, I just realized, Will Chamberlain sounds so much like Seth Rogan. There is also physical resemblance.

  39. Neojaw says:

    Agree with Luke: “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”

  40. groberts1980 says:

    I would love to see the main show start 30 minutes earlier and have the member’s only content go an additional half hour. 30-35 minutes just isn’t enough for me.

  41. Weltmaschine says:

    Great discussion. I think most people who are aware of what is going on with the supply chains worldwide would do themselves a huge favour by buying lots of their groceries now not later. Doesn’t matter if you live in a city or not, lack of supplies is lack of supplies. Use common sense and you can find most of what you need to last a while. It’s more than likely than not that this whole mess is going to end sooner rather than later too. Let’s all hope for the best.

  42. Raistlin9000 says:

    Message for Luke, look into sprinter van RV conversions. And you can get sprinters cheep from Michigan

  43. Snake616 says:

    I am still waiting for an answer to this – What the fuck are you buying that you’re spending $700 on less than a cart full of food???? And for only 2 fuckin weeks???? I fill my cart with a months worth of food and I’m only spending about $300. It’s been that way for like 3 years with almost no variation in prices. In Ohio.

  44. Butterchef says:

    So I am up in Michigan with 15 acres and a small farmstead/homestead. We are more than happy to be on the trade route. My wife even makes her own soap

  45. Crunchry Boy says:

    See you in the badlands Will

  46. UppityG says:

    Rudkowski is easily worth 10 Crosslands. And, as we like to say in these parts, he’s a hoot ‘n a half.

    So Pool has visions of ruling his own corner of the world? ‘Twould appear the coof scamdemic has loosed the imaginings of more than just the sociopath oligarchs with delusions of grandeur of the ilk such as Schwab and Zuckerberg. Good.

    Not a fan of the “istan” suffix, it’s from a region of the world that hates us. America is the great satan, remember?

    Freedomton. Freedomburb. New Freedom. Something not from somewhere else.

  47. lynleahb says:

    Thank you ian! I’m going to start using everything is ” horse dewormer” …

  48. Mwz1991 says:

    Yeah half of my coworkers at BOTH my jobs are unvaccinated. And those of us who are unvaxxed are pretty adamant about staying that way. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume at least 40% of Americans are unvaccinated.

  49. beharris9 says:

    Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria, not a parasite.

  50. freighttrain172002@gmail.com says:

    Raising Caine has a motto, everyone is a cashier, or something like that, just like the Marine Corps, every Marine is a rifleman.

  51. Jthorne says:

    Check out Canadian preppper on YouTube. He has some great videos in vacuum sealing your own food. Buy Mylar bags and rice and bean with some salt packs then throw in a couple oxygen absorbers and suck the air out tight. Bam!!
    I disagree with Luke, when SHTF these roads will be shutdown by gangs, government and small town police. You will be robbed and run out of gas or even killed. Build Freedomistan and set up a border and secure it and then set up local trade routes.

    • Anony says:

      Prepping is fun until you actually start to think through the scenarios you might be facing and realize how difficult it’s going to be. If you’re the only person with electricity food and water everyone on the goddamn block is going to notice and going to be gunning for you. Not only do you need to prep but you need to make sure no one around you realizes that you have supplies. You even read stories from these really bad areas where anyone who wasn’t starving to death was attacked because everyone knew they had food

      • latpack says:

        Part of your prep should include the possibility of needing to relocate. Start by looking where you can go that doesn’t have a dense population. Ride it out.

  52. HadesXY says:

    You need a rich guy called Stan. He could make a Stanstan

  53. tomrat247 says:

    Cooking dry beans/pulses:
    1. Buy pressure cooker or instant pot (electric pressure cooker).
    2. Place beans/pulses (dry) and chopped vegetables in cooker, sear with spices, add water (weight for weight with beans/pulses), use stock if you have.
    3. Seal pressure cooker, heat. Wait till pressure seals, cook for 30-40 at this point (preffure a little toughness myself).
    4. Take off heat, allow pressure to decrease naturally.
    5. Open, enjoy as is or blitz.

    Don’t buy an air fryer, buy a pressure cooker.

  54. ZhaloOfficial says:

    I think i have this H-Plyori now that you mention it. Thank you Lukes mudbutt

  55. tt13 says:

    “Diesel has environmental issues, I’m sorry” Holy crap this guy is a loser

  56. BravoAlphaRomeo says:

    It’s A-PUH-LACH-UN, god dammit.

  57. bighsker250 says:

    Will is one of the best re-occurring guests you have.
    Tim ,do you pay Will a retainer ?

  58. StonedKrampus says:

    Luke is entertaining but when it comes to firearms and prepping he is very ignorant. Reminds me of all the “influencers” in the gun and prep world from the 1990’s and 2000’s before people started pulling their heads out of their asses.

  59. FinBugden says:

    Hey Tim have you ever heard of a professor Richard Wolff? I watched his lectures a few years ago and thought he was a bit retarded with his idea for the ideal workplace. But as the years go on it starts to make more sense. I would love to see you chat to him to see if he is full of it or not. He also claims as a secondary effect changing how the business’s run would give a boost to the national economy.

  60. MykC says:

    Luke might be my dad. He went out for cigarettes too

  61. The_Once_and_Future_Nope says:

    Betaine HCL, there is a protocol referred to as the hcl challenge. Boosts your stomach acid production, which should kill any bacteria in your stomach. If bacteria is surviving your stomach, you have low stomach acid. For future trips to mexico, luke, get yourself some betaine hcl capsules, and take a few with every meal. Doctors best brand is my favorite

  62. Bigji_781 says:

    Tim look up Wafflehouse Index

  63. Stephen Menard says:

    Im getting money from a settlement soon ill totally invest it into land next to freedomistan

  64. kingofangmar says:

    The leftist always talk about how the nordic countries have the best health care, but don’t want to talk about their covid response.

  65. KimG says:

    Fact Check: H-Pylori is a bacteria.

    • UppityG says:

      Confirmed. When Rudkowski said “parasite” I chuckled. These young lions sometimes run over themselves.

      Also, everyone: do not rely on Rudkowski’s description of how H. Pylori behaves with or without food. Contrary to what Tater Stelter blubbers about, DO your own research, don’t ask your friends unless they’re MDs. lol

  66. Mel Lester says:

    I come here to hear Ian’s outlandish ideas that would never work in the real world.

    giant domes and graphene factories sound good to someone who doesn’t understand basic engineering.

    he must have gone to the same college as AOC to get her economics degree.

  67. VictorRaze says:

    Lydia honestly had a major point when she was talking about how people are just getting angry att he food workers. I went to McDonalds the other day and I had to wait twenty god damned minutes before someone came out and asked me what my order was. Handed them my receipt and said I was just pissed that I had to wait twenty minutes for someone to even come and check on what my order was in the first place. When she came back I did apologize because I fully understood that it was a staffing issue, not something that was their individual fault. But I didn’t yell at them, just voiced that I was pissed at what was happening. Something I’ve never done before cause I always hate it when I see assholes do that to people who are making us food. Least we can do is be courteous.

  68. coleistheman says:

    I’ve been replaying Fallout 4 recently and all this talk about trade routes makes me think of the supply lines I have set up with the minute men & the sanctuaries. When shit hits the fan I hope their will be “the tim men” all wearing beanies ready to help take down the institute and find my son Shaun. Sad I can’t make it to the first event but hopeful for future ones to come. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

  69. LilyAnne says:

    The Sword behind Tim needs to be turned point down blade down.

  70. thedeugs says:

    pulling a hollow fiberglass camper that weighs maybe 13k isnt the same as hauling 80k 70’ semi with airbrakes

  71. THREE12161 says:

    A lot of people I know are evaluating to see if one parent can stay home to homeschool and afford 1 income. Others (if thier close enough in age,) are crunching numbers to see if they can they retire early and pursue something else as a supplement. Younger kids are seeing if they can get an Entrepenurial gig going. Some are calculating if they can move.. Some are taking time to learn a trade.. I think Covid, mandates, gov over-reach, just the Bullshit of it all has a GREAT RESET bubbling up that’s not the one we’ve been hearing about.

  72. Tyzon says:

    When can I buy a block??

    • MrSooop says:

      It could be pretty cool if they set aside an acre or so for free state embassies. Like a thousand square feet each for reps from New Hampshire, Florida, Texas, South Dakota, etc. Could be good for trade and stuff.

  73. lettergram says:

    Even 10% of people quitting can cripple a business.

    I’m a highly skilled worker (tech in ML/AI) and work in a fortune 100 company and wrote an essay calling out the BS of the mandate. Myself and quite a few middle managers basically told them to “f-off” when they threatened a vaccine mandate. Multiple heads of departments also wrote letters. Now, we’re “fully remote” to keep every safe.

    In my particular department 75%+ of the managers told them we’d quit. Try filling those roles, good fucking luck. Not everyone stood up, but even a small number well positioned can push back. Luckily I had friends in the right locations.

    • Plaguen says:

      I haven’t been threatened with a vaxx mandate, yet. But I am also one of those people that know 3 very important functions that no one else knows. However, I do have about 30% of the workforce that say they will refuse the mandate. The overtime and cost to hire that many people is outstanding. Wish me luck in the coming months. And good luck to you guys.

  74. Hunter_biden says:

    Work 6 days a week serving tables at a local Irish pub.. We’re short staffed and costumers are even more short tempered.

    • Plaguen says:

      I normally don’t go out to eat, but I do like Irish pubs. When I do go out, I usually tip over 20%, and even more, now that I know what is going on with the staffing everywhere. I am also more patient. People, the normies, don’t understand what is going on. They think things should be the same and don’t realize people quit like crazy. Just keep everyone’s spirits up, it will get better.

  75. Plaguen says:

    Yeah, so Ciprofloxacin is the antibiotic that does cause, among other things, tendonitis. I was prescribed
    it, and I was told not to exert myself, not to go into the sun, drink TONS of water, and if I feel pain in my joints, stop immediately. One of the main uses for that is to combat Anthrax.

  76. wack2270@gmail.com says:

    well idk bout yawl but.. ill be chillin with my 160 acre wood’s out in the middle of boney fuck nowhere Arkansas, I had it recently lumbered. and will be my bugout location when SHTF. all Timcast members are welcome if ya got a camper..

  77. Turk_Longwell says:

    ‘Freedom I Stand’ is a great name for a community.
    However it’s spelt.
    “It’s all about Family” – Probably Vin Biden.
    Make a Network.
    Understand the Map.
    Luke knows what’s up.
    Will, Normal life is so two years ago.
    Great Member Show.

  78. munchhasen says:

    Please try to get lawyer Robert Barnes on your show. Per Barnes on his podcast. Pelosi has no ability to utilize the Marshall service to criminally arrest Banon or anyone else. Thats the executive branch. Eric Holder was held in contempt but congress was powerless to arrest him. Only the executive branch can do that. The only option is for Pelosi to refer her charges to a local state attorney to refer Bannon for Contempt but even then it would only be civil contempt not criminal contempt. Please book Robert Barnes as a guest

  79. JohnTheEmu says:

    Tim: “I want to have wealthy people come to freedomistan to build”
    Also Tim: “the elite are trying to cause a great reset”
    This is a joke comment

  80. Thequaz says:

    Trying real fucking hard to call everyone cowards and refuse to see the freedom flu eh Timmy.

  81. Cristiano says:

    Luke, you’re like the father in Talledega Nights, but without the Applebee’s.

  82. Plaguen says:

    The hospital my wife works at is somewhere between 45-50% vaccinated. The numbers reported are not in the 90s. My work doesn’t even have 50% vaccinated and more than that do not like the mandates.

  83. Green_-Bean7 says:

    I would like to submit the possibility that maybe its the Corporate heads that are walking away with the bulk of all our exchanges and they are to blame for most of the issues. Extracting wealth from the American workers… maybe that’s been said at this point lol

  84. Dandyman says:

    Imagine eating food that hasn’t been molested plastic

  85. Jean2009 says:

    Good show thanks all

  86. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    Idk, but I don’t think I’ve missed a episode of Tim Cast, since his former co-host Adam or been a donator since he started his website with intermittent periods where one couldn’t afford a subscription. Reality check, some people live on a few dollars in budget, especially the younger generation like mine and the ones the predominately watch your show who have new families.

    Imagine not being considered a “dire-hard fan” because you don’t donate $25/monthly haha

  87. guzzi27012 says:

    Just call the DC jail the DC Hilton
    As in the Hanoi Hilton.

  88. FirstThessalonian says:

    yay no encoding