Dan Hollaway Member Podcast: Democrats Push IRS Rule To Tax Poor Working Class People

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Dan Hollaway Member Podcast: Democrats Push IRS Rule To Tax Poor Working Class People

80 responses to “Dan Hollaway Member Podcast: Democrats Push IRS Rule To Tax Poor Working Class People”

  1. New.Vet says:

    I’ve been a Drinkin’ Bro for a very very long time. This makes me happy to see.

  2. Bigly12025 says:

    Stop saying covid is serious. Anyone who says it’s serious has no understanding of danger or risk.

    • JohnMantoe says:

      Well, many millions get the flu shot every season, which I suspect plays a role in the mortality. If for instance we didn’t have a inoculation I suspect the flu would be far more deadlier. Its been around a lot longer too so I suspect its killed far more people. I had COVID and the flu, the flu was by far worse.

  3. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim, I’m a CPA. Thanks to Trump you can write off that equipment with 100% bonus depreciation or possibly section 179.

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Maybe poor people should try acquiring some money?

    • RockettMan says:

      You’re gonna have to explain that one? Poor people are kept poor via college debt, loans, mortgages, insurance etc. and many can’t afford the cost of what they need to survive plus paying for college or trade schools. Those things only get you so far even with hard work.

  5. BearChilled says:

    No,the democrat politicians do their shady, and illegal acts in front of people, not because everyone is demoralized, but because the tribalistic lines have been drawn and democrat voters will turn a blind eye to anything their side does as long as they can stick it to their enemies, the right. The democrat politicians know this. They have trained their voters well.

  6. Haze87x says:

    This is why they want digital currency only, it’s all about control and I wish people would wake up to it but sadly they won’t until there’s a boot on their faces.

  7. Nilstheviking says:

    I’m amazed nobody pointed out or has caught on yet, that this $600 provision was also included in Obamacare. It was overturned once already with wide margins, so much so that Obama himself signed the repeal. It should doubly concern everybody that it is being attempted again.

    “President Obama on Thursday signed into law a measure that repeals the unpopular 1099 tax-reporting provision of the national health-care law.

    The move marked the first successful effort by Congress to repeal a portion of Obama’s signature health-care legislation.

    The Senate earlier this month voted 87-to-12 to repeal the 1099 provision. The House passed the measure in March on a bipartisan 314-to-112 vote.”


  8. Joshletofsky says:

    Great episode

  9. keldan says:

    Social security gets taxed!!! This is exactly why the elderly CAN’T SURVIVE.

  10. Crusader2001 says:

    It’s the all seeing eye people. Been staring you in the face of our currency

  11. guzzi27012 says:

    People will only fight back if they have nothing else to lose. In other words is someone with a house, family, etc going to go up against the feds? The A/C is good the internet is good the food is good. Do you want to live in the woods?

    • wscriptor says:

      somewhat true, the other possibilty is a good or great leader to lead the faction. Plus their is only like a tenth of a percent of people who could live in the woods and thrive, the rest will quit or die. Dealing with families, depends on who your spouse is, and how well discipline everyone is. AC is great but living 3/4 underground if the water is not to high in area will be about as good. Internet can be done by Sat Link, can be tracked but a little more difficult than Cell. The main problem if you have kids, school. You could do homeschooling, but i still think that is track, I don’t have kids. Once your in the system, all it takes is a person, to start looking for your kids. Then they could call it child neglect or so on. I’ve been thinking when it started and I can see what were thought of as good ideas for laws get scewed to mean a different thing, like felon not having the right to posses a firearm, then a decade later start adding things to be felonies. Its just going to take time for a leader to develop and earn the trust of millions before anything will be done. Single outbreaks like NH, and others won’t lead to a War unless something happens and people are looking for it, with all trust in the Fed establishment is gone. The dems are pushing the line because they think the country will not fall and if we cant have it no one can. Rinos are sitting on the fence because they agree we cant fall, but dont believe the dems will come out. China sees we can fall so they are pushing to see if we fall over edge and allow them their bloodless coup of the nation states of the world. Most other nations don’t want the US to fall but wish we would back the F up and leave them alone to take care of their own issues. Reason, we don’t take over but sends money, where China will take over slowly.

  12. Koko says:

    A car is only worth about 5 bucks. 10 if it’s brand new. Y’all been paying 150,000% for something that shouldn’t be worth anything.

  13. Koko says:


  14. Ozzy says:

    Leave society, go off grid

  15. MaineWolf says:

    No Tax November, everyone claims exempt.

  16. UppityG says:

    This is my regularly scheduled request for Timcast Tech to FINALLY fix the self-popping out burger menu so it stays out of the way until I proactively click the burger. Oh, and an Edit button. I can’t believe it still hasn’t happened. Perhaps you should consider using the comment app used by Citizen Free Press. The Edit feature times out a little too fast, but that may be customizable.

  17. UppityG says:

    Holloway was as interesting as I thought he’d be. I’d like to see him invited back and perhaps he can pick the topic and be allowed to expound a bit, without someone taking it off on a tangent.

    The French Revolution was referred to as The Reign of Terror or The (first) Great Terror because it quickly turned into a slaughter free for all. Those new fangled guillotines couldn’t get built fast enough. The revolutionaries did not refer to it that way, as it proceeded to become more and more blood-thirsty, it came to be so known.

    So once again, Crossland gets it wrong, needlessly. His tendency to rush to correct himself before someone else does it for him trips him up just about every time.

    The second Great Terror aka The Great Purge under Stalin happened in the 1930s.

    During the chat last night, when I said I now mute the stream whenever I see Crossland’s lips moving, I wasn’t kidding. Pool continues to improve his hosting skills. It’s a pity he has chosen to hobble himself with someone in the second chair who, for whatever reason, cannot do the same.

    Those who express pity and flattery for Crossland are doing him no favors. I’m confident he has skills and talents well-suited for other endeavors, which he should pursue.

  18. HangNBang says:

    You need DAVE CHAMPION ON THE SHOW. Your heads in the right spot but you’re very ignorant on taxes. I IMPLORE YOU TO SEEK OUT DAVE CHAMPION!
    “Dr. Reality – Dave Champion” on youtube

  19. Element says:

    It’s cute than Ian thinks they don’t know what you buy with a credit card. That information is sold to marketers and the government thinks its fine to buy that information too without any kind of warrant. If you buy anything on Amazon… The CIA is one of Amazon Web Services’s largest customer.

  20. ThePodiumGuy says:

    They literally arrested everyone at the Capitol. They would absolutely arrest everyone who didn’t pay their taxes.

  21. CMC87 says:

    Lol Tim literally did a segment saying how the US stopped a payment and stole bitcon from a hacker. Remember the gas line hackers i beleave it was. One solar flar grids go down money is gone, face the fact people the world is collapsing do to rich greed and laziness they know shit we do not. You can not force medical procedures on the public with what has been proven are not accurate death numbers, the fact they forced sick people into nursing homes knowing more would die. Its going to go hot and its about as obvious as the sun is bright, we are witnessing the collapsing of freedom in America and there is only one way to keep it.

  22. Bestickles says:

    I like DB’s, but Dan kept trying to plug BRCC. BRCC is shit now and Evan is trying desperately to do some damage control for whatever “noble” reason. They just need to let it go.

    • UppityG says:

      Maybe it felt that way to you but it didn’t to me. Which is how our respective biases manifest. I don’t just “believe” the NY Slimes just because they wrote words down and took some pix. I learned a long time ago to NEVER simply trust them. Never.

      Until I hear Hafer or Best diss Rittenhouse with their own lips, or they issue a statement on BRCC letterhead, I’m not abandoning them. Just giving up on their very lucrative business is not going to happen, nor should it. They employ a lot of veterans. Plus, their coffee is genuinely very, very good. I strongly recommend the green bag red-cross Coffee Saves grind and blue bag Silencer Smooth grind. I started on the JB Just Black grind, and that’s quite good.

      My take, based in part on what they said on Dana Loesch’s show on NRA TV, where they were given a chance to respond to the controversy created by the NY Slimes hit-piece-for-the-clicks, is that Hafer wanted to “normalize” BRCCs rep among a demographic not usually inclined to seek out his type of brand. With investor encouragement or not, who knows. But, he threw the dice knowing full well it might come up snake eyes — and it did. You can’t win ’em all.

      • Mordecaidrake says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, their coffee rules, and clearly people just wanna be pissed at them. Hafer and Best have said Rittenhouse was in the right, they just didn’t want their brand “associated” with it as it’s an ongoing legal issue and they don’t wanna profit off it. Which I fail to understand how that’s a bad thing. They donate to Firearms policy collation (FPC), first responders, and clearly they’re pro-2A conservatives, all you have to do is listen to 6 years worth of podcasting where they prove it.

  23. TurningTopless says:

    Most mom and pop construction companies went to 1099 after Obama care. I haven’t had a W2 ever since. I don’t think everyone will stop paying taxes but I am willing. Closing my bank account tomorrow. It’s tougher to pay bills but not impossible

  24. NoVA_JB says:

    I couldn’t watch and wouldn’t watch the episode with Dan Hollaway. He’s not a serious or sane person.
    Here he is on the podcast talking about doxing a Alex Jones and being a genuine asshole.

  25. Funnytree_420 says:

    Taxation is theft, you dont choose what you money goes too. Most of the time its moved around into bullshit oversea programs and then moved back into the politicians pockets. These criminals use us as personal piggy banks while they pretend too argue but they all rub elbows. It’s just like the pedophile and sexual predators in hollywood the ones who engage in it and the ones who know and play defense while playing defence. People like too play pretend like well its not all bad. Bro how long do you have too watch the line being crossed and the degeneracy become more and more depraved, all while these absolute garbage human pieces of shit smile and lie too you before you say. Fuck it? I honestly dont understand how people are so willing too constantly fucked into next TTuesday for years on end and act like well theres atleast I silver lineing? “hell I still got my little escapism in entertainment novocain” but is that the best thing you got? Is that worth sacrificing your happiness and the wellbeing of your family and children?

    • UppityG says:

      I’ve noticed this weird phenomenon for a while now: people who use “to” when they mean “too” and now I see someone who actually uses the word “too” when they mean “to.”

      The Decay of Western Civilization continues apace……

  26. JordanJ0888 says:

    I often think about a “peaceful” protest by withholding taxes more taxes as well. You can still increase your dependency count in a payroll system that will mitigate your withholdings. You just need to be able to communicate and get enough people behind you to help support the initiative. Two immediate problems will come from this choice though. Hyper inflation and destruction of the USD. This will hurt innocent people. The second problem is that you’ll piss off Uncle Sam and you will expedite any circumstance coming from that.

  27. Wolv256 says:

    Ian, you take a lot of crap sometimes, but good show tonight, brother. Stayed focused, added points, didn’t overstep, and asked decent questions.

  28. LostColdSoul says:

    Guarantee your going to see a rise in the sales of Gift Cards.

  29. Rbs094 says:

    Today at my bank, I had to show my driver’s license in order to deposit $900 in cash into my own checking account. I thought that the threshold amount was $10K.

  30. garyha says:

    Elections are rigged, wake up. They have been working on locking it down to their cheating for 40 years.

    Richard Pilger’s job at DOJ was election security. When Barr asked him to investigate 2020 he complained that the policy for 40 years is hands-off the elections, this change in policy to do something is unacceptable, I quit. And how many did he have on that team who’s job was also to just fart on their chair.

  31. rob.klebes@gmail.com says:

    The tax angle is thinking small. This grants them access to ALL OF YOUR TRANSACTIONS. That bottle of lube you ordered? They’ve got it, might be embarassing if that got out. That night at the strip club? They got it. Sent money to a friend? Now they know someone you associate with to a degree YOU”LL SEND EACH OTHER MONEY.

    We (security professionals) have been doing these kind of tracing in social media to find associations for years now. The classic “your friend posted it, we see you” thing. Now expand this to all of your financial transactions.

    This is Orwellian.

  32. welder1 says:

    Taxation is theft. I done funding terrorism. The US is rotten.

  33. ConservativeVoicesUniversity says:

    Hey Tim and crew, I am an independent Insurance Broker/Financial professional and I can definitely tell you for a fact there are ways for you and your company and your CPA can check this as well that you can set up certain types of Life Insurance policies that are tax preferred and provide more than just a “Death Benefit” feel free to reach out to me 🇺🇸😏🇺🇸😏🇺🇸😏🇺🇸😏🇺🇸😏

  34. bencarr242 says:

    They really need to get a CPA or some tax expert to come in. They were half-right about a lot of stuff here. Also, it’d be good to educate people on tax stuff that would benefit the viewers!

  35. DemonEyesJason says:

    Funny that taxation was sort of the subject of the member’s only. Especially with the Met tonight and AOC walking out there wearing that Tax the Rich dress that looks like a Chik-Fil-A bag. Nothing says more the Rich aren’t going to be taxed than one of the loudest about taxing the rich being invited wearing a message that should be against them to an event of what I think is a symbol of rich decadence.

  36. thndrbrd says:

    LoL well people like all this! I mean it’s sounding like Newsome is going to pull off the Ca win

  37. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    It’s very simple, abolish the fed and the irs. They profit off the people’s labor. Less fingers in my pie the happier I am.

  38. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Good point a incompetent government requires more self reliance and plus keeps them from concentrating their power because their own ineptitude. wonderful point, very enlightening about governance and freedom, guess a balance is needed.

  39. DrewishAF says:

    The moment I heard the bullshit coming from the establishment left in support of the IRS’s accounting of (virtually) all citizens’ financials my jaw dropped. The fact that they’re trying to justify it by claiming it’s a means to recoup losses and prevent tax evasion is awe-inspiring, but in a very bad way.

    It took the fucking IRS nearly 6 months to process my taxes this year because the government can’t do anything in a timely or competent manner. If I were to be a single day delinquent in my tax payment, you can bet your sweet ass they’d devote an unreasonable amount of effort to get me to pay long before the 6th month.

    Here’s what I’d like to know: if the IRS were granted this unrequited authority to delve into each of our accounts, wouldn’t it annihilate the IRS (and a good bit of the Federal budget) if we all just closed our accounts and converted back to a “cash-only” economy? Of course you can argue that a majority of financial transactions are only done virtually, such as paying bills and getting paid, but there’s no reason companies couldn’t be petitioned to accept a traditional form of payment.

    When I see this stuff, all it makes me think about is the notion that half of our country is demanding subjugation from the other, “or else.” It’s like they are actively seeking to incite the erection…I mean division as a means to escalate a civil war where they can take complete eternal control without any resistance.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Makes sense to me, great points made.

    • thatonemedina says:

      You can survive without having a bank account.

      Everything local is cash.
      Utilities can be paid with a cashiers check.
      Amazon purchases and many streaming services (these are not needed) but you can use a prepaid Visa card that could be purchased with cash.

      The biggest issue I’d say is housing. Unless you decide to rent where you also can also pay with a money order.

      Then again… burglaries (and the many many homicides that would go along with them) would absolutely go through the roof because they know that green has to be stashed somewhere

  40. Plaguen says:

    If this goes through I think people would go back heavy to physical money. Just remember, all those rewards cards and things like that track you as well. Start using cash.

  41. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Tim got it, USA dollar decoupling from world currency, thus being replaced by Bitcoin as world currency, and The USA wants to be the arbiter of it. Isnt it a great scheme, when the dollar is inevitable being decoupled, replace it with something else, that the USA (covertly) maintains a hold of power over it equal or similar in power the USA held power over the dollar. Surveillance(and even option to socialize economy based on social credit score and bitcoin credit exchange) is a bonus that helps it sell to other countries to use as their currency. The key is only those in the club understand the extent of the scheme to form a new global place holder currency for transactions. merely my assumption though, I agree with you Tim.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Also China is trying to replace USA dollar with Yuan as global place holder, so I would have to work in these parameters, how bitcoin slides in and over takes that attempt. Thus this is why China is not behind promoting the use of bitcoin as global currency even though they can use it as social credit score, and surveillance of citizens. They much rather have the Yuan, then, just who wants Bitcoin, if anyone as a world currency, or place holder for universal transactions?

  42. Marsicogodofwar says:

    Why isn’t this working it’s saying waiting to upload and encode? Why did I pay for this lol

  43. Yobuyahouse says:

    Its just sad that the crew doesn’t realize its the SDR that is going to overtake everything. Look into the IMF SDR and that’s going to be the next dollar.

  44. munchhasen says:

    Speaking of Kyle Rittenhouse,
    have his lawyer Robert Barnes on your show. He was also represented Alex Jones in the past. Now he leading many legal suits challenging Vax mandates etc. He would be an unbelievably good guest. Please book him

  45. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Watched this great lecture from Hillsdale that touched on these points leading to instability within our country and leading to tribalism. Apparently Tribalism is the enemy of the middle class. Being tribalism empirically means a system not based on merit. (as in my kin get the job because they are related to me, which in some places around the world this system is applied)


  46. Rawdog says:

    This Dan is quite the Karen.

    During the main show, when he was talking about crossing the street, he sounded very much like Pedo Joe.

    When he said that we have freedom “but should do the right thing & cross at the crosswalk ” It seemed as if this asshole wanted to substitute “and get vaxxed”. I was surprised that he didn’t say, “come on man…”

    • madadam1@pipeline.com says:

      Dan should just dye his hair blue. He’s a grifter from Black Rifle Coffee. Just a month ago he was screaming about how he hated the Proud Boys and since they were messaging him he blamed Alex Jones. The Quartering did a video of it. The dude is even wearing the same shirt. He was threatening to dox AJ because of the Proud Boys. Dan The Douchebag Hollyway is an unhinged leftist.

  47. NovaZero says:

    Dang. Time to stick to crypto as a store of wealth.

    • Demosthenes says:

      It’s still not too late to transfer most of your funds into crypto. I did it earlier this year with all of my savings and have been putting in part of my paycheck every week since.

  48. metalraider2181@gmail.com says:

    Just signed up to become a member. Been tempted to for a bit, but it was now that the itch was strong enough and I pulled the trigger on it. Love what you guys do!

  49. dalten22 says:

    My “Manifesto” on the state of politics:

    All honest, sane and intelligent journalists, pundits or pod-casters that exclusively use only Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are ‘useful idiots’ to the left in aid of actual anti-American fascists who intend egregious harm to American civil liberties.

    Spread the word, Tim, Silicon Valley™ as an institution has been captured by the DNC and even China and is waging active war against American civil liberties, particularly Free Speech and a Free Press.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Watched this great lecture from Hillsdale that touched on these points leading to instability within our country and leading to tribalism. Apparently Tribalism is the enemy of the middle class. Being tribalism empirically means a system not based on merit. (as in my kin get the job because they are related to me, which in some places around the world this system is applied)


      • Rawdog says:

        Uhhh…that is how it works ALL over the US. At my first real job, the head of HR & her husband, the plant manager, were keeping jobs open for family and SELLING the leftover jobs to acquaintances. It has ALWAYS been about WHO you know not what you know.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      apologies I meant to post a comment and replied to you, but I totally agree with your point, Technocrats developed from silicon valley have been hijacked as useful idiots

  50. Busbey61 says:

    Dan, I don’t know if this is pre-recorded, do you have any MVM updates? Also, why does the media avoid talking about the boys in Aftghanistan being raped and is that the same as Bazzi Bachi?

    • Busbey61 says:

      Tim, Ian and Lydia,

      Check out American Party Podcast No.35, it is about Southwest Keys and the border children. Danthony mentioned it weeks before you all did. I watch alot of podcasts, as far as I know he was one of, if not, the first to report anything on the trafficking of the border kids.