BLM Co Founder QUITS Over Scandal Involving Her Owning Multiple Homes, Slammed As Hypocrite

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BLM Co Founder QUITS Over Scandal Involving Her Owning Multiple Homes, Slammed As Hypocrite

98 responses to “BLM Co Founder QUITS Over Scandal Involving Her Owning Multiple Homes, Slammed As Hypocrite”

  1. Bigx5murf says:

    I’m on a high protein keto diet, which is basically a carnivore diet, with very little carbs (10-20% carbs). I don’t get sugar cravings, and anything sweet makes me feel sick.

    I use inversion boots daily (twice a day), to treat and prevent sciatica. After about a year a grew an inch, I’m in my late 30s.

  2. Chameleongoo says:

    WTF? ~28min talking about pygmy people and Lauren says “oh gross” and the fact that there are still living pygmy tribes freaks her out with their low IQ. That’s pretty fucked up.

      • Chameleongoo says:

        Of all the different ways someone could feel about a race of people (curiosity, compassion, neutral), It raises questions in my head about someones character when their knee jerk reaction is disgust. Unless there is some context about their culture I don’t know about. Is it just the low IQ that causes that reaction? Does she feel disgust when interacting with people day to day who may have a condition or naturally low IQ? To give the benefit of the doubt, maybe she’s able to separate those feelings from how she forms opinions or treats other people.

  3. AussieJacobus says:

    I am new to Timcast membership site. I’m just a little shocked with how much Tim swears. You can really hear the Chicago accent. Also, it must be really hard on your normal channels not to swear during a classic Tim Pool rant!

  4. Zacchaeus says:

    I completely disagree with you Ian,(as usual) when you say Crowder isn’t entertaining, and only mad. His show is literally a comedy show and a long stream of asking people to talk out their thought process to understand why they think the way they do, and I’ve seen him change his mind.

  5. Bigly12025 says:

    Good men do nothing? Good men went to DC on January 6th and you condemn them for it.

  6. UncontestedCHMP says:

    Mountain Jew 🙂

  7. says:

    There are many successful communes all over the place, they’re just hippies and live in the middle of nowhere so you never see them.

  8. thinker123 says:

    I was impressed with Lauren Chen at 17:00. As Ian was talking to her, he piled all of his long hair top of his head! Somehow, Lauren kept her cool. She must of known about it. His mollie must have been kicking in.

  9. SunnyShowers says:

    Crowder is funny so much of the time and I really like his Change my Mind videos…but then he suddenly veers off into this really mean place. He’s so mean, I can’t watch an entire show. Eventually he just turns into the asshole 14 year old boy who used make fun of everybody from school. And it’s just not entertainment for me…I’m a 40 year old mom. I don’t know who his audience is intended to be, but it ain’t me!

  10. Miguelskoke says:

    It’d be cool if you guy invited a palaeontologist on the show I enjoy when you guys talk about prehistory

  11. says:

    Stress DOES kill. Lauren is right. A few years ago, I was going through a divorce, got evicted, my driver’s license got suspended, had problems at work… you name it. I was 34. My hair started to gray. My beard got gray and lost patches of hair! I lost weight and looked sick.
    Once I learned to control stress and things got better, the gray disappeared. Hair grew back. Etc etc. It’s amazing how quickly my body changed and changed back

  12. Wootdoo4u says:

    Lauren is so gorgeous its always blowed my mind. Mad respect for her for pursing a life focused on her intellectual aspects vs her image, she took the hard road when she could have just went to onlyfans and got rich. We need more like her

  13. ExtraterrestrialMusic says:

    Why don’t they take all that money, buy a ton of land, and form Wakanda so they can try and create their segregated, racist, Leftist utopia?

  14. fat_cyborg says:

    You guys blow my mind.

  15. spoonsofdoom says:

    damn lauren chen xD “not anymore tho we rescue our stupid ones…” lmao

  16. Rawdog says:

    Saw the main show live. What is up with all of the thirsty idiots on WhackTube?

    Lauren Chen is a nice, pretty girl. Get over it. She is on the right track but gets a lot of conclusions wrong & relies a little too much on her religion for her positions. This is why I almost never watch her show that her husband(?) posts to the Blaze.

    It was a good show and Tim is correct. If his show was more “influential”, he would be getting shut down in a similar manner to Crowder.

    • Rawdog says:

      After reviewing her words on this show & reviewing what she says on her Blaze TV show, I think I was wrong when I stated that Ms. Chen is on the right track. I am getting the feeling that Lauren Chen is a grifter. After listening to her responses to the trolley problem, I now realize that she is a Libtard in Conservative clothing. She is trying to get enough name recognition so that she can get hired by FOX or any of the other networks without having to go thru the grind of being a weather girl/sex toy.

  17. Grimalken says:

    Lauren is just flat out gorgeous. Nuff said 🙂

  18. CorsoCasualty95 says:

    I am a chimp! (Chen simp)

  19. Bigx5murf says:

    I prefer inversion boots on a power rack, over an inversion table. It is more difficult to mount and dismount. But it’s so much more versatile for the space it takes up. Also, doing situps while hanging is an amazing ab workout.

    I fixed my lower back pains using inversion boots and a reverse hyper machine. Highly recommend both.

  20. Plaguen says:

    Let’s talk about BLM ***3 minutes later*** Asange, Caesar, HFCS bad. Oh wait, weren’t we supposed to talk about BLM? Haha, oh well, I agree the tangents are usually better.

  21. Vashts1985 says:



  22. Taking78 says:

    Hearing Tim curse is Weird

  23. Zedshow says:

    To the topic of early hominids and cambrian explosion and the great flood, if you think you’re smart enough to comprehend it I highly recommend you read, “The Lost Book of Enki” by Zecharia Sitchin. It’s difficult to read because the language is kind of like how Yoda speaks but in long form. Seriously though, that book has completely changed my view of life, the universe and everything. Cannot recommend it enough

  24. Medgarjr says:

    I feel somewhat optimistic. With recent events, primarily information coming out about China, Covid,polls about Biden and Harris and the expansion of constitutional carry, I feel a little more optimistic that the average everyday people are beginning to see through the lies of the current democratic party and the mainstream media. In no way am I saying we need to slow down with our efforts, nut maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to see people come out of their stupor

    • jacobmeacham says:

      I agree, but we need to keep going, conservatives, moderates, and disaffected liberals need to come together to wake people up of these failed democrat and leftists policies.

  25. Fishbiskit says:

    It is the motivating people to *DO* something that garners the attention of those who pull levers. People who talk but ultimately provide a sense of defeat are encouraged because it keeps people from acting .

  26. DustinL says:

    I love you guys, but whenever you start talking about nutrition I die a little inside. I’m a personal trainer who specializes in nutrition for improving my clients’ health, and misconceptions like these – “We need to get rid of fructose”? That’s…. fruit… – cause more damage than they fix.

    Also don’t do carnivore, keep, or any other elimination diet, unless your doctor recommends it. The reason Lauren craved sugar when she tried carnivore was because her body was trying to tell her that she needed it lol

  27. User says:

    Any chance we will ever get an app for TV’s?

    • paddybeme says:

      If anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated……. whenever I watch videos on or… I can’t fast forward and rewind videos like I would on youtube…. is their an app I can get to make it easier to skip backward and forward a few seconds?

  28. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    Ian’s idea about eating was already explored in the book, “Omnivore, Ox and Orn.”

  29. 5ths says:

    Lauren Chen is awesome! Inversion Tables are dope as fuck.

  30. Element says:

    You can’t fund a standing army, at least one as massive as the US, without a central bank.

  31. Element says:

    The black commnue that the guest was talking about was the same one who’s leader called Anne Frank a colonizer.

  32. jgage1212 says:

    Play a game where you control a person and live life. You mean Sims? Lmao..

  33. FxTwT says:

    Love you guys. Great episode. My one criticism of these podcasts is that Tim continually interrupts his guests mid-sentence. Gotta pull back and listen a little more.

    Completely agree that people have a tendency to get frustrated at themselves and try to direct that energy toward something else, and the media exploits that.

  34. ellen3sons says:

    Wish I had a rewind button for listening harder

  35. Boden says:

    Please follow Crowder to Rumble so I can remove YouTube from my life. They’re adding a streaming service for him soon.

  36. Marcos says:

    I’m looking forward to the articles on the new website. It’s hard to find the comment section here though cause ya gotta scroll alot lol

  37. torwestman says:

    Just listening to the public episode. Seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription. Three episodes in a row with mask fetishism, and now even pro pod-living and bug-eating. What’s next? “Social credit score is not a big deal”?

    • PadreMortalis says:

      Just cancel. This ain’t for you. You weren’t ready for it. You have the right to join or cancel. For real. Why put yourself through others’ conversations if you don’t want to hear it? You’re broadcasting your dislike of content so just say bye bye. That’s it. This ain’t for you.

    • Robert says:

      Isn’t it a bit ironic here you are saying you think that they’re having the same conversation about the same topics as the MSM, when I’m pretty sure even this isn’t an oiriginal idea?

  38. yamyule says:

    It’s called The Sims…and people love it.

  39. Unknown says:

    I don’t know who needs to hear this…

    You have the right, the permission, the freedom to say “No”.

    You don’t have to agree with other people unless they convince you otherwise in a way that you accept it.

    You don’t have to do what others ask of you unless you agree to it freely.

    You don’t have to accept anyone in your life, your protection, or your care unless you choose so.

    It doesn’t make you a good person, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a person.

    Do your own thing, bring along those you choose. Live a little, it’s ok.

  40. NoOne123 says:

    In the podcast(On youtube) at around 1:16:00
    Tim and gang briefly bring up the issue of the automated vehicle problem

    “What happens when an old lady decides to cross the street and there’s an automated vehicle approaching? ”

    Lauren says this is a deep philosophical question that brings up morality or some sort of wacko nonsense. Everyone seems to think this is some deep heavy problem. It’s not. The answer is incredibly simple and it drives me crazy that people cant come to the correct solution.

    It is not deep whatsoever. The answer is incredibly simple. The automated vehicle MUST AT ALL TIMES protect its driver. This must happen for a couple reasons.
    1. why would anyone get into a vehicle that would calculate the worth of the driver compared to an irresponsible pedestrian crossing the street that could potentially choose to let the driver die? That’s insane and unacceptable.

    2. If the vehicle cannot slow down in time and cannot maneuver around the old lady then the vehicle MUST hit the old lady to save the driver. The old lady has bodily autonomy and crosses the street knowing there are automated vehicles present. Much like today, you have a personal responsibility to look out for your own safety. We tell people to look both ways before crossing the street. The same rules still apply when it comes to automated vehicles. If you choose to ignorantly step into a street and risk getting hit by an automated vehicle then you have forfeited your life and committed suicide at no fault of the driver or vehicle. We also have crosswalks with lights that signal when you should walk for a reason.

    You can replace the old lady with any sort of pedestrian you want including a child, the answer remains the same. The person crossing the street is responsible for their own safety. There is no debate about this.

    • NoOne123 says:

      They also reference the Trolley/train problem as well which does have a correct answer that most people seem to get wrong.

      There is a fat person on one set of tracks and a group of 5 people on the other set of tracks. There is a train coming down the tracks towards the 5 people. You are given the option to pull a switch. If you pull a switch then you will alter the tracks and the train will hit the fat person instead. What do you do?

      The answer is simple. You do not touch the switch. If you touch the switch then you will be the sole decider in who lives and who dies and this makes you an immoral murderer despite your well meaning intentions. Who are you to play god and take someones life? Both the fat person and the 5 people on the tracks are aware that they are walking on train tracks and are aware that walking on train tracks comes with the risk of a train coming down the tracks(no shit right?). So, personal responsibility comes into play. It is the responsiblity for both the 5 people on the tracks and the fat person on the tracks to take care of themselves and make sure they are not hit by the train coming by. Should they fail to look after their own safety if they are hit, it is no fault of your own that they die. Once you decide to step in and alter those tracks then it is you who becomes the decider and it is you who is at fault for taking the life of another human being.

      very simple.

      • ThorAsgard says:

        I agree Noone123 (i hope this replied under you and not just went to the bottom, it just scrolled to the bottom when i clicked reply). I had to unsub from Lauren, i found the whole conversation surrounding the trolley train discussion very disturbing, its sick. Utilitarianism is pure evil, its how you justify eugenics. Noone has the right to choose who lives and who dies.

        I would have also added another version of it, what if there were 5 strangers on 1 track, then the 1 person on the other track was your child? I’d imagine she’d choose her child, therefor she is making a moral decision, not a utilitarian one. She always seemed nice before, but now that shes a utilitarian, nah. That is the villains of movies. Same for Ian.

      • Rawdog says:

        I agree with Noone123.

        This is why I feel that the only thing going for Lauren Chen is that she is pretty. She is kind of dumb. (Though, she [or more likely, her boyfriend/husband decided] did choose to go to the “conservative” side when starting her career as there are very few pretty little “journalists” on that side. That was rather smart as it enabled her to bypass all the years of going down on her bosses (both sexes) and working as a weather girl.)

        There is another point that we might want to consider in the trolley problem…Why are people walking on tracks?????? That is where trolleys go…If these people are so stupid as to be walking down tracks, they are too stupid to live. Who cares what happens to them. Only morons who conflate things…Lauren Chen…just sayin’…

    • branbran93 says:

      Completely agree here

  41. bighsker250 says:

    Joined the TimCast last week.So glad I did. The extra content episodes are excellent.

  42. Kobrall says:

    Golden rule!!! That’s what I 100% agree with. My earliest memory of school up here in Canada was the golden rule. It was up on the wall right by the classroom door. I had a dispute with some friends up here about BLM and was put down. My response was always I follow the golden rule. No responses after that because I think they couldn’t argue with that. No one can argue treating someone like you would want to be treated.

    • RunningAlchemist says:

      Same down here in America. One of the earliest life-lesson memories I have is learning the Golden Rule (not to be confused with the Golden Ratio).

  43. FatalFate says:

    Let me watch with ad and pop up block!

  44. benben says:

    I for one, do not mind that they completely veered off their main subject quite quickly and went into the great unknown of the man behind the curtain. Entertaining to listen to!

    I can say for myself, dealing with crohn’s disease for over a decade and eating causing me pain- I can attest that fasting(going without eating for so often) can cause heightened awareness, and allows the body to heal from the stress of digestion. DEFINITELY be aware of what you put in your body. certain foods and chemicals are detrimental to health and make people sick. Not to mention can be addictive. I find honey preferable to make anything sweet.

    Keep up the awesome work Timcast Crew!

  45. TomGom1984 says:

    BLM activist “quit being mean to me when I break the law”
    Literally everyone in syria
    ” Only two air strikes today? Thisis the best day of my life.”

  46. DavesTrippin says:

    Reminds me of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes when the monkeys break out the lab and the guards think it’s funny that they give them AKs and they end up killing them lol

  47. sovereignknight says:

    The golden rule is, treat others, the way you want to be treated. Not, treat others the way they think they should be treated.

  48. Vaahda says:

    more people would die by wood chipper

  49. jacobmeacham says:

    BLM co-founder really made millions on black suffering and minority groups just buy 5 homes, turn around and say thanks for letting me extract your wealth I’m out, lmfao when will these people wake up to the sham that is BLM. My parents called this out years ago, all you gotta do is follow the money.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      It’s insane… I have coworkers (one in particular) that eat that BLM shit up. No matter what facts or data I show, no movement. Dude (mid thirties white dude with obvious social hurdles) even has a big ass sticker on the rear windshield of his car saying “black lives matter, learn about your privilege “ that he paid to have made. Walks around bitching 24/7 about how capitalism has failed the United States and how most everyone is trash and should just die. And can’t give one single fact to back any of his bullshit up. But I’m a conspiracy theorist and a racist for relying on data.

      • jacobmeacham says:

        That’s the cool thing to do now. It’s almost like a new fad to just shit on American values and capitalism, I’m not saying capitalism is the best, but I’d rather have it than socialism or communism. Kinda like in the 90’s and early 00’s when people would hate/rag on corporations all the time.

    • benben says:

      Right on the money! (no pun intended)

      blm has always been a grifter sham and was likely put in place by the “shadowy cabal” they bragged about themselves being.

  50. BillH says:

    “Grab one of those Pappy’s”.. You have more than one? I’m like 30 seconds in and already commenting.. lol

  51. Jay.Lawson says:

    She’s wrong. Tim is not an alien.

  52. RussoC2 says:

    Why is there only comments, no video is showing up

  53. Luciole78 says:

    it doesn’t seem to work , or am I too early? it says encoding video?

  54. LimitlessPower says:

    Chen is hot

  55. ScotScottScottt says:

    Perfect timing.

  56. sukemeblyat says:

    all the time, man. I check that remember me box but he never remembers me.